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Saturday night at the Escape

Well another Saturday is here and yes that means going to the Escape. I really do like my time out but it is not so much about where I go but the fact, I get to see my friends and interact with people. I will admit I am not a big bar or club person, I don’t like alcohol, the way it tastes or how it makes you feel. I honestly believe if you told some of my closest friends that don’t know about this side of me that you saw me in a bar dressed as a female hey would be more shocked, I was in a bar. Now our group does our weekly dinner but the location changes and I think it is good to have a regular place that everyone knows we will be at and feels comfortable especially for the newer girls in the group. Anyway, I posted this morning I would be there and the only response I got was from Cassandra which was awesome, it would be great to see her again.

I started getting ready early as Cassandra is not a fan of loud music so I figured she would be early and leave when Karaoke started so I wanted to get there a little earlier so I could write my blog from Wednesday night’s dinner. I started getting ready a little after 3 and was leaving home right at 5 pm. Now I have been leaving my car in the drive and walking out as Susan instead of parking in the garage but with leaving earlier it was still light outside but I just didn’t care. I didn’t see any of my neighbors out. I got to the Escape a little after 5 and was able to park right in front. I went in and set up my computer and ordered dinner. I started my log and worked on it till my food came, after I ate, I finished it up. just as I was finishing it Kimberly showed up. it was good to see her. she had planned on coming to our Wednesday night dinner but she had t cancel do to snow. While she was ordering I finished my blog and posted it and then put my computer away so we could talk.

Kimberly has a beautiful set of acrylic nails, she got them done about 2 weeks ago, they are a French style and look really cute on her. she works from home so she can get away with it, such a lucky girl. Any way we were talking and she was asking how long she should go before she gets a fill, yes, she is keeping them. Well looking at her nails they grow a little slower than mine and she only has a little grow out so I told her she could wait another week. Well we got on the topic of nails and of course I had to tell her about mine and how I have them for almost 2 weeks when I go to Diva Las Vegas and I was trying to talk he into going. Her big concern is her vacation time so I jokingly said as she works from home she could just as easily work from Las Vegas. Well it turns out that may not have been such a big joke as she is really thinking about it. That would be so cool if she could go, it would be her first time in Las Vegas as Kimberly and also, she could travel as Kimberly which she really wants to try.

It was about 6:30 and Cassandra showed up, it was great to see her again. She has come out a couple times in the last few weeks which is nice, she has more free time now so I am hoping we will see her more. I got a couple selfies for my blog which I am trying to do. I use my blog to record this part of my life and it is nice to have a picture to go with it. I try to encourage everyone to do a blog about events in their lives even if you keep it private as it is nice to be able to look back on things. Cassandra and I were talking about a karaoke bar we went to downtown years ago that has long since closed and neither one of us could remember the name it was easy to look back in my blog and find it, the Boiler room. Well Cassandra and I talked about Diva Las Vegas and she also encourage Kimberly to go. Right now, we have 6 for sure from our group going although 2 of the 6 don’t live in the Portland area. But from Portland we have Cassandra, Julie, Brenda and me for sure and Veronica, Kimberly and a couple others are thinking about it. It really would be fun to have 10 or more from Portland go.

Jan and Lynn also showed up a little after 7 so we had a nice little group here tonight. We all talked and had a good time. About 8 Stacy showed up it was her second week in a row. it is nice when you see girls that don’t get out much getting out more. Now they had a birthday party here tonight so the bar was crowded which is both good and bad. It is nice to interact with all the people but also hard to move around. While we were sitting there a young lady came over and talked to me, seems she met me here over a year ago and remembered me and wanted to say hi, that always makes me feel good. I kind of remembered her but she had to tell me her name again which was Stephani. A little later another woman came over and talked to me, I had also met her a while back. It is so nice to be accepted and treated like anyone else.

Karaoke started at 9 and yes it got loud, James did Karaoke again, his 3rd week in a row and he likes the music loud so it was hard to talk now. Well you guessed it about 9:15 Cassandra and Stacy called it a night and it was down to just Kimberly, Jan, Lynna and me. We sang along with some of the songs and tried to talk between. Lynn got up and sang and did a good job. It was around 10 and Lauri showed up so we had a total of 7 her tonight. Now as I said it was busy and as we had a big table some other people joined us and they did seem bothered by us, actually they even talked with us some which was nice. Now I had only planned on staying till 10 or so but you know how that goes. It was almost 11:30 when I called it a night. it was a fun night out and right now I am planning on a little Starbucks time tomorrow to write my blog and I also have some work to do. Now I don’t really work from home but there are things I need to do on the computer that is kind of work related and it is just so nice to do it as Susan.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most current blog to see what is new in my life.

