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Saturday night at Harvey’s Comedy Club, Julie Scoggins is there tonight.

It is Saturday and our group is going to Harvey’s Comedy Club to see Julie Scoggins, she is performing for the weekend. Our group use to go to Harvey’s every month for several years as it really is a fun night out. But over the last year or so we have kind of stopped going. They closed for a while and then it was sold and we kind of got out of the routine of going and like anything once that happens it hard to get started again. Any way Julie Scoggins is one of our favorite comedians that comes to Harvey’s, we met her several years ago and she was so awesome and just loved our group, she is really tall but next to most of us she is shorter and she likes that. As a matter of fact the last time we went to Harvey’s was a year ago when Julie was here also. I may try to get this going again if the group is interested. Harvey’s is a really nice place and has always treated us wonderful even the new owners. We do miss our favorite waitress Kim, she left when it closed, she always waited on us and took wonderful care of us.

Any way I called earlier in the week and got 16 tickets and I already had 14 people who wanted to go so it was easy to fill them. Now we go to the 10pm show and we use to go to Fox and hounds at 7 which is only 6 or 7 blocks away and spend some social time there before walking to Harvey’s for the show but Fox & Hounds closed last year so we don’t have that option so we are just meeting at Harvey’s between 8:30 and 9, but I wanted some more Susan time so what is a girl to do. Yes, go to the Escape early for a couple hours. I started getting ready a little before, I knew the dress I was wearing tonight and just how I wanted to do my makeup and that always makes it easier getting ready. I got some pictures tonight but none you can really see my pretty dress so I had to go back to a previous blog to find a picture of the dress.

I got to the Escape about 5:30 and the parking lot was full so I had to park a half block down the street, it still amazes me how easily I get out of my car now as Susan, no hesitation or looking around to see who is there. It is just almost as natural as getting out of the car as my male self. I walked to the Escape and went in and most of the tables had a reserved sign on them, turns out they have a big birthday party here at 6 but the table I normally get was open. I got my drink (Sprite) and ordered a snack as I am going to have dinner at Harvey’s. now a couple girls posted they might be here tonight but I had my computer to kill time and as I can only stay till 7:45 I figured it might just be myself and again I was okay with that, something 10 years ago I would never have done, going to a bar by myself. By 6 it was really busy and the birthed group showed up. I played on my computer till 7;30 before paying my bill and leaving. Now it was lightly raining and of course I didn’t have my umbrella so I got just a little wet walking to my car.

I got down to Harvey’s about 8:10 and found a parking spot just across the street 2 cars up but I still grabbed my umbrella this time. I went inside and got a table to wait for others. I wanted to be a little early incase others showed up so they wouldn’t be alone. Well it turns out Paige got here earlier then me and was at the bar, she came over and joined me as we waited for others to show up. It wasn’t long and other girls started to show up, Sophie and Lorna, Cassandra, Ricki, Judy, Jan, Lynn, Amy, Jeanie, Michelle, Nancy 2 of their friends, and Cassie so all 16 showed up, well one e-mailed me she was sick and couldn’t make it but Cassandra showed up hoping we could get one extra ticket so all worked out. Yes, Cassandra made it tonight which I was kind of thinking might happen as she love Harvey’s and it turns out her wife was busy tonight so she came out. She started the group and for 10+ years put a lot of tine and effort into making it what it is but she took a break from going out last spring. I will eb going to Diva Las Vegas with her in a month, still time to sign up. Of course, I had to get one more selfie as we waited to go in.

We all sat around and talked as more and more people showed up, this really is a good place to mingle with all kinds of people. I really like it when we can do this. I think the ore visible we are in public the more people can see we are just the same as them, well other then how we dress, but we are just people that want to do the same things they do. One reason I think Diva Las Vegas is so wonderful.

Soon it was time to go in for the show, we were in no hurry as we had reserved tables. We got in and sat down and I took a couple group pictures for our group page, with the size of our group we took up two tables as we normally do, we really do seem to get a good turnout for Harveys. If you are interested in other times we have gone to Harvey’s I have a group on my blog for that, this will be my 58th blog about Harvey’s which means I have come here at least that many times as Susan and I know I missed a few so the group has come here more than that.

