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Wednesday night dinner at Rock Bottom

It is Wednesday once again and that means I get to go out with my friends for dinner, one of my most favorite things to do. I look back just a little over 10 years, 2008 and before and going out was just a dream mostly. Then I found our wonderful group the Rose City T-Girls and my life really changed. Not only was I able to go out on a regular basis but I met some people who really have become friend and actually some of them are my best friends. Back then it was just the thought I might be able to go out now I go out to dinner with my friends like anyone else. I would say it is almost common place but that would take away from how special this time is with my friends. Now tonight we were going to the Rock Bottom in Portland and they have really good food and always a fun time. Now today I would get home late so it would be a rush to get ready and be down town Portland by 7. I got home about 5:10 and started getting ready. I like to pick Julie up so we can ride together but for that it means I need to leave my house by 5:45 and I was not sure I could do that so I didn’t text her and I figured I would see where I was when I was done with my makeup. I was just finishing and git a text From Julie to see if I was going to be late. It was about 5:35 and all I had to do was get dressed now so I texted her I could pick her up if she wanted I figured I would be ready to leave in 10 minutes which would put me right at 5:45. She said yes so I texted her I would be there hopefully by 6:15 and I finished getting dressed.

Traffic was not bad and I got to Julies about 6:10 and went in. she was just finishing getting ready, we talked briefly and then we were on our way. The good thing about this time of night is everyone is headed out of Portland and not into it so traffic was good and we got downtown about 6:45 and I went to the parking garage a block away to park. It was a nice walk over to the Rock Bottom; it still amazes me I can walk the city streets as Susan without even thinking about it now. They were not busy and were able to seat us right away so Julie and I went and sat down. It was only a few minutes and Jennifer showed up followed by Barb and then Patty and her girlfriend Kelly and then Jeanie so we had 7 of us tonight. Again, looking back 10 years 7 of us out was a big night even going to Embers an LGBT club on a Friday or a Saturday and now we can get 5 to 10 on a Wednesday night dinner at just a restaurant. We talked for a little bit before we ordered our dinner. I of course got my Chicken fried Chicken which is awesome but they have other good food here also. I did get a quick selfie at the table.

We sat and talked as we waited for our food and the group was small enough that almost everyone could get in on the conversation. Julie and I sat more to the middle so we could be in all conversations. Patty’s girlfriend Kelly sat next to me so tonight I got a good chance to talk with her and get to know her which was nice. I really like this as it is nice to get a genetic girl’s perspective on this and she is very supportive of Patty which is nice. I know we all want someone to accept us for who we are and we or at least I think it should be easy if someone really cares about you, they should accept you for who you are but life is not always that simple. Now I tend to dress how I find women attractive. I am drawn to woman who have nice long nails, longer hair, nice makeup and yes red lipstick. Women who wear dresses or skirts and high heels. Now I am not saying I wouldn’t date or get to know a woman who doesn’t dress this way but this is what catches my attention. I will also admit if I was involved with a woman like this and one day I came home and she had on a short hair wig, maybe a beard or mustache and was trying to look like a man it would shock me. Now I would like to think I would be supportive of her but that being said I would also need to have her sometime be the lady and do the makeup and what I am saying is the woman that can accept this in their partner are wonderful and those that can also support them and even share it with them they are truly awesome and we have some truly awesome wives and girlfriend to some of our girls in the group.

Our food came and it was awesome as always and our waiter was wonderful and treated us awesome, always addressed us as ladies. Now there has been a lot on line about using the correct gender. Yes, I think everyone should be addressed how they identify and people should respect that as that is just good manners and being polite and treating people with respect. That being said I also realize people are human and will make mistakes and I look to when I go to Diva Las Vegas. I travel with Cassandra but while we are traveling, she is in boy mode. To me she is Cassandra and her or she and I have a hard time using anything else. We are not perfect. Now this is where I will get in trouble. There are those out there that just refuse to use anything other then your birth gender and if they are doing it on purpose that is wrong as they should not do that. This makes them a jerk or what ever other 4 letter word you want to put in but the one thing it does not do is make them a criminal. I cannot support arresting them or fining them for this, I still believe in our right to freedom of speech. Cities that have these laws are wrong, think of it this way in one of these cities someone can call you every nasty discussing name, put you down and scream at you and they are just exercising their right but if they miss gender you they can be arrested. It is wrong but we have certain freedoms in this country and I am not willing to take someone’s rights away as I don’t want anyone to take my rights away. My opinion only for what it is worth.

