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Saturday trip to the nail salon before going to the Escape

It is the last Saturday of June and I am really looking forward to going out. Between being sick and other obligations, my Susan time has been limited. Now my plan as usual is to try to get to the Escape early between 5 & 6 as this gives me a little more time out and parking is way better. I got home around 3 and started to get ready and of course the first thing I notice I a chip on my nail polish on my toes, it has been at least 6 weeks since my last pedicure. I also noticed one of my nails had what looked like a crack but was really just where the corner was separating from the acrylic. yes, I needed to go to the nails salon. I called Dream nails and it turns out they were busy and Anny couldn’t get me in till 5:30. Now I had a decision to make, be late to the Escape or not get my nails done and I am sure you can guess my choice. I told her I would see her at 5:30 and finished getting ready. I was all done with my makeup and picked a more neutral lipstick, a mauve color and now it was time to get dressed. Now as I was getting a pedicure that would mean no panty hose and flip flops so I picked my white and black summer dress, here is a picture of me from our trip to Hoover dam wearing the same dress.

Now I had another dilemma, it was only 4:15 and I was all ready and I really don’t like just sitting around the house all dressed up so I decided to go to the Starbucks by my house till it was time to go get my nails done. It only took a couple minutes to get there and I went in. they were not real busy so I had no trouble getting a table and got out my computer and took care of some work, wrote my blog from Wednesday, and just relaxed as I waited till it was time to go to the nails salon. Now people came and went and a few sat down at tables but it never really got really busy. It is a good place to people watch though. It really was funny how fast time went. Soon it was 5:15 and I decided to leave and go to the Nail salon which again only takes a couple minutes.

I parked and went in and yes, they were busy, 2 getting their nails done and 5 getting pedicures and 2 waiting but I had an appointment so I only had to wait a couple minutes. Anna would do my nails but another girl did my pedicure, she has done my pedicures several times and always does a great job but I do not know her name and feel bad asking so I guess I will just go on not knowing. I really do love coming to the nail salon and getting pedicures, so relaxing. Sad most men will never experience this simple joy in life. She did a wonderful job and soon it was time for the polish, I had picked out a really bright red called Ferrari which I have had before and really love the color, so wish I could do my fingers in the same color. Soon my feet were done and looked so pretty and now it was time for my nails.

I moved over to Anna’s table and she started on my fingers. She removed the old gel polish and filed them down to get them ready for the acrylic fill and of course noticed the bad nail before I pointed it out to her so she removed all the acrylic on that nails. It really is a fun and relaxing time. She asked if I wanted them shortened and I said yes even though I really didn’t. She put the new acrylic on my nails and shaped them and got them all ready for the polish. Of course, I used the same color I have been for months, Wedding dress but I kept thinking about the pretty red on my toes and so wished it was on my fingers. Now they were busy the whole time with people waiting, so glad I always call for an appointment. It was 6:50 when I was all done and left the salon with my pretty nails.

I got to the Escape about 7:20 and as I feared all the parking was full in the lot so I parked out on the street, I don’t think I have ever had to park on the street here as I always get here early. I went in and Bobbie was there at one of the tables closest to where they do Karaoke, are normal table was full. I talked with Bobbie a little before going up and ordering dinner. I noticed Lee was here at the Bar so I went over and talked with her a little, she was here with another lady and was not sure if they were on a date so I only talked to her for a few minutes before going back to the table. My food came and I ate my dinner they really do have great food here.

I was just finishing my dinner and Robyn showed up. It was nice to see her out she is coming here on a more regular basis now which is always nice. Now as it got later it started to get busier as this is the last weekend of Pride and it was going to be a big night I think. Another girl from our group showed up so we had 4 of us now. By 9 it really was busy and we had others sitting at the other end of our table which I really don’t mind as I didn’t think we would have any more girls show up but Lauri. And it is nice to kind of chat with them. They have 2 long tables that sit 10 and then several 4-person tables and they were all full.

