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Friday night out with the girls.

Well the week is over and it is time to go out and have fun as Susan with my friends. Of course I had to set up my DVR to record the Bruce Jenner interview on ABC 20/20. I started getting ready and had an idea of what I would wear tonight, I had it narrowed down to 3 dresses. I got all my makeup done and went to look a the dresses and changed my mind and went with my blue dress. I was ready by 6:15, now it was nice out and I could hear some of the neighbor kids outside when I was getting ready so I looked outside just to be sure and didn’t see them so I was good to go.

I opened my garage door and started to pull out when 4 of the neighbor kids came running from the neighbors yard and ran right in front of my car. now there are not my next door neighbor kids so I don’t know them very well but still caught me off guard. I really couldn’t stop at this point so I just pulled out and drove off by them.

I got to Sweethome at 7 and as I was going in one of the ladies I have met here named Paula was in her car to leave and she got out and came over to talk to me. She hadn’t seen me in a while and was worried something had happened to me which made me feel good inside so we talked for a bit and I explained where I had been as I have only been here once in 7 weeks as I missed last weekend because I was sick. I went inside and Chris was playing pool so I set up my computer and got on line.

I caught up on e-mails and then went on Paltalk for a little while. It was good to be out tonight as I really do need my Susan time. Jolene was able to make it tonight in male mode so it was good to see her again. I got a chance to talk with her for a while. We even played pool and I won, it was a really fun night. I then had to play Chris pool and lost but I had a good game and kept it close.

Cristine and Roxy showed up also so we had 5 of us out tonight. Now about 9 it started to get real busy here which is good as it is always more fun when there are a lot of people here. Rachel was here tonight which was awesome, we met her at the P-club and she was the one who told us about Sweethome when we were excluded from the P-club, By the way just an update on the P-club. The appeals court herd the appeal of our case on April 8 so now we wait for their verdict which I assume will be 6 to 8 months. Any way it is Rachel’s Birthday and she was here to celebrate. A big Happy Birthday to her and  am glad to have her as a friend.

There was another group that came in and one of the girls in that group was also having a birthday and later on more of their friends showed up so their group had about 15 in it and were at the table next to us so we got to talk with them for a little bit. It is always fun meeting new people.

Now for my funny story of the night. There was an ma here tonight maybe 60 who had been drinking. Well he came over to talk to me for a while and well yes hit on me. He knew I was a t-girl though but told me I was really beautiful. Now he says he is a bass player in a band from Portland that was back in town for a benefit show oh and that he was rich. any way it was funny as he asked me about dancing and I told him I didn’t dance and he got a funny look on his face and said he thought all transgender like to dance. I told him I wasn’t a dancer and he just couldn’t understand that as he thought was we became transgender we like dancing. now as I said he was pretty drunk so I explained that I didn’t become transgender I have always been who I am. I don’t think he really understood it probably because of the amount of alcohol he had drank. but he kept going back to how beautiful I was and how he was a bass player and rich. he asked for my phone number and I explained I wasn’t interested in men and then he tried t give me his phone number.  I was very polite and kept thanking him but telling him I wasn’t interested. He finally walked away and I saw him talking to other girls here tonight and telling them the same thing. I guess he was really working the room.

Now it has been a long week so I figured I would only be out till 11 or so but that didn’t work. it was about 12:30 when I called it a night and the bar was still packed. What a fun night it was.

Now I did watch the Bruce Jenner interview I recorded and it was really good and for me there was one part that really stood out if I can say that and it is just because it is something I get asked a lot especially last night when the man was hitting on me and that is about being straight or gay as most people seem trouble with this and Bruce Jenner explained it really well. Gender and sexuality are 2 different things. Sexuality and who you are attracted to is who you go to bed with, Gender is who you go to bed as. I really like that statement. If you have not seen the interview I have linked it here in my blog. I think Bruce Jenner did a great job in the interview and it should be a real positive for the gender community. during the interview I think they said people on average only about 8% of people know someone who is Transgender but almost everyone knows Bruce Jenner so that number has changed. I give Bruce a lot of credit as it took a lot of courage to come out so public on this, not sure I could have done the same. I wish him the best.

Just incase you don’t know who he is he was an Olympic athlete in the 70’s and in many peoples eye one of the greatest athlete’s there ever was. here is a little history about Bruce.

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