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A fun Friday night out with Friends

Well it is Friday night so time for Susan to get out and spend some time with her friends. Now a few of our core group are out of town still so I figured it would be a slow night but that didn’t matter. I just decided to go a little early and take my computer and have fun.

I got to Sweethome around 6:15 and went inside, I put my purse and computer on the table and was just about to sit when I heard someone call my name and turned around to see Danielle & Rachel at the bar. These are the girls that got our group coming here after the P-Club incident. I went over and talked with them for a while, Danielle and her partner Kelly just got back from a vacation to Hawaii so I of course had to find out how it was and they both had a wonderful time which of course how could you not being in Hawaii. I also found out Danielle and Kelly are still not smoking, they quit 9 weeks ago and are doing great. I am so proud of them both.

Well I went back to my table and broke out my computer and started doing stuff on it while I waited for others to show up, it was about 7:15 when Cristine showed up and Lynn and Jan were not far behind her and then Cassie showed up so by 8 pm there were 5 of us there. We talked and had dinner. Diane even showed up, she is in town this weekend so that was a great surprise. Actually I think she is going to be moving back to Portland soon I hope. It was great to talk with her again.

It was a little later and a few more girls showed up, Stefia, Carolyn and Marilyn. They stopped by for a little while, Carolyn was out last week so it was good to see her again, it was nice to see Marilyn also as it has been a really long time since I have seen her, I think they are both doing the makeup class tomorrow at Nordstrom’s at Washington Square. That would be so much fun but Susan can’t make it out tomorrow. I did do one of the classes a little over a year ago and had a blast. I got to talk with Stefia for a while. We really need to get together again for lunch or dinner. She had just got back from a trip Amsterdam where she traveled as Stefia, actually she was Stefia the whole time except for about a half day when she gave her lecture how cool is that. I have always wondered what it would be like to fly and go through an airport as Susan. From the people I have talked to they say it is not that different as they treat you like any other woman. Any way I got to hear about her trip and it sounds like so much fun.

Now it was about 10:30 when Robin showed up, she is one of our groups newer members and she had posted she would be here late and wanted to make sure some of us would be there, this was actually her first time going out as Robin. She seemed really nice and of course we all asked her question trying to get to know her and told her a little about our group and some of the fun things we do. She was really nice and I hope she keeps coming out although like so many she hast to keep this a secret even from her wife so it will be hard for her to get out regular.

Now Cassie met a girl at the bar named Megan she was here by herself so Cassie invited her to come sit with us which she did. She was really awesome and fun to talk with. I even got a few picture with her, it was late in the evening so the pictures did not turn out that great as they were all dark or had parts or people cut off but still better than no pictures at all.

I was sure I got a picture with Stefia but it must have been on her camera as I only had a few pictures on mine and none with her which is a shame.

My blog is great for helping me remember my time out as Susan which is why I started it in the first place but pictures I just think add so much to it and as I have gotten so much more comfortable going out I tend to forget about pictures which is a shame. Actually if it had not been for Stefia getting her camera out and starting with the pictures I would have forgotten again and had none for my blog so Thanks Stefia.

Well as it got later some of our group left. Diane and I got a good chance to talk with Megan and she had some question and we did our best to answer them and it worked out well as Diane could answer the questions on transitioning and I handled the ones on crossdressing. This is a picture of me with Megan and part of Cassie, like I said we had a little trouble taking pictures tonight. I do have one more I will include though.

Megan was really fun and we all had a great time. Now it had been a long day for my male self so I had only planned on staying till about midnight but we were having such a good conversation that time got away from me and before I knew it, it was after 1 am. Wow the night went by so fast.

Well it was time to go so I went up and paid my bill and said my goodbyes. Diane and Megan were still there talking when I left. What a great night it was.

Okay the last picture I had to use the computer to brighten it up as it was really dark but I had to include it as it shows Cassie in it and behind us is Diane with her fingers above our heads. Came out a little blurry but still cute.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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