Our waiter came around and took our orders, I normally get a salad and then a dessert with my drink (sprite) and it usually comes to about $20 but they have a new menu and they have a Prime rib for $18.50 so guess what I had. That’s right Prime Rib, I did skip the dessert though as even though I ordered the smaller (8-oz) prime rib it was pretty big. Probably not a good idea to eat that mush this late at night but it sure was good. Julie was walking around the room handing out her flyers to friend her and came over and talked to us and gave us all hugs, as I said she really does like it when we show up.

The show started and the MC was pretty good, she got about 10 minutes, I think it is how you break into comedy. Then came the featured comedian and he was also pretty good, really, I can only think of a couple times where we didn’t like the comedians. It really is a fun night and laughter is an awesome way to spend the night. soon it was time for Julie to take the stage and she was awesome as always. Now as I said we have seen her many times so we have heard a lot of her stuff but it is still funny. If you ever get a chance to see her you should and if you like good comedy you really should check out Harvey’s Comedy Club, they are awesome.

It is amazing how fast the night went and soon the show was over. Now the table behind us during the show had several men at it and as the evening went, they got a little louder, I was thinking it was the drinking. After the show one of them came over to our table and said he just wanted to tell me how pretty I was. Now I always love hearing this from anyone but still not use to men telling me this, still a little uncomfortable a I am not interested in men. I rally don’t think he meant anything other then the compliment as he turned around and went back to his table.

After the show we went out to the lounge where Julie was meeting her fans and yes selling them souvenirs. We thanked her for a wonderful show and told her we would see her next year but she wanted a picture with us so she actually stopped what she was doing, the people inline told her she could and she came over and took a picture with us. I think we have done this after every show. A few times she even went to Fox & Hounds with us after the show to hang out, really is a shame they close. It really was a wonderful night out. By the time I got to my car it was 12:30am, another late night for this girl but so worth it. Sorry I went a little long on this but it was such a wonderful night

Thanks for reading and be sure and check out my newest blog to see what I am doing now.

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Saturday night at Harvey’s Comedy club to see Julie Scoggins

It is Saturday night and our group is going to Harvey’s Comedy Club to see Julie Scoggins. Now I am not sure but I know we have gone and seen her at least 5 times before maybe 6, she is wonderfully funny. We have been going to Harvey’s now almost every month for maybe 7 or 8 years now it is one of our groups favorite night out. Now normally we go to Fox & Hounds first around 7 before going over to Harvey’s but sadly Fox & Hounds has closed so tonight we are meeting at Harvey’s at 8.

I started getting ready about 5 a little later then in the past but then I didn’t have to leave as early. I was ready and on my way by 7. I got downtown and parked about a block away and walked to Harvey’s, of course I had to get a selfie in the car, a little dark but the one with the flash was bad. Yes, I do have bad pictures, I have had people tell me I always have such good pictures. Here is my secret, only post the good ones, shhhh don’t tell. as I got by their parking lot Cassandra was dropping off Peggy as Peggy made cupcakes for tonight as it is Julies Birthday today, happy birthday Julie. She had two trays so I took one and told Cassandra there was still 2 parking spots behind where I parked so she said she would drive around the block and see if they were still there. Peggy and I walked about 100 feet towards the door and you would not believe it, there were 2 parking spots right in front of the door and Cassandra parked there

We went in and we were the first ones there as it was only about 7:40 we put 3 tables together as we had a big group tonight, 22 all here to see Julie Scoggins. Now it wasn’t long and others started to show up. The funny thing is Julie Scoggins came out as she was not on yet for the earlier show and talked with us for a while and yes hugs for everyone, she is so awesome. Now Julie and Trixie showed up but we waited for others before we had cupcakes. Of course, when we did we all sang Happy Birthday to her and even a few people from tables around us joined in and sang to her. Okay let’s see how goo my memory is as I am going to try and list all from our group. There was Cassandra, Peggy, Julie, Trixie, Jan, Lynn, Laura H, Max, Sophie, Lorna, Kimberly, Melissa, Kate, Barb, Michelle, Nancy, Jennie, Amy, Cassie, and of course me. Wow I am missing two guess my memory is not that good.