We had a nice dinner and then sat and talked till after 9 as we usually do. These Wednesday night dinners are so much fun and go by so fast. It was about 9:30 when we called it a night and we all left. It really was a fun night and now I got to drive Julie home so for us the night was not over. We were able to talk some more on the ride back to her house. I really enjoy this as soon she will head south for warmer weather for the winter and I will not get to see her as often and that will be sad. It was just before 10 when I dropped her off at her house and headed for home myself. What a wonderful night.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life. I am also going to take a week off in early November as I have some vacation time to use. Not sure what I will do but I know some of it will be Susan time.

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Wednesday night dinner at Rock Bottom

It is Wednesday again and that means Wednesday night dinner. We are gong to Rock Bottom in downtown Portland. We have gone here many times over the years, and it is always good food and wonderful service. Now we had posted it and only had 4 say they would be here and 1 maybe so it could be one of our smaller groups. Now normally I ma rushed to get ready as I usually don’t get home from work till 5:30 or later but tonight was a good night. I snuck out of work a little early as I will work extra tomorrow and then traffic for some reason was good, so I got home about 4:50 which was nice. Now with the extra time I would have tie to go pick Julie up so I texted her and she said that would be wonderful. Its only a little but out of my way but way more fun to have someone with you for the ride and no sense in both of us paying parking and gas. Of course, this would mean I would have to rush again but so worth it. I was ready and out my door by 5:45 and on my way to pick Julie up.

I got to Julie’s house about 6:10 and she was just finishing getting ready. The two of us were on our way by 6:15 so we had time even with traffic which it turns out there was none so we got downtown Portland about 6:35 and I was circling around the block to go to the parking garage but luck was with us as I found a parking spot on the street about a block away. It cost a while .70 cents for parking till 7 when they stop charging. Over the years I can’t count the number of times I have put .40 to .70 on my credit for parking, with the fees on credit cards I don’t know how they make it worthwhile? Tonight, Julie picked up the parking so the .70 went on her credit card.

We walked the block to Rock Bottom and went in and they were not busy so they could seat us right away even though most of our girls were not here yet. We got a big booth that could fit 6 and ordered drinks as we waited. Melissa was the first to show up followed by Jennifer and Kris and even Karen showed up, so we had all 6 of us here. Drinks came and our appetizer, Julie got one of their pretzels for the table, thanks Julie. Now Barb showed up, so we had 7 and no seat for her but the staff quickly put a couple tables near by together and moved us over there. Like I say the staff here is wonderful as really then staff at every place we go is.

We all ordered our dinners and then sat and talked. Kris sat to my right and Julie and Jennifer were across from me and as tonight I was on the end, they were the main ones I talked with. I did talk with Keren and Mellissa a little but Barb was way down on the other end so kind of hard to talk with her which was sad as she is leaving on her extended summer vacation in a few days so it will be a month or two till she gets out with the group. But it was fun to sit and talk.

Our food came and yes, I got their Chicken Fried Chicken which is really good. Kris and Barb also ordered it tonight. We all sat and talked as we ate. About halfway through another one of our girls showed up, she was in male mode though. She just got off work and as she works nearby, she walked over to join us for a little while, so we had 8 of us tonight. Now I will admit when she first sat down next to me I pause and wondered who this man was sitting down but then I recognized her, I have seen her a few times in her male mode but some of the girls had never met her this way which is always fun. It is funny as when I first started going out, I wouldn’t give any information about my male side and now a lot of the girls have seen me as my male self, but it is always fun to guess who the person is.

