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Friday and the end of the week

I am always so glad when Friday gets here as not only do I have a few days off to rest but I have time for Susan and that makes it wonderful. I am still going to the gym but using different machines and shorter workouts to give my leg a chance to fully recover. Any way I got home from the gym about 4 and started getting ready. I really love this time, the transformation time. It is a time to relax and enjoy going from my boring male side to my female side. It is funny because when I say stuff like this I always get someone who takes it as I am wanting to transition. No I do not want to transition. I have lived all my life as a male and even the last several years the major part of my life is male and it really is the same thing. It is fun and relaxing to be Susan to be Female for a time. Now I will admit if money was no object and I didn’t have to work I would spend more time as Susan, yes it would probably be the majority of my time but there would still be times I would want and need my male self. So when people tell me that eventually I will realize I want to transition that is what I tell them. I am not unhappy with my male side and I need that part of me also, that is how I know I wont transition. Anyway I can feel the stress go away and I fully relax as I become Susan and that is wonderful. Everyone should find something they can do to feel this way.

I was on my way a little before 6 which is just a little earlier than normal. I got to Sweet Home and found a parking spot in their small lot. Chris and Roxy were already there, Chris playing pool as normal. Now they had their New York Steak dinner tonight which is awesome so I ordered it. They really do have wonderful food here but I think this is my favorite, and it was wonderful. Now I did bring my computer as I knew I would be early so I spent some time catching up on e-mails and other things. Now it was kind of slow tonight but that was okay. It was fun just being out and being myself and being accepted as who I am, that is a wonderful feeling.

It wasn’t long and Laura H. and Lisa showed up, it was good to see them out on a Friday night. We had a good night out as always. Heather also showed up and it was wonderful to see her again. I met her right after we started coming here and she is always happy to see everyone and always has a hug to give.

Soon it was time for Karaoke and a few more people showed up but it was still a smaller crowd tonight but fun. I tried to stay as long as I could but by 11 I was getting tired. it is funny as a few years ago I wouldn’t even get out till 9 and we usually closed down places. I guess I am just not as young as I use to be. I left about 11:15 to head home but it was a great night and a wonderful start to my weekend.

Susan Miller at Clackamas Town CenterThanks for reading

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Friday night with my friends

Well it has been another long week for Susan so she was really looking forward to an evening out with her friends. I got to the P-Club about 7:15 and Cassandra, Chris, Diane and her friend Christy were already there. It was great to see Diane again as she is in town for the week. She in traduced me to her friend Christy, seems they went to High School together and reconnected on Face book. It is so cool what the internet has done for us as far as connection and keeping in touch with friends. It was nice to Meet Christy, she is really nice and I enjoyed talking with her and look forward to talking to her more.

I had a good chance to talk with Cassandra and Cristine about their trip to Diva Las Vegas. They had a great time. They did a lot of fun stuff such as going down town Las Vegas to the Freemont experience. I have been there a couple times as my male self but never as Susan. There were so many people there and they got lots of pictures. I was sad I couldn’t go this year but glad they had such a good time and I look forward to going with them next year plus hearing all their stories plus reading some of my friends face book pages about Diva Las Vegas and Alexis blog it was kind of like being there. I have also seen so many wonderful pictures.

Well it was time for dinner and they still had the ribs on the menu so I ordered them and they were so good. The meat fell right off the bones so I could eat them with a fork which for Susan is really important as I hate getting my hands or worse my face messy and heaven forbid I mess up my lipstick. Susan has her priorities and looking cute and pretty is at the top of the list.

Well other girls started to show up and we had a pretty good turnout, maybe 12 to 15 girls in all. Some of the girls played pool but the real game was shuffle board. Bobby and I challenged Diane and Kelly to a shuffle board game. We won both games the first easily but the second game was really close.

We had several new girls show up which is always great. One was named Tabatha and she was really nice. I enjoyed talking to her. It is always so nice to meet new people and get to know them. I think that is one of the great things about this group as it gives us a chance to meet new people. I have met so many wonderful people and although we all share a common interest in the way we dress and present ourselves we are all different in ways too. It is these differences that make us all special and create such a unique and wonderful group.

Michelle was also another new girl that showed up. Talked to her a little but not as much as I would have liked but that is because we started playing shuffle board, Michelle was my partner so she was on the other end of the table. I look forward to talking to her more the next time she is out with the group. I hope they all join our group the Rose City T-Girls. Cassandra gave them all her card and invited them to join. We also told them all about the Cinco de Mayo party Saturday night and I think, hope they will all show up.

The rest of the night was fun and yes I even played a game of pool against Diane. It was a close game but in the end Diane was the winner. I really need to work on my pool game I think that is why I like shuffle board more as this girl is way better at that game.

