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Long busy week but made it to Starbucks for a break.

Well it has been a long and busy week for my male self, early mornings and late nights made for little sleep so by tonight I was ready for some time for Susan to go out and relax. It still amazes me that no matter how busy or stressed out I get just a few hours as Susan and I everything is calm and peaceful again. even tonight I was rushing to get ready as I did not get home till 6 pm and to be to the Starbucks I go to I need to leave my house by 6:45, well didn’t quite make that but was out by 7 so not bad for a complete transformation. The only thing I forgot was to throw my cell phone in my purse not that I get that many calls. It is amazing that when you are running late the amount of traffic and red lights you hit. Any way I made it out and now I am relaxing at my favorite Starbuck’s.

They are not as busy this week as last week, not sure if it is because I am here on Thursday night and last week was Wednesday but either way always nice to be here and people watch while working on my computer. Starbuck’s really is a nice place to go as you get such a wide range of people coming here and the fact they have Wi-Fi so you can surf the internet is wonderful. It is funny as a guy I never went to Starbuck’s still doesn’t, but as Susan I so enjoy it. The fact it is such a laid back place is wonderful.

Well this week’s plans are the same, Friday night I will be out with my friends again at the P-Club. It is always so much fun to get together with everyone and have fun. Wilma is back in town and hopefully will make it out with us this week. It will be great to see her again and catch up on what she has been doing; you know a little girl talk.

I had hoped to get Saturday off but couldn’t work it out. Seems one of the local stores, Nordstrom’s is having a class at one of their stores on male to female and drag queen makeup. It is in one of their rooms and cost is only $35 and then after you get a $35 credit at the MAC counter. How cool is that and since I use MAC foundation that would have been perfect but I have to work so I miss out on this, I hope they will do it again and maybe have a little more notice next time. Several of the girls from our group are going so I hope they can give me some tips they learn. Some of the girls are talking about lunch and shopping afterwards. That would be so much fun. I think I may try to plan a shopping trip in the not too distant future as Susan can always use some knew outfits, plus even if I don’t buy anything it is still fun to be out.

I also would like to maybe go out to dinner or a movie, I have talked with Peggy and Barb both about this and they also think it is a good idea so I may work that in to my week even though it may mean missing Starbuck’s one week but I think I can live with that. I think doing new things really is important as it keeps things new and exciting. It also get us as a group out more in the public eye and lets them see there is no difference between us and them other than how we dress. The more we get out the more we will be accepted I hope.

Well it is slowing down here now and only a few people here, they still have customers coming in and getting drinks but they are all to go. I must sign off as I have a bunch of e-mails to get to. I also need to do some grocery shopping which I have been putting off so what better way to end my night that at a grocery store.

Have a great rest of the week.

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