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Out on a Thursday night for dinner

Thursday night out, Cassandra texted me to see if I wanted to meet her for dinner at the second avenue sports bar (ne old Fox & Hounds). I decided to go have dinner with her. We were going to meet at 6 and after dinner go to Embers for a little while as tonight is the last night open as they are being shut down. I got all ready and got downtown just before 6 traffic was horrible tonight do to the Blazer game. Cassandra was already there on her computer. It was good to be out again.

We talked a little about the group and up coming events and also about the changes here at the old Fox & Hounds. The new owner Erin is really nice and she has really cleaned things up and made it look new, added a couple more pool tables. It really is nice. We ordered dinner and it was really good. Now I am not saying Fox & Hounds was bad as I really liked it and we always had a nice time there but things change and sometimes change is good. It is a nice place and I would recommend the Second Avenue Sports bar check them out 217 NW 2nd Ave, Portland, OR 97209. It was a really nice time. It was a little after 7 when we decided to go over to Embers for their last night.

We got over there and they were really busy, it took us a little while to find a parking spot a couple blocks away. We got to Embers and there was a line to get in, we ran into David who use to work here when we came here. Now we have not been to Embers in probably 7 years, I think the last time we were here was the summer of 2010. We had a disagreement with the owner and we found another place called the P-club and well that didn’t work out either but because of it we started going more places and that was a good thing as we have grown so much as a group. Now although we haven’t gone here in years it still does have a special place in my heart. Embers was the first place I really ever went out, I had actually gone here 3 times sat in my car for an hour and then left, the 4th time I was getting ready to leave when another t-girl walked by and tapped on my car window and asked if I was going in and I did her name was Lori and she was the first person I had ever met that was transgender. That night really changed my life as for the first time I felt I wasn’t the only one like this. This is also where I met Alice, my first real friend in the transgender community. She would e-mail me when she came to Portland and I would go meet her at Embers. I so looked forward to when she came to town as at this point I would not go out by myself and it took all I could do to walk into Embers even knowing she would be there. Alice doesn’t get out any more but I still think of her and how she helped me start going out. This is a picture of us from a long time ago.

Embers was the first place I went and that does make it sad that it closed, so many of our girls in the group this was where they got their start. We all have some fond memories from here and although we haven’t gone here for a while it is still kind of like home. I think that is why Cassandra and I and I am sure all the people who came here tonight are here. It is like going back to the home you grew up in.

We really did have some wonderful times here, it was every Friday night and sometimes on Saturday night, some of the girls came here Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. It was a safe place we could go and be ourselves even if we weren’t sure who we were at that point.

This is where I met Cassandra for the first time probably in 2007 and found out about the Rose City T-girls group she had. It was a great idea but I was still nervous and didn’t join till early 2008 but that was the best thing I did as I got to know more of the girls and that is where I really started to become the lady I am now with the help of my friends. Cassandra is one of my best friends now and knows almost as much about my male self as my female self. As a matter of fact, several of the girls in the group know almost as much about my male self as my female self.

Embers is where I met Jan & Lynn, Tereasa, Peggy, Barb, Rachael, Penelope and so many others and I am still friends with them today. This is a picture of Rachael, me, Penelope and Cassandra, we met them here at Embers and just hit it off. It is funny as we took so many pictures back then but that was also 3 computers ago and I am sure I have all the pictures just not sure where to find them. We came here for New Years a couple times, here is a picture from that, what cute hats we all have on.

I think we will all miss it as Embers really did shape our lives some and who we are. Below are a few more pictures I found from Embers all those years ago. I created my blog as a way to document my life and time as Susan and it is nice at times like this I can go back and remember some of the things I have done and the people I have met. Now I am not saying you should all do a blog but you should have some pictures and some notes to look back on what you did and the people who you met and had an impact on your life. We only stayed here till about 9:30 as I had to get up early in the morning. On the way out, we talked with David more and also ran into Jim. He use to come out with us all the time at Embers but when our group left and went else where we lost touch with him. It was great to see him again. It was a good night but a little sad.

Thanks for reading and keep up with me on my most recent blog.