Karaoke started and it is fun although it gets loud and you can’t really talk any more. Those who sang did really well and even the few that didn’t we still clapped as they had the guts to get up and sing. Several of the songs I had never heard before and a few were ones I really likes and those I sang along with, quietly from our table of course. It was almost 10 when Lauri showed up. I stayed a little long but I was getting tired. I can remember a few years back when we didn’t go out till 9 and we closed the bars down. Now by 11 I am done. I paid my bill and said my goodbye’s and called it a night. It was so wonderful to be out with my friends and also get my nails done. I really do need to try to get back to getting my nails done on a week night though.

On a side note this week for some reason all my blogs I shared on my Facebook page disappeared and I mean disappeared. I can find no trace of them. I checked my activities log and even downloaded my history file and there is no trace of them. I am not really good with Facebook so if any of you out there have any ideas what happened please let me know. I will see if this one post to it and if not, I may try and post in manually and see what is going on. I tried to contact Facebook but that is harder then finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow so I don’t know what to do now.

Any way thanks for reading and be sure and keep up with my on my most recent blog.

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Sunday afternoon manicure & pedicure

It is Sunday afternoon after a super fun Halloween party last night. I was looking at my nails this morning and realized I needed to bet to the nail salon as yesterday was two weeks. Don’t get me wrong my nails still look wonderful, maybe just a little too wonderful. What I mean by that is being shinny they look longer and they really are on the long side for my male self and next weekend I will not be able to get out at least not early enough to get to the nails salon so my only hope would possible be this Wednesday. The other thing I noticed as my nails do have a slight pinkish color to them where they have grown out you can tell the difference. So, what is a girl to do. Well as luck would have it I got home early today and all I wanted to do was write my blog from our Halloween party Saturday night. So why not go to Starbucks as Susan to do that also.

I quickly did my makeup and got dress and then called Dream nails to see if I could get in. They said sure so I asked if Anna was there and it turns out she was off again today so I asked for Cathy, she said come anytime so I told her I would be there in a few minutes and with that I grabbed my computer and was out the door. A few minutes later I was walking into the nail salon and Cathy was waiting for me. There were 6 other ladies here getting their nails done so they were a little busier than last time. I sat down and Cathy started on My nails. As she worked she asked me if I had any plans for tonight which I don’t so I told her I just needed to get my nails done. She took of the old gel polish and got them ready to fill, yes, I have had acrylic on my nails now since the end of March although it is a thin layer. She shortened them down and put the new acrylic on them and reshaped them. They once again looked good. Cathy asked me what color I wanted and I told her the same one she did last time as I really do like it. I went and washed my hands and came back and she had the gel polis ready. The number they have here for it is 89 but I took the opportunity to look at the polish and get the name so I would know in case I get someone else in the future. It is called Wedding Dress. Now there are 2 bottles and I am not sure if they go together or if it is a combination she did for me and I didn’t ask. The first bottle is a pale pink color and the second is clearer but has a violate tint to it. Turns out they are two different gel polish colors. Here is a picture of #89 Wedding Dress which I found online, looks like when you buy it you get a gel polish and a regular polish. Looks pretty pink in the regular polish bottle.

She started with the pale pink and put it on doing a really good job carefully covering my nail, actually I think she may have put a thinker coat on as it seems a little pinker than it did last time, well maybe it is just the way I am looking at it. Next came the clear with the violet tint and then finally the clear gloss top coat. My fingers were now done and looked awesome but they do look a little pinker than last time, hoping it is just the light in the nail salon. Now it was time for my pedicure which I really need as it has been at least 6 weeks. I picked out a really bright red and thinking to myself how awesome this color would look on my finger nails.

Now Cathy started my pedicure and I really love this part, there is just something so relaxing and enjoyable about this. What a great way to spend an hour on a Sunday afternoon. Now I did show her a couple pictures of me in my costume from last night which she thought was sexy. I really wanted to see what she thought of the dark hair as they have only seen me in in blonde hair.

