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Wednesday night dinner at Mothers Bistro

Well another Wednesday evening and I am going out to dinner with my friends. I really do look forward to this every week. Now I posted it in our group and there were 3 of us going but by Wednesday afternoon 2 more posted they would be there. Now with only 5 I didn’t think we needed to make reservations. I got home and quickly started getting ready, I was ready and on my way by 6 as I did want to get there a little early and get our name in the list. I got downtown and found a parking spot across the street. I went in and they were not that busy wo we really had no problem but I gave my name and told them we had 5 at 7 and then I sat and waited for others to show up.

Jennifer was the first followed by Barb, Kimberly and then Karen. We were shown to our table and our waitress came and took our drink orders and told us about the specials. We talked for a little before we ordered and it is nice when we have these small groups as it is easy to talk with everyone. Now I did get a couple of selfies tonight. Now Karen sat across from me so I got a good chance to talk with her which was nice as she really does not get out that often. Next week I have a few days off and will be able to get out at least a little several days in a row and I ama hoping Karen will be able to go out shopping with me one of those days. It would be a lot of fun; I am actually going to post in our group in hopes of getting some of the girls out shopping.

Our food came and yes, I got my normal dinner here, what can I say I know what I like. Our waitress was wonderful and treated us great. We had a wonderful dinner and wonderful conversation, just an awesome evening. We even sat and talked after we finished as they were not that busy. It was after 9 before we called it a night. It really is amazing how fast these dinners go by. Now I am looking forward to next week. I probably won’t get out on Saturday but I am hoping to get out Sunday afternoon, Tuesday till midafternoon, Wednesday the whole day, Thursday till midafternoon and Friday I am planning on going shopping and to lunch with Peggy. It will be a lot of fun and get me a chance to get some new outfits for Diva Las Vegas.

Thanks for reading and be sure my most recent blog to keep up with what I am doing now.

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Wednesday and a trip to the Oregon Coast

Okay it is Wednesday and I am going to the Oregon Coast with some friends. I did this a couple years ago by myself and had fun but this year I Texted Cassandra and she said she wanted to go and I also posted in our group and Michele said she would go with us and Dawnie and April said they would meet us there so we have 5 of us going. It should be a lot of fun. Now I was meeting Cassandra at her house at 11 and my plan was to go out early and do a little shopping and maybe stop at a Starbucks but as always I got a late start and didn’t leave my house till almost 10 so if there was traffic I would be pushing it to get to Cassandra by 11. Now I wore my shorter hair as it holds up better in the wind which you always have at the beach and my new grey sweater dress with black tights and tennis shoes and as I was going to be gone all day I did takes some foundation and my hair brush as we are going out to dinner tonight with our group at Mothers Bistro and I wont have time to come home so I will have to do a touchup at Cassandra’s house. By the way this first picture to the left is in the morning shortly after I left home and the one to the right is almost 12 hours later with really no touch up other than some powder, I think my makeup held up well. I love this lipstick as it looked as good at the end of the day as it did when I left. It is Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink in the color Ruler. Now I got over near Cassandra’s and still had about 20 minutes and one I forgot my lipstick which I wasn’t sure I would need but also, I noticed I was getting low on it this morning so I stopped at Fred Meyer’s to pick up more. Well they were out of this color so I went to the Target which is near by and they actually had it but I got the last one so I guess this is a pretty popular color. Now it was on to Cassandra’s house.

I got there just before 11 and Cassandra was ready so we just had to wait for Michele who got there a little after 11. It was about 11:30 when we got on the road, Cassandra drove and Michele and I got to ride like princesses. Funny as my male self I much prefer to drive but as Susan I like to be chauffeured. Now it is not that far but there was traffic so it took about 1 ½ hours to get there. Dawnie and April called me to see where we were and I told them we would get there about 1 and we decided to meet at Mo’s for lunch. We got there almost right on time just a couple minutes after 1, got to love Google Maps as it is pretty good at figuring the time to someplace. Dawnie and April had got there just before us and we actually parked almost right next to them. Now this is a smaller city on the coast so you really never know how people will react but none of us really cared we just walked in as if it was the most normal thing. They were a little busy with lunch but we got a nice table right in the corner looking out the big picture windows at the ocean, what a beautiful view for lunch. We all ordered lunch and of course I got their clam chowder. We had a wonderful lunch and great conversation. Above is Cassandra and me at Mo’s. after lunch we walked out on the peer to get some pictures. Now it was mid 50’s but sunny and if you were in the sun it was actually warm and the best part no wind. I don’t think I have ever been to the beech when there was no wind, it really was a beautiful day.

