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Saturday night at the Escape.

Saturday night at the Escape is always a fun night and I was looking forward to it as always. I got to the Escape at 6 as I wanted to be a little early so I could do my blog from Thursday and Friday. I was just finishing my blog when Laura and Dianna showed up, it was a little after 7. I wasn’t sure how many would show up tonight as 16 of us are going Golfing on Sunday. The 3 of us talked for a while, Dianna was having trouble getting onto our new web site. Seems she forgot what her password was. This gave me a chance to reset her password so she could get back on. It was kind of funny as Jenny showed up and had also forgot what she used as a password too.

It was just the 4 of us for a while and for a while looked like we would be it for the night. Laura and I talked a little about golf as we were both golfing Sunday. Dee stopped by for a little bit but didn’t stay long. She is also golfing with us. I also had planned not to stay to late as I am picking Julie up at 10:30 as she is riding with me to the golf course which will be so much fun. That also means I need to be up early to get ready. Yes I will spend an hour or more doing my makeup Sunday morning to go out golfing in the sun and heat for the day. I am sure every woman does that for golfing.

Karaoke started and the normal guy who does it was not there but the man filling in did a good job. Bambi and her girlfriend showed up and also Missy and Lorie. It turned out we had a pretty good turnout tonight and wonderful conversation. It also means I stayed out later than I planned Karaoke was going and some of the songs were ones I new really well so I was singing along with them. I still didn’t have the courage to get up and sing but I was having fun.

It was almost midnight when I left. It was a fun night and now I am looking forward to golfing. More on that to follow.

Thanks for reading

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Quick trip to the nail salon.

Okay a short post tonight. I have needed to get to the nail salon and get a manicure as it has been 3 weeks now. I have found that a manicure with Gel polish looks good for 2 weeks and stands up really well. But by 3 weeks it starts to chip in the ends and you are more likely to break a nail and I have worked to hard to get and keep my nails looking nice. After work I stopped at the gym which is in the same complex as my nail salon and worked out for an hour. I am finishing up my 10th week working out and during that 10 weeks I have only missed 4 days which is pretty good I think. Any way after I worked out I called the nail salon from the parking lot to see if I could get in tonight for a manicure. Anna had an opening at 5:30 so I took it. It was just a couple minutes after 4 so I drove home and got right into the shower to get ready. It really is nice the nail salon is so close as I would have never had time to go much further. I was ready and out the door by 5:15 and drove back over to the nail salon. It is funny as when I am at the gym I wonder if someone from the nail salon will recognize my car and me but when I am at the nail salon I wonder the same thing about someone from the gym.

It was only 5:20 when I got there so I was a little early but they were not that busy probably because of the heat so Anna was ready for me, and I sat right down at the manicure table. There was another lady right next to me getting her nails done. It really is so relaxing and fun to get your nails done. I went with clear pink again as it really is a nice look and since I can’t have a pretty red when I am not Susan this will have to work.

It was 6 pm when she finished and my nails looked so nice. I had a little time and I was hungry so I drove to Panda Express and went in and got dinner. I have gone to this Panda Express a few times now and always been treated well here. It may seem funny to talk about something as simple as going to get something to eat but it really is a big deal for a lot of trans people. Just to be able to do the things that everyone takes for granted. 10 years ago it was a heat pounding effort just to go through the drive thru. It really is amazing how far I have come as Susan.

After I ate there is a Starbucks across the street so I went till about 8:30 and caught up on e-mails and other things I needed to do such as checking out our new web page I was only out for 3 hours but it was so worth it and so relaxing.

I got home just as it got dark and walked across the street to get my mail without even thinking about it. None of my neighbors were out. I then decided to water some of my plants outside by my drive. I was only out there less then 5 minutes and I saw no one. It really is nice to just be Susan for a while.

Thanks for reading.

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Thursday night dinner at a friends

Tonight was going to be a fun night. Susan was going to do something so normal and it may not sound that interesting but it really was. I was going over to a friends house for a BBQ. Now I would not be out in public where people could see me but that was okay. Over the years I have grown from dressing just at home, to going out to transgender places with friends, to going out to just about anyplace and that has really helped make Susan a normal part of my life. Tonight would be just a quiet night visiting a friend, something so ordinary but yet still very special.

