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Halloween 2016

Okay it is not actually Halloween but the Saturday before and our group is going out to celebrate Halloween. I have been looking forward to tonight for weeks, this has always been one of my favorite holidays. It use to be being Susan was my costume a chance to be who I was but for the since 2009 I have been doing female costumes and I love it. Now I had a really cute costume for tonight. The plan was to meet at the Escape at 6 as they were showing the movie Rocky Horror Picture show at 7 and then Karaoke at 9. Well I started getting ready early as I was excited for tonight. I also wanted to do my makeup different to match my costume. I actually did some searching online till I found a picture of the look I was going for. I even did false eye lashes on both the upper and lower lids which took a little work. Now I am guessing you are all interested in what I chose for my costume, well I will tell you in a moment.

I was all ready by 5:20 so I figured I would leave early and take my computer till Susan Miller Halloween 2016 (1)others showed up. I got to the Escape a little after 5:30 and had to snap a couple selfie in the car as I thought my makeup turned out really good and yes there will be more pictures to come. Not sure if you can tell my costume from this picture or not but the next one you will.

Now as I said I was early so I was the only one in a costume here yet. Now there was a big group here watching the World Series and yes I watched some if it and the Cubs lost again. Now I was waiting to see who would be the first to show up. Cristine and Karen showed up a little after 6 so I put my computer away and took it out to my car. I have never met Karen before as she lives down by Salem and this is only her second time coming to Portland. It was nice to meet her and get to know her.

Cassandra and Peggy were the next two to show up, it was so great to see Peggy again and she had on one of Cassandra’s wigs and looked so cute. It was a wonderful surprise. Now it was not busy yet so I had to have Cassandra get a picture of me in my costume so here it is. And by the way Cassandra and I ended Susan Miller Halloween 2016 (3)up with the same idea although they were slightly different in look. I actually thought more would have his costume as I picked it based on the movie they were showing. It was such a cute costume and I actually had several people tell me I could come clean their houses anytime so I guess I have another job opportunity if I need one. I must admit my legs looked awesome in fishnet stockings.

It was a little before 7 when others started to show up, Julie and Trixie showed up and they had matching costumes, it was so cute and they looked great as Skeletons. Laura and Lisa, Charlene and her wife who I got to meet tonight, Melissa and her wife and Kim so we had a good turnout tonight and of course Peggy brought candy so I will have to go to the gym tomorrow. It was good to see Kim again and talk with her it has been a couple years since I have seen her.

Susan Miller Halloween 2016 (2)Well the movie started and we watched it as we talked, well probably more talking then watching. It was turning out to be a really fun night. Diane, Sasha and Rose also showed up. Now they had a costume contest and I made it through the first round so I was happy but then in the second round we had to dance which I am not a dancer but I made it through to the top 5 but that was as far as I got which was fine as I was having fun. Julie and TSusan Miller Halloween 2016Trixie won first prize $50 and Laura got second and won $20 and I will admit they did have really good costumes.

Now there were some other good costumes here tonight not just in our group. Karaoke started and it was good, Victoria also showed up later alter the dance. Now I am still not use to the false lashes as I could see them when I looked up it seemed there was a darkness above my eyes. But they really did look awesome.

Now during the Karaoke they would have breaks for Dancing and even though I am not a dancer Peggy did get me out on the dance floor a few times and I actually had fun. I am still not a good dancer but it was fun. Although dancing in 4” heels was not that easy on the feet. It was a really fun night. Of course I had to get pictures with my friends. I wish I had thought of getting a picture with Charlene. I will have to make sure I do next time she is in town. I want to thank all my wonderful friends for such an awesome evening.

I stayed out till almost 12:30 before I left. it was sad to see the night come to an end.

Me and my wonderful friends, How did I Miss Cassandra and Julie?