After we ate we sat and talked and had a great time, by the way tonight I didn’t finish my chicken so I took a piece home as leftovers which I pretty much never do as I know the likely hood of me eating it is small but I have high hopes. It was after 10 when we called it an evening and I think we were some of the last people in there. We all walked out together and pause out front to say our goodbyes as we all parked different directions. Now I took my phone out to check the time and realized I hadn’t gotten a picture tonight, so I took one with the city street behind me. Keren walked part way with Julie and I as she parked in the same direction at least for a block. I joked with them if 10 years ago they thought they would be walking the downtown streets of Portland at night as their female self and Keren said not even a couple years ago, she would have thought this possible.

Julie and I got to my car and off we went as I drove Julie home and we had more time to talk. I still can’t believe how much Susan like to have conversations. There really are some differences between my make and female side and one of the biggest is how much more comfortable and outgoing I am as Susan and I think that is because I am not hiding who I am. Now the drive home took awhile as the exit we take was closed for construction, so we had to go through part of the city. I dropped Julie off at her house and was on my way home and yes once again there was construction that had the freeway down to 1 lane and what should have been a 25 minute ride home became 45 minutes so it turned out to be a late night for Susan but so worth it.

Thanks for reading and be sure to read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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Wednesday night dinner at Rock Bottom

It is Wednesday and once again the Rose City T-girls are going out to dinner, tonight we are going to Rock Bottom. We have gone here many times over the years and always treated wonderful, last time we were here was December 6th. Now our dinners start at 7 but I always try to get there a little early, to get a table and also incase one of our newer members show up early as it is sometimes hard to be the first one if you are new to going out. As always I started getting ready as soon as I got home about 4:45. Now I know some may wonder why I so enjoy getting ready and doing my makeup and I always use to say it was because I was still new to doing this but that is not so much the case any more as this is my 1,135th blog and that mean I have gone out that many times and there were times early on when I would dress mostly at home or late night drives and not blog about it. It really is hard to believe how many times I have gone out, as 20 years ago I could not even imagine going out at Susan. Any way I took my time and it was a little after 6 when I was ready to leave.

I got downtown Portland and in all the time I have come here I have never found a spot on the street so I was heading straight to the parking garage just a block away. I was at the red light, first car and when the light turned green several people stepped out in front of me going against the light, now as a driver this is frustrating so you can only imagine what I was thinking as I waited wondering if the light would turn before they cleared and I could go. Well as I turned my head watching them, I saw a car just 4 spots up on the street pull out so now I am thinking what luck. I was finally able to go and turned and parked on the street. Turned out this worked out better for me as it was a little closer and would only cost me .60 to park tonight. I walked the block to the Rock Bottom and yes it was cold about 36 out and will be freezing by the time we leave tonight.

I went in and they were not really busy. The young man at the desk asked if I had reservations and I said no but we would have 6 to 8 as I had 5 post they would be here and 1 maybe. He said not a problem they could set a table up for us. I told him that was great but it would be about 7 when everyone was here. I sat down in the waiting area for others to show up and for him to get our table ready. It was only about 5 minutes and Melissa showed up so we talked a few minutes till our table was ready. In some ways it still amazes me how comfortable I am now when I go out although I do miss the excitement I use to feel when I went out. The young man came and showed up to our table. It wasn’t long and Robin showed up and shortly after Lauri and Barb so we had 5 of us here by 7. We waited just a little before ordering just in case the one girl who posted as a maybe showed up.

We all talked as we waited. It was about 7:20 when we decided to order. Our waitress took our orders, I of course ordered the Chicken Fried Chicken. It is really good, if you like chicken you must try this if you come here. Now it was nice to talk with all my friends and I got to talk with Robin a little more as she was sitting right next to me. She had been out all day as Robin and actually just got back in town. She did a professionally photo shoot as Robin on her trip and she had some awesome pictures of her. We of course got a picture of us also tonight.