Cassandra an I at the pool table

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Stormy night at Starbucks

Well it is another Wednesday night out at Starbuck’s. The weather the last couple days have been rainy sand even a couple thunder storms which I enjoy, there is something about the thunder and lightning as the song say “I love the thunder and lightning when it lights up the ski”. I actually got here a little earlier than normal for once which worked out well as about 5 minutes after I got here it really rained and lasted for about 20 minutes so I would have got soaked had I got here at my normal time. Right now I am sitting here and can see the flashes of light to the West but as of yet have not heard any thunder.

When I got inside the one lady remember what I like and had already had the other lady making it for me which was nice. It is nice to be remembered and treated like a regular but I guess coming here almost every Wednesday for 9 months has something to do with it. They again are not real busy maybe 8 other people here but it is more than last week. There are 3 girls working tonight instead of 2, but I think the one is new and being trained. All the girls who work here are just so nice and treat everyone great which goes to show what a good job Starbuck’s does in training and hiring.

It has been a long week and the group I belong to has been really active for the last few days, seems there was an incident at Embers Wednesday night with a charity auction they had for Camp Starlight that got all the girls in the group upset. Now we have had issues with Embers before but nothing like this. Now I won’t say what happened as I was not there and have no firsthand knowledge of what happened so I would feel like I am spreading rumors which I try never to do. But it sounds like most of the girls in the group are so unhappy they may not go back and one is planning on meeting with the owner or manager about it. It is a shame as some of the employees and Drag Queens are really nice and do a wonderful job.

Other than this not much to blog about, I will stop at Safeway on the way home as I need to pick up a few things tonight. I will again be out this Friday and I believe we will be at the Candlelight again but not sure. It should be posted in the group tomorrow where we will be so look for my next blog about Friday night.

A few more people have come in now which is nice as I like it here better when there are more people. There is one couple in the corner that come in almost every Wednesday (maybe other night too) just like me but they get here about 8 pm so I guess that makes them regulars too. Have a great rest of the week.

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Fun Friday at Embers

Well I made it out again on Friday night. The first Friday of the month is what our group calls fun Friday and is a night for you to try a new or different look. It can be anything from different hair style or makeup to a complete new look, wild to sexy. It is a lot of fun, so tonight I made an attempt to recreate the look Chiffon did for me at the t-girl pageant, you can see my picture on my flickr page and is right next to the picture from the pageant. I guess it has been a while sense I uploaded a picture. I really focused on the eyes as I think that is the hardest part. I came close but still need more practice, and it also took longer to do my makeup than normal so I was a little late and by the time I got to Embers but I bet there were 10 girls already there.

There is still a little tension between our group and Embers but I think it is getting better. We had a really good group as there were 8 of us that sat down and watched the show and probably 10 up at the pool table playing pool. It was so nice to have a big group out again. I think during the summer people get busy and don’t come out as much.

Amy showed up in boy mode and several of the girls did not recognize her, I did but I think hearing her voice helped. Half way through the night she went out and changed into her girl clothes and came back in. boy I remember years ago when I would change in my car because I had some roommates which made it impossible to get dressed at home. I got pretty good at it to but so much nicer now that I can get all pretty at home and then go out.

Peggy was also there which was nice as I have not seen her in about 6 weeks or more. It was nice to get a chance to sit and talk with her before the show started. Her friend Julie was also going to come out tonight but never made it which was a shame as I think it has been sense May sense I saw her last.

Maya was also there which is nice as she is always fun and being our schedules are opposite she is usually out on Saturday or Wednesday while I am out on Fridays. She use to be part of our Friday night group which last winter was the night with the most t-girls out and I am hoping that as we move into fall Friday nights will again become our groups big night again.

Cassandra was also there as she is the one person you can count on being out all the time as she is our group leader and brought us all together. She founder our group “the Rose City T-girls” and in less than a 3 year time she has grown our group to 161 members of which most are active in the group and I would say 40% get out on a regular basis which is really good. She has a talent for this kind of thing.

The show was good and there were some new things in it. One of the Drag Queens (Topaz) that left last fall is back from Texas and performing again which was nice to see as she was really good. Chiffon is still there and does an awesome job and I am not just saying that because she helped me during the pageant and did my makeup. She always looks like she is having so much fun on the stage, some of the Drag Queens are really good performers but they just don’t look like they are enjoying themselves. I think if you really enjoy what you are doing it shows and gives you that little edge. They had some new songs; it may just be more noticeable as we are not going to Embers every week.