Kim & Susan Halloween 26 Lisa & Susan Halloween 26 (1) Peggy & Susan Halloween 26 (1)

Sasha & Susan Halloween 26 Susan & Diane Halloween 26 Sophie & Susan Halloween 26

Susan & Laura  Halloween 26 Susasn & Victoria Halloween 26 Trixie & Susan  Halloween 26

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Sweet Home the Friday before Halloween

The weekend is here and I am looking forward to it. Friday night at Sweet Home and then Saturday at the Escape for a Halloween party and I have my costume ready. Now I didn’t think to wear a costume tonight. I got to Sweet Home by 6:30 and there were a few people there. Chris was the only one in a costume. Now if you are a fan of the TV show “The Big Bang Theory” he came as the Doppler Effect. It was funny as Chris was worried he would be the only one in a costume. Robyn was also there so it would be a fun night. Well by 7 people started to show up and they were all in costumes and some of them really good. By the end of the night it would be Robyn and I the only ones not in costume.

I really should have dug out one of my old costumes for tonight. now another T-girl showed up, her name was Charlene, She has followed my blog for a while and had e-mailed me she would be in town this weekend. It was awesome to meet her and get to know her. Roxy showed up and we all sat around and talked. It was really enjoyable and I got to know a lot about Charlene. I really do love meeting new people and always nice to meet someone who follows my blog. Charlene will also be at the escape on Saturday so she will get to meet more of our wonderful group here in Portland.

It was a really fun night and I stayed out later then I planned as Diane showed up late. It was fun talking with some of the other people here and telling them how good their costumes were I also had several woman tell me how good I looked which I always love to here. One told me she has seen me here many times and I always look pretty. I really love that. Men don’t tell other men how nice they look. It is one of the wonderful benefits of being female.

It was a great night and now I am looking forward to Saturday night. I have a wonderful costume and I am looking forward to see what all my friends dress as.

Thanks for reading and have a safe and Happy Halloween.

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Halloween night 2015 at the Escape Bar and Grill

Halloween 2015 (1)Wow it is hard to believe it is Halloween already. I rally do love this holiday as you can dress any way you like and no one cares. It really is a T-girls best day and so many of us took our first steps out on Halloween. Now I have to work early tomorrow so I am not planning on staying out to late to night but we will see how that goes. Any way I started getting ready early today with hopes of being to the escape by 6 or earlier. Now I know I said I was going to wear my Wonder Woman costume but a funny thing, as I was going through my pictures of Susan which I have thousands of I noticed 2 of my costumes IHalloween 2015 (4) don’t have pictures of or at least can’t find them. I may have lost them 2 years ago when my old computer died. so I decided to wear one of them, my Gypsy outfit. Yes I will have lots of pictures today. I started getting ready a little before 4 as I was going to do the false eye lashes again and I was doing both the upper and lower lashes and wasn’t sure how it would turn out as I had enough trouble with just the upper lashes last night. Well they turned out really well. I actually put them on first before doing my eye makeup tonight. the lashes went on easier but it was a lot harder to do my eye makeup.

I was on my way by 5:30. traffic was slow as it was really raining tonight but I was in no hurry. I got to the Escape bar and Grill about 5:50 and went in. . I was the first of our group to arrive which I kind of figured I would be but I had limited time out tonight and I was taking advantage of it. I got my computer out and then went to the bar and ordered dinner and a drink. As I was walking back to my table a man came in and told me how good I looked and offered to buy me a beer. Now I was flattered but I am not interested in men and I don’t drink beer so I thanked him for the Halloween 2015 (6)offer but declined.

Cassandra showed up next and she had on a really cute costume also, here is a picture of us. We noticed Brandi was at the bar seems the man who offered to buy me a drink made Brandi the same offer.

Well All 3 of us got our phones out and started to get pictures. It was like old times, we took so many pictures. Now besides getting pictures of ourselves I really wanted to try and get at least one picture of everyone who showed up tonight for our group. This is a picture of Brandi and me. WeHalloween 2015 (5) are both members of the Vanity Club, yes I actually belong to 2 t-girl groups. I have met Brandi once before at Victoria, Sinclair’s birthday party a couple years ago. It was nice to see her again and talk to her.