The earlier show went long so it was almost 9:40 when they started coming out. Julie Scoggins had a table set up right next to us to sell stuff and of course meet people and take pictures. One lady tried a couple times to get a selfie with Julie and was having trouble so I told her my secret. Her it is, set your self timer for 2 seconds. That way you can push the button and then hold the phone out and it has time to focus before taking the picture. Only way I can get a selfie. She thanked me for the tip.

It was finally time to go in, Peggy, Trixie and I were the first from our group to go in and of course they had our tables all set up. Our waitress came over and had on a beautiful red lipstick and I was just getting ready to compliment her on it but she complimented me first, yes, I also had red lipstick on. We talked a few seconds about how much we both like the red lipsticks before she took our orders. Soon our whole group was in and it was packed. Harvey’s sold out both shows tonight which was awesome to see. Always more fun with a big crowd. Of course, there were more pictures taken and one more selfie.

The show started late about 10:30, the MC who gets a few minutes to tell jokes before he introduces the comedian was good. Then there were 2 opening comedians and they were both good. After them was the featured comedian and he was awesome. We were all laughing by this time and having a wonderful time.

Finally, it was time for Julie to come on stage. She was so awesome and even though we have heard some of her stuff it was still funny. She was incredible, if you ever get to see her perform you will have a blast. Also, if you are looking for a fun night out defiantly check out Harvey’s Comedy Club, you will have a blast. As I said we have come here for years and this is at least my 57th time here and we have never had a bad show, yes some are better like tonight but they are all good.

After the show we talked for a little bit to let the crowd thin out, we also met one of the other owners tonight so we have met 2 of them. I am not sure if it is just the 2 of them or if they have a 3rd owner but they are very nice and treated us well and told us we were welcome anytime. Makes you feel good. On our way out, we all talked briefly with Julie Scoggins, it was great to see her again. It was 12:30 when the show got over so it will be a late night.

Now Julie and Trixie took an Uber here so I am giving them a ride home which was nice as it gave us a chance to talk a little. They are going out of town for a couple months so I won’t see them till we go to Diva Las Vegas which is sad as it is so much fun to go out with them. Even Cassandra and Peggy are on vacation for the next 2 weeks so I won’t see them either. I dropped them off at Julie’s house and then headed home. It was after 1:30 am when I got home, can’t remember the last time I was out this late but it was worth it.

Thanks for reading and be sure and see what Susan is up to on my most recent blog.

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Out for a fun night at Harvey’s Comedy Club

Okay I have been out all day, a little shopping and then at Starbucks avoiding the wind and rain, but now it is time to get ready to go to Harvey’s Comedy Club. I got hoe about :30 and quickly touched up my makeup, well parts I had to redo after being out all day. I was already, I had chosen my red and black dress as it is more of a winter dress, nice and warm and really cute. I decided to go online really quick before leaving and it was a good thing I did. I don’t know why I pulled up last months blog on Harvey’s and to my shock I had worn the same red and black dress. I was in a panic now, no one would probably remember unless they looked at the picture but I had to change so it was back upstairs to pick out a new outfit. I went with my blue and black dress which is also cute.

I got downtown Portland right at 7 and was lucky enough to find a parking spot right on the corner by Fox & Hound. Some of us meet here before walking over to Harvey’s but with the weather I wasn’t sure how many would show up here or go right to Harvey’s. I walked in and I was the first one from our group. I sat at the bar for a little bit wondering if anyone else would show up. It really wasn’t long and Laura H. and Lisa walked in followed by Cassandra. WE went over and put a couple tables together as we waited to see who else would show up. Well it wasn’t long and we put 2 more tables together as a lot of girls showed up here. We actually have one of our bigger groups tonight as Julie Scoggins is the headliner tonight at Harvey’s and we love her as she is so fun. We have had big groups before but most meet us at Harvey’s. Okay I am going to take a shot at naming them all and hope I don’t miss any. Cassandra, Laura H. Lisa, and one of their friends, Jan, Lynn, Laura M and Donna, Karen, Jamie and her girlfriend, Melissa and her wife, Keri, and of course me so we had 15 of us meet here at fox and hounds. We all talked of course with this many people you couldn’t really talk with everyone, the only bad thing about big groups.