Now I have to put a little side story in. now I have had nice looking nails for 7 months or more and only one lady at work has ever said a thing and all she did was ask how I kept them looking so nice. Any way I just told her I was tired of having week nails that broke and always looked bad so I was getting gel polish on them to protect them and that seemed to be enough. Any way no one else has ever said a thing and I find it hard to believe no one else have ever noticed. Any way 3 weeks ago I got the same polish I got today which does have a slight pink color that is more noticeable in sun light and really noticeable outside in the shade. Any way over the last two weeks one of the other ladies I work with has come up to the office I share with the lady who asked once about my nails and they have had at least 10 of 15-minute discussions on nail polish, and how to keep it looking nice in our office with me sitting there working. This has happened 5 different times over the last two weeks and has never happened before. Now I have looked at their nails and mine do look better although they have brighter polish (reds) but it is usually chipped on the ends. Still they have never said a word to me.

Any way as Cathy was doing my pedicure we got talking about Halloween and candy of which I have almost eaten all I bought and the lady just down from me said she had done the same thing. It was kind of nice to sit there and have a conversation with another lady. Once she finished my toes I went over and sat with my feet under the dryer right next to the lady I was talking with and we chatted just a little more. It was a fun day and I was here over an hour.

I left here and drove across the street to Starbucks and went in. they were a little busy but I went and ordered a hot chocolate and the lady behind the counter remembered me which always makes me feel good. We chatted for a moment as she got my drink. The only table open was the big table in the middle that has 5 chairs on each side so I sat down and got out my computer. I stayed here for about 2 hours writing my blog from Saturday night and catching up on e-mails and some work. One older lady walked by and told me how much she liked my bracelets. I thin ked her and told her where I got them which was Charming Charlies. By the way here is a selfie of me at Starbucks. It was a really fun and relaxing few hours out as Susan

Thanks for reading and be sure and keep up with me at my most recent blog.

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A little Susan time and a manicure.

Okay I had a free evening and really needed a manicure. I got home from work and started getting ready as Susan, after I took my shower I called Dream nails to see if I could get in for a manicure with Anna. I was hoping for 4:30 but she didn’t have an opening till 5:30 so I told her  would take it. My original plan was to get the manicure, then grab a bight to eat and them maybe Starbucks for an hour or so. Well I finished getting ready and decided to grab a bite to eat first as I had an hour.

I drove to Panda Express and went in and got something to eat. They weren’t real busy inside as they have a drive through that most people went through. there were maybe 6 other people inside eating. I had a nice dinner before going to the nails salon.

I got to the nail salon just before 5:30 and went in, they were really busy. 4 ladies getting pedicures and one getting her nails done and 4 more waiting. Good thing I called for an appointment. Even so I still had to wait about 10 minutes for Anna to finish up with a lady. it gave me time to look at all the gel colors. now normally I get Clear pink #441 which is a clear with just a slight pink ting to it but I decided to go with #449 pink kiss.

She removed the clear gel polish and then trimmed my cuticles and I had her trim my nails back as they had really gotten long the last several weeks. They are a little short than I had wanted but have a really nice shape to them. I am sure by the time I get them done in a couple weeks they will seam long again. Once that was all done she put the polish on. a clear base coat and I had her put 2 coats of the pink kiss on and then a clear top coat. Looking at them they really do have a pink color to them. hopefully my mat polish will tone the pink down.  Then came the lotion and the arm and hand message. it really is a fun and relaxing experience.

They really were busy tonight as there was always ladies waiting and you could tell they were trying to rush but they still did a good job on my nails. it was about 6:30 when I was all done and had my pretty nails. I think with the sunny weather we had today everyone wanted to go and get their nails done as we are going to have sunny warm weather for the next week. As I left the salon it was still sunny outside and I got a good look at my nails in the sun light, they are not a tint of pink, they are pink but they look beautiful.