Now we had a good turn out tonight I will try to list everyone, another reason for trying to get pictures of everyone. so tonight we had Cassandra, Brandi, Jolene, Barb, Jan and her wife Lynn, Cristine, Teresa, Jamie. Laura M. her daughter and girlfriend, Jamie, her wife Kristine, Julie and her girlfriend, Rachael and her friend, Julie and her girlfriend Trixie, Dee, Joan, Michelle, Diane and Rose.

Halloween 2015 (8)It was good to see Jolene again as she is a newer member but has been really busy the last few months and hasn’t been able to get out so of course I had to get a picture with her. We kind of has similar costumes although mine was a lot shorter dress. Now the funny thing is tonight I was also doing something I haven’t done before. As I was taking the pictures with my cell phone I was uploading them to my Facebook page as I took them. I got a chance to talk with Jolene for a while as we watched the end of game 4 of the World Series, Mets lost.

After the game was over the bar put on the Movie Rocky Horror Picture show, it was their theme tonight. So we wereHalloween 2015 (16) kind of watching it as we socialized. Now I had to get  some pictures with Teresa. Some how I wound up with several pictures with her, I think we both like having our pictures taken. This was my favorite as we both had good smiles in this one. Of course we had to do one close up to Halloween 2015 (21)post to Facebook. This is just such a cute close up of us.

Now I did make sure I got around and talked with everyone from our group. Now one of our newer member Julie well she has been in the group for a year but only been able to come out a couple times so I have not met her till tonight so I did talk with her and her girlfriend several times as I really do like meeting new people, They both had great costumes. Now I thought I had gotten a picture with both of them but some how I only have the one with her girlfriend. I think maybe Julie and me might have been on someone else’s camera. She hadHalloween 2015 (33) someone do her makeup and it was awesome.

Rachael also made it out tonight, she is one of my oldest friends as Susan. Her and Alice were probably 2 of the earliest people I met as Susan that I still have contact with. It is amazing to think about how long I have known some of Halloween 2015 (27)these girls. I really do have some awesome friends that have helped me grow and helped shape the lady I have become. Well I had to get a picture with her. I took several pictures of Rachael as she wanted some, she even texted some to a lady friend she told about Rachael and it turns out she decided to drive down to the Escape and Meet Rachael in person along with the rest of us. She seems really nice and didn’t seem to be bothered with us being dressed. Of course all the girls in our group are awesome and friendly. We have such a wonderful group here in Portland.

Now of course what Halloween would not be complete without a picture with Julie and Trixie. They are wonderful people and make such a cute couple andHalloween 2015 (31) are awesome friends. Came out a little dark but still really cute costumes. everyone had great costumes tonight. Julie and I talked about our golfing together in boy mode a few weeks back and how much different we look tonight. It still amazes me as 7 years ago I was so nervous and would never have even thought about telling people anything about my male side and now I have so many close friends here in the group and many of them have met my male side and I find myself talking more about me to people. It is the support I have gotten here in this group or should I say our Rose City T-girl family as that is what we really are.

Now as I said having to work early tomorrow I was only going out till 9 and we all know how that worked out. 9 came and went and I told myself well I will stay till 10. Well 10 came and went and I was still there. It is so hard to leave when I am out with such wonderful people. It was about 10:30 when I paid my bill and then started to say my goodbyes, hugs for everyone. I think that is one of the best things about being a lady is you can hug people goodbye and no one thinks any thing of it as females do it all the time and it is perfectly okay. So I finally left the bar about 10:45. by the time I got home it was about 11:20 and now I had to Clean off all my makeup and get ready for bed so I actually didn’t get to bed till almost midnight. I will be tired tomorrow at work but it was so worth it. I had a fabulous time tonight. Now I am looking forward to next Saturday when we go to Harvey’s and I can wear my pretty new dress that I Bought just for this. I goy so many compliments on the brown hair maybe I will wear this wig a little more often

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a Happy Halloween. Thanks for reading.

