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Some Sunday Susan time

It is Sunday and it turns out I have a little time today and as I need to write my blog from Saturday evening I figured why not go to Starbucks as Susan. It was a little after 2 when I started getting ready and I was at the Starbucks by my house by a little after 3 with my computer. They were a little busier today I guess Sunday afternoons are a good time to go to Starbuck. I got my drink and sat down and got out my computer to do my blog. Now as I said this was kind of a last-minute outing and not really well planned. I figured I would have a few hours here to do my blog and some work on the computer but I forgot they are now closing at 6 on Sundays. Well that still gives me 3 hours.

I got connected to the wi-fi and opened my blog and noticed that my battery was only half charged, yes, I had used it last night at the escape and then forgot to plug it in and of course I didn’t bring the power cord. Now as I said this is close to my house, I could have run home and got the cord and been back in 5 minutes but that seemed a little strange to me. I decided to just go and see how long my battery lasted. I finished my blog and I still had a little battery left so I was just goofing off on the internet, a good way to waste some time. It was just before 5 when my computer told me I had 10% and I knew it wouldn’t be long. I wasn’t even going to make it till 6, so sad as I was not ready to go home yet. I was checking my Facebook page and I saw a post from a friend who had gone and saw the new Star Wars movie and I thought to myself, I haven’t gone to the movies in a while either male or female and I wanted to see the movie, yes, I am a big Star Wars fan. I quickly checked the times and the downtown Vancouver cinema had a 5:50 showing. I didn’t want to go to late as it is almost a 3-hour movie and I do need to get up early tomorrow. It was 5:10 now and only takes about 10 minutes to get there so it was decided. I am going to the movies.

Now I like this theater as it usually is not busy and I figured being a Sunday evening that would be the case. I was in my car and on my way. I got to the theater and there were all kinds of people leaving the theater and going to the theater and lots of cars going in and out of the parking garage. I guess everyone thought today was a good day to go to the movies. I parked and walked across the street to the theater where I had to stand in line to get my ticket. It didn’t take long and soon I was inside and again I had to stand in line to get into theater 6 where the movie was playing. Now I did feel a little out of place but not for how I was dressed but because I was by myself, not many people go to the movies alone.

Soon they let us in and it was one of the bigger theaters here, I got a seat about the middle and waited for the movie to start, being a big theater, the amount of people was small but that would not last. I had hoped by waiting so long after it came out there would not be as big of a crowed. Again, I was wrong by the time the movie started I would say it was 80% full, I did have 1 empty seat either side of me, I am thinking people left it thinking I was holding them for someone. Out of all the people as I looked around there were 2 other singles in the crowd but both were men.

Now the movie itself was good not great, there were some parts where they went for laughs and it didn’t work in the plot. Probably one of my least favorite from the Star Wars series. The movie was almost 3 hours long. It was a fun night though and that is what counts.

Thanks for reading and keep up with my most recent blog.

Have a great week!


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Saturday at the movies

Well I started getting ready and I guess I took longer than I thought as it was 10:30 when I was finally ready. I grabbed my computer and I was on my way. Now there was a lot of traffic for a Saturday and that slowed me down so I actually got to the theater about 10:50 and parked in the parking garage across the street. now I had no idea how busy they would be or how full the theater would be. the movie has been out for a while now but then it is also a Saturday so I guess I will find out.

I walked across the street and there was a couple in front of me in line buying tickets for Star Wars: the force awakens. I got to the window and got a ticket, the lady asked if I had a Regal card which I do but I left it in the car and there wasn’t time to go back and get it so no discounts for me today. I went in and went to the Theater. there were about 20 people in there so I had my choice of seats to a point. To my surprise I was not the only one there by myself. there was a man in the front row and a woman one row behind me. well getting there late I didn’t have to wait long for the movie to start.

Okay now I am a big Star Wars fan as I still remember standing in line to see the first one back in 1977, wow it is hard to believe it has been almost 40 years since the original Star Wars came out. The movie was good not as good as some and better than others but in all I was happy with it and glad I saw it. If you are a Star Wars fan you need to see it. It even had 3 of the original cast in the movie of course they were much older. The movie is about 2 hour and 15 minutes long. By the time the movie got over and I got out to my car it was almost 2 pm.