The crowed was pretty small most of the night but there was about an hour that they had a good crowd. The show at one point got a little, well more sexual than I thought was expectable as they brought a couple guys up on stage and had them take their shirts off which is fine but then they had one moon the crowd and were touching the other one. People do strange things when they drink too much. At one point the manager came down and told one of the Drag Queens to tone it down which I thought showed some good judgment on his part.

It was a fun night and most of us stayed till 1:30. We were just leaving when the show ended so it was another late night for this girl. Have a great week and stay pretty all.

Oh one last note, Cassandra & Peggy are once again opening their home to our group for a Halloween party. It was so much fun last year and I am already looking forward to it. They are so great to do this, you two really are awesome. Now I have to come up with a costume for the party and only have 7 weeks. Any ideas please let me know, but it must be cute or sexy.

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Back at Embers

Well I made it out on Friday after a really busy and long day. I wasn’t even sure I would make it out which would have been sad. I was running late so I had to hurry and get Susan ready something I hate as I really enjoy and it relaxes me to get Susan ready. I think the time getting all pretty is almost as much fun as being Susan. Having to rush so much was a little more stressful and relieving my stress is one of the best things about Susan. Anyway it was all good and I got to Embers only a little later than I usually do. I wasn’t too sure how many would be there other than Cassandra as her and I were the only two who posted in our group we would be there. I was glad to see we had a really good turnout and I bet we had 15 t-girls there; some were our regulars and some who come out a little less frequent do to other things in their lives so it was good to see them.

Embers was not real busy I think we had almost as many up at the pool table area as they did down watching the show. Jamie was here and I have only met her once or twice so I had a good chance to talk to her as it has been month’s sense she has been out on the same night as I. it was nice to catch up and get to know her better. Her wife Linda even stopped in for a while so I got to meet her for the first time. They have been out together before but it was a night Susan couldn’t make it. It is so cool her wife is so supportive of her being Jamie, we really do have some very supportive wives in our group and I hope they all know how special they are.

Maya was also there and it was so nice to see her. She has had a lot going on in her life so she has not been out as much, she use to be one of our every Friday night girls so I really enjoyed seeing her again and getting a chance to talk to her. I hope she can get out more on Friday nights with us again. Got to talk to Cassandra a bit and hear about her and Peggy’s vacation. Seems they had a great time and some good stories so I am still waiting for her to post some of the pictures as it seems they had some interesting obstacles pop up.

Jan and Lynn were also here and we got a chance to talk. Two weeks ago we ran into each other out in public (Jan and I were both in boy mode). I have seen Jan in boy mode but they have never seen me that way and I don’t know why but I went up and talked to them so they have not seen Susan looking unfeminine. I have made some really good friends in the group and as such feel so comfortable with them that I am becoming more willing to open my whole life. It started with Cassandra & Peggy when we went to Diva Las Vegas and they met the boy side of me. They are truly awesome friends and more like family (Sisters) and as time go by I am feeling that way about more of the group. This group is really more family then just friends and has made a world of difference for Susan. Two years ago I would have said I would never share both side of me with people but things change and we all grow. I hope everyone in the group and those I have met along the way know how much they mean to me. Oops I got a little carried away.

I played some pool and won the first 3 games in a row before losing, in all it was a good night as I won 4 and lost 3 so I had a better win record than loss which for me is really good. I almost stopped when I had won the first 3 just so I could say I played and never lost but it was a really fun night.

The show was good and they had a few new performers which is nice as it was something new and some of the drag queens even had some new songs. Chiffon did a couple new songs and she is really good. She was the one who did my makeup for the T-girl pageant and did an awesome job. I think she is one of the best if not the best performers as she always looks like she is having so much fun on stage.

We left about 1 am before the show was over but it was a fun night and nice to be back at Embers. We have had some issues there but you can have that anyplace you go so like anything you have to look at all things and see if the issues are more than the positive. If there are still enough positive reasons to go than you should and I think we will still be going to Embers from time to time but we still plan on rotating to the different places as change is good and one does not get board or into a routine as that is a sure way of losing interest. Any way have a great week and I will post again soon.

