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Friday evening out

I was really looking forward to going out tonight at Sweet Home, the other group that goes here is having a birthday celebration for one of their girls and it is a Rejected Superhero theme although I am not sure what that really means. It should be fun and there should be a big group. I took my time getting ready as I really like it when I don’t have to rush. With my makeup done now it was time to decide on a dress. it is really warm out today and I was thinking something light when I saw my little black dress. I haven’t worn this in a long time and decided 111-4that was the dress for tonight. It really is a cute dress, here is a picture of me wearing it when I was at Diva Las Vegas.

I got to Sweet Home about 6:30 and it was pretty quiet, Chris was there and a couple other people but I knew there would be a good crowd here later. I got out my computer and caught up on some e-mails. Our new web site has been up for a couple weeks and we have over 60 members signed up now. We figure we will lose a lot of our members we had in the Yahoo Group as I think some joined but never really got active in the group and may not be following it any more. It is a Members only group for our members security but parts of the site are open to everyone like our news page and our events page, this way if if a T-girl is coming to town she can see where we will be and get a hold of us.

Roxy showed up tonight and also Robin, It was good to see Robin again as it has been a while. WE had a chance to talk a little and catch up on what is new with each other while we had a nice dinner. the special tonight was Chicken Parmesan and it was awesome. Well as it got later it got busier and the other group started coming in, some of them in super hero costumes. It was going to be a fun and interesting night.

De also showed up for a little while, she is back in town. IT was nice to see her, She will be going to Harvey’s Comedy Club tomorrow night so I will also see her then, so we had 5 of our group out tonight. By the time Karaoke started it was really busy, Mareinna, Rikki and Jessica from the other group showed up and it was good to see them, I really have met some wonderful people here and I look forward to seeing them. I actually stayed out later then I planned as it was after 11:30 when I left. It was a really fun night.

Now I am looking forward to Saturday night and going to Harvey’s Comedy Club, this will make 3 nights in a row Susan will be out. This is always a fun night out. I think we have 12 of us going to this event. Also the end of the month we have our Rose City T-girl gold tournament at Wildwood golf course. We have been going here for 4 years now and always have so much fun. It is great we have an active group here.


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Out at Sweet Home

Friday is here and I am looking forward to going out tonight. There is just something about my tame as Susan that relaxes me, just thinking about it gives me that calm feeling. Now I did stop at the gym on my way home so it was almost 4:30 when I started getting ready. Now I bring this up to let you know I am still going to the gym, I joined the gym 6 weeks ago and in the last 6 weeks I have gone every day but 2.

Now I started getting ready and I really do love the time I spend as Susan and getting ready. There is just something special about decided how to do my makeup, what eye shadow and how my eyes should look, what shade of lipstick and of course what to wear and what heels to wear. All the fun things girls get to go through every day. Now it is really hot out today so I chose a summer dress that I really like. I didn’t get any pictures tonight but here is one of me in the Susan in her new dressdress from one of the other times I wore it.

It was just 6 pm when I left, as I pulled out of the garage the neighbor girl was outside in her driveway. I am almost positive she knows about me so I didn’t think about it and just pulled out and drove by her. I got to Sweet Home about 6:20 and parked. I didn’t see Chris’s truck so I didn’t think he was there but that didn’t stop me. I figured I would go in and have dinner and hang out a while and see if anyone shows up.

There were only a couple people inside so not really busy but then I was a little early. I ordered dinner and got out my computer to pass the time. This really is a friendly place to come.

I ha da nice dinner and figured I would stay till 8 or 8:30 to see if anyone showed up. Well it was a little after 8 when Chris and Roxy showed up. It was good to see them. We talked a little and I told them about our new web sight as I wanted to make sure they new about in and get them to join. They have been in our Yahoo group for many years.

It started getting busy as it got close to time for Karaoke, It is fun to hear some of the people sing. Another one of our members showed up about 9:30 so we had 4 of our group out tonight. We talked about our Dinner on Wednesday as she wasn’t able to make it that night.

Now as I said it was a hot day today and so it was hot inside, they do have air conditioning but when you get so many people inside it is hard for it to keep up. it was about 11 they decided to do a wet tee shirt contest outside and about 12 of the ladies went out for it so for about 20 minutes almost everyone was outside. I am not sure who won but they had a good time.

It was about 11:30 when I called it a night. It was a fun night out and a good way to start the weekend.

Thanks for reading.


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