I thought about going shopping but decided not to. I have some work I need to catch up on and I am also almost out of gas as I forgot to fill up yesterday.I figured I would go to the Starbucks by my house and do my blog and catch up on my work before heading home and changing for tonight to go to the Escape.

I Stopped and got gas first at the station right by my house. now it was a little cool out and windy so I got  a little cold filling up my gas tank. I drove across the parking lot to Starbucks and went in. There were about 12 people inside. There were 2 woman a head of me in line. I got to the counter and the young man asked me what I would like, as I was cold I ordered a hot chocolate, Starbucks has the best hot Chocolate. He took my order and even remembered my name. I will give Starbucks credit as there employees are good at remembering names. I also ordered a cheese Danish as I was kind of hungry. I got my order and went and sat at a table by the window.

Now the sun is out and shining through the window and it feels really good, it didn’t take long though for me to remove my sweater. It is actually really warm sitting here but it feels so nice, I am ready for summer and the sunshine.

now a little side note as I did my makeup this morning I tried to do my lips with a fuller look. last night doing the bottom lip looked so good I also tried it on my upper lip. I don’t like the way the upper lip turned out, I think on me it looks fine to make the lower lip fuller but not the upper, will have to remember this.

Well I sat here doing my blog and watching people come and go, it really is a steady stream of people that come here. As much as I have come here over the last two weeks I keep waiting to see someone I know.

It is 3 pm now and I am just finishing my blog. I have some work to do that I hope I can get done over the next hour or so. I hope to be home by 4 so I can relax a little and then change for the evening with the hope of being at the Escape by 6.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a wonderful day.

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Last Friday of February

well it has been a long week at work I have worked 10 pus hours the last several day so I am ready for the weekend and some relaxation and of course Susan time. Now I have kept my pretty nails all week as the matt polish hid the shine really well and the pink tint is not that visible under florescent lights but they are a little on the long side now and of course they have the square shape that really isn’t something a man would have. even so as far as I know only one lady noticed or at least she was the only one who said something.

She asked me about my nails as hers were always breaking and she was looking for something she could do. I told her I had put a gel polish on them to keep them from breaking as my job I can’t have super short nails as I peel things off all the time and I tend to get paper cuts under my nails which hurt. I told her I just didn’t like having a few long nails and the rest really short or broken. Of course I didn’t tell her I went to the nail salon to get them done. Any way she thought they looked nice. I wonder what she would have thought if they were still really shinny and she saw the pink tint.

I got home today and took the matt polish off so they are shinny again and they do look really long now. I am hoping I can go one more week with out shortening them as I will be on vacation again and I will have really nice nails for it that I can paint. well I sat down on the couch to watch a little TV before getting ready I really want to be to Sweethome early maybe before 6. well that didn’t work as I fell asleep on the couch as it has been a hard week. It was 5:30 when I woke up so it would be a rush to get ready.

Susan Miller 2-26-2016 (3)Now as I have gotten better with makeup and getting ready I can get ready in under an hour if everything goes right which luckily it did tonight. Now I did spend a little extra time on my lips as I tried to make them a little fuller and it actually turned out well, the hardest part of lining outside your lip line is to get them even. For tonight I just made the bottom lip fuller. I toke a few pictures before I left.

I was on my way by  6:30 so I did make my 1 hour time getting ready. I got there and Chris was there playing pool. I got out my computer and caught up on some e-mails as being so busy this past week Susan has not been online much. I ordered their special for dinner and it was really good as always although way to much. I couldn’t finish it all, well I might have except I wanted to save room for a piece of cheese cake.

Roxy showed up for a little while so there were 3 of us. also the otherSusan Miller 2-26-2016 (2) big group that comes here on Fridays were gone tonight so it was a smaller crowd but still a fun night. Several of the regulars were here also so I talked with them briefly

Dawni and Mareinna were also here tonight, Mareinna in boy mode. They are really awesome and I look forward to seeing them. it is nice to go places and just be accepted for who I am.

Now as I said the other group was not here tonight including Craig who does the Karaoke on Friday nights. Well they had someone there to do Karaoke. She was really good at singing. she sang several time and had a great voice plus she picked songs I knew and liked. She also had on roller skates so she was skating through the bar, she had on this cute hat and really looked good. It was a slower night so not as many singers so they each got to sing more times. It was a fun night.