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Halloween party 2013 such a fun night

Well I look forward to Halloween all year long as it really is the Transgender best holiday. It was the one day a year you can dress however you want and nobody cares. For many years Susan was my costume and now she has become so much a normal part of who I am Susan needs a costume and of course it has to be a female costume and cute. So after a couple trips to different costume shops I had my costume a Gypsy. So I thought I would start off with a couple pictures of me in my costume.

Now I started getting ready at 1:30 as even though the party didn’t start till 7 I was going over at 4 to help finish getting everything ready, mainly getting the food all put out. Now I had some thoughts on how I wanted my makeup to look and had done some research online mainly on eyebrows. One of the ideas which I chose was to use a glue stick to glue your eyebrows down and then cover with makeup so you could draw in new ones a little higher and more arched. I have never tried this so I wasn’t sure how well it would work. Well what I did was just do the outer part of my eyebrows as it was the first attempt. I spent about 45 minutes just working on my eyes and I think they turned out pretty good and with the eye shadow on you really couldn’t tell unless you looked close so I was happy and couldn’t wait for everyone to see. Once I was all dressed I put my wig on only to discover that it covers the part of my eyebrows I spent so much time and effort on although you can kind of see them in this picture.

Well anyway I was all dressed and looking pretty and ready for a fun day. Now again leaving home on a Saturday afternoon all dressed up in a cute costume like this should have been scary or at least a few years back it would have been. Today I really didn’t even think about it which just goes to show how far Susan has come in the last few years. Now it takes me almost an hour to get to Cassandra and Peggy’s home where the party is. It is so awesome of them to open their home each year for our group to have a party and they put so much effort into it. This is actually our 5 year of having a Halloween party wow how time has flown by.

Now I got there about 4 and Bobby was there watching a football game while Peggy, Cassandra, Teresa and Cristine were all upstairs getting ready. This gave me a chance to walk around and see all the decorations Peggy had put up. You cannot believe what she can do, the house was so awesome. Bats, spiders, cobwebs, orange lights paper chains it must have taken her weeks to get this all up. She decorated every room including the bathroom. I really should have gotten some pictures of the decorations but didn’t think of it. You can see some of them in the backgrounds of some of the pictures including the first one where I am standing on their dance floor, that’s right they have a portable dance floor they set up in their living room. There would be dancing and Karaoke here tonight. Well finally Peggy, Teresa and Cassandra came down in their costumes and we started getting the food set out. I also got to help Peggy make the egg casserole that those who stay the night would eat in the morning, that’s right Gypsy Susan was in the kitchen preparing food.

Once we got the food out it was time to get the cameras out and start taking pictures, one to get some pictures early while we still look our best. This is Cassandra and me. The other thing was Cassandra and I both wanted to make sure we got pictures of everyone at the party as long as they were okay with it. It is easy to miss people when you have such a big group. Well people finally started showing up about 6:30 and I could tell it was going to be a great night.

Morgan and Tauni did our Karaoke again this year. I think it is the 4th year they have done it for the party, big thanks to them for that. Now we had a lot of great costumes but my two favorites were Michelle and Christy who came as redneck hillbillies, it was such an awesome costume and they had their act down. The other awesome costume was Kim and Victoria and they came as Zombies and wow did they put some effort onto their costumes also including doing a dance to thriller for everyone. Really all the costumes were great. This is Teresa, Kim my beautiful girlfriend and me.

Now I am not sure how many people showed up but I would guess it was close to 100 as it was almost impossible to move around in the house and even with all those people there was so much food and it was all so good. There must have been 4 tables throughout the house with food on them plus stacks, and goodies on all the small tables including these delicious little cupcakes which I had several of just to make sure all were just as good.

It was funny as it seems every time I turned around there was someone new there and I tried my best to talk at least a little with everyone. Now I took 127 pictures at the party and even with all those pictures when I went through them I noticed I still missed some of the people there so hopefully Cassandra got them. Rachael was able to make it which was awesome as the last time I saw her was at last year’s party, she doesn’t get out much. I have known her for many years. We really need to get together one of these nights so we can catch up.