Our dinner came and we had a nice dinner and wonderful conversations. I really do like these dinners as they are easier to talk and get to know each other. 6 to 8 is a good number as it is a small enough group where you can really interact with everyone easily. I am torn on this as it is such a great event to socialize that I wish more girls would come but then again you would loose that intimate group feeling but either way this really is a wonderful event.

After dinner we sat and talked for a while. I just enjoy being out so much with my friends I really don’t want it to end even though I know it has to as I get up really early for work. It was after 9 when we called it a night and we were one of the last groups there other then some people sitting at the bar. Now we talked about dinner next week and decided not to do one as Valentines day is on Thursday but in two weeks we will once again get together for dinner. We said our goodbyes out side and Barb went one way, Robin another and Melissa, Lauri and I walked together for a block before we all went our own way. It really is a wonderful feeling to be able to be out like this.

Thanks for reading and be sure to see what is new on my newest blog.

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Wednesday night dinner at Rock Bottom

It is Wednesday and I am going out to Dinner with my friends, it has bee a while since I have made one of these midweek dinners with everything that has been going on the last several months so I am really looing forward to it. Now I wasn’t sure how many would make it tonight but I was still looking forward to it. Now as it has been a while, I took extra time to make sure I looked my best, yes as Susan I do care about looking my best when I go out with my friends. I was ready a little after 6 and on my way. We are eating at Rock Bottom brewery in downtown Portland, we have gone here many times and always had a wonderful time. I got downtown about 6:30 and did drive around the blocks looking for a parking spot before giving up and going to the Parking garage a block away and parking. Such a big change from 10 years ago where I had to park right in front of where I was going and never would have walked the streets of Portland at night as Susan.

I walked from the Parking garage to Rock Bottom and it was cold outside, about 40 but with a strong wind which made it feel really cold out, of course I was wearing a dress and my ankle boots. Yes, female clothes are not as warm but so much prettier. I got inside and Nicole was already there. It was great to see her again, she had told me she might make it tonight which was nice. We talked for a few minutes as we waited for others to show up, Nicole had already put our name in for a table and it was soon ready. They actually set us up with a table for 10 even though we told them probably 6. We sat down and I texted Melissa where we were as I knew she would be here tonight. Nicole and I talked for a little bit and soon Jeanie showed up. It has been a while since I have seen her. Melissa showed up just a few minutes later so we were up to 4 of us now. We ordered drinks, I had my normal Sierra Mist, yes, I am not a drinker. One of the little interesting facts about me. I go to Starbucks all the time but can’t stand coffee, I go to Bars and clubs and don’t drink alcohol. For me it is not where I go but that I am Susan and I am out with my friends.

Joanie also made it tonight, I have met her once maybe twice before so it was nice to get to talk with her again. Now we did get a group picture after dinner of us by there Christmas Tree, what a cute group of ladies. Joanie took the picture as she didn’t want to be in it. We all ordered our food and I had their Chicken Fried Chicken which is awesome. Yes, I have this every time we come here. Now the staff here is wonderful as always, we have always been treated incredibly well here by everyone.

Now we were eating our dinner when Kitty showed up, it was so nice to see her again. She also doesn’t get out much with the group. We talked a little between all of us and it was a really fun night. We finished eating and then sat and just talked for a while, we had 6 tonight for dinner. Kitty was the first to leave and a little while later Joanie left and we were down to just 4 of us again. Now I was in no hurry tonight as I have Thursday off as I have some family things, I need to take care of so I can stay out later. The 4 of us talked some more, just a fun girl’s night out. Susan really does have wonderful friends and a wonderful life.

Now after dinner while we were talking Nicole wanted a picture of her by the Christmas Tree so I took a couple of her and then of course I had to have her take a couple of me. Now they turned out pretty good, well the picture Nicole took was great it was more the way I stood. I just look at pictures of me when you can see all of me, I just think I come off looking stiff the way I stand. I really need to work on the way I pose. Now the dress I am wearing tonight is cute and I guess it is my Christmas Dress. Now by this I don’t mean I only wear it at Christmas but looking back on my blog the only other picture I have of me by my Christmas tree from 2016 I was also wearing this same dress.