Susan Miller 2-26-2016 (1)By 10 Roxy had left and Chris was also leaving but I wanted to stay and listen to some more singing, well I just wanted to enjoy my Susan time a little longer. Now as I said I was really tired and it started to catch up with me. a little after 11 I went and paid my bill so I could go home. I said goodbye to the people I new and of course got hugs from Mareinna and Dawni.

As I walked out the door I hear someone say have a good night. I looked back and it was the lady doing Karaoke. she had followed me out the door and wished me a good night and even gave me a hug. Now I do so love getting hugs from anyone as I think everyone needs to be hugged more but getting a hug from a cute girl is always awesome. I should have gotten her name so I don’t have to keep calling her the lady who did Karaoke.

I got home and went right to bed as I was tired. now tomorrow I will be going to the Escape in the evening but I am also planning on going and seeing the Star Wars Movie before it leaves the theaters. There is an 11 am showing at the Regal City Center so I think I will try for that one. I am planning on going as Susan although this is close to where I live but I figure I go to a nail salon by my house and I have started going to the Starbucks by my house so why not. It would be fun to go as Susan, should have thought of this sooner so I could have seen if anyone else wanted to go. I may even do a little shopping after or go to Starbucks, we will see.

Have a great day

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Movie night out with the girls.

Well Tuesday night was movie night but before I get into that I have another update on the P-Club. It turns out the appellate court reversed their decision and is going to let Chris Penner file his appeal late so it is not over yet which I and many of the girls think is good as it is not about the money but getting a ruling. Now the first judge was an administrative judge so we are excited about having an appellate court and judge’s rule on this. Now I am not sure how this goes forward but I am guessing over the next several months the BOLI attorney and Chris Penner’s attorney will present their sides on the case and then it will probably be another 6 months to a year for them to release their decision. This really has nothing to do with us in the group as it is all based on procedures so all we can do is sit back and wait but I am sure it will be worth the wait.

Well as I said it was movie night and there were 8 of us going to see the movie “Dawn of the planet of the Apes” at the Regal Cinema in Hillsboro. We were meeting in the lobby at 7 for the 7:30 show so I left home at 5:40 as I had to deal with rush hour traffic all the way. Actually the traffic wasn’t that bad and I got there about 6:40 and parked.

Now there was a really long line of people buying tickets as Tuesday is $5 movie night. I was just getting out of the car when Sophia walked by turns out she had parked right behind me so we walked together through the parking lot. We were almost to the front of the parking lot when we ran into Cassandra. Now Cristine got there early and had already got through the line and got hers and Cassandra’s tickets so Sophia and I got in line behind maybe 50 other people, they have 16 movie screens here. We stood in line for about 15 minutes before we got up to the window to get our tickets. Sophie bought tickets for her and her son who was joining us and I got tickets for Kim and me. I had just got through the line when Kim showed up and we went in. Sophia and her son walked across the street to get something to eat.

Now I had eaten but Kim hadn’t so she got in line to get some food while I went and found Cassandra and Cristine on the far end of the snack area at a table. I went back to find Kim and she had gotten popcorn and drinks for us, how sweet of her. We went back and joined Cassandra and Cristine and waited for others to show up. We waited till about 7:15 and then the 4 of us went into the theater and got seats. Cassandra and Cristine took 2 seats and Kim and got 2 seats with 4 seats in between for the other girls showing up. Besides Sophia and her son Victoria and Joan were also coming.

Just before the movie started the rest of the group showed up so we had a total of 8 people here. Now the movie finally stared and it was really good and it was just fun to be out as Susan. The movie got over a little after 10, now I had to get going as I still had an hour drive home and had to be up by 4 am for work and also Kim and Victoria needed to get going so the 3 of us left while the other girls waited for the lights to come on. It was a really fun night. Once outside I said goodnight to Victoria and Kim and walked out to my car and left. What a great evening, I think we should do this more often.

Thanks for reading.

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Relaxing night at home

Well this is an unusual blog for me tonight as I usually don’t blog about non Susan things but tonight I am just relaxing at home as my male self, but decided to give myself a pedicure. Not as much fun as going to the salon and getting one but my toes were looking pretty bad and as I have a Christmas party to go to Saturday night I wanted pretty toes for it. Now there are advantages to doing your own pedicure at home. While I was soaking my feet it gave me a chance to shave my legs and get them silky smooth also. It is funny how I can so look forward to a party like this and start getting ready days in advance and planning what to wear. Something men never do.