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Out at Starbucks again.

Well it is Wednesday and you know where Susan is. My schedule is settling back down after several weeks of odd ball shifts which is nice as I can once again plan for my Susan time. It is also nice as the weather was cooler today, we have had 5 days in a row that were 95 or higher and today it was only 79 which I like better as I can go outside and not sweat to death.

I have gotten a couple e-mails asking why I go to Starbucks all the time on Wednesday night so I thought I would address this in my blog. I can see where it seems like doing the same old thing and I guess to a point it is. The main reason is I only have a couple hours that I can be out and it is convenient for me. It also gives me the chance to catch up on e-mails and some work that I would normally just be sitting at home doing. Going out anyplace even the same place where there are other people is way better than just sitting at home. I see a few people every week but for the most part it is different people who come in so I get to also do a little people watching which is something I like to do anyway. Also there are fewer distractions here as there is no TV that I might be tempted to turn on which makes it easier to focus on what I am doing.

Now granted it would be so much fun to go over to Portland and meet up with my friends who go out every Wednesday night but I know that if I did I would stay out way too late and at my age Susan needs her beauty sleep. You see I have to get up way to early (4:30 am) to go to work. Starbuck’s closes at 9 so even if I stop to do a little shopping on the way home I am always home and in bed by 10 pm which gives me a good 6 hours. If I went to meet my friends I know they stay out to at least midnight and then so would I. I would never be able to get up for work. So Friday night is my night with friends and Wednesday is Susan’s quiet time to relax. It really is most enjoyable. Besides Starbuck’s is a really nice place to go for some alone time or just to chat with friends. A couple of the girls from my group have come over and joined me here which is always so fun as we can relax and catch up on some girl talk.

Well this Friday we are going to Embers, it has been several weeks so it will be nice to be back there. They really do put on a good show but going as often as we were it got a little old as we saw the same things over and over again. Kind of like eating the same thing every night, no matter how much you like it you want a little variety plus I like going to new places, ones that don’t necessarily cater to the GLBT crowd as I think this is a good way to meet new people who might never meet transgender people and help bridge the gap between us. I really believe once they meet us, and get to know us most will at least be tolerant if not accepting, I may be in a dream world but I can hope.

Anyway must catch up on some e-mails now so I will sign off. Hope everyone has a great week.

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Saturday night at Harvey’s comedy club

Well Saturday night I made it out which was nice as I did not make it out on Friday. I went downtown to Embers and met up with a bunch of my friends. Cassandra and Kelly both got ticket to the 10 pm show at Harvey’s Comedy club. We have gone there before and had an awesome time. We spent about an hour at Embers talking and met a new t-girl (Samoan); she lives in Seattle but is thinking about moving to Portland and was in town this weekend checking things out. It was nice to get to know her and sense we had some extra tickets we invited her to go with us to Harvey’s.

We left Embers about 8:50 and walked the 6 blocks to Harvey’s. It was a nice evening to walk downtown Portland as it was still in the low 80’s with a slight breeze but very pleasant. It was so fun to have 12 of us walking down the street. When we got to Harvey’s there was a good crowd standing in line to get tickets but sense we had ours we went inside and got some tables right by the door so we would be the first ones in this way we could all sit together. While we were standing in line Cassandra got to talk to a couple sitting next to us. It just amazes me how she can just go up to anyone and strike up a conversation.

The show was really good, they had two comedians. They were both really good but I think the first was the best which seems strange as he was the opening act for the main comedian. They both performed for almost an hour each so it was really good. This is the second time I have been to Harvey’s and both times was great, if you have never been there you really should go and check them out.

We got out of the show just before midnight and walked back to Embers as we had all parked there. It was still warm out and a very enjoyable walk. By the time we got back to Embers it was late and sense I had been up sense early Saturday morning I decided to go home. Most of the girls went down to CC Slaughters. It was a really fun night and a big thanks to Cassandra and Kelly for getting the tickets. You two rock.

We are still looking for some more mainstream places to go as it is really fun to be out with the general public and interacting with them and it also help to bridge the gap between us and help us gain more acceptance.

