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Tips for beautiful nails

Well this has been a blog I have wanted to write for a while and am just now getting around to it. If you have red my blogs you know I love long pretty nails. I think that is the one thing I would do full time if men could have pretty nails. As such I have tried many things to do my nails from painting them, acrylics which I love, glue on but finding something you can do quickly and lasts and you can take off as easily as they go on and better yet reuse them without damaging your nails is hard. I would love to take credit for this but it was actually Barb who came up with this idea and shared with Cassandra who passed on to me and now I share it with all of you. Now I will admit the most expensive part of this is the nail polish as I love OPI but any polish will do. This is what you need,

Nail polish, one clear and the color of your choice (I like OPI) $8 each

Artificial nails they need to be full nails not the tips, I like KISS brand Active Square 200 count as I can get 10 sets out of it. Under $7

Scott’s outdoor mounting tape (it is water proof), I buy at Home Depot, about $15 for over 400 inches.

I also get some mounting putty (under $2) and a piece of wood (under $2).

Now there are two options, you can use the nails as they are or you can put some of the nail glue on the underside and let dry, to do this just spread out on some paper towels. The reason for the glue is it makes them a little stronger. The nails usually will split up the middle from the cuticle end from reuse. Now I have got anywhere from 10 to 30 uses from the nails without the glue depending on how careful you are taking them off. With the glue you should easily last longer but they sit a little higher on the nail so I would try both ways and see what you like.

Now the trick I use is to mount the nails on the edges of the wood using the mounting putty, I can get 2 sets of 10 on each edge and if I prop up on blocks I can use all 4 edges so I can actually do 8 sets of nails at one time, for this I only did 4 sets.

I put the clear coat on and by the time I get all the nails done the first am dry and ready for the color and I repeat just going around, 2 coats of color and then the clear coat again. This is the slowest part but you can do a lot of nails in one shot and then you are good for awhile. You can also do several colors at once and have a variety of choices.

Let the nails dry and then you are ready to go. I can put on a set in under 5 minutes and if I want I can remove and put another color on in about the same time so you can change your nails

When you are ready you just put the mounting tape on the nails and you are ready to go. I use small pieces as I think they fit better plus the mounting tape really does hold the nails secure. I put the tape on all the nails first. Make sure and press them onto the nail so they stick well.

Then I use tweezers and peel off the tape and place them on my nail, squeeze the nail onto your finger nail and hold for a few seconds to make sure they are secure.

There you have it pretty beautiful nails for the day or evening look. They look great and stay on really well. I have even left on for a weekend and took a bath and shower and the nails held fast.

Now to take of you want to put a little pressure on the tip and take an cuticle orange stick under the back and gently lift up. If you do this carefully you can do it without damaging the nails and get many uses out of them. Once the nail is off, use the cuticle orange stick and scrape the tape off the back and you are ready for the next time.

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Ready for Diva Las Vegas

Well I am all ready, I made it to my nail appointment in plenty of time and the salon I go to was really busy and I had to wait about 10 Minutes. I have been going to this salon (Nails by Lily) sense 2003 and always been treated great. The first time I made an appointment there I was caught off guard when she asked for my name I started to give my name and then panicked and it came out Mike and so that is the name I have used every time I go there as a matter of fact when I called to set up an appointment she knew who I was as soon as I said I wanted an appointment to get acrylic nails.

Out of all the times I have gone there I have never had the owner (Lily) do my nails but tonight she did. It was so nice, Lily and I talked most of the time she worked on my nails. We talked about my trip to Las Vegas and all about her family, and even some about my family. It was so enjoyable. She even told me she was happy I came in. If you are looking for a place in Vancouver Washington to get your nails done please check out Nails by Lily on SE Mill Plain.

I now have beautiful long nails for my trip, they did not have the color I painted my toes so I went with I think it is called an affair in red square but it could also be Rhine Rhine red as I had both bottle in my hand. They look beautiful though.

Now I am at Starbuck’s the night before I leave on my trip. Melissa came out to see me before I leave and to see my nails. They are actually pretty busy here tonight so lots of people watching. It is so nice to be out and I will be Susan from now till I get back. The trip will be fun and I really am not worried too much about it except for my time in Reno and checking into the hotel as Susan. The good thing is I have a 9 hour drive so when I get up and get dressed as Susan I will not be thinking about checking in as that might make me rethink it. By the time I get there it will be too late to change my mind. Well must go now but I hope to post every day. Have a great week and thanks for reading.

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All ready for Diva Las Vegas

Well it is almost time to leave for Diva Las Vegas and I am all ready. I just finished packing all my cloths. I am taking 2 wigs, the one I wore last year for the drive down and back and my new long blonde one, this one is so long I have to clip it up when I drive not the look I want going down the road. I am still thinking about taking my black wig just for fun. So many choices to make but I love every minute. I will have 2 suit cases with me as Susan does not travel light.

Thursday night I get my nails done; it will be a busy night as I will get home from work and have an hour to get Susan ready and out the door to make my nail appointment. I am getting a full set of acrylic nails which I so love doing. I look forward to this all year long. I plan on stopping at Starbucks after for a little while as this will give my nails a little longer to dry.