Well I drove across the street to Starbuck’s the one by my house. They are pretty slow only 5 other people inside. I got a drink and will catch up on some e-mails and work and now I am updating my blog. Only a few hours of Susan but still a wonderful evening out.





Thanks for reading.

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Saturday and time to remove the red from my nails.

I got up today knowing I have to remove the red from my nails which is such a shame as they still look just as good as they did last Saturday when I got them done. They really do look pretty. Well I got dressed 20160220_121447and yes I am wearing one of my pairs of Jeggings I bought yesterday and they are really comfortable. I left my house at 10 am I drove to the Starbucks by my house and from there called the nails salon which is right across the street to see if I could get in for a manicure and polish change. Turns out Saturday is there busy day. Anna had an opening at 1 pm so I took it. this would give me almost 3 hours to enjoy my20160220_121459 nails. I walked into the Starbucks and they were packed. Now I don’t mind I being busy but there was not an open seat or table any place as a matter of fact there were a few people standing next to tables with people they were talking with so I left.

Now there are several Starbucks around that I have not been to so I drove a  couple miles to one and they were still busy but they did have one table open so I put my computer on it and went and ordered a drink. I guess Saturday is the day people go to Starbucks also as there was a steady stream of people coming in the while time I was here. Starbucks is a really good place to go and people watch.

Well normally I do my blog for Friday at home Saturday morning but this gave me a chance to do it at Starbucks. It really is more fun blogging about my time as Susan when I am out as Susan, just kind of makes a complete circle. Now as I said it is fun to people watch here and I was really paying attention to what the people were wearing especially the woman. Now I would say that 70% of them had on leggings, some with skirts but I never really noticed how many woman wear them The rest were mostly jeans although I think a couple of the jeans were like mine Jeggings and of course there were a couple in skirts.

Well it is amazing how fast that time went and soon it was time to leave for my nail appointment. I got there right at 1 and Anna was just finishing up with a lady and it was busy. they had 7 nail techs there and all were busy and there were 3 ladies waiting. Anna told me to pick out my color which I did. it is called clear pink #401 which I have gotten before. it is a clear polish with just the slightest pink tint to it. You really can’t see the pink unless you are in bright sunlight and looking close so it is a safe color.

Anna finished the lady she was doing and called me over to her table. she looked at my nails and said they still looked great why did I want to change them. I just told her I was going back to work and the red was just way to much. She filed the top coat off and then put the cotton on to soften the gel polish so it could be removed. the first nail was the hardest to watch. it really didn’t take long to remove the gel and my nails were back to there normal look a bit long though.

Anna started my manicure and I asked her to shorten them a little as they were a little on the long side for when I am not Susan, which she did but kept the same shape. I looked at them and they looked short enough and the shape seamed fine. I went and washed my hands and came back to the table. Anna said she wanted to try #409 and she showed my the color and it looked about the same clear with a pink tint to it so I decided to try it. Anna put on a clear base coat and then the first coat of #409 which is called kiss of pink. now with gel polish you dry them as you go in an ultra violet machine. she finished the first coat and there was the slightest pink tint to my nails. she did a second coat and the the clear top coat and I looked at my nails and you could see the pink color if you looked close.

The manicure with gel polish was $25 so not that bad and my nails looked nice. I paid and was on my way. I am really thinking of trying to get a manicure every couple weeks as it is fun and I enjoy it. Anna thanked me and I was on my way. I got in my car and went to put my ring on and wow in natural light my nails really do have a pink tint to them and they do look 20160220_143335a lot longer then they did without polish. I am wondering if I will be able to keep them this way, I have a mat nail polish I was putting over the clear gel to get rid of the shine I am hoping it will also cover up the pink color. The color doesn’t20160220_143936 show up very well in the pictures as I tried several attempts. It really is amazing how a polish even a clear can make your nails look longer.

