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Mother’s Day Sunday and some Susan time

Well it is Mother’s Day and I get a little Susan time, Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there and also to my mom. This is a hard day as it will be the first Mother’s Day without my nom and so I need a little Susan time today. I had things to do in the morning so it wasn’t till noon when I started getting ready for my day as Susan. I took my time getting ready and yes, I did a full eye makeup look today including false eye lashed. Doing my makeup just makes me feel good inside. I finished my makeup and then it was time to figure out what I was going to wear today and yes, I went for a casual dress and my ankle boots with the 3″ heels. I figured it was Mother’s Day and I wanted to dress up a little. I was all ready by 1:30 so I grabbed my computer and walked out the door. The weather today is supposed to be rain with the chance of thunderstorms but as I was leaving it was partially sunny and not raining so I decided to go and put flowers on my parents graves, yes I wanted to spend a little time with my mom on Mother’s Day.

I drove to the Fred Meyers in Johnson Creek and went in to get some flowers, so far it was still not raining. It only took a few minutes and I was back out to my car but it was raining lightly now but I was only 5 minutes or so from the cemetery. I got to the cemetery and there were several other people here, guess I was not the only one that was thinking this way. I parked and put on my coat and got my umbrella as eve though it wasn’t raining hard it was about 100 yard walk to my parents grave. I got there and placed the flowers and spent about 20 minutes here, I didn’t get any pictures because of the rain as I didn’t want my phone to get wet. I was glad I came. While walking back to my car it started raining harder and by the time, I got to my car it was really raining. My umbrella really only kept my head from getting wet which was fine as my makeup didn’t run. It was a little after 3 now and I decided to go to the Starbucks closer to my house for a while and get caught up on all my blogs.

I got to the Starbucks about 3:30 and went in, I was a little cold so I ordered a hot chai latte to drink and sat down at one of the tables along the window. Now they were a little busy inside and today it looked more like family’s and by that, I mean kids with parents, yes there were a few single people but mostly family’s or kids with mom’s I guess Starbucks is a place to bring mom. The other thing I did notice is more of the women had on dresses and some were really cute and some even had on heels which was great as I fit in more. I sent out the information to the group for Wednesday night’s dinner as we have settled on Screen Door and I got all caught up on my blogs, I even had time to start my blog from today, my goal is to finish it tonight before bed so I will be 100% caught up and jut have to post them.

Now a couple times while I was here the rain came down hard and as I said I like to watch it; I was really hoping for some thunder and lightning as that is my favorite thing to watch but it was just heavy rain. Now this Starbucks I know has one Transgender person working at it as I remember her old name but there is another young lady here who is newer and I was kind of watching her today and wondering. She looks very passable but it was something about the way she moved that made me wonder but then again it could just be because they are really busy and she is moving fast. Either way it doesn’t matter. Now today I did wear my necklace as I think it goes good with this dress and as I sat here in Starbucks a lady walked by and complimented me on my necklace and I thanked her, as she came back, she noted my bracelet which kind of goes with the necklace and also complimented me on that. This made me feel really good.

Now as I sat here working on my computer I couldn’t help but look at my nails as they are getting long now, a little over 3/16 of an inch. Now I was looking at my blog and it has been 3 weeks sense I got my nails done and I really should have gone yesterday or today but it is to late now so it will be next weekend when I can get them done so they will probably be ¼ inch or more by then. I stayed here till a little after 6 before leaving.

I did stop at McDonalds on the way home to get some dinner before going home for the evening. It was a great day. Thanks for reading my blog and sharing this part of my life with me.


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  1. It is also my first Mothers Day without my mother – I miss her so much and she is so far away to visit but at least she is with my Dad…😢

    Comment by Tanit Richards | May 14, 2022 | Reply

    • there are always certain days that will be hard, but they are always with us in our hearts

      Comment by susanmiller64 | May 14, 2022 | Reply

      • Thank you for the comment. I think of her every day and it is still hard for me at nine months later – it seems like only yesterday…

        Comment by Tanit Richards | May 15, 2022

      • I know what you mean, I lost my mom last June and hard to believe it is almost a year now.

        Comment by susanmiller64 | May 15, 2022

  2. I am very history you very good .
    I am very brilliant you transformation.
    Thank you

    Comment by Lacyan | May 15, 2022 | Reply

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