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Saturday night at Embers

Well I made it out on a Saturday night which does not happen very often but as I have to work all day Sunday (July 4th) I got Saturday night off and Susan went out. I got to Embers about 7:30 which was just perfect as Teresa and Cassandra had just arrived and we met at the door at the same time. There was a girl doing a chalk drawing on the side walk out front (I think she works at Embers) and it was really good. We stood and watched for a minute before going inside. There was no body inside so we went up by the pool table and sat down. We started to play pool and I actually had a good night, I think I won 7 and lost 4 which for this girl is really good. I even won a game against a guy who plays in tournaments which was really cool, and yes I won he did not scratch on the 8 ball. I sunk 3 balls in a row and then the 8 ball to win. It was a strange night as the people who won were not the ones you would expect to win.

While playing pool an older man came over and talked to me (actually was hitting on me) and offered to buy me a drink. I was flattered as any girl would be but I am just not interested in men so I thanked him but politely declined. He was fine with that and sat and talked to Teresa and me for a while before he left. A little later David brought me a drink and told me that a man at the bar bought it for me. I looked down by the bar expecting to see the man from earlier but did not see him. A little later another man younger then I came up and started to talk to me. He was the one who had bought me the drink. Again I was really flattered but still uneasy about it. This is the first time this has happened twice in one evening. I thanked him for the drink. He also was hitting on me so as I did not want to lead him on I again thanked him but explained I was not interested. He seemed a little disappointed but I think he understood. After about 10 minutes he left.

By the time the show started they had a good crowd. I still think the Friday night show is better but it was a good show. Chiffon and Onyx, they are my two favorite Drag Queens as I think they do the best. Onyx does one song called “All That Jazz” and I just love it. She is so good at it that I really look forward to her doing it. Cristine also showed up so there were 4 of us and we all had a great time. We stayed till about 1:45 so it was a late night but so fun.

I wish you all a Happy and safe 4th of July

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Quiet night at Starbuck’s

Well I have made my normal Wednesday night trip to Starbuck’s. They are really quiet tonight here as there are only 4 other people here so I had my pick of tables. Katie is working again tonight which is always nice.

Again today was rainy and cool I am ready for some warm sunny weather. Spring is over in 4 days and I think we have only had 4 days of nice weather the last 4 months. We have set another record for rain in the month of June and we are only half way through the month, it is also cooler than normal with a couple days setting records for the coolest daytime high. What is up with the weather this year? Okay I got that out so I can move on.

Well as I said in my last post I did not make it out shopping last weekend, too many things came up. I really want to go though so I will have to try to fit it in sometime soon. This Friday our group is going to the Candle Light room. Some of the girls went last Friday (I had to work and missed it) and they had a wonderful time. It sounds like a great place and being someplace new for Susan really sounds fun. I hope we have a big group as that always makes it more fun. Friday use to be the biggest night out for our group but as schedules have changed now it seems Wednesday nights at CC Slaughters is the big night. Too bad I work so early during the week. The Candle Light room is a more mainstream place which is always a good thing. I like Embers but they are a safe place as they have more of a GBLT clientele but going other places and meeting new people is a way of helping to educate people about the Gender community and let them get to know us. That way they can see who we are and hopefully learn to accept us as we are really no different.

I will have to MapQuest where it is as I hate to have to drive around looking for places. I also need to find out what the parking is like in that part of Portland. Embers I know just where to look for parking and can usually find something within a block or two.

Some of the girls are going to be in the Pride Parade on Saturday which would be so fun. I really wish I could make it but this Saturday I will be working most of the day and evening. I sometimes think I work too much but what is a girl to do. I am buying clothes for two people (Susan always gets more) as she has my male side wrapped around her finger. Well I will post al about Friday night in my next blog. Have a great rest of the week.


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Saturday June 12 2010

Well Saturday I had hoped to get out as Susan and do some shopping, maybe find a new wig but as things always seem to come up at the last minute I was unable to go out in the afternoon. I will have to try to go shopping another time. It was so nice today I was not about to give up on spending time as Susan so I decided to go out for a few hours Saturday night. There is something about being out on a warm evening.