I have wanted to get together with Julie sense she got back from her trip so I could hear all about it. Tonight we both had an open evening and Julie invited me over to her house for a BBQ. Now even being something so everyday I still spent over an hour getting ready and doing my makeup, yes I wanted to look my best. I really thin it is the feminine side of me. I did my makeup, cute dress, jewelry and even perfume. Some may think is a little bit much but for me it is the whole experience of becoming, and being Susan. It was about 6 when I left home and boy was it hot outside, upper 90’s so I was glad I wore my summer dress.

It only took about 20 minutes to get to Julie’s, I have been here a couple times before when we went to the Red Dress party as I picked her up and drove. Actually next weekend she is also going golfing with the group at Wildwood golf course so I will pick her up that day also and we will ride together. It makes the drive more fun and as I said before adds that touch of normal to it. I really like being able to do things as Susan that everyone else does without thinking about. It may seem strange to some but a 10 years ago no one new my male name, where I lived, what kind of car I drove or anything else that might have connected my 2 lives together. That line has really blurred the last few years for me and for a lot of my friends and that is a wonderful feeling.

I got to Julie’s and she was all dressed up to, she had on a cute summer dress also but hers was a long one. Now it was still hot outside so we sat in the house where it was 75 for a while and had a snack and drink and just talked. Julie told me all about her vacation and it sounded like she had so much fun. She got to take Julie along and went out several times on the trip. It was about 7:30 when we went out on the deck as the sun was down behind the house and there was a slight breeze and was very pleasant outside. Julie Showed me around her as she Susan at Julie's househas a nice deck and a patio and even a putting green, no wonder she is so good at golf.

We put the steak on the grill and of course had a little time to take some pictures. Now her yard and deck are pretty private but a couple of the neighbors can see it from there upper windows. One has to wonder if they saw us and if so whet did they think, could they get a good enough view to realize who we were or did they just think there were a couple of woman on the deck. Years ago it would haveSusan at Julie house terrified me to think someone might have seen me and now I don’t care that much and more interested in what they are thinking about it.

It really was a wonderful evening out and we got caught up in pictures that we almost forgot about our dinner on the grill. We had to rush a little to get it out and on the table. Now we did eat inside at the table and had a really nice dinner. Julie is a wonderful cook and great with a BBQ. it really was a relaxing social evening of good food and conversation.

Julie relaxing on the deckHere is a picture of Beautiful Julie relaxing on the deck. It really was a fun night. After dinner we had Ice Cream out on the deck as it was really nice out there now. We sat on the deck till after 10, what a wonderful evening. Thank you Julie for dinner and a wonderful night.

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Wednesday night dinner at Rock Bottom Restaurant

Tonight Our group the Rose City Tgirls are going to the Rock Bottom Restaurant for dinner. We have started going to different places for dinner which is a fun thing to do. I have never been here before so I was really looking forward to this as it is always fun to go someplace new as Susan. I really think this is a good thing as it exposes our group to more of the city and also helps others see us out and see we are just like them accept for how we dress and I think that helps build bridges between everyone.

I got home and started getting ready which I always enjoy. There is nothing more fun and relaxing then getting ready and doing my makeup. Of course while I was doing my makeup I was thinking about what I should wear tonight. By the time I was almost done with my makeup I had decided on one of my red dresses as it is light and summery and it is hot out today. I did wear lower heals as I was not sure how far I would have to walk as the Rock Bottom is right downtown. I was all dressed and on my way by a little before 6. I got downtown and found a parking spot about3 blocks away. I parked and started walking to the restaurant. It is funny as I didn’t even think about it, it was like the most normal thing in the world. I can remember a few years back where I would sit in the car watching people waiting for there to be the least amount of people around and working up the courage to get out of the car. It really does get easier as you go out more.

I got to the Rock Bottom Restaurant abut 6:30 and went in, Julie, Cristine, Cassandra and Laura M. were already there. It is bigger inside then it looks from the outside and pretty busy so it was a little loud. I sat next to Julie so we could talk, It was great to see her again. We had a nice time talking while we waited to see if anyone else would show up. Joan also showed up so there were 6 of us for dinner. It was about 7 when we all ordered dinner. I ordered a Hamburger which I normally don’t order when I am out as Susan as it messes up my lipstick but I really wanted one tonight and I can always fix my lipstick after I eat.