It was great to see so many out, of course as it got closer to the time to leave we talked more about if we should walk over or drive as the weather today has been really strong winds and heavy rain. it was about 8:30 when we all got ready to leave and as it was not raining and not really windy we decided to walk instead of trying to find parking spots over by Harvey’s. It actually was a nice walk as it really wasn’t cold but in the back of my mind I wondered what it would be like after the show as a lot can happen in 3 to 4 hours.

We got to Harvey’s and Cristine was there already, Now I got to sit by Melissa and her wife so I got a chance to get to know her wife a little. it is always nice to talk to someone who accepts and supports their spouses other side. This is something that many of us wonder about as it really is hard to meet someone and then tell them by the way I like to dress as a girl and go out. It would be easier to meet them this way but that is also hard to do. I bring this up as I don’t normally cross my two sides of my life but there is a lady who gave me her phone number well my male side and we actually met once to talk and now I am wondering what to do. She seems nice although she is younger then me but the big issue is she works where my parents are living now. That is how I met her when I was visiting them. This is where the problem is because if I do tell her and she is not okay with it then I have to worry if she will say anything to my parents. After all my neighbor that knows about Susan also works at the same place, boy is this complicated and I am getting off track of tonight’s outing. Any way Melissa wife seems really nice.

I also sat next to Keri who I haven’t seen since Diva Las Vegas in 2015. It was great to see her again and talk with her. It is amazing how you can go so long without seeing or talking with someone and once you start talking with them it is like you have talked with them all the time. It wasn’t long and Cassie, Victoria Sophie, Julie and Trixie showed up so we had 21 for tonight, Hope I didn’t miss anyone. 

It was great to see Julie and Trixie out tonight and to talk with them. I am hoping I can get together with Julie this week also and go out to lunch or shopping, maybe go look at wigs. I love my girl time out and I am happy to go shopping of to Starbucks by myself but it really is more fun to have a girlfriend with you, now I know why you see girls in pairs so often.

There was a group of men here tonight and one was celebrating a birthday so Kim brought them over to meet us and of course Cassandra had to get pictures with the birthday boy and all his friends took pictures. I really think Cassandra is right after having fun with them and interacting with them I think they are more relaxed around us and accept us. they get past the wondering who we are and why we are. By the way Kim had her hair in a braid on one side and it really looked cute, I think we look forward to seeing her as much as the show.

It was time and we all went in for the show. Now it was funny as we were talking about how we all forget about taking pictures but tonight when we got inside several of us started to take pictures, Julie, Cassandra, Keri and I I got a lot of really good pictures but forgot to ask some of the people if I could post them so I 20161015_235157will only share a couple of me and one with Julie as she has let me post ones of us before, hope that’s okay Julie.

Now it wasn’t a real big crowd tonight but Still fun. Julie Scoggins came around to our table to say hi before the show. I think she looks forward to seeing us as much as we look forward to seeing her. She comes to Portland once a year in October, if you ever get a chance to see her perform you must.

The show started and the opening comedian was really good, we have seen him before and he is a local, his name is Jake and I only remember this20161015_215339 because one of his jokes is about Jake from state farm. Funny the things you remember. The next comedian was also really good although I don’t remember his name. Harvey’s really di have 3 really good comedians tonight.

Julie Scoggins was awesome as always. she put n a really good show and we all laughed the whole time. it was a really good night out. After the sow Kim came over and talked with us. It was nice talking with her. I really do need to try to get together with her sometime. I think that will be my goal to do by the end of the year. After the show 20161015_235056we took a few more pictures and I had to get one of my dress, Thanks Julie for taking it. Wow I really need to work on a feminine pose.