Now we all had to get pictures so I got a quick selfie and then we all took turns getting pictures of each other.

It was hard because of where the sun was so we were limited on the angles so we couldn’t really get one with the ocean behind us they were all angles with the coast line behind us. Now Dawnie and April had not got down here yet and Cassandra, Michele and I were all taking pictures of each other and a lady walked up and asked if we wanted her to take a picture of all of us and we said yes. So, she took several pictures of Cassandra, Michele and me. When she was done, she asked if we would take a few pictures of her and of course we said yes so Cassandra took her phone and got a bunch of pictures of her so she would have some. After that we talked with her briefly and she told us hoe pretty we all were and how our makeup looked awesome and she finished it with she had not done makeup in years. Of course, a lot of genetic woman can get by without makeup because they have such naturally beautiful skin and unfortunately that is not the case for us. This is the three of us.

Dawnie and April got down to where we were and so we took a bunch of pictures of them also. We probably spent 20 minutes or more taking pictures before we were done. We went back too the cars and Dawnie and April were going to head home but Cassandra, Michele and I drove down the cost a little looking for a place to get some more pictures. We had a beautiful day and we were at the coast someplace we don’t go often and we were not going to miss the opportunity.

We stopped at Boiler Bay State park I think to get more pictures. Now there were other people here and I had to wonder what they thought when they saw us get out of the car and go over to the edge to get more pictures, but we really didn’t care. We took turns getting pictures, I think Cassandra got the most. We were all having a wonderful time. And as I said the weather was perfect. We were only here for about 15 minutes before we left and our next stop was Chinook winds Casino.

We went in and looked around a little before we found the table games, Well Cassandra and me, Michele is more of a slot machine girl. There was an empty table so Cassandra and I sat down, it was only $5 which I like and well Cassandra just bet more and played 2 hands so she was happy. We played for a while and then it was tie for the dealer to shuffle and as there were 6 or 8 decks and he had to shuffle by hand Cassandra went to see how Michele was doing. Another man had sat down by this time so when the dealer had finished shuffling, we started playing even though Cassandra was not back yet. Soon it was tine for a new dealer so our male dealer left and a female dealer came in. finally Cassandra got back and started playing. Well we were not winning big but we were winning so we were happy but as in all things they changed and we started to lose more then we won. Of course, Cassandra playing 2 hands and betting more felt it first and finally she said she was done so she cashed in her chips and she was down $50 I played 1 more hand and lost so I cashed in as it was after 4 so we needed to get going. I actually finished up $50, I guess I got Cassandra’s money. We went and cashed in our chips and then headed for the exit. As we passed the table, we were playing I took a quick selfie to remember by big win well at least I left with more then I came in with. It would cover my lunch and dinner tonight and still leave me a little left over so it was a good day at the casino for me.

Now we have a 1 ½ hour trip back to Cassandra’s without traffic and a 40-minute drive to dinner without traffic and we have a little less than 3 hours before dinner so it will be close. The drive home was nice and we all talked and had a good time. We got back to Cassandra’s house a little before 6 we all went in and freshened up, I was amazed my makeup still looked good and as I said above all I really did was put on a little powder and then we were all of to dinner in our own cars. I got to Mothers Bistro about 6:45 but I took me a while to find a parking spot so it was just before 7 when I walked in and most of the girls were there.