We had a nice dinner and wonderful conversation and of course some of the conversation was about our new web site as Laura, Cassandra, Cristine, Julie and I are all administrators of the site so we talked about some of the things we have learned and some of our new members. We have over 70 members now and it has only been online for 19 days. Most were members of our Yahoo Group but we have picked up a few new members also.

After dinner we sat there and talked for a while, it was just a really nice social night out. We of course had to get a picture of us out, I really want to start that Rose City Tgirls at Rock Bottom Restaurantagain. we always use to get pictures but as we have gotten more comfortable going out I think the need for pictures have fallen off but it really is a good thing to do as it gives us a chance to remember who was there and the things we did, What a pretty group of ladies. The staff here were wonderful and treated us great and our waiter was wonderful. Now we are also rating the restaurants as we go to them, We rated this one a 9, really the only issue was the noise and that was just because it was so busy and everyone was talking. As we were talking Dan showed up and had a few drinks with us, he came to give money to Cassandra for golfing which is coming up fast. I also have to get money to Cassandra as we need to pay in advance. I will send Cassandra money tomorrow. It looks like we will have at least 12 and hoping for 16.

It really was a fun night and it was sad to see it come to an end. It was about 9:30 when we left. We all said our goodbyes. Now Laura had been out shopping and actually had parked about 14 blocks away so I gave her a ride back to her car.

Thanks for reading

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Saturday night at Harvey’s

I was really looking forward to tonight and going to Harvey’s Comedy Club it is one of our groups (rosecitytgirls) most fun outings at least I think so. Our group has been going here once a month for many years now. I wasn’t sure who all were going but Cassandra told me we had 12 signed up. I started getting ready early as I figured I could go to Fox & Hound and do my blog from Friday 15623121759_5206bb505e_onight before the other girls showed up, yes a chance to be out a little longer. I was ready by 5:45 and on my way. I wore my black and gold dress tonight.

I got to Fox & Hound by 6 and they were really busy and only got busier. I had about an hour to do my blog before others started to show up, First were Jan & Lynn followed by Melissa, Laura H. and Lisa. It was good to see Melissa again. She has been getting out on Harvey’s night which is nice but would be great if she could get out more. I am hoping she will go golfing with us the end of the month. The 6 of us had a nice time talking over the next 1 1/2 hours. We stayed here till 8:30 and by this time Fox & Hound was packed, there wasn’t an open table and people were standing around so I am sure when we left our tables were taken.

Now it was a nice night right about 70 out so a very enjoyable walk to Harvey’s. I did bring my sweater as it could be a little cool out on the walk back. The 6 of us talked as we walked the 6 blocks with all the other people out walking around downtown Portland.

WE got to Harvey’s and Cristine was already there waiting for us. It wasn’t long and Sophie, Michele and her girlfriend, Cassie, Dee and Stacy showed up so we actually had 14 of us here tonight.

Soon it was time to go into the showroom for the show, It is nice to have a table all reserved. Kim was waiting for us inside and it is always great to see her. I talked with her a little while people came in and made sure she new about our new web site, she tried to join but didn’t finish so she will be joining soon. She has been in our group for a while and has always been supportive of us. Really everyone at Harvey’s looks forward to the night we come and we are always treated wonderful here. I ordered food and we talked till the show started.

The show started and it was good. They have an MC who starts the show and he was good, The featured comedian was okay but the headliner was awesome. His name was Brad Upton and he was awesome. One of the best comedians we have seen here, if you get a chance to go see him you really should and if you are looking for a fun night out in Portland Harvey’s is a good choice. Some of his jokes were so funny and think we all laughed the whole time. It was a wonderful night out for our group.

After the show we got to talk with Kim a little more she is looking forward to her trip in a few months. While we were talking a young girl came by and was taking the salt shakers off the table and I jokingly asked if she was taking them. About that time Berry the owner came over and asked if I had met her granddaughter. Berry is wanting to retire and his son is going to take over running Harvey’s I talked to her and she asked my name and I told her and she said she had read my blog. Seems more people read it then I thought. It was a nice night out.