The cool part of the P-Club is some of the regulars come over and talk with us throughout the evening. We are pretty much accepted as regulars there and people treat us that way. It really is a fun and accepting place for our group to go. If you are ever in the Portland Oregon area on a Friday night feel free to come join us.

It was a really fun night and as always it went way to fast. As we were paying our bills there were 3 men at the bar that started talking to us. They were okay with us but wanted to know why we liked dressing this way so we talked with them for probably 15 minutes. I think this is really important to be willing to talk with people and answer their questions as this is how people find out about us and who we are and this I think brings a greater acceptance of all.

Well Saturday night our group is having a Cinco de Mayo party which should be a lot of fun and I am really looking forward to it. I had hoped to get a new outfit for the party but just didn’t have a chance to go shopping but I do know what I am going to wear, actually I have done a lot of thinking about the party and know just the look I want. It will be such a fun night. The bad part is I will have to leave about 5:30 on a Saturday night and if the weather is nice I am sure my neighbors will be out working in their yards which will be a challenge.

I also plan on going to Starbucks this week as I have missed the last 3 weeks going there. It really is a nice relaxing evening out. Also next Friday at the P-Club and then next Saturday for our monthly night out at Harvey’s comedy club so Susan should have a busy week ahead.

Thanks for reading and have a great week.

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Fun Friday at Embers

Well I made it out again on Friday night. The first Friday of the month is what our group calls fun Friday and is a night for you to try a new or different look. It can be anything from different hair style or makeup to a complete new look, wild to sexy. It is a lot of fun, so tonight I made an attempt to recreate the look Chiffon did for me at the t-girl pageant, you can see my picture on my flickr page and is right next to the picture from the pageant. I guess it has been a while sense I uploaded a picture. I really focused on the eyes as I think that is the hardest part. I came close but still need more practice, and it also took longer to do my makeup than normal so I was a little late and by the time I got to Embers but I bet there were 10 girls already there.

There is still a little tension between our group and Embers but I think it is getting better. We had a really good group as there were 8 of us that sat down and watched the show and probably 10 up at the pool table playing pool. It was so nice to have a big group out again. I think during the summer people get busy and don’t come out as much.

Amy showed up in boy mode and several of the girls did not recognize her, I did but I think hearing her voice helped. Half way through the night she went out and changed into her girl clothes and came back in. boy I remember years ago when I would change in my car because I had some roommates which made it impossible to get dressed at home. I got pretty good at it to but so much nicer now that I can get all pretty at home and then go out.

Peggy was also there which was nice as I have not seen her in about 6 weeks or more. It was nice to get a chance to sit and talk with her before the show started. Her friend Julie was also going to come out tonight but never made it which was a shame as I think it has been sense May sense I saw her last.

Maya was also there which is nice as she is always fun and being our schedules are opposite she is usually out on Saturday or Wednesday while I am out on Fridays. She use to be part of our Friday night group which last winter was the night with the most t-girls out and I am hoping that as we move into fall Friday nights will again become our groups big night again.

Cassandra was also there as she is the one person you can count on being out all the time as she is our group leader and brought us all together. She founder our group “the Rose City T-girls” and in less than a 3 year time she has grown our group to 161 members of which most are active in the group and I would say 40% get out on a regular basis which is really good. She has a talent for this kind of thing.

The show was good and there were some new things in it. One of the Drag Queens (Topaz) that left last fall is back from Texas and performing again which was nice to see as she was really good. Chiffon is still there and does an awesome job and I am not just saying that because she helped me during the pageant and did my makeup. She always looks like she is having so much fun on the stage, some of the Drag Queens are really good performers but they just don’t look like they are enjoying themselves. I think if you really enjoy what you are doing it shows and gives you that little edge. They had some new songs; it may just be more noticeable as we are not going to Embers every week.

The crowed was pretty small most of the night but there was about an hour that they had a good crowd. The show at one point got a little, well more sexual than I thought was expectable as they brought a couple guys up on stage and had them take their shirts off which is fine but then they had one moon the crowd and were touching the other one. People do strange things when they drink too much. At one point the manager came down and told one of the Drag Queens to tone it down which I thought showed some good judgment on his part.

It was a fun night and most of us stayed till 1:30. We were just leaving when the show ended so it was another late night for this girl. Have a great week and stay pretty all.

Oh one last note, Cassandra & Peggy are once again opening their home to our group for a Halloween party. It was so much fun last year and I am already looking forward to it. They are so great to do this, you two really are awesome. Now I have to come up with a costume for the party and only have 7 weeks. Any ideas please let me know, but it must be cute or sexy.

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