We had a good turnout tonight, Rickie, Judy, Melissa, April, Ellie, Patty, Kelly, Jenifer, Barb, and of course Michele, Cassandra and me, 12 in all tonight. We all ordered and tonight they had their special Chicken Parmesan so that is what I ordered. Now our waitress tonight was Anna and she was awesome. I was talking with Patty, Kelly and Ellie about my lipstick and showed it to them as I had the one, I bought today in my purse. Well Anna our waitress over heard and said she loved it to and that was what she was wearing. It is funny as a lot of woman don’t wear lipstick but it looks so good on ladies. We had a wonderful dinner and great conversation.

After dinner as we were all leaving Jennifer still hadn’t paid her bill so I sat with her while she waited and we talked. It was nice to talk with her one on one. She is newer to dressing and going out and still trying to figure out what it all means and how it fits in her life. She asked me if I could would I go full time, now there is a difference between full time and transitioning as there are girls that live full time but have not had any surgeries. Now I have though about this a lot. I have no desire to transition but I do love being Susan. so, this is how I explained how I feel about this. If I won $100 million in the lottery tomorrow. I would spend a lot more time as Susan, probably not full time but the majority of time. I would have pretty acrylic nails for sure at least most of the time. I might even try to grow my hair out. But that would be it. I would still need my male side even if only part time. I just can’t get rid of all of my male side it is a part of me and who I am. I would not be a complete person without both. It was sad to see the day come to an end but it was almost 10 when we left so I have been out as Susan for 12 hours. It was a wonderful day with friends. Sorry this was a little long but it does cover a whole day 12 plus hours

Thanks for reading ad be sure and check out my most recent blog to see what is new.

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Wednesday night dinner at Mothers Bistro

It is Wednesday and our group is doing dinner tonight at Mothers Bistro, we have gone here many times and it is always wonderful. Normally we get a big turnout the last few times it was 10 or more but tonight only 4 of us responded so it looks like a small group tonight. Might be the weather as it is in the 90’s today and it can be hard for us in the heat as we all need more makeup then the average lady plus some of us have padding on to get the right curves, it is hard and takes work to be female. Now I did manage to slide out of work early which is nice as it gives me time to enjoy getting ready and also, I will have enough time to pick Julie up. Normally I get hoe between 5:30 and 5:45 and sense it takes me about a half hour to get back downtown Portland it is normally a rush but I was home tonight by 4:20. I texted Julie to see if she wanted a ride, I was pretty sure she would as it is just way more fun to go together plus it gives us a chance to talk on the way there and home. I was ready and on y way to Julies a little after 5:30 and got to here house a little after 6.

Julie had left the door open for me so I went in and she was just finishing up getting ready. We had both chosen to wear light summer dresses as it is over 90 right now. I really do need to go and get some more summer dresses and some casual dresses more that I could wear during the day. Melissa has some really cute but casual dresses she wears and looks awesome in; I think she got them at Old Navy so I will have to go there and look. It was about 6:15 when we were on our way and going into Portland there was no traffic so it didn’t take long. I found a parking spot right on the corner in front. We went in and Melissa was already there so we went and got a table, well booth and waited for Nicole to arrive. Now the staff here is awesome but really everywhere we go, we seem to get treated really well. Our waitress came and took our drink orders. Just about that time Nicole came in so we were all there. Of course, I had to get my selfie for my blog.

We talked for a little bit before we ordered. These Wednesday night dinners are really a great social event and gives us a chance to talk and get to know each other better or catch up on what is new in our lives. It really is no different then what other people do when they go out. I really can’t explain why it is so much fun as the whole time I am out I am not thinking about how I am dressed. It really is just friends going out for dinner.

Our waitress brought our drinks and we all ordered dinner and yes, I had my normal meal, Chicken fried Chicken. It really is good. Melissa and Julie also ordered their normal dinners also. Soon our dinners came and we had a nice dinner as the 4 of us sat and talked, it really was a fun and enjoyable evening and of course the food was awesome. Now Nicole was also out Saturday night at the Escape with me but it was still nice to get to see her again. When she was down earlier in the summer her older daughter came with her and I had told her daughter I would sing Karaoke with her the next time she came down so on Saturday night I had told Nicole about my singing the last couple weeks with other people and that I was ready to sing with her daughter and she texted her the song I wanted to do, I’ve had the time of my life, so her daughter texted her back she would practice for when she comes down next so at some point I will be singing with her daughter.