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Saturday night at the Escape, awesome

Okay it is Saturday and I am going to the Escape tonight and I am really looking forward to it. I always enjoy my time out as Susan but tonight it should be a good turnout as a few of our newer members are meeting once again in Portland on Saturday and coming out, Shae and her wife Reanna, Sindee and her wife Dee, Betty and Robin all of whom I have met just once and only in the last month or so, I am looking forward to getting to talk with them more and get to know them better. Now I am guessing they will be there between 7 & 8 but I am going earlier, by 6 hopefully earlier. Okay tis is a longer blog then normal as it was a special night out and worth the read.

I started getting ready at 4 as like always I wanted to take my time as I rally wanted to look my best. It really is funny how much time, effort and thought I put into how I look as Susan. I was done with my makeup by 5 and now it was time for my dress and that took some work, I actually pulled 4 dresses out tonight but ruled one out as it was the one o wore last time they were here when I met them, yes, I did look back at my blog to see what I wore. So now I had 3 and all are kind of tight so they look better with my corset which I wear most of the times I go out. Now I know a lot of people may think corsets are uncomfortable and not needed but I bought mine for two reasons, 1st yes, I wanted a nice figure but also, I tend to slouch a lot (poor posture) the ne negative thing I hear and the corset forces me to sit up straight. Now I don’t find it uncomfortable actually other then getting in and out of the car. Now I will admit it is hard to pick something off the floor if you drop it and yes if you over do it you can get out of breath but other than that I really don’t notice I have it on. Now the good thing is I am finding even without it I have better posture and sit up straighter so it really has helped. I tried on all three dresses before settling on the second one it really is one of my favorite dresses as it is pretty and classy looking. Yes, tonight I have that feeling any young lady would have going out for a special event and it is a wonderful feeling. Here is a picture taken later in the evening by Robin, thanks.

Now I was ready a little after 5:30 so I would be pushing it to be there by 6 so not going to get there as early as I hoped. It was right at 6 when I got there and went in. now, I have been posting this in our group as I knew we would have several new girls out and I was trying to encourage others and see if we could get a big group out tonight. I was able to park in the lot along the curb which is better then on the street and I went in. I put my computer on one of the long tables and then went up to order. Well I ran into Jan and Lynn, they were already there which was great as it was just 6. I ordered my dinner and drink and went back to the table. I took my computer back out to my car as if we did have a big group and I was moving around to talk with people I didn’t want to have to watch it plus I wanted to talk with Jan & Lynn. The 3 of us sat down and it wasn’t long and Kimberly showed up who is also one of our newer members, she has been out with the group 5 or 6 times now. Well before I ate, I figured I should get a quick selfie for the night.

Now I usually try to go in order of who shows up but girls started showing up and I lost track of who came when. I actually got out my phone and started putting names in so I could try and remember everyone who showed up, some came later and some had left but over the night this is what we had and I probably missed a name or two. We had 17 T-girls, 3 wives and 3 or 4 friends so our group was 23 or 24 tonight and it wasn’t that busy so we were the main group here tonight. I can’t remember the last time we have had such a big turnout. So, let’s take a shot at the names and again if fi miss someone I am sorry. Jan, Lynn, Kimberly Melissa, Robin, Shae and her wife Reanna, Betty, Chris, Roxy, Sindee and her wife Dee, Julie, Kris, Summer, Kate, Joan, Lauri and of course me. Also, Betty had 3 friends Adrian, Nancy and her husband, plus there was one other T-girl who is not part of our group but knew a few of the girls from online who showed up and I think her name was Kitty. Wow what a huge group so much fun. Our newer members are Shae, Sindee, Betty, Robin, Summer and Kimberly and I think having that many newer members out at one time is probably a record.

Chris and Roxy showed u and it was great to see them again. They mostly go to Sweethome on Fridays and I really need to go there again as it is a nice place to go and I had met a lot of people there that I follow on Facebook it is just hard for me to get out on Fridays early enough as Chris goes there after work and usually leaves by 7 or 8 and it would be 7 to 7:30 before I could get there. Funny as it used to be just Friday nights, I could get out on but things change, it was great to see them again as I have known Roxy for 11 years and Chris probably almost as long.

Melissa also came out which she does sometimes but usually leaves early but she stayed a lot later tonight as she was also meeting and talking with all our members. Kate was here also and it was great to see her again as it has been several months since she has been out as she has had a lot of things going on which I understand. It was great to talk with her again and we talked a little about Diva Las Vegas and she is thinking of going, still time to sign up if you want to go. I really tried to talk a little with everyone tonight as we did have newer members and I wanted them to feel welcome. I remember when I first went out there were 3 t-girls, Alice, Lori and Cassandra that reached out tome and made me feel welcome and that was so helpful and special and rally helped shape the lady I am today and I hope they know how much I appreciated it. I talked some with Kimberly early in the night she has some killer long red nails.