Now I love this time of year and I have been listening to Christmas music now since before Thanksgiving and I put my Christmas lights up the weekend before Thanksgiving. Now for me because of this I wish people Merry Christmas but if you like Happy Holidays you are more than welcome to say that to me and I will not be offended.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my newest blog to see what is new in my life.

Now a side note, Former President George H Bush passed away last Week and today they had his memorial service and for a brief time we came together as a country which was nice. So, my political statement is this and it is what we all want, respect. I don’t care what your political stand is or what your religious beliefs are but your rights are no more important than mine. I will not push my beliefs on you and expect the same from you. You don’t have to like the way I live my life or my views but you do need to respect my right to be who I am and I will do the same to you. If we want people to treat us this way, we need to treat others that way. The last point is respect for office. You don’t have to like your congressman, senator or president but the office they fill does deserve respect and this week we saw this probably the most we have seen in a few years. There have been a lot of people elected I didn’t vote for and didn’t like and I may have spoken out about things they did but they were still my elected official and that office deserved respect. That is the only way our form of government will work and survive. Please let’s come together as a country and not try to divide us.

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Wednesday night dinner at the Rock Bottom.

Okay it is Wednesday and our group is having dinner at the Rock Bottom in downtown Portland. It is another Brew pub in Portland, yes Portland has a lot of Brew Pubs, some say the microbrew really started here. We have gone here many times and the food is wonderful and we are always treated well but that is the case where ever we go here in Portland. Now I am not sure who all will show up as Cassandra is taking the summer of and she really has been the driving force behind our group. I did post in our group that I would be there for sure. Well before I get to far Just a quick note, there is still time to sign up to go on our Mexican Cruise, October 13 to 20 2018. We have 28 signed up right now let’s see if we can get 30. . For more information check out our web page or contact me.

I got home from work and had time tonight to enjoy the getting ready and take my time which always makes the night better. I was all ready and, on my way, a little before 5. I got downtown Portland and this area seems a lot busier as I never seem to be able to find a parking spot on the street. I drove around a couple blocks and nothing so I went right to the parking garage which is only 1 block away and even that was kind of full, I found a parking spot on the 5th floor right by the elevator. It still amazes me how far I have come as Susan. A few years ago, I would park right by the door or where I could see it and wait till I saw no one around before getting out of my car and going straight in. tonight it was no big deal. I parked, got out of my car got on the elevator and down to the street and walked the block to the Rock Bottom as though it was the most natural thing to do, not once did I think about how I was dressed or if people were looking at me. It really is a wonderful feeling.

I went inside and I was the first one there, Kate texted me she was almost there so I checked our group to see who all posted, Kate, Barb and Melissa all said they would be here so I knew we had at least 4. Kate got there and she got us a table for 4 although we could squeeze 2 more in we would just be cozy. As it turned out it would be just the 4 of us. Melissa showed up and we all sat at the table and talked as we waited. Barb showed up right at 7 and so we all ordered dinner. They really do have good food here but I really like their Chicken fried Chicken so that is what I ordered. They were a little busy which is always nice as you can people watch which really has become one of the fun things I like to do.

We had a wonderful time and talked a little about our group and what we want to do mainly about our dinners. We all really want to keep them going but we want to find a way to get more of the group going out. Cassandra use to send text messages which is a big undertaking but it got it to the members directly instead of them having to go to the group web page. It really made it to easy and people got to use to it and t may get hard to break that and get them back to checking the web page. Melissa has done so much with our web page she has even put forums in it where we can have group talks it really is a wonderful web page with lots of information. We talked if we should try to find a way to do group tests again but I would really like to try and get people to go back to checking the web page. It really only does take a few seconds and you can do it right on your cell phone. Well that is something we as the administrators will have to figure out. The one thing I do know is we need members to reply and let us know if they are coming out just so we can plan for it, it would not be good if we had a table for 6 and 7 or 8 showed up and had to sit by themselves. Well I guess I got off topic again as that really had nothing to do with our dinner out. We also talked a little about our Mexican cruise, still time to sign up so check the link above.