We finished dinner and sat and talked and of course more pictures were taken, Melissa took a selfie and it was awesome, she looked so good in the picture but then she always looks good as did Nicole and Julie. Really, we all put effort into looking our best and although I know we don’t pass I think we do a good job trying to present ourselves like ladies and that is what it is all about. I am sure we got a few looks from people but no one stared or pointed at us or said anything and to me that is passing. I did get a picture with Julie; wish I had got one with Nicole and Melissa and maybe a group picture. Wil have to work on remembering that next time.

Julie ordered a desert and I am trying to be good so I didn’t although I know I will have a few bites of Julies as the desserts here are on the big side. We sat and kept talking and soon it was after 9:30, it is amazing how fast the time goes when I am out with my friends. Our waitress came with our bills all split out, as I said our waitress was awesome. She told us her name but as usual I forgot as I am bad with names and it is 4 days later, I am writing this blog. I really do need to get back to writing my blog the next day.

We all left and said our goodbyes out front before we went our separate ways well not Julie and I as we rode together. It is a way to keep the evening going a little longer as Julie and I kept talking on the drive back to her house. We got to her house a little after 10 and I dropped her off. The next couple weeks Julie won’t be out as she need to go south and get her other house ready for the winter and then she will be back for a little while before her and Trixie head south for the winter. They like to go someplace warm for the winter, it will be sad when that happens as I won’t get to see her every week but I am sure she will come up every once in a while, and in the spring just as the flowers come back so will they.

I dropped her off and drove home. it was a wonderful night made even more special by spending it with my friends. When I first started going out it was all about being out as Susan now it really is about spending time with my wonderful friends. Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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Wednesday night dinner at Mother’s Bistro

It is Wednesday and that means Wednesday night dinner with my friends. I am really looking forward to it as I have missed the last few weeks but mostly as Julie is back in town and I will get to see her again. I got home late about 5:15 so it would be a rush to get ready. Now I get asked why I like being Susan, mostly it just feels right, I am way more relaxed and comfortable as Susan. Now this confuses people sometimes as they figure this means that I want to transition and that is not the case as o don’t feel my body is wrong and I still need my male side. I need both sides. I compare it to camping, I like to go camping and I feel so relaxed and comfortable when I do but I don’t want to live in the woods. I will admit Susan is a big part of my life but she is not all of who I am. Now I have met a lot of girls and the one thing I tell them all is figure out who you are and don’t let anyone tell you who you are or who you should be. It took me many years to figure that out and I have some wonderful friend that have helped and supported me in my journey. It took me about 45 minutes to get ready and I was on my way.

I got downtown about 6:30 and parked about a block away, it still amazes me how easily I get out of my car as Susan. I got to Mothers Bistro and Julie had just got there, it was so awesome to see her again. I had Texted Cassandra to see if she would come but it turns out she is in Las Vegas again. We got our table and waited for others to show up, of course I had to get a picture with Julie. We talked a little and caught up as we waited for others to show up.

It wasn’t long and others started to show up, we were going to have a good turnout tonight as we had 8 of us you posted they would be here. We really are getting good turnouts for our Wednesday night dinner. Barb and Melissa were the first to show up, followed by Rickie and her wife Judy, Jeanie, Stacylee, Danika and one more girl so we had 9 of us tonight. We all talked for a while before we ordered dinner.

We had a wonderful dinner and even better conversation. I got a good chance to talk with Stacylee, she is new to our group and she has a lot of questions. She is still figuring out this part of her life and who she is. Now we all have a lot in common but we are also all a little different and that means what is right for me may not be right for her. It was nice to talk with her.