Well I left the nail salon and as I drove home I passed the Starbucks and I could see a couple tables empty inside so I figures I would stop and do this blog before going home. Now they were still busy but I had a place to sit. I ordered my drink and the girl behind the counter remembers my name which was nice although I have been here a few 20160220_145401times over the last week.

SO I sat here for a little over an hours doing my blog and catching up on some work. It is amazing as there are some of the same people here that I have seen here on other days. I guess a lot of people come here and hang out so I am not the only one. As I sit here there are 2 ladies at the next table and both have beautiful red nails and I find myself being jealous of them because they can have them when ever they want.

Well time to leave as I have things to do, I think I will stop and get lunch before heading home.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.

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Vacation time is here but off to a ruff start.

Well I am on vacation for a week, I normally go to Diva Las Vegas each year and I always save 2 weeks of vacation for that but this year I couldn’t go because of the dates so I found myself with vacation time I have to use or loose so I took this coming week off for some Susan time. I was really looking forward to it. The bad thing is my vacation actually started after about a half day on Thursday as I got sick earlier in the week and by Thursday I was really not feeling well and left early to go to the doctor. Nothing too serious but I will be on antibiotics for a touch of bronchitis for several days. Not how I wanted to start my vacation.

My plan was to go to the nail salon Friday and get a manicure and pedicure and although I wasn’t going to get acrylic nails I had kind of let my own nails grow out a little long to where they should be able to shape them and give them a nice feminine look. I was also going to get gel polish for the week in color. Well Friday I was just not feeling up to it and it takes a lot for me not to feel like being Susan, as a matter of fact I didn’t feel like being Susan all week.

Well Saturday came around and I was feeling better so I decided I would make an appointment for Saturday at 5 and get my nails done and then depending on how I felt maybe go to the Escape for a while. I called Dream Nails and made an appointment with Anna for 5, she does a really good job but all the ladies here are really friendly of course I have been going here now for every 5 to 6 weeks for about a year in a half now. Now I know what you are thinking should I be out being sick, the doctor told me that I should be fine around people after I had been on the medication for 2 days and as I started Thursday afternoon I figured I was fine plus the medicine controlled my cough which is the big issue.

I got ready and yes t did take a little longer as not doing any of the upkeep for Susan over the past week took a little longer today. I was ready by 4:30 which gave me time before I left. I got there right before 5 and as usual they were busy. 1 lady waiting and 6 getting their nails done, 3 pedicures and 3 manicures so I am glad I called for an appointment. I picked out my color which was Ferrari Red.

Anna finished the lady she was doing and got me in the pedicure chair just a couple minutes after 5. I so love going and getting my nails done, it is such a wonderful experience. I struggle sometimes with the cost though as today will be $50 plus tip and as I have to hid my toes in my male life and normally I just get a clear coat on my fingers which I put a matt polish over to hide the shine and normally I keep my nails some what short well maybe just a little long for a guy. I question myself is it worth the money. I wouldn’t question it at all if I could have pretty long nails all the time even as a man but I did spend over $600 last years at the nail salon which is a lot when you really thinks about what I get except for one thing. I enjoy it and it makes me happy. This is something that a lot of woman do and probably don’t think about in and very few men will ever enjoy. This is my vice, addiction or obsession, call it what you want but I like it and it doesn’t hurt anyone. How knows maybe someday men will be able to show off pretty nails and life will be awesome then.

Now I was at the pedicure chair at the front of the salon, 3 chairs down from me was another lady and 2 chairs down from her was a man and woman. Now this is the second time I have seen a man here getting a pedicure. Anna started on my feet and as always did a great job. it is so relaxing, she removed the old posh which only had  2 small chips of course it has been just a little less than 5 weeks since my last manicure and pedicure. Then she trims the nails, pushes back the cuticle and trims them. Then comes the fun part, the salt scrub, oil and lotion and then the lower leg message. It is so relaxing. to finish it off there is a hot towel and the a hot rock message. the result my lower leg looks incredible and feels so soft and silky and it will feel this way for a couple days. I love Susan pedicure for Valentines day 2016that feeling Next she started to paint my toes with the Ferrari red. it is a really bright and beautiful red color and I could think of no better color for Valentines day. I really think all feet look better with nice toenails and a pretty color. As she was finishing painting my toes the man and woman from the end walked by, they were all done. The woman had a beautiful pink on her toes and the man had almost a black color. Not a color I would pick but he did have color on his toes.

