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Harvey’s Comedy Club with friends

Well Cassandra once again got us tickets to Harvey’s Comedy Club so a group of us planed ongoing. Once again our plan was to meet at Hamburger Mary’s at 7 pm and walk the 7 blocks to Harvey’s. That being said I wore my 2 ½ inch wedge heels as I can walk all night in them. Well I left home and drove downtown Portland and got there about 7 pm and parking was unbelievable. First the bi parking lot just across the street from Hamburger Mary’s had half of it closed for something so the lot was full. I ended up driving around for 40 minutes and could not find anything, even in the parking lots they were all full to. I was looking for any place to park. Well finally as I drove by the parking lot across from Ember a car pulled out and I didn’t even hesitate, I pulled right in and took it. It was $8 but I really didn’t care as I was tired of driving around. Now I had the 4 block walk to Hamburger Mary’s. Thinking back just a couple year I was so scared to walk across the street from this parking lot and now it was no big deal.

Well I was almost to Hamburger Mary’s when I realized I left my umbrella in the car and had to hope it didn’t rain, now as my male self rain never really bothered me, but Susan worries about her hair and makeup. It was almost 8 by the time I got inside and met up with my friends, they had just as bad of a time finding parking as they had to park way down by Fox & Hound which is about 6 blocks the other way. Some of the girls had ordered food but as we planned on leaving here at 8:30 to walk to Harvey’s I didn’t think there was time for me to eat so I just planned on waiting till we got to Harvey’s. Hamburger Mary’s was pretty busy but one of the fun things was when I came out of the ladies room another lady going in stopped me and told me how awesome I looked and gave me a hi-five which made me feel great. She even asked me if I was performing as they had a drag show going on. I told her no I would never get on stage and she just smiled and said to bad as I looked good.

Well at 8:30 we made our way out and walked the 7 block to Harvey’s and got there right at 8:45, we could pick up our tickets between 8:45 and 9:15 but the window was closed so we stood out in the cold and the wind waiting for the window to open. Again as cold as I was what bothered me most was the wind and what it was doing to my hair, such a girl. Well the window finally opened and we got our tickets and then went into the lounge to wait for the show to start. One good thing getting there early is we got the table right by the door to go into the show room. There were 9 of us including Ray; he is the son of Jan and Lynn. They couldn’t make it but there son wanted to go so he spent the evening with all of us girls.

Cassandra of course went to get a drink and the next thing you know she is talking with 2 really cute girls. I don’t know how she does it but the next thing we knew she was getting pictures with them. Well as we were standing in line I had Kristy take my picture as it has been while since I have gotten a picture.

Well soon it was time to go into the show and again we got a table close to the front, not as close as last time but still a good table. Our waiter came to the table and you could see he was a little surprised when he saw us but he did an awesome job. He treated us well and always referred to us as ladies. He took our drink orders and a few of us ordered food. I must say we have always been treated well here and never had a bad experience.

The show started and the host did a good job and the opening act was really good but the headliner he was awesome. His name is Dwight Slade and he actually is from Portland, he got his start here. His show was so funny and we never laughed so hard. A lot of his material dealt with things that had just happened so it was fresh and new. He even really picked on people in the audience. I would go back and see his show again in a heartbeat. If you get a chance to see him you should.

After the show our waiter gave us our bills and of course I had the chance to use Susan’s credit card again which is always fun. He thanked us for coming and invited us back again. I can’t say enough about the staff here they are awesome. This is really a fun night out with the group in a mainstream place.

After the show we left and started back to our cars. Now as I said earlier parking was horrible so we were all over the place. We walked as a group for about 5 blocks and then it was time to go our own ways. It was a little after midnight and I found I had about 6 blocks to walk by myself. Now even though it was late there were a lot of people on the street so I wasn’t too worried as I stayed to the well lit main streets. Next time though I think I will make a better effort to find out where the other girls are parking as it really is better and safer to walk in a group as I really don’t think any woman should walk alone. Well I made it to my car and made the drive home. What a fun night it was and great to hang out with my awesome friends.

I hope to make it to Starbucks this week and of course will be out with my friends next Friday at the P-Club. Thanks for reading and have a great week.

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