It was such a wonderful night with my friends I really have met some incredible people as Susan and I can’t imagine my life without them. It was a wonderful night out with my friends and it was so sad to see it come to an end. It was about 9:30 when we called it a night. now I will see Julie again on Saturday night as Julie, Trixie and I are going to the red dress party in Portland, I think Melissa and her wife are also going. It will be so much fun and such a wonderful place to people watch.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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Wednesday night dinner at Mothers Bistro

It is Wednesday and that means dinner out with my friends. We are going to Mothers Bistro, we have been here many ties but they have moved to a new bigger location a few blocks away so in a way it is kind of like a new place. I really like their food so I am looking forward to it. They are what I would call mid-range on price between $9 and $28 with most in the $18 to 22 range. I got home a little late so it was a rush to get ready. I really wanted to leave by 6 as I did not know what the parking would be like at the new place. Now I can get ready in 45 minutes if I have to just not as much funs as taking my time. It was about 6:15 when I was ready and on my way. Melissa had made reservations for 7 pm for 8. We had posted in the group and had 8 say they would be there but we also had a couple maybes which makes it hard to plan.

I got downtown at 6:40 and found a parking spot one block away. It still amazes me how easily I get out of the car as Susan now. I walked to Mothers Bistro and went in, Melissa was already there. The new place is probably twice the size of the old place which is nice as the old place was always busy. Our table was ready so Melissa and I went and sat down to wait for the rest of the girls. Now of course I had to get a quick selfie as I really am trying to get a picture each time I go out. It wasn’t long and girls started to show up, Joan was first followed by Cassandra, Barb, Jennifer, Patty, Andi, and Jackie so we actually had 9 tonight.

It was nice to get to talk to everyone as we were at a round table. Jackie is from Alaska but gets to Portland occasionally and Andi is from up by Seattle and also comes to Portland. It was nice to get to talk with them again. Patty is one of our newer members and this is her first time out with the group so it was nice to get to know her, she seems really nice as are all the girls in our group. Jennifer is also one of our newer members, I think this is her 3rd time out with us so we are getting some new girls out which is awesome.

Now I got to talk more with Cassandra as she was sitting right next to me and we got talking about when we first were going out and the thrill we felt, the adrenaline rush we got, excitement, fear and so many other emotions all wrapped together. We both miss that feeling as it really was a wonderful feeling but then again now days we go where ever we want and that is also wonderful. We got on the topic as she has a t-girl friend she has been e-mailing for more than 10 years but has never met. Well this girl came out to her wife and her wife is somewhat supportive so she is going to Diva Las Vegas with us. From the sounds of it this may actually be her first time going out and Cassandra says she is so excited about it. I think back to my first Diva Las Vegas, yes, I did the whole thing as Susan from the day I left till I got home and it was wonderful but also exciting and scary at the same time. There is a big difference between going to a LGBT bar or club or maybe a small restaurant, or even a Starbucks and walking into a hug hotel casino as they are like mini cities. Going to Diva Las Vegas really opens the world to you as if you can do this you can do anything.

Our waitress came over and took our orders, she was awesome and we had her as our waitress at the old location and she remembered us of course, we are a little hard to forget. Now I was looking forward to their Chicken Parmesan which I had last time but it turns out that was a special of the month when we went there and tonight, they didn’t have it, a little bit of a letdown but as I said they have a really good menu with several things I like so it was easy to pick my second choice, BBQ pulled Pork with mashed potatoes. We all ordered and then continued talking. Even with 9 people being at a round table you could pretty much talk with everyone which was nice.

We talked about how we have grown over the years and it is funny as some of the girls in the group are my best friends and know more about me then pretty much anyone including my family. When I first met the group and made friends with some of them, I really didn’t tell them anything about me or actually I made up stuff about me (little white lies). Trust me if I had it to do again, I would not have made up things. It is a lot of work to keep it straight and eventually it catches up to you so my advice to girls just starting out, don’t make things up or lie, be honest. And by that, I mean if someone askes you something about yourself either answer it or just tell then it is not something you are comfortable telling yet and that is all you need to say. If they are interested in being your friend, they will accept this as they have been in the same spot at some point. Cassandra and Julie, I have known for years and they truly are my best friends as they really do know pretty much everything about me, we have gotten together both as our female selves and male selves, they really are ore like family. Also, Jan and Lynn as they know my male side also. I really do have so many close friends in the group, Melissa, Barb who I don’t think have met my male self yet but I would have no problem with it. Our group really is one big family and 11 years ago when I met the group I would never have though that possible. If you are in the Portland metro area, Oregon, or come to Portland you really should check out our group the Rose City T-Girls. We do require a picture of you so we know you are real but it is only visible to members. I really think it is the best group there is but I may be a little bias.

