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Saturday night at the Escape, first outing of March

Well it is Saturday and I get to go to the Escape; this will be my first time out this month as I had to work last weekend and had family in town this past week so Susan had to hide. I was really looking forward to getting out as I said it has been over a week and that may not seem that long but when you go out 2 to 3 times a week 1 ½ weeks is a long time. I started getting ready early as I wanted to get there by 5 as with tonight being the switch to daylight savings time and we jump a head I will lose an hour of sleep tonight so I plan on only being out till 10 or so. I took my time and enjoyed getting ready which is always nice. I can’t explain it but there is something so relaxing about transforming myself. I think it is in my mind I am becoming Susan for a few hours and my male side disappears. Well it took longer than I planned to get ready so it was about 5:10 when I left home, I got to the Escape at 5:30 so not that much later then I planned. A quick selfie in the car and I went in.

They were not real busy so I got my normal table and ordered dinner and set up my computer. Now I posted in the group I would be there but no one posted back Dan had texted me he would be here but that would be later. I caught up on e-mails and other things I needed to do as I waited. My food came and the lady set it down and I thought she said here you are Sir but when she came back with my ketchup, she said is there anything else I can get you Sue. Funny as I had just miss herd her and it is, I think the first time I have been called Sue which I don’t mind as it is short for Susan. I ordered a hamburger tonight and it was good as always. I had just finished eating and got all my e-mails caught up and was just killing time surfing the internet when Michele showed up. I can pretty much count on here t be here on Saturday nights just like Laurie around 10pm. I put my computer away and actually walked it out to my car as I was pretty much right in front.

I really like going out but always more fun with other friends. Well we sat and talked a little about Michele’s trip to Laughlin a she took one of those gambling flights down for w few nights. She had fun but didn’t do to well gambling. I get those offers every once in a while, and will have to try it one day. we then moved on to talking about Diva Las Vegas which starts in 3 weeks. Cassandra and I are actually getting there on March 26th and I am still planning my Acrylic nails for the trip. Now every year I get my nails done as Susan actually all the times I have ever gotten acrylic nails has been as Susan but this year I am thinking of getting them as my male self for 2 reasons. One it would be an interesting experience but the second reason is I am thinking of getting them Tuesday night just so I can have them a little longer the problem is I get home so late there would not have time to become Susan and make it before they close. Now up to last year I have always gotten square which I love and last year I got a coffin shape which I actually liked although they were a little narrower at the point then I wanted.

This year I am thinking about somewhere in the middle. Well any way last November when I got them for my vacation for a week something came up and I had too get them off quickly and I didn’t have time to get ready as Susan and I went to a nail salon called Julie’s Nails and they were really nice and did a great job. They though nothing of it and I have actually gone back there for a couple manicures and a pedicure as my male self. There in is the dilemma, I like going to the nail salon both as Susan and as my male self. If I do go to Julie’s nails for my nails it will be as my male self, if I go someplace else it will be as Susan. The salon I use to go to Dream Nails I still really like and they do a wonderful job and treated me wonderful but I had gone there pretty much every 2 to 3 weeks for a couple years and I would feel a little strange just going in once in a great while but both places are wonderful and I would recommend. The ladies at Dream Nails only now me as Susan and the ladies at Julie’s Nails only know me as my male self so that is the difference. Any way here is a picture of what I want my nails to look like this year, (above pictures are of my nails) but this is one I stole from online to show them what I want, just a slight coffin shape.

They started the signups for events and Cassandra and I signed up for pretty much the same things although she did sign up for the bar crawl and as I am not a drinker I am not sure I want to do that as going to 4 or 5 different bars or clubs for an hour is not high on my list of things to do. I did it a couple years back and by the 3 one Julie and I left. I will have to decide shortly though. Well about 8 Dan showed up and we all sat and talked. it is good to see Dan getting out again. His Mom passed away a couple months ago and for the last several years he was taking care of her and I know how that is, I went through it with my Dad till he passed away and at some point, I will go through it again with my Mom. It is not an easy thing and it is good to have friends to count on.

Karaoke started at 9 and it started to get busy and harder to talk as it got loud. We listened to the singers and had a good time. Laurie showed up about 9:45 so we had 4 of us here tonight. It really was a fun night and I stayed till about 10:15 before I paid my bill and called it a night. I will be out at Starbucks Sunday afternoon for a while to write this blog as I want to keep up on them better. Here is my last picture from tonight, it is funny how light changes things from natural light outside to artifactual inside. The inside picture my dress is not as purple and my lipstick looks less red.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog and be sure to look for my blogs to come from this years Diva Las Vegas. Plus, if you have an opinion on if I should get my acrylic nails as Susan or my male self be sure and let me know as I am still on the fence.

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