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Two days before the Miss Portland T-girl Pageant

Well I am back to my normal routine after Diva Las Vegas. It was so much fun and Susan had a great time. 11 days of nothing but Susan, girl clothes, makeup and my beautiful acrylic nails. It was so sad to see it come to an end but I have a ton of pictures and all the memories. After a going so long in female attire it was so strange to put on boy clothes again. The shoes are so much heavier and the clothes rougher and not as cute, it will take a little getting use too.

Well I am all set for the first every Miss Portland T-girl pageant this Friday April 30 at Embers (doors open at 5 pm and show starts at 6 pm). It should be a wonderful time so if you can come on down to Embers (on Broadway in Portland Oregon) and watch the show. The t-girls competing are all armatures so should be fun. I have all my outfits (thanks to help from Maya and Peggy) and I know what I am going to do for the talent part, really nervous about this. I even have one of the Drag Queens who is going to help with my makeup (Chiffon Valentine). She does a great job on stage and always looks great so I am hopeful she can give me a little help with my look. I really hope this is successful as I would like to see it become a yearly event. I do not believe there is another pageant like this anywhere so Portland should be the first again. What a great city and a big thanks to Embers for hosting this and an even bigger thanks to Jersey and Peggy for putting this together and making it happen. There are 3 parts, the introduction where they tell a little about each of us, the formal dress part where we will each be given a question to answer and last the talent part which I think will be the hardest part as I will have to perform something in front of everyone.

Well as usual I am at Starbucks for my normal evening. I missed last week as I was in Las Vegas so it is nice to be back and see Katie and Shavonie. They are so nice and always make me feel welcome. They asked about my trip to Las Vegas so I told them about it while Katie made my drink. Katie use to live there so she knows the city. I have all my pictures now on my Windows Live Profile and some on my flickr page. I took (well Peggy took) so many pictures of me, I just love having my picture taken.

It is a quiet night here at Starbuck only 7 other people here but still nice to be out. I have been trying to catch up on my work and e-mails from last week as I was so busy I let them all go, besides who wants to do work on a vacation. I hope by the weekend I am all caught up.

There was a post on the t-girl group I belong to that Lisa Miller (no relation) passed away over the weekend. I have known her for about a year and she was always very nice. From the sounds of it she passed in her sleep so I guess she didn’t suffer which is good. The group is all sad as it is never easy to lose someone you know. I hope to find out more soon.

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