Our food came and we had a wonderful dinner with great conversation, I rally like these dinners out over going to a bar or club as you really do get to talk more and get to know each other better. It is funny as my male self I am not a big socializer or like to sit and talk but as Susan I really do like this so there are little differences between my male self and my female self. Jewelry is another one, as my male self I don’t even wear a watch but as Susan if I forget my bracelets or ring, I just don’t feel right. After dinner we sat and talked for a while before we called it a night. it really was such a fun night out and I am looking forward to my next outings. I have the next two days off and that means some Susan time and some shopping. I need a few things for Diva Las Vegas but also just want a little time out.

Now I have been thinking a lot about Diva Las Vegas and how I want to do my nails. I always get square which I like butt this year I am thinking of doing a slight coffin shape. This is how I have had them done in years past (yes these are my nails) on the left. This is what I am thinking for this year, on the right, what do you think. Well I have 2 weeks to think about it and decide.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in Susan’s life.

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Saturday evening dinner at Mother’s Bistro

It is Saturday and as I have said my time out as Susan is limited and short notice. My Dads health is not good and so I am limiting my time and also how far I go from home. Well while I was getting my pedicure and manicure this morning I got a text from Cassandra, seems here and Peggy were going out for dinner tonight at Mother’s Bistro and they wanted to know if I would be out and if I wanted to join them. Now I really had n o plans on going out tonight as the last few days my dad was not doing well, some bad days so I texted her back I would let her know after I checked on my parents. I was really excited about going out though and also seeing Peggy and Cassandra as it has been a month and the last time I saw them I was in male mode so I really wanted to go. It was about 2:30 when I got to my parents and today was a good day for my dad so that was good and also gave me the feeling I could go out tonight so I texted Cass I would meet them for dinner at 6:30.

It was about 4:30 when I got home and started getting ready. Now the only bad part is Mother’s Bistro is about 30 minutes from home and that is always in my mind. I was ready and on my way by 5:45 and got downtown Portland at 6:15 and found a parking spot a block away and walked over to Mother’s Bistro. Peggy had texted me they were looking for a parking spot so I was there first. As I waited for then to get there I got a call on my phone from where my parents are and of course I thought the worst but it turned out not to be anything about them so that was good. But this is what I am most worried about when I am out as Susan.

Peggy and Cassandra arrived and it was so awesome to see them again. I really do have some wonderful friends who are more like family and I really do miss seeing them. Now they were a little busy but Peggy had made reservations so we were shown to our table. Now this is a wonderful place, so cute inside and wonderful food the only bad part is their floors are wood and highly polished so a little slick in high heels but they always warn people of this so if you do go there be mindful of the floors if you have heels on. We talked for a while before we ordered and it was wonderful to catch up with them. We even talked about the upcoming cruise which I had to cancel. I am so sad I won’t be going with them this time but I am hopeful we will do it again in a year or two. I made them promise to send me pictures especially of Julie and Cassandra on the plane.

Our food came and it was wonderful as always, tonight I had their chicken parmesan. Now our group has come here many times over the last few years and always been treated wonderful but this was Peggy’s first time here and she loved it. We had a wonderful dinner and great conversation but the best part was being out with Cassandra and Peggy, thanks so much for inviting me. Well as we were finishing up and big group of young ladies sat down at the next table, I am guessing it was a bridal party as one lady was in a white dress and the other were in black dresses. Now as I have said before Cassandra can talk with anyone and as they sat right next to us she looked at them and said now these are some girls I need to get a picture with and then asked who the bride was. I kind of laughed at that and said it was obvious the bride was in white and her friends were all dressed in black morning her upcoming wedding. They all laughed at that. We chatted with them briefly and then went back to our conversation.

