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Halloween 2008

Halloween night I had a chance to go out as Susan. I got all dressed up in my little black dress and even put on my fake nails. I went to downtown Portland and went to Hobos to meet another T-girl named Rachael. I met her a year ago and we have kept in touch by e-mail and she was going to be able to get out also. We had agreed to meet around 8 pm. I got there a little before 8 and had to park two blocks away.

I got inside and ordered a drink as I watched all the other people in their costumes. Rachael showed up and we talked for a while. She is a really nice lady and it was so much fun to just spend time as Susan talking to her. We had a drink and then decided to head over to Embers. We took her car and she also parked a block away so we got to walk with all the other people. When we got over by Embers we saw a new restaurant on the corner acro0ss the street called Chez Joly so we decided to go inside and see what it was like. It was really nice inside and the owner and his wife came over and introduced themselves and even sat with us and talked for about 20 minutes. They made us feel welcome and right at home. They have only been open for three weeks.

Next we walked over to Embers and got another drink. Rachael played some slots as we talked some more. Embers was really busy and there were lots of T-girls there and all kinds of costumes. It was so fun to be out and talk with other people. It was a really fun night and I wish Halloween came around more often.


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