It was also wonderful to talk with Betty, Shae and Sindee, I was kind of selling them on Diva Las Vegas and they all said they want to go although Sindee and her wife may not be able to work it out this year but it would be so awesome if they all went and I know they would all have a blast. They really are wonderful people and it is great to get to know them and have them as friends. It really is funny as I have way more friends as Susan and a lot closer friend. Julie and Cassandra are my two closest friends and probably know the most about me of anyone. I think this happens as I don’t have to hide parts of my life from them. Yes, when I was first going out, I didn’t disclose my male side to anyone but I am pretty much over that, yes people I just meet or outside the group I am not as open but once I get to know people in our group, I am pretty open about myself and that is a wonderful feeling.

Julie and I talked a lot and I really enjoy her company when we are out and yes, we talked a lot with the newer girls, everyone in our group is so awesome. Even Julie stayed out till 11:30 or so it was a wonderful night. it really is sad as it gets later and girls start to leave and, in a way, especially some of our newer ones as they don’t live local so it is hard to tell when you will see them again as it is dependent on when they can get back to Portland. I talked a little with Summer and she really is nice and also Robin who I was able to get a selfie with. I really should have gotten pictures with some of the other girls.

It really was a fun night and sad when Shae and her wife left and then Sindee and her wife and then girls started to leave, always hard to say goodbye. I finally paid my bill and it was about 11:45 when both Julie and I left and I think there was still 8 of our group there. What a wonderful turnout tonight, I really do have a wonderful family here in the group. 11 years ago I would have never thought this possible.

Thanks for reading, a little longer tonight and if you made it to the end thank you. Be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is knew with Susan.

Just an update, Cassandra, Veronica and I have all booked rooms for Diva Las Vegas and also Fran one of our members from the other side of the state and we have maybe 8 others thinking about it so we could possible have 12 or more from our group go again this year and that would be awesome.

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Wednesday night dinner at Mother Bistro

It is Wednesday night and our dinner tonight I at Mothers Bistro. We have gone here several times and the food is always good and the staff wonderful. It has been a long week and I am really looking forward to some time with my friends and of course Susan time. It is so relaxing and enjoyable and always make me feel good. Now I am not sure who all will be there as so far, I have only 2 replies that are yes and 1 maybe so most likely it will be 3 or 4 of us but either way it will be fun. I got home and started getting ready as I wanted to enjoy the time. Now for tonight it will be hot outs as it is in the low 90’s right now. I went with my black & white summer dress tonight. I was all ready by 6 and on my way as I wanted to be a little early incase others showed up.

I got downtown Portland by 6:30 and found a parking soot right in front. I went in and they were really busy, the lady asked me if I had a reservation. I said now and she asked for a name and how many and she would get me on the list. Guess it was good I got here early. I told her 4 to 6 as I really didn’t know. Now a couple times we have been here when they were busier but never this busy. Melissa showed up next followed by Barb and Kimberly so everyone who replied about tonight made it. It was a little after 7 but they were able to fit us in, kind of in a corner but we had 4 seats and could fit 1 more on the end if we had any last-minute arrivals which we didn’t as it was just the 4 of us for dinner.

We all sat and talked for a little while before we ordered. We talked about our Mexican cruise coming up in October and of course Wednesday night dinners. We are trying to figure out a way to get more girls out on Wednesday nights. Should we try to find other restaurants, should they be more upscale or more affordable, the places we go for the most part you can get a nice meal for $12 to $20 maybe higher depending on your drink choice. Should we try different nights which also has good and bad. I really do like the idea of going the same night as that way everyone knows which night it will be. I really wish some of our members would give some input. I do know we do like going to dinner and even if we don’t get more people I would hate to see it go away. Maybe I will do a post to see what our members would like to do. Several years ago, we all really needed the group to go out but Portland has become so accepting it is easy to go out on your own and I think that may have something to do with it.

Our food came and it was wonderful as always. I got to talk a little with Kimberly which was nice as this is only the second time I have seen her out, she is one of our newer members. She actually went to The Escape the weekend I was sick, I think only 1 other girls showed up that night so I feel a little bad about that. It really was nice to be out with my friends.

We finished dinner about 8:30 so we still had a little time before they closed at 9 so we sat and talked a little. As we were talking Dimond Dee, Rachal, and Kim came in. they had been down at CC Slaughters and decided to swing by and see who was here so we talked with them for a little while before the went back to CC Slaughters. When we had bigger groups on Wednesday some of the girls would go here after dinner. I get up way to early in the morning to stay out to late so I don’t. maybe if we ate close I would walk through and say hi to those I knew but that would be it. Any way Wednesday nights are still one of my favorite nights out even though they are shorter as with a smaller group in a more intimate setting you really get to talk more and get to know each other better.

It was a little after 9 when we left. It was a fun evening and it is always sad to see it come to an end but I know I will see them again soon and we will enjoy another fun evening out. I really have made some wonderful friends as Susan.

Thanks for reading and be sure and keep up with what’s new on my blog. My blogs are going to my Facebook page again but I still have no idea whay all of my blog post I shared on my Facebook page before July 7th went away and there is no trace of them and I have no way or idea of how to get them back on Facebook. So sad.

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