After the show we walked back to Fox & Hounds where some of us had parked and it really wasn’t that cold out. I wore my sweater but I probably didn’t need it. It was sad to see the night come to an end as we said our goodbye’s and I headed home.

Thanks for reading

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Last Saturday of July

It is hard to believe how fast this month has gone by. I was looking at my nails today and I really do need a manicure. I had hoped to get to the nail salon today but just couldn’t fit it in, well I guess I could have but I would have been late getting to the escape so I put it off. I started getting ready at 4:30 and enjoyed every minute getting ready. Now it is hot out again today so I decided to wear another of my summer time dresses. Again I didn’t get pictures tonight but here is Susan's new dressan older picture of the dress I wore.

I got to the scape a little after 6 and was the first one there. I got out my computer and was checking my blog and now I know why I really need a manicure, I was thinking it had been 2 weeks but really has been 3 weeks since my last manicure. Wow I really have to get to the nail salon this week.

Cassandra was the next to show up and it was just the 2 of us for a while so we had a good chance to talk. We talked about our group and some of the upcoming events. Next weekend we are going to Harvey’s Comedy club which is always a fun night. WE also talked about our golf tournament the end of August at Wildwood golf course. these are both wonderful events for our group. WE have been going to Harvey’s for at least 6 years and Wildwood for 4, both places have always treated us awesome and really look forward to our coming. Our first golf tournament was in July of 2013 and we had such a wonderful time.

Cassandra has been working on setting this up and has done an awesome job, she really puts a lot of effort and time into this and all the events. I don’t think people realize the time she puts in. Any way we will once again go golfing and then have a BBQ at the golf course afterword’s. I am really looking forward to this as are several of our girls. We really do have fun as a group.

Cristine showed up next followed by Fran, Fran has been a member for a while but this was her first time coming out with the group. It was nice to meet her and get to know her. She seems really nice and we hope she can get out more with our group. Jan, Lynn, Missy, Laura and Lori also made it tonight so we had a good turn out. I was sure to introduce Fran to everyone so she would feel welcome. Her and Lorie talked for a while as Lorie is also new to the group and has been coming out for the last 2 months or so. It was awesome to see the smiles on their faces of being able to express who they are. Makes me think back to when I was first going out, It really is fun to think back to some of those early days. One of the reasons I started and keep my blog going.

Karaoke started and the bar got busy. It is always fun when there are more people here. A lot of the songs sang tonight were older ones, ones I knew really well and had fun singing a long with. It was a fun night out with my friends.

Thanks for reading


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Out at Sweet Home

Friday is here and I am looking forward to going out tonight. There is just something about my tame as Susan that relaxes me, just thinking about it gives me that calm feeling. Now I did stop at the gym on my way home so it was almost 4:30 when I started getting ready. Now I bring this up to let you know I am still going to the gym, I joined the gym 6 weeks ago and in the last 6 weeks I have gone every day but 2.

Now I started getting ready and I really do love the time I spend as Susan and getting ready. There is just something special about decided how to do my makeup, what eye shadow and how my eyes should look, what shade of lipstick and of course what to wear and what heels to wear. All the fun things girls get to go through every day. Now it is really hot out today so I chose a summer dress that I really like. I didn’t get any pictures tonight but here is one of me in the Susan in her new dressdress from one of the other times I wore it.

It was just 6 pm when I left, as I pulled out of the garage the neighbor girl was outside in her driveway. I am almost positive she knows about me so I didn’t think about it and just pulled out and drove by her. I got to Sweet Home about 6:20 and parked. I didn’t see Chris’s truck so I didn’t think he was there but that didn’t stop me. I figured I would go in and have dinner and hang out a while and see if anyone shows up.

There were only a couple people inside so not really busy but then I was a little early. I ordered dinner and got out my computer to pass the time. This really is a friendly place to come.

I ha da nice dinner and figured I would stay till 8 or 8:30 to see if anyone showed up. Well it was a little after 8 when Chris and Roxy showed up. It was good to see them. We talked a little and I told them about our new web sight as I wanted to make sure they new about in and get them to join. They have been in our Yahoo group for many years.

