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A little Susan time on Christmas Eve, my gift to me.

It is Christmas eve today and I spent part with my parents. Now today it also started snowing so I went home early. Now it wasn’t supposed to snow accept for a little tonight so it came in early. Now I had some time for myself and I thought why not a little Susan time at Starbucks. I quickly got ready, and drove to the Starbucks by my house. I got there a little before 4 and they were not busy. Now being Christmas Eve I doubt if they will be open as late but I figured I could spend an hour or so here writing my blog from last night.

I went in and went to ordered a hot chocolate which would be perfect on a cold snowy day. The girl at the counter remembered me by name and said she hadn’t seen me in a while. I told her I haven’t been getting in as much, it was nice to be remembered by name and also missed. Now I talked with her a little about the weather while she made my hot chocolate. Now there were only a few people here and only a few came in, I think the weather and the fact people were busy doing other things on Christmas Eve. I thought about going shopping but was worried how much snow we would get. When I got here the roads were just a little slushy. Now as I sat there it really started snowing, I think I made the right choice not going to far from my where I live.

Now it was nice and relaxing here looking out the window at the snow as it came down. We don’t get snow that often and it is pretty to watch. Well another lady came in to get a drink and came over by my table and took some pictures out the window at the snow. I talked with her a little about the snow. It was a good night out. I was only here about an hour and a half as the snow was starting to come down harder and the was now over an inch on the roads.

On the way out, the girls working wished me a Merry Christmas, I wished them the same and told them I hoped they didn’t have to work too late. Turns out they are closing at 6 tonight which is good for them. Now as I left I had to take a selfie outside in the snow, it’s so beautiful out. I left Starbucks and made a quick trip to the gas station as with the bad weather I wanted a full tank of gas. I love this time of year and I would love it if the snow lasted one more day through Christmas, what better than a White Christmas which is my favorite Christmas movie which I am going home to watch.

Merry Christmas to all.

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A wintery Friday night for Susan

It has been a wintery few days here in Portland snow and freezing rain. Now we are only talking a couple inches which may not seem like much but for this area it is a major event. Usually we get a little snow and it is gone in a few hours to 1 day so when it last a couple days people here freak out, and we are expecting more next Wednesday through Saturday with day time highs in the low to mid 30’s and night time lows in the low 20’s. Now I wouldn’t bring except for the fact this is so rare I really have nothing for Susan to wear in such weather. Any way that is not stopping me from going out tonight.

I got home from work and started getting ready to go out. I am not sure how many or even if anyone will really go out in this weather but as the main roads are pretty clear I am hoping some will. A nice warm shower and then started my makeup, so relaxing and fun after a stressful few days. Once that was done it was time to pick out my outfit for the night. I have a couple sweater dresses that are warm so I picked the grey one. Now for the shoes, I decided to go with a pair of heeled boots I picked up when we had our clothing exchange, they are the ones I wore to the beach in October. Not my first choice to wear with a dress but they looked okay and where good for the weather. All ready I was on my way by 6.

I got to Sweet Home and had to park out on the street and being a residential side street there was about 2 inches of snow and ice so the boots were a good choice. Now they di have 3” wedge heels and walking in the snow wasn’t bad but one I got to the parking lot which had been cleaned it was a little more difficult as it had a layer of ice, last thing I wanted to do was slip and fall in a dress so I walked really slow and careful.

I got inside and they were actually pretty busy. Chris and Roxy were not here and the tables were all full so I went and sat at the bar. Now as I said I wasn’t sure if ant of our group would be out but I still decided to come here as I wanted to go out plus I figured I could at least go and have dinner. Paul got me my drink and it was only a short time and Robyn showed up and joined me at the bar. It is different sitting at the bar especially as I was right next to where people come up and order drinks. It was kind of nice as I pretty much came in contact with everyone at the bar this way and several of them talked with me as they waited for their drinks, plus I got several compliments on how I looked which I always love. It is funny as men in general don’t seem to care as much about this as women do, I mean I have never gone out as my male self and hoped I would get compliments on what I wore or how I dressed but as Susan that is always in my mind when I am getting ready. Trust me all women like to hear they look nice or pretty so compliment them.

Robyn and I talked and of course I ordered dinner, the special was Chicken cordon blue and it was awesome, they really do have good food here. Robyn and I talked more as we enjoyed the evening. I didn’t bring my computer tonight but we were also playing on our cell phones and Robyn showed me a really cute video about a washing machine commercial which I have to post to our new Rosecitytgirls group and of course I will post the link here also. I showed her a few videos I had found and of course a cute Christmas remake. now where we were sitting at the bar we were just opposite the door to the patio where people go to smoke and every time they opened the door we got a blast of cold air. not sure how they could stand going out side just to smoke but they do.

It was a nice time out and very enjoyable, a great way to start the weekend. Next week I may have Tuesday or Thursday night open and I am going to try and get to Starbucks for a while if I do. I really miss that as it is a nice way to spend time  as Susan and get work done, I can kind of merge my two lives together for a little bit. Besides this month I have meetings on Wednesday nights and can’t make our group dinners which is a shame as we have some good ones coming up.

Karaoke started and as it was getting late and I was tired, I went into work early not sure how the roads were so it has been a long day. Robyn and I decided to call it a night. It was fun to be out and I was glad Robyn showed up to keep me company. as I walked to my car it was cold and a slight freezing rain. I really should get some Susan clothes for weather like this but we just don’t have it that often.

Now I am looking forward to Saturday As I am planning on getting a manicure but will skip my pedicure as my toes still look good and with the weather I am not willing to wear flip flops and then Saturday night and going out with my friends. There is a chance that Nicole might make it out, she sent me a Facebook message that depending on the weather she may come to Portland for the evening.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

As it got close to time for Karaoke it got a lot busier

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