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Friday night at Cassandra’s house

Well Cassandra posted in our group that she was staying home and invited us all over to her house. Nothing special, it was just a get together to hang out. I decided to go so I got all dressed and was on my way by 6 which is hard to do sense I don’t get home till after 4, Susan takes a little longer to get ready. On the way I stopped at Albertson’s in Aloha on 185 to pick up some pop and a vegetable tray. I have stopped here before and never had a problem. In reality it was more about going out in public even if only for a few minutes. I went in and walked around the store getting my stuff and then went to the checkout. The lady that waited on me was really nice and chatted with me. When she gave me her change she gave me way too much which I pointed out to her. I should have gotten $7 and she gave me $10. She thanked me for being so honest as this would have made her till short. I think made points with her.

I got to Cassandra’s house and there were already several t-girls there and they had plenty of food so I put my tray in the fridge for later. We had a fun time talking and bo9th Candy and Cassandra had their computers going so this also kept us entertained for a while. About 10 Cassandra broke out the cards and her poker chips and we all sat down and started to play. We played a game called guts. Everyone gets 2 cards and then you count to three and either drop your hand (fold) or hold it and stay in. highest 2 cards win. From those who stay in the highest hand wins and the rest that held there hand has to match what was in the pot. So even playing for nickels we had a few pots get big, the biggest was $10 which Cristine won. The big pots are where you test your guts. It is easy to stay in when if you lose you have to throw .25 or .50 in the pot but on the big hands if you lose you could have to throw $10 in. it was so much fun and we played for probably 4 hours. We all had as great time and if you are wondering I lost $1.25. But then again I would have spent way more than that at Embers. I think we should do this more often as change is always nice.

We sat for a while and talked about everything from news to politics (not a good subject to talk about in a big group when people have been drinking) but still fun. I ended up staying till 2:45 so I got home later than normal. I got up Early Saturday morning and got Susan all ready for a day out shopping. My first stop is Starbuck’s by Tanasbourne center as I am hungry and wanted to get on my computer and update my blog. I will post later about my shopping today. Well I am done with my drink and ready to go shopping so that is all for now.

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