We talked a little more and then one of the girls next to Cassandra got up and as she did the bride to be was sliding over and she looked at us and asked if we wanted to get a picture with them and of course the answer was yes so Cassandra slid over next to the bride to be and I moved my chair over to there table. Now the funny thing is they also had their phones out and I think they wanted pictures with us maybe more than we did. Peggy took several pictures with or different phones including mine. These are the pictures I really love to get, out with other people who have never met us before and this may have been their first time ever meeting someone who is transgender. Now I know it is hard to tell but Cassandra and I are the 2 at the far end of the table. They were really a fun group and we talked with them a little longer.

It was a little after 8:30 when we called it a night, it was so much fun to be out again with friends I really do miss all of them. I think I am going to try really hard to make it out next Saturday if my Dad is doing okay. Now it turns out we both parked almost the same place as I was a block away almost to the corner and Peggy and Cassandra were the first car around the corner so we got to walk together and talk more. It really was sad to call the evening to an end and say our goodbyes. I hope I will get to see them again before the cruise in October but if not, I made them promise to send me pictures.

It was a little after 9 when I got home and I was ready for bed as it has been a long week but I did have to get one selfie first as I thought my makeup turned out well tonight. It really was a wonderful night and just what I needed.

Thanks for reading and be sure and see what is new on my most recent blog.

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Wednesday night dinner at Mother Bistro

It is Wednesday night and our dinner tonight I at Mothers Bistro. We have gone here several times and the food is always good and the staff wonderful. It has been a long week and I am really looking forward to some time with my friends and of course Susan time. It is so relaxing and enjoyable and always make me feel good. Now I am not sure who all will be there as so far, I have only 2 replies that are yes and 1 maybe so most likely it will be 3 or 4 of us but either way it will be fun. I got home and started getting ready as I wanted to enjoy the time. Now for tonight it will be hot outs as it is in the low 90’s right now. I went with my black & white summer dress tonight. I was all ready by 6 and on my way as I wanted to be a little early incase others showed up.

I got downtown Portland by 6:30 and found a parking soot right in front. I went in and they were really busy, the lady asked me if I had a reservation. I said now and she asked for a name and how many and she would get me on the list. Guess it was good I got here early. I told her 4 to 6 as I really didn’t know. Now a couple times we have been here when they were busier but never this busy. Melissa showed up next followed by Barb and Kimberly so everyone who replied about tonight made it. It was a little after 7 but they were able to fit us in, kind of in a corner but we had 4 seats and could fit 1 more on the end if we had any last-minute arrivals which we didn’t as it was just the 4 of us for dinner.

We all sat and talked for a little while before we ordered. We talked about our Mexican cruise coming up in October and of course Wednesday night dinners. We are trying to figure out a way to get more girls out on Wednesday nights. Should we try to find other restaurants, should they be more upscale or more affordable, the places we go for the most part you can get a nice meal for $12 to $20 maybe higher depending on your drink choice. Should we try different nights which also has good and bad. I really do like the idea of going the same night as that way everyone knows which night it will be. I really wish some of our members would give some input. I do know we do like going to dinner and even if we don’t get more people I would hate to see it go away. Maybe I will do a post to see what our members would like to do. Several years ago, we all really needed the group to go out but Portland has become so accepting it is easy to go out on your own and I think that may have something to do with it.

Our food came and it was wonderful as always. I got to talk a little with Kimberly which was nice as this is only the second time I have seen her out, she is one of our newer members. She actually went to The Escape the weekend I was sick, I think only 1 other girls showed up that night so I feel a little bad about that. It really was nice to be out with my friends.