Now I moved over to the manicure table and Anna asked if I wanted gel polish again and I Said yes. She started by roughing up the top of the gel polish that was still on and then put little pieces of cotton with acetone and then held them on with little plastic clamps to soften the old polish. It is a strange feeling to sit with your hands like that as you can’t do anything with them. Anna went and cleaned the pedicure spa before coming back to scrap off the old gel polish. As she worked on my hands she said Clear gel again. I looked at her and said no I was thinking the same red I had on my toes. I actually saw a smile on her face. She shaped my nails to a square tip, they are not real long but have a nice shape to them and then pushed back the cuticle and trimmed them. they looked nice. she then went and got the Ferrari Red gel polish.

She started off with a clear base coat, now the good thing about gel polish is you fry them in an ultra violet light dryer and it only take 30 to 60 seconds to dry them completely between applications so as she paints one hand you dry the other so it goes really quick. once the clear base coat was done she started the color, 2 coats of the Ferrari Red and then a high gloss clear top coat. took about 10 minutes and I had beautiful red finger nails and they were completely dry. No worrying about smudging the polish. the came the same oil and lotion message on my hand and forearm. It was a wonderfully relaxing experience. It really was worth the money. it took about an hour and 10 minutes for the whole thing and I Susans manicure for Valentines day 2016 (3)had pretty fingers and toes. now the one bad thing about gel polish is you can’t just remove with polish remover. you have to file off the top of it and then soak it off with acetone. and that takes time but I should be able to keep them for the week. I paid for my nails and I was on my way. it was a fun night and just what I needed after being sick last week. Wow really wish I could keep them like this all the time.

Now I thought about going to the Escape as it was about 6:30 now but I am still not feeling great and I really want to be able to get out this week so I went through the drive through at Panda ExpressSusans manicure for Valentines day 2016 (1) and got some food as I have been living on soup the last several days and I was hungry which I guess is a good sign and then I went home. It was a fun time and just what I needed to feel better.

I will probably rest tomorrow so I can go out during the week. I really need to do some shopping as some of my makeup is getting low and I really do want to buy some new outfits. I may even go to a movie this week.

It is hard to believe looking back at my blog how many times I have blogged about Susan. This will be blog number 794, wow what a fun time I have Susans manicure for Valentines day 2016 (2)had. Thanks for reading and have a Happy Valentines Day everyone.

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Tuesday night manicure pedicure.

I got home today and had a couple hours free today and I thought why not go get a manicure & pedicure. It has been a while I was thinking I last went in November but looking at my blog it was October 13 when I last went and got my nails done. Now I would love to go ever 4 weeks but I can’t swing that so I was hoping every 6 weeks. it is a little expensive for what I can really get as I can’t go all girly but I still enjoy it so it is worth it for me. This really is one of the fun things girls get to do.

Any way I got home at 3 and called Dream Nails to see if I could get an appointment Anna my nail tech said she could get me in at 4,s o I was off to get ready a quick shower and shave and then I started my makeup. Now I was ready to leave by 3:45 so I had a little time to kill as I am less than 5 minutes away. I was on my way and got there just before 4 and went in.

Now I figured a Tuesday afternoon and a cold and rainy day, yes it was really raining hard would be a good day to go, turns out a lot of ladies thought the same thing as they were really busy. All 4 nail tech were busy and there were 3 ladies waiting, glad I called and made an appointment. I picked out my color a really bright pink and sat down. Anna was still finishing up on a young lady so when she went to wash her hands she got me going in the pedicure spa. now I sat there soaking my feet in a massaging chair while she finished up with the other lady. it was about 4:15 when she got over to me but I didn’t mind waiting as this really is a wonderfully feminine experience. She started my pedicure and it felt so wonderful, if you have never had a pedicure you really should. It was so relaxing and in the end I had beautiful pink toes.