I got downtown Portland about 7:45 and had to drive around for a while trying to find a parking spot. They still had signs up that said no parking anytime for the parade Saturday morning. I thought they had just missed them but was not willing to chance it. Last thing I need is to get ready to head home at 1 or 2 AM and find my car towed and be stranded downtown as Susan so I kept looking. Finally saw a car pull out about a block and a half from Embers so I quickly pulled in. I really like walking downtown but I knew when I got ready to leave and it was early morning, dark and less people on the street it would not be the same as when I got there. I guess this is something all women think about when they are out. I also knew that other t-girls would be leaving at the same time so I wouldn’t be totally alone even though they may not be parked by me.

Anyway I got to Embers and there was no one there. All the tables were empty which for a Saturday night I thought was strange even though I hardly ever get out on Saturdays. It wasn’t long before Teresa, Cassandra and Cristine showed up. It was so nice to see Teresa again as she only get out on Saturdays now that she is working again so our schedules are opposite. It was so nice to talk with her for a while. Amy and Mia showed up a little later and we had our little group at the table. We all sat and talked and told jokes it was so fun. It was nice to hear about the Candle Light room where they had gone last night. It sounds like such a fun place I am looking forward to going there next Friday.

A little after 9 we all moved up to the tables by the pool table in the front corner. This is a good place as we can still see the show but it is not so loud so we can still talk and also play pool. Teresa and I played the first game and Teresa was on fire. Needless to say I lost but had fun. The Saturday night host was late as she was at a pageant so the show started about an hour late. We all thought this was a little stupid as they had drag queens there ready to go but wouldn’t start without the host. We watch several people leave around 10 we assumed because the show didn’t start. The show finally started about 10:40 when Crystal got there. The show was good but I think the Friday show is better.

Any way I played a few more games of pool and finally won one against Teresa. It was a fun night and was nice to be out on a Saturday. We all played several games of pool except for Cassandra, for some reason she never played a game. I think this is the first time she has not played. We left about 12:40 and it was still nice and warm outside. In all it was a great evening.

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Susan is out again

Well it is Wednesday night by now you should all know where Susan is, yes at Starbuck’s. I was trying to remember how long I have been coming to this particular Starbuck’s. Seems I came here a couple time back in the fall of 2009 when the one I had been going to was doing a remodel and seemed to like this one better. I think mainly because I got to know the girls who work here, who by the way are great. Looking back through my blogs seems I started to come to this one every week sometime in November and have been here almost every week sense. Katie is still here but she is going to an earlier shift soon so I probably won’t see her (or at least as often). Shavonie I guess is staying but has been working different days, but when Katie goes to the earlier shift Shavonie will be back on Wednesday nights. The new girl that is working now on Wednesday nights name is Jenny and she is also really nice. They are all so great with all the customers. I really hope Starbuck’s knows how great their employees are. They are the main reason I come back every week.

Well any way when I got here tonight they were again busy with only a couple tables open. I got my drink and set up my computer. I had a lot of e-mails to catch up on and even though it is work doing it here as Susan almost seems like play. It is so strange as I really don’t mind doing extra work as long as I am Susan. It took me almost an hour to get through all my e-mails and answer the ones I needed to take care of so now I am taking a little break and updating my blog before I start my work. It should not take that long tonight though.

I am hoping to go out shopping again Saturday afternoon if things work out. I won’t be out Friday night as I have to work. A bunch of the girls from the group I belong to are going to try a new place Friday night instead of Embers, widening our list of places we can go. A couple of them went there for dinner last Friday and it seemed really positive so I really look forward to hearing all about it and if we start going there from time to time I hope to get the chance. It is called the Candlelight Room and has a pool table and a band after 9 and no cover charge. It will be nice to have a new place to go, don’t get me wrong as I like Embers but a girl needs a little change every once in a while.

I am not sure where I will go shopping but I would like to hit a couple wig shops as I would like to find a wig like the one I wore in the Pageant that Maya loaned me. Who knows I may even buy a second wig with a different look and color. Change can be good. Other than that I think I will just be out and about looking, of course if I find something cute and priced right you know I will have to buy it. Well I should get back to work now. Hope everyone has a great week.


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