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More shopping Saturday afternoon

Well after I got done at Starbucks. I decided to go to Lloyd center shopping mall to do a little shopping. It’s been awhile since I’ve been to this mall but I like it. I Parked down by Sears at the far end and went in. I started off in a shoe section and looked at their shoes. From here I went over to their close out racks and looked at their clothes. I found a couple cute tops but they weren’t in my size. From here I went next door to Marshall’s and looked around, I didn’t see anything I liked so I left.

I went out into the mall and started walking down the mall mostly window shopping. I did stop in torrid and looked around for a bit. This store caters to the plus size so I fit in most of their small sizes. They had a few cute tops but I didn’t buy anything. It was mostly about being out shopping. I wandered around the mall for a while just looking, the mall was busy lots of people so it was fun to people watch.

I wound up at Ross dress for less and went in to look at dresses, they had a couple cute dresses but they weren’t in my size. I found one really pretty dress that was in my size but it was marked $105 which I thought was spendy for Ross dress for less. From here I went to Barnes and noble, if you are ever looking for a fun place to go for while this is it. You can browse around and look at books they even have seating areas where you can sit and read for a while. Just kind of a nice place to be out with other people. I spent about an hour here.

I went back into the mall and worked my way down to Sears again, I spent a little more time looking at their clothes. I even went over to their intimate apparel section and browsed for a while, it is so much easier shopping this action as Susan then my male self. I spent a couple hours at the mall just having fun before I left.

It was after five now and I was getting hungry so I went to Cascade station by the airport as I wasn’t ready to go home yet. I was looking for someplace to eat but I wanted something I could eat with a fork as I did want to mess up my lipstick. I found a panda express down by the far and so I decided to eat here. I went in and there was only two people in front of me and a couple that were sitting down eating. The young man serving me ask me how my day was going while he was dishing up my food. It was nice to have a conversation with him. I sat by the counter to eat so I could watch to people coming in, as I really like people watching when I’m out as Susan. I must’ve got here just before their rush because once I sat down it was a steady line of people coming in ordering, most were taken out but several families did sit-down to eat so it wasn’t long before all the tables were taken. No one really seem to pay any attention to me.

After I was done eating I drove over to DSW which is in the shopping center here and looked at shoes, yes I admit I like looking at shoe. Women’s shoes are so cute I just loved the styles and colors, they are so much better than men’s shoes. I found some cute ones but didn’t buy any as I thought I had spent enough already today. I walked over to Ross dress for less which is also in this shopping center and looked around. It has been a real fun day and I thought about stopping at Starbucks to write my blog but decided to go home.

Normally I would have written my blog at Starbucks but I’ve discovered that I have a voice recognition software on my laptop and I wanted to try it. So I went home and I am dictating this blog by voice recognition so if there are any mistakes that is why I. It actually works pretty well if you speak slow and clearly but some words it has a tough time getting right. I did find some mistakes and I corrected the ones I found so hopefully I didn’t miss any. Not sure if using voice recognition is easier than typing but it was fun to try.

One last thing a friend of mine online named Carollyn Olson who wrote a book called tricks of the trade of cross-dressers guide has a new book out called more tricks of the trade. I mention this because she contacted me and wanted to use my tips on creating cleavage and how I do my nails. I told her she could and I sent her how I do them, and she used them in her new book. So I guess that makes me are contributing author. She even sent me a signed copy of the book, thanks Carollyn. You can buy them online at Amazon .Com for electronic version for kindle, or at for paperback.

Thanks for reading.

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