The night went by so fast as always and soon it was after 9. We all paid our bills; our waitress was awesome by the way. Now it was time to leave so we said our goodbyes and left. Melissa and I had both parked in the parking garage so we walked together and talked. It really was a wonderful evening out with friends.

Thanks for reading and be sure and see what’s new on my most recent blog.

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Wednesday night dinner at the Rock Bottom Restaurant.

It is Wednesday and tonight our group is doing dinner at the Rock Bottom Restaurant downtown on Morison Street. I have eaten here a couple times before and it is really good and I was looking forward to it. I got home late so it was a rush to get ready. I was ready by 6 and on my way. I got downtown Portland by 6:30 and drove around a few blocks but didn’t see any parking. It really is luck to find a street parking spot this time of night so I went to the parking garage which is only a block away, just easier. I walked into Rock Bottom at 6:45 and Cassandra was already there waiting for a table, looks like they are busy tonight. Melissa got there a little before 7 and it turned out this is all we would have tonight.

It wasn’t long and we were showed to our table well actually a both. We could have fit one more girl in if one had shown up. We did sit and talk for a little just in case anyone else showed up. We actually had a nice conversation and we talked about nails, family, finances, and several other things it was really enjoyable.

We ordered dinner and we all got different things as we all have our favorites. Mine is their Chicken Fried Chicken which is really good. The staff here was great and our waitress was outstanding. I would defiantly recommend Rock Bottom as a place to go to eat. It is mid-priced $10 to $25 but the food is awesome.

It is amazing how fast the night went by, good food and friends and wonderful conversation. We even talked about Diva Las Vegas and our Mexican Cruise as the 3 of us are going on both. Diva Las Vegas is less than 5 weeks away, wow it got here fast. Our group has done some really fun things over the years and we are always looking for new things to do like our Cruise. I think back to when I first started going out and it was all I could do to walk into a LGBT bar now we go to different restaurants all over the city, I have traveled to Las Vegas several times living as Susan the whole time start to finish and when we got on our cruise Cassandra, Kate, Julie, Melissa and I are all planning on flying down to LA for the cruise and home afterwards as our female selves. Cassandra, Julie and I have already booked our flights and are sitting next to each other. This is going to be so much fun it is the one thing I have wanted to do since the first trip to Las Vegas as Susan.

10 years ago, I would never have thought I would go out shopping by myself, dinner with friends or even to Starbucks as Susan let along living as Susan for 12 days traveling to Las Vegas, checking in and out of hotels and soon flying on an air plane. I have really grown as Susan and it is all because of my wonderful friend well they are more like family. There is still time to sign up for Diva Las Vegas or our Mexican Cruise. Last night at dinner we were all talking about our biggest regrets and I do have a couple but one is I waited so long to accept Susan as part of who I am and going out. I really wish I had started going out when I was in my 20’s as I missed so many adventures. But on the other side had I started going out then I may never have met the friends I have now and that would have been a huge loss as they are all a big part of my life. It really is fun to look back over my blog and see some of the things I have done.

Thanks for reading and be sure and keep up with what’s new in Susan’s life on my most recent blog.

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Wednesday night dinner at Rock bottom

It is Wednesday and the group is going to the Rock Bottom Restaurant for dinner. The group has gone here a couple times before although I only made it once. It is a nice place and really big inside with 3 pool tables and a couple shuffle board tables. It really is a nice place to go and very friendly and accepting.

I started getting ready with the hopes of being early. I was on my way by 6 but when I got downtown it was hard to find parking which is the only bad thing about this place. I finally found a parking spot 3 blocks away. Funny years ago I would have not gone unless I could park close to where I was going. Now it was pouring down rain so with my umbrella I started walking to the Rock Bottom.

I got to the Rock Bottom and Cassandra was already there. Now we knew a couple others would be there as they had posted in the group they would which was nice. Always hard going someplace and not knowing how many will show up. It turns out we had a good turnout tonight, one of our bigger Wednesday night dinners. Amber, Laura M, Melissa, Bambi and Kris showed up. We talked for a while before ordering dinner.