It started getting busy as it got close to time for Karaoke, It is fun to hear some of the people sing. Another one of our members showed up about 9:30 so we had 4 of our group out tonight. We talked about our Dinner on Wednesday as she wasn’t able to make it that night.

Now as I said it was a hot day today and so it was hot inside, they do have air conditioning but when you get so many people inside it is hard for it to keep up. it was about 11 they decided to do a wet tee shirt contest outside and about 12 of the ladies went out for it so for about 20 minutes almost everyone was outside. I am not sure who won but they had a good time.

It was about 11:30 when I called it a night. It was a fun night out and a good way to start the weekend.

Thanks for reading.


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Wednesday night dinner

ON Wednesday nights we are now trying to go to ore and new places for dinner, tonight was McMenamins Ringler’s Pub at Crystal Ballroom. I was looking forward to this as I have never bee there before. I started getting ready when I got home taking my time and enjoying getting ready. I was ready by 6 which was a little earl as we were not meeting till 7. I decided to go early anyway.

I got downtown Portland by 6:30 and found a parking spot just around the corner and walked to McMenamins. Now this is actually pretty big inside and they have 3 pool tables and 2 shuffle board tables and a big beautiful bar, it really is nice inside. Now I was early and other than Cassandra and Cristine I wasn’t sure how many would make it tonight. We posted it in our new web sight but we are still trying to get member to sign up, so far 50 have joined.

I walked around and checked out the place before I sat down at the bar. Now as I said it is pretty big inside so even though there were maybe 25 people here it really did look empty. Well while I was sitting at the bar a man walked up to me, I actually talked to him briefly as I walked from my car and he started talking to me. He was living on the street and I did feel sorry for him but I could tell from what he said he was maybe looking for some money. we talked for about 10 minutes till Cristine showed up and Cassandra right after her. He wished us a good night and wandered off.

The 3 of us got a table by the window and waited for others to show up. we ordered drinks and Cassandra got a plate of soft pretzels and melted cheese and it was really good. I could have made a meal out of that. It was about 7:30 when we ordered dinner, I ordered a pizza.

Just after we ordered Veronica showed up. It was great to see her again as it has been a while. Well it turned out to be just the 4 of us for dinner and the food was wonderful. The prices were pretty reasonable, between $10 and $15 depending on what you ordered so not to bad, I would rate it a 9 on a scale of 1 to 10. We were treated well and no problems. One of the things we are doing in our new web sight is rating the places we o and we plan to go to some new places.

We had a nice dinner and good conversation, it was a lot of fun. I really wish more girls had come out. Hopefully as we get more girls moved over from our yahoo group to our new web page I think the numbers will go up. Of course some of the conversation was about the web page. We even got Veronica to join.

After dinner we played some pool, it is not pay by the game they charge $6 an hour to play which might be a little more expensive then in a bar but you do have the table so it was just our group and the tables are I guess regulation size in other word bigger then we were use to playing on. it was the first time I have played on a table this size. I did okay but Cassandra did win but I only had 1 ball left. I stayed and watched one more game before I left as I have to get up early in the morning for work. Cassandra, Cristine and Veronica stayed and played pool.

It was a really fun night and I would recommend McMenamins Ringler’s Pub at Crystal Ballroom for dinner and a un night out.

Thanks for reading.

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A wonderful weekend

It has been a good week and I was looking forward to Saturday night. A few of us have been working on a new web sight that we own and control and can move away from Yahoo group which really has been wonderful over the years and helped our group grow. Saturday morning we went live with the sight Rose City Tgirls. Now we are all excited about and I did spend a good amount of the morning on the web page learning more about it. Because of this I wanted to get to the Escape early with my computer.

Now I was hoping we would have a good turnout tonight as we had posted in the Yahoo Group, Our Facebook page and Cassandra had sent out text messages about our new group and we had some people signing up today. Now yes part of our new web sight is private and for members only but some of it is open to the public so feel free to check it out at

I got to the Escape at 5 and took time updating my blog from this last week, I kind of merged several days and outing together something I try not to do as I like to have a record of each outing. It was about 6 I was just finishing my blog when Cassandra and Cristine showed up. The 3 of us talked about our group and our web site and where we want to see it go.