One new thing for this year’s trip, well new for Susan herself. Several weeks back I was talking with Teresa and Cassandra at the P-club. Teresa had gotten a credit card under her female name by telling them she wanted to add her sister to her account and Cassandra was thinking of doing the same. I really liked this idea so I called my credit card company to see what was involved in putting someone on my credit card account. To my surprise the person on the phone just asked the name of who I wanted and I said Susan Miller. No questions were asked of me they just said she was added and I would have a card in 5 to 8 days. Well when I got home today in my mail was a credit card with Susan’s name on it. Now I know I will have to be careful where I use it because I have no ID to go with it if asked but there are many places that never ask for ID or you swipe it yourself. I spent about an hour practicing signing my name as Susan till I got a consistent signature. Thanks to both Teresa and Cassandra for giving me this great idea.

I hope to blog every day and post pictures.

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Thursday night before Diva Las Vegas

Well I got to the nail salon at 5:30 and there was only one other person there. I only had to wait about 10 minutes and then she started on my nails. It is so relaxing and I just love getting them done. It took her about an hour to do my nails; they are about a ½ inch long with square tips just the way I like them. I picked out a color called red red Rhine from OPI. I left the salon at 7 and headed for Cassandra and Peggy’s house.

I got there just before 8 pm. Peggy had made spaghetti for dinner which was so nice. Julie was there which was so nice as I have not seen her for quite a while. I also got to see Cassandra in boy mode for the first time. Not sure I would have known it was her if I just ran into her on the street. We sat around and ate and talked. It was a fun and I will be Susan from now till we get home. I have no male clothes at all with me. Before bed I took my wig and makeup off and went into the room where cristine and Peggy were. It is the first time anyone has seen me in boy mode who knows me as Susan.

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Manicure and time at Starbuck’s 1-27-2010

Well it’s Wednesday night and I made it out again. I made an appointment to get a manicure tonight at Nails by Lilly at 6 pm so I had to leave a little earlier than normal. This is always a challenge as it was still light out when I left home and some of my neighbors were outside. I tried to time it when they were not looking towards my house and off I went. Don’t know if they saw anything suspicious or not but I was out and on my way. I got to the nail salon just before 6 and went in. there were three other woman in there getting their nails done so I had to wait about 10 minutes. The lady who did my nails has done them before so we chatted a little while she did them. It is so relaxing to get a manicure. Tonight I chose the color “an affair in red square” from OPI. It is a medium red with just a little bit of sparkle in it. A really nice color that may be what I have when I get my acrylics for Diva Las Vegas. I hope to go two more times for manicures before then and try different colors so I pick the perfect one for the trip. I left with my beautiful nails and headed down to Starbuck’s.

 I got to Starbucks right at 7 pm my usual time. There was no one there when I went in which is a first of all the times I have been here. Both ladies that worked here greeted me with a hello and a smile. They are both so nice and friendly. Before I could even get to the counter to order the one was already making my drink. Wow I feel so special. I had my money out and the one said it was on them tonight as I am always so nice and pleasant, wow what a compliment. I am sitting here on my computer and they are getting busy now about 15 people here. There is a group of 9 women that have pulled several tables together. It looks like they are having a girl’s night out. They are at the tables next to mine so I can kind of listen in on what they are talking about not that I am trying to listen it’s just our close proximity. It is really fun to sit here and people watch while I am on my computer. Everyone is so involved in their own little world when they are here it truly is a great place for Susan to come to.

 The more I am out the more I am looking forward to Diva Las Vegas and the week I will spend totally as Susan it will be an experience of a life time. 11 days totally as Susan. I know my friends who are also going are excited and looking forward to it to so I know we will all have a wonderful time. I plan on taking so many pictures, one of the fun things of being Susan, she is a camera freak. Susan sees a camera and the smile just comes over my face. It is so strange as my male side is so camera shy and has spent his life avoiding the camera. I guess I really am two different people. I plan on putting some on my web page and flickr page but all will go on my Windows live profile. I really haven’t used this one much but the other day I was on it and they now give you 25 gigs for pictures for free where flickr only lets you have 200 if you want more you have to pay. This will be a great [place for me to store my pictures in case the unthinkable happens (computer crash). Well I guess that is all for tonight.

Well just one more thing. Went up to get another drink and again they gave it to me free, very unexpected. I will have to give them a good tip tonight. I stood there and we chatted while they made my drink. The one asked my name so I told them Susan and they both introduced themselves Katie and Shavonie (hope I spelled it right) they are both so nice. And now I should be able to remember their names.

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Famous hands, see my acrylic nails on a beauty blog

Well just a quick post tonight. A while back I was surfing the internet and did a search for acrylic nails and found a couple pictures of my hands when I had acrylic nails. One stood out as it was not from my web page so I clicked the link and wound up on a beauty blog. They had an article on acrylic nails and they used one of my pictures. They even gave me credit for the photo and if you click on it, it links back to my picture on my flickr page (I guess that is why this one picture of my acrylic nails have gotten so many hits. My hands are famous (Susan the hand model). I thought this was pretty cool.

What makes it even better is this is not a t-girl blog it is a mainstream beauty blog, not sure if they knew I was a t-girl before they used it or not but either way they did. You can check out their blog (and my picture) at


Pompeii Purple by OPI

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