Well after my legs were done and my feet soft and nails trimmed it was time to paint them. I picked a Fuchsia color as I tend to like the red colors. It is funny that something as simple as painting your nails can be so relaxing and calming. It is a shame that men cannot do such things without society judging them as different. Any way I have my dress all picked out, my little black one that I love and don’t get to wear that often. I did look for a new dress when I was out Christmas shopping but didn’t find one. These are all the wonderful things that I enjoy about being Susan.

Well I spent about an hour between shaving, soaking and painting my toe nails and now they look beautiful for the weekend. Any way I am now relaxing on the couch and playing on my computer and I came across a movie about Crossdressing/transvestites. It is called Just like a woman that was made in 1992, and looks like a British movie. Now I have seen lots of movies that deal with Transsexuals, Crossdressing and gender bending but this one I just thought was done well as it shows what a lot of crossdressers go through and what they feel and yes it is specifically about crossdressing. It is 105 minutes long and believe it or not you can watch the whole thing on YouTube, it is in 10 parts though. I have included the links below in case you want to check it out, it actually might be a good movie to show someone to help explain Crossdressing. . Well my nails are dry now and all ready to go out and show them off.

Thanks for reading

Just like a woman

Gerald is a yuppie-like transvestite in his thirties. His wife arrives home earlier than expected and discovers female attire spread over their apartment. Not knowing anything about his habit, she misinterprets this and throws him (and the attire) out of their home and marriage. He rents a room in Monica’s house, recently divorced and around 50. Their relation- ship evolves from landlady/tenant over friends to lovers. Monica learns about, begins to understand and finally appreciates and supports Gerald- ine, Gerald’s alter ego. His transvestitism, a rarely filmed

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

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Movie and shopping

Well Susan wanted to get out for a few hours today and maybe do some shopping. I headed down to Clackamas Town center and could not believe how busy they were. I guess everyone had the same idea as they were packed. I decided to start off going to a movie. I have wanted to see 2012 sense it came out. Even back by the theater was busy and I had to park way out in the parking lot. I walked in and got my ticket for the 11:25 showing and went in. there were about 20 other people in the theater. It was nice to be out and the movie was really good. If you have not seen it you should check it out.
After the movie I went out and the mall was wall to wall people and I just couldn’t get myself to walk out into the mall so I left and went out to my car again walking across the parking lot. I drove around over by JC Pennies and found a parking spot about half way out so I decided to go in and look around. There were still people going in and out but not like it was inside the mall. I spent about 30 minutes looking around but didn’t find anything I liked.

From there I went to Kmart as I needed more makeup and they are the only one that sells pan stick which I need for the coverage. They were all out and only had a very limited supply of any max factor products so I was a little disappointed. But I was still having fun being out. In all it was a fun day.

When I got home I checked online for where I could find Max Factor pan stick and guess what? As of January 1 2010 Max Factor is no longer available in US so I now need to find a new makeup. That really is not good as I have not found anything that covers my beard shadow as well as Max Factor. If anyone has another type of makeup that will work please let me know as I am almost out.

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Movie night for Susan

Tonight I decided to do something different. Susan got all dressed up and drove down to Clackamas and went to a movie. I have wanted to see the movie the Hangover (very funny if you haven’t seen it you should) and as it has been out several weeks would not be that crowded. It started at 7:25 so it was still light out and you really can’t park close. I had forgot about it being Saturday night so there were lots of people going in and out of the mall. I walked in and bought my ticket and went to the theater.

When I walked in it was packed. There were almost no seats by themselves except for one on the far side almost to the top on the aisle. It was still early so they also had not dimmed the lights so I had to walk across the front of the theater and up to the seat. This was a little scary but I made it okay. As I said the movie was great. After the movie I had the long walk back out to my car with all the rest of the people leaving the theater.

It was only 9:30 and the Kohl’s across the street stays open till 10 so I went over there and did a little shopping. I had just planed on looking but found a cute little top marked way down so I bought it. It is more of a casual top which I don’t have a lot of so it worked out good. Was a fun night out.

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