We finished dinner about 8:30 so we still had a little time before they closed at 9 so we sat and talked a little. As we were talking Dimond Dee, Rachal, and Kim came in. they had been down at CC Slaughters and decided to swing by and see who was here so we talked with them for a little while before the went back to CC Slaughters. When we had bigger groups on Wednesday some of the girls would go here after dinner. I get up way to early in the morning to stay out to late so I don’t. maybe if we ate close I would walk through and say hi to those I knew but that would be it. Any way Wednesday nights are still one of my favorite nights out even though they are shorter as with a smaller group in a more intimate setting you really get to talk more and get to know each other better.

It was a little after 9 when we left. It was a fun evening and it is always sad to see it come to an end but I know I will see them again soon and we will enjoy another fun evening out. I really have made some wonderful friends as Susan.

Thanks for reading and be sure and keep up with what’s new on my blog. My blogs are going to my Facebook page again but I still have no idea whay all of my blog post I shared on my Facebook page before July 7th went away and there is no trace of them and I have no way or idea of how to get them back on Facebook. So sad.

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Wednesday night dinner

Wednesday is here and I am going out to dinner with my friends tonight. I am really looking forward to it. I am not sure who all will be there but I am hoping Amy will make it. She moved to Seattle a few years ago and doesn’t get down here very often and I usually miss her so it has been a couple years since I saw her last. She is in town working and hoping to make it tonight. I really have met some wonderful people over the years. I started getting ready at 4:30 enjoying every minute getting ready. WE are going to Mothers Bistro downtown Portland.

I got downtown and found a parking spot 4 blocks away. It was a little cold out but dry and the walk to the restaurant was nice, it is so nice to be able to just be out as Susan and do everything other woman do. I got to Mothers Bistro and went in. I was the first one here and as I didn’t know how many were coming so I just waited. It was only about 5 minutes and Melissa and yes Amy walked in. It was so great to see her again, here is a picture of us, it been so long. Well the three of us went in and got a table and sat and talked as we waited for Cassandras and Julie.

It was just the five of us but we waited a little while to order as we thought one otgher girl might show up for her first time out. We had a nice time just talking and being a smaller group we could alll talk together. We talked about our Cruise to Mexico next October, Cassandrfa booked her flight so the rest of us our going to book ours. Melisssa, myself, Julie and Cassandra are now all planning on flying down as our female self whch will be so much fun and a new experience. Something I have alaways wanted to do. Just think a few years back it took all I could do just to get out of the car, now I have traveled to Las Vegas, checking in and out of hotgels as Susan and by this time next year I will be able to say I flew on an airplane as Susan.

Well the other girls didn’t show up so around 7:30 we all ordered our dinner and yes our waiter was awesome. He remebered a Julie and Cassandra from the last time gthe group came her although it was my first time. Now I ordered the chicken and it was really good, they have really good food here and the price is not bad for what you get. I would recommend Mothers Bistro for a nice dinner out. We also talked about Diva Las Vegas which the dates are now official, it will be Sunday April 15 to Friday April 20 2018. They will start talking registrations after the 1st of the year so sign up for their mailing if you are thinking of going. It will be so much fun, there is so much to do in Las Vegas. I am trying to talk Amy into going next year as I think she would have fun.

These gatherings are so much fun and I now Amy likes it, she always wantged us to go more places and it is funny not long after she moved we started going to new places. Of course she pretty much goes where ever she wants as Amy where she lives. She also like all of us have grown so much as our female selves. It really is great to have such wonderful friends.

A couple of the girls ordered dessert and I was good and passed although Juile talked me into having a bite of hers well more than one bite. I really do need to start watching what I eat as I do want to lose some weight by our cruise next October. WE had a freally lovely evening and we took some pictures, our wonderful waiter even came over and took a picture of our group so we could all be in it. We even got one oof gthe waitresses to join us in the picture, she was also wonderful also. We really were treated great here.

It was about 9:30 when we left, tghey actually closed at 9 but didn’t rush us out. There were a couple other small groups still there so we were not the last to leave. Now Amy took an uber here and as her hotel was on my way home I offered to drive herf back which was nice as it gave us a chance to talk a little longer. It was sad to see the night end but I had so much fun with everyone.

Thanks for reading and keep up with whats going on in my life on my most recent blog.

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