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Beautiful sunny day out at Starbuck’s

Well this week has been so busy; I had hoped to go to Starbuck’s on Thursday night as I am busy every other night this week through next Tuesday. Well I got home from work and found out the meeting I had scheduled for tonight was changed to tomorrow night killing my chance for going out. As I did not want to miss a chance this week I made a last minute decision to go to Starbuck’s tonight. I really hate being rushed and not planning my time out as Susan but I also knew if I didn’t go tonight I would not get a chance again till the end of next week.

It is a beautiful day here low 70’s and sunny which we have not had for a long time, actually this is the warmest day we have had sense last September so I was happy all day. We have had so much rain any sun is good. Well as I was leaving my house my neighbor got home, she was carrying her groceries in when I pulled out so I really don’t think she saw me as it looked like her back was to me but with it being light later and the nice weather starting I hope I am sure it will be harder to get out without being seen.

I got to Starbucks right at 7 and there was only 1 other person inside so I had my choice of tables. Even now there are only 3 of us inside and a couple out on the patio. I really think everyone is enjoying the nice night outside.

Well I have a new topic for my blog tonight. Moderating blogs and groups. A couple blogs I follow and a group I belong to has been dealing with this issue lately. So as this is my blog to post my views I thought I would step into the debate. Now as I have put in earlier blogs I am pretty open to comments on my blog. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me but I do expect to be treated with respect. I have had a few comments that thought how I chose to live my life is wrong and they don’t like it and that is fine as all did it without being cruel or calling me names so those were approve. I think I have only denied 2 and that was because they verbally attacked me instead of stating their opinion. That I will not allow.

Well back to moderating blogs or group, what we all need to remember is 2 simple things. One the person or persons who own or run the group or blog have the right to do whatever they want, it belongs to them. It is no different then you doing something to your car or home, I have no right to tell you how you should paint your house or car anymore then you should tell me what I have to put on my blog. If you want to have free rein to post whatever you want then you need to start a blog or group of your own. Now for the blogs I follow I do not know what the comments was that were deleted but it was the right of the owner of the blog to do that. From the postings I saw it appears that they were attacks on the person writing the blog.

Groups are a whole other story as it is a community of members and the owner / moderators need to do what is best for the group as a whole. If posts are causing issues in the group, if they are attacking other members, if they are dividing the group then they not only have the right but the duty to moderate for the group. It is just the same as the city or county we live in, there are laws (rules) that are put in place to keep peace and harmony. I feel we can express how we feel and our view without causing problems if we are careful and think before we post. I guess what I am saying is think how it will sound to others before you post. I will give a couple examples of what I mean.

“Wow I really don’t care for that dress you are wearing” fine

“Wow I really don’t care for that dress you are wearing, it makes you look like a slut” not okay as this attacks the person and really has nothing to do with your liking the dress or not. In this last case I would delete the post so what I am saying is I support the right of people ton police their blogs and groups.

Well as I said earlier I will not make it out this Friday with the group which is sad as I so look forward to spending time with my friends. But with missing this week I will have the whole Memorial Day weekend off which will be great. I still hope to get to Starbucks again next week, probably Thursday or Tuesday not sure yet. I will also be out on next Friday with my friends and also on Saturday at a BBQ. That will be fun as it is at a friend’s house who only knows me as Susan but most of the guest are not t-girls. I just hope the weather is good. Wow if I do go to Starbucks Thursday that would be 3 nights in a row, maybe I should try to do Starbucks Tuesday next week. I guess I could also skip Starbucks and go shopping for a new outfit for the BBQ. Well we will see what next week looks like.

Well I guess I will close here, have a great week and please if you post to a group, blog or anyplace else, you can agree or disagree but please be respectful. The world is a whole lot better place when we treat each other with respect.

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