I ordered a pizza which was really good. As we were finishing dinner Victoria and Shadow showed up so we had 9 here tonight. They ordered dinner and we all moved over to the pool tables so we could play a few games. Several of the girls played while I opted for a hot brownie and ice cream desert. It was so good. If you are looking for a fun place to go for dinner with some friends this is a place to check out.

Now I had only planned on being out till 9 as I get up early for work but we all know how that goes. I stayed and watch some of the pool games and talked with some of the girls before leaving. it was about 9:45 when I left. it was still raining not as hard as earlier but still pretty hard so once again I was walking the streets with my umbrella. Again I was thinking about how far I have come. A few years ago I would have been scared to death and never thought of walking the streets of Portland at night by myself.

I got home a little after 10 and got ready for bed. It was a wonderful night out with my friends.

Thanks for reading

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Wednesday night dinner at Rock Bottom Restaurant

Tonight Our group the Rose City Tgirls are going to the Rock Bottom Restaurant for dinner. We have started going to different places for dinner which is a fun thing to do. I have never been here before so I was really looking forward to this as it is always fun to go someplace new as Susan. I really think this is a good thing as it exposes our group to more of the city and also helps others see us out and see we are just like them accept for how we dress and I think that helps build bridges between everyone.

I got home and started getting ready which I always enjoy. There is nothing more fun and relaxing then getting ready and doing my makeup. Of course while I was doing my makeup I was thinking about what I should wear tonight. By the time I was almost done with my makeup I had decided on one of my red dresses as it is light and summery and it is hot out today. I did wear lower heals as I was not sure how far I would have to walk as the Rock Bottom is right downtown. I was all dressed and on my way by a little before 6. I got downtown and found a parking spot about3 blocks away. I parked and started walking to the restaurant. It is funny as I didn’t even think about it, it was like the most normal thing in the world. I can remember a few years back where I would sit in the car watching people waiting for there to be the least amount of people around and working up the courage to get out of the car. It really does get easier as you go out more.

I got to the Rock Bottom Restaurant abut 6:30 and went in, Julie, Cristine, Cassandra and Laura M. were already there. It is bigger inside then it looks from the outside and pretty busy so it was a little loud. I sat next to Julie so we could talk, It was great to see her again. We had a nice time talking while we waited to see if anyone else would show up. Joan also showed up so there were 6 of us for dinner. It was about 7 when we all ordered dinner. I ordered a Hamburger which I normally don’t order when I am out as Susan as it messes up my lipstick but I really wanted one tonight and I can always fix my lipstick after I eat.

We had a nice dinner and wonderful conversation and of course some of the conversation was about our new web site as Laura, Cassandra, Cristine, Julie and I are all administrators of the site so we talked about some of the things we have learned and some of our new members. We have over 70 members now and it has only been online for 19 days. Most were members of our Yahoo Group but we have picked up a few new members also.

After dinner we sat there and talked for a while, it was just a really nice social night out. We of course had to get a picture of us out, I really want to start that Rose City Tgirls at Rock Bottom Restaurantagain. we always use to get pictures but as we have gotten more comfortable going out I think the need for pictures have fallen off but it really is a good thing to do as it gives us a chance to remember who was there and the things we did, What a pretty group of ladies. The staff here were wonderful and treated us great and our waiter was wonderful. Now we are also rating the restaurants as we go to them, We rated this one a 9, really the only issue was the noise and that was just because it was so busy and everyone was talking. As we were talking Dan showed up and had a few drinks with us, he came to give money to Cassandra for golfing which is coming up fast. I also have to get money to Cassandra as we need to pay in advance. I will send Cassandra money tomorrow. It looks like we will have at least 12 and hoping for 16.

It really was a fun night and it was sad to see it come to an end. It was about 9:30 when we left. We all said our goodbyes. Now Laura had been out shopping and actually had parked about 14 blocks away so I gave her a ride back to her car.

Thanks for reading

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