Most f us were going back to Fox & Hound and my fears walking over were not justified as it was still not raining and no wind so the storm must have let up. Julie Scoggins was going to go to Fox & Hounds with us, Julie and Trixie were also going over so they gave Karen, Cassandra and I a ride back.

We had a great time at Fox & Hounds talking with Julie Scoggins. of those who went to Fox & Hounds I was the first one to call it a night and it was almost 2 am when I left. Wow I can’t remember the last time this girl was out that late. Of course Julie wanted a picture with all of us and we all wantedDSCN0004 one with her so we did one big group picture and Ricky from the bar took it for us, thanks Ricky. What a great night it was.

Thanks for reading

This is going to be a fun week for Susan!

Update as I just looked at Julie Scoggins Facebook page and she had the names of the other 2 comedian. Jake Silberman and Nariko Ott. Also was on Harvey’s Facebook page. I guess I will have to remember to check that for information.

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Saturday night at Harvey’s Comedy Club with Julie Scoggins

Well it is Saturday night and the Rose City T-Girls are going to Harvey’s comedy Club. Now I have not been able to make the last couple times the group has gone so I was really looking forward to tonight. Harvey’s really is an awesome place to go and see great comedians so if you are ever in Portland you should check them out.

Well as always most of us meet at Fox & Hound around 7 as parking is so much better there and it is only a short 7 block walk to Harvey’s. I got downtown Portland at 7 and there was already a big group there, Cassandra, Sarah, Jan, Lynn, Laura and her friend Jen, and Petra and girls kept showing up. We had to put 5 tables together. Sam and 2 of her friends, Michelle, Kimberly, Melissa and Char and I am sure I am missing someone. Now usually we have 8 to 10 that meat at Fox & Hound and the rest meet us at Harvey’s so to have 15 of us there we knew we would have a good night. I think we had 27 sign up which would be one of our biggest groups.

Well we had some drinks and snacks and talked for a while which is always fun. It was nice to get a chance to talk with Melissa and Char. Melissa was at the Halloween party but this is the first time that Char has been out with the group in a long time. Well we hung out here till about 8 and then we walked over to Harvey’s. We wanted to get there a little early as we had such a big group and wanted to make sure we could get some tables in the lounge while we waited for the show.

We got there and Cristine was already there waiting for us. Now there were a lot of people in the lounge waiting and more showing up all the time and as always we get a chance to interact with them which is fun and I think it helps bridge the gap between us and show them we are really no different than them. Now Cassandra was talking to a couple men and they wanted to get some pictures with us well the one was a little more excited about it than his friend, their names were David and Gregory. This is a picture of Gregory with Cassandra and me. David posted this on his Facebook page. I think we made there night.

Well more of our group showed up including Lauren, Sophia, Lorna, Lorraine, Tonya, Amy and her friend, Cassie and a couple of her friends in all I think we had 26 there for the show. Kim our waitress came out and talked with us to find out how many we had so she could get our tables all set up in her area.

Now by 9 there were so many people in the lounge you could hardly move and we still had 30 minutes till they would start seating for the 10 pm show. It gave me a chance to talk with Kimberly as it has been a while since she has been out with the group. It was also great to see Sophia and Lorna and chat with them. We were all having such a fun time. This is a picture that was actually taken after the show of Amy and her friend with me. Yes I still love getting pictures when I can think of them.

Well it was finally time to go in for the show and it was just a wall of people moving through the doorway so we kind of stood back as we had our tables set. As we could some of us would slip in with the crowd and work our way into the show room. We finally got inside and had great tables right in the center not far from the stage.

Now we had been looking forward to tonight as the headliner is Julie Scoggins who is awesome, we saw her once before I think last spring and we had such a great time with her. So while we were waiting for the show to starts she came out and talked with us. Turns out she had heard we would be there again tonight and was really looking forward to it.

Well the show finally started and as always it was awesome, all the comedians were great and Julie was awesome, we were all laughing so hard. It was such a wonderful night. After the show we went out to the lounge and Julie was out there and we spent about 45 minutes talking with her and of course we got some more pictures with her. This is our group with her she is the second one from the right.

It was amazing how fast the night went by but it was so much fun.

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