We we did have a good turnout tonight, Laura, Mikaela, Jan, Lynn, Cassie, Lorie, Michelle and Michele  and I am sure I am missing someone. Several of the girls Signed up on the new web site using there phones and of course that was the big topic of the night. It was a fun night and I stayed out till 11:30

Now on Sunday all the administrators were getting together at Peggy and Cassandra’s house to learn more about running the web page and also share things we have learned. Laura, Cristine and July got there at 1 but I didn’t make it till almost 4 and had to go as my male self. I got there just before Julie had to leave, she had broke a nail and needed to get it fixed. It was so funny as I know just how she feels as I broke a nail the last time I went to Diva Las Vegas. Julie had also came today as her male self. It was good to see her again even if only briefly. I really do need to get together with her and also Peggy.

We spent several hours sharing things we have all learned and also going over things we like and things we want to do or change and adding events, news stories, and About page, as these are available to the public. I had only planned on being here a couple hours but I stayed here till after 10. It really was a fun day also but would have been better if I could have gone as Susan.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.

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A wonderful week

Okay I have got behind in my blogs so I will catch them up briefly in one. Last Saturday our group was out at the Escape for our normal Saturday night out. We had a really good turnout about 15 girls if I remember correctly but I will not even try to remember the names at this point a week later. I did get there early right a head of Cassandra so we got a chance to talk before other showed up.

Our group the Rose City T-Girls has been around since the fall of 2007 and we have used Yahoo groups to manage our group. Now don’t get me wrong we loved Yahoo groups as it really helped us connect with each other but they have done several upgrades and it is just not as user friendly as it us to be so we have been talking the last few months about doing our own web page, one we design and have total control over. and we were really close. Cassandra had the basic web page done so she showed it to me to get my thoughts and it really looks great.

Well other girls started to show up so I put away my computer so I could I could talk with some of them. It was a fun night as always but my mind was on our web page. Karaoke started and it got busy and several of our girls sang. it really was a fun night. It was almost midnight when I left a lot later then I normally stay out.

By Wednesday our web sight was done and Peggy, Cassandra, Cristine and I got together to go over the web sight and make sure everything was right and looked good and for Cassandra to show us some of the Administrator functions, We all have a lot to learn and I am sure there will be some issues and mistakes as we learn. We met at 6 and had only planned on a couple hours. Amy also showed up as she was in town. It was awesome to see her again. We had a nice dinner and all of us had our computers and were playing on the web sight and in the control functions. It was a little after 11 when I left for home.

That brings us to Friday, we plan on going live with our web sight Saturday morning so I really need to have the Administrator functions down as some of it is public but some is member only. We have 6 of us that are running the sight, Cassandra as the owner, Julie and I are Super Administrators, Cristine and Laura are Administrators and Peggy is a sight helper all are really just titles we needed to fill.

I got a late start out Friday night so I just went to Starbucks for what I thought would be a couple hours. I got there at 7 and it was after 11 when I left. Peggy and Cassandra were also online, one of the cool things about our sight is you can see who else is logged into the sight. Any way we were messaging each other as we tried to figure out all the functions and of course going through each page looking for mistakes. Cassandra did a wonderful job on all the pages. there were no mistakes I could find accept for a couple places she put an extra space between words. I doubt anyone would have ever caught it though. the only reason I did is I copied it and pasted it in word to check it as my spelling is not that good. I wasn’t going to fix them as it was so minor but then I decided to so I could get some practice updating pages.

The 6 of us are really excited and looking forward to Saturday morning when we go live with the web sight. We will keep the Yahoo group open for several months so members can get their pictures and we have time to move everyone over to our new web sight. I know we will lose some members as I am sure some of the members no longer follow the group, we had 328 members in the Yahoo Group and I am hopeful we will retain a good amount of them.

Now it is Saturday and our web sight has gone live, This is a huge leap forward for our group. Now we just have to reach out and make sure all our member know about it and sign up. Tonight we will be at the Escape again and I am sure a lot of the conversation will be about the new web sight. I have my computer with me and I am sure Cassandra will bring hers. I love our group as it is with their help I am where I am.

Thanks for reading

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