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Wednesday home alone Susan time

It is Wednesday and I got up around 8 to start my day and the first thing I saw was my pretty red nails. Now again today I have no real plans as it will be just around the house but it will be spent as Susan. I took my shower and started getting ready. It is nice to have all the time I want to get ready which is nice as I can enjoy my transformation. I took my time and it was about 10 when I was all dressed and looking pretty. I made a little breakfast to get my day going and then it was time for a little work online. Now I don’t share a lot about the male side of my life here as I have always kept them separate as I don’t think they have anything to do with Susan but I thought I would share a little bit of my interest that are not part of Susan’s life. Some of my interest is Baseball as I like the Mariners and I try to watch the games when I can so I am a little sad that Baseball has been put on hold. I also follow the Stock market, something I got into about years ago and found it interesting. So, I spent a little time online checking my stocks and looking at others. I know a lot of people are freaked out about what is happening and the market going down but it will come back as it always does it is just a matter of time so I used this to buy some stocks I have wanted to buy but felt were to high priced and now they are cheap. Some of my co-workers were asking me about their 401k’s and I told them to up what they put in while the market is down.

Now it was time to go downstairs and watch my first movie of the day, 50 first dates. I got a quick picture and then settled down for the movie. After the movie I decided to go for a little drive just to get out and see what is going on, I really just wanted to see how much traffic was on the streets and there wasn’t much. I was only gone about 20 minutes but it was good to get out of the house. When I got home, I sat out on the deck for a while in the sun and played on my computer, I really am glad it is nice out and not rainy this week. I also got a few more pictures.

Now it was back inside and I decided to watch some TV as they had several episodes of Star Trek Deep space 9 on and I had recorded them. Around 6 I made some dinner and then back to watching TV. I plan to watch a movie later and go to bed around 11. My days are pretty boring but at least I am getting some Susan time and that makes it at least bearable.

The funny thing is even if I wasn’t under quarantine there really is no place I could go, restaurants are closed so are Starbucks except for take-out, bars and stores except for grocery stores. Even after my quarantine is over I really wont be able to go out, our groups Wednesday night dinners are on hold right now for probably at least 30 days and that will be the hard part not seeing my friends for so long but we will get through this and then things will get back to normal. Be safe and don’t panic as this is only temporary.

Thanks for reading.

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