Next came my manicure, now I would so love to have the same color on my fingers, I did this back in October as I was on vacation that week. I decided to go with a clear gel polish again well actually the one I picked is clear pink which has just the slightest pink tint to it which gives my nails a really healthy look. she did an awesome job and I was really happy. I think I will try to do it on a vacation soon and get a really pretty color. As she was finishing a man cam in and wanted a pedicure, he took his shoes and socks off and rolled up his pants and one of the nail tech started to give him a pedicure. now I was pretty sure he wasn’t going to get a pretty color and the fact I am guessing he will put his shoes on when he is done he probably wont get any polish but he was still able to enjoy a pedicure. this is the first time I have seen a man in a nail salon getting a pedicure. Maybe things are changing and men will start taking care of their nails.

It was about 5:30 when I was all done. As I said it was going to be a quick night Pedicure 1-12-2016 (1)out and I had to head home as I had some things I had to do but of course I had to get a couplePedicure 1-12-2016 (2) pictures. I love having pretty feet. It was a fun time.

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Quick trip to the nail salon for a Medi Pedi.

Well with everything going on in my life I have not gotten out much the last month which is sad as I really need my Susan time. I am hoping to get out more but will not be as much as I was getting out at least for the next couple months. That being said I will have to take advantage when the opportunity comes up like tonight.

Now I didn’t have a lot of time tonight but I really needed a pedicure and wanted a manicure too as it has been almost 2 months sense I got my last one. I got home late and figured I would call Dream nails and see if Anna could fit me in. I called her at 4 to see if she had an opening about 5:30. Anna said she could get me in if I could be there by 5, now this would be a rush but I really needed / wanted a manicure and pedicure so I told her I would be there. I had 1 hour to transform to Susan and get to the nail salon, luckily it is close to my house.

So at 4 pm I jumped into the shower and started my transformation. I think this is a record for me as I went from male self to shower to makeup and dressed and was out the door and to the nail salon by 4:50. I was really looking forward to this as it really is a fun and relaxing way to spend some time. Anna was waiting for me so I picked out a pretty bright red for my toes and of course it will be a clear coat for my fingers.

Anna started on my feet, wow it is such a relaxing feeling to get a pedicure, woman are so lucky to be able to enjoy this any time they want. More men should really give this a try as I am sure they would love it. Another lady came in to get her nails done and she sat next to me. She no more then put her feet in the tub and she got a call. Turns out her daughter is getting married this Saturday and she like me have been trying to fit a trip to the nail salon in. well she had to hurry so she told the lady to skip the leg message. Well Anna called another girl over as they were not as busy as the last time I was here and had her start on her hands while the other girl did her feet so she could get the leg massage. How awesome is that what great customer service? Well I got in a conversation with the lady which was so nice. Herd all about the wedding which is in the gorge. It was nice to just have a nice girl’s time at the salon.

Well she finished my toes and I moved over to get my fingers done and decided to go with a clear gel polish again as my nails were breaking a lot and I hope the gel polish will help them look better. It’s a little more expensive but hey I am worth it. It was a wonderful hour or so. Gel nails polish is a lot quicker as there is no drying time.

Now as I said tonight was a quick and have to be a short trip out but I didn’t want to go straight home so I made a quick stop to get dinner at the Panda Express drive through before heading home and changing back to my male self as I had to be at a meeting at 7:30 so it would be a rush to get back to my male self. I hit the shower at 6:50 and was back to my male self by 7:15 and on my way. I think this is one of the fastest and shortest Susan time I have had but still worth it as with my schedule right now any time I can get is worth it. Thanks for reading and I will try to post a picture of my toes when I get a chance.

Thanks for reading.

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