We even had several of the Karaoke group we met on Friday come to the party. Cassandra had invited them to come as they have been so awesome and accepted us there. It was such an awesome night it is hard to believe it is all over. I guess we will have to look forward to next year’s Halloween party. Any way I just want to thank Cassandra and Peggy for all they did and everyone who helped in any way to make this such a special night. Now here are some more pictures.

This is Heather and me. She is one of the Karaoke group that showed up with her Fiancé.


This is me with Kelli, she had a great costume. Almost didn’t recognize her.




This is me with Kathy and Danielle.










Me and Amy








Julie and me and you can kind of see my eyebrows if you look close






This is me with Mikaela.

It was such a fun night and so many wonderful memories and pictures to go with them.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

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Ready for an awesome weekend and some fun Susan time.

Well it has been a long and stressful week but it is over and time for Susan to have some fun starting with Friday night out with her friends. Well to start I have been sick all week and just Thursday started to feel better which is great as tis Saturday is our big Halloween party and yes even sick I did manage to get out and find a cute costume. I usually dress up once at home just to see how it looks and make sure I know just how I want it to look and this year I did not get that chance so Saturday I will have to leave a little extra time getting ready. Any way more n tat later. Tonight is Friday and a chance to go out with my friends for a fun evening.

Well I started getting ready and as always there are things that come up. I love red lipstick but I realize it is not suitable for every occasion, it is more of an evening out color so really the only time I wear it is when we go out on Friday nights, well I was ready to do my lips and noticed I was out of my red lip liner which really helps hold the lipstick on so I had to chance to a softer color which still looks good. Well with that I decided to change my eye makeup some and of course I went with a different dress. Wow all the things we girls go through getting ready but I was happy when I was all done.

Well I was off to meet my friends and got there just a little after 7. Now with the big party tomorrow night one can never be sure who or how many will come out as a lot can only get out once a week and they would for sure choose the Halloween party. Well I got inside and Chris and Amy were there. We talked for a bit and then ordered dinner. I did the special which was BBQ ribs which normally Susan would not do as it is just too messy for this lady but it just sounded so good and it was and it was so tender that I could pull it off the bone with my fork so I did not mess up my lipstick at all, I can’t say the same for my dress as somehow I got some BBQ sauce on it, luckily it is somewhat dark in there and no one noticed except for Amy as she saw me frantically trying to get as much off as I could before people noticed again something my male side would not have cared about.

Well it wasn’t long and others showed up, Cristine, Bobby (in female mode), Laura, Melissa, Roxy, Michelle, Petra, Silver and Lauren so we had a good turnout. I have only met Lauren once before a couple months ago so it was good to see her again. She moved here over the summer to go to school and found our group I think through Silver, any way it was nice to talk to her again.

Lorraine even showed up for a little bit which was nice. She couldn’t stay long but we had a nice little talk and of course she wanted to know about our costumes for the party as she can’t make it Saturday night. I whispered to her what my costume was as I want it to be a surprise at the party as that is most of the fun. It is funny as I put way more effort and thought into my Halloween costumes for Susan than I ever have for my male self. But who can blame me just go to a costume store and look at the costumes for men and women the female costumes are just so much better and way cuter. I just wish they had a better selection in the bigger sizes.

It was actually a really busy night there last night and a lot of people I have not seen before which is nice. Soon Karaoke started and of course Laura and Chris both got up and sang and did great as always. It really is a great way to end the week and start the weekend out with your friends. Well as always the night went fast and as we all have a big night tomorrow none of us planed on staying out late. I think by 11:30 it was just Melissa, Laura and me left from our group and as I am not sure how long it will take to get my costume just right I didn’t want to be out t late so I went and paid my bill and said goodnight. I think Laura and Melissa were just about ready to leave also. Well I got in my car at 11:45 and was ready to leave when I saw a car pull into Walgreens across the street and go in, they were still open and as I said I need a new lip liner so I drove across the street and went in, turns out they are actually open till midnight on Friday nights. So I looked around and they had one of my lip liners in the color I like so I bought it.

Well I was on my way home when I started really thinking about the party Saturday night and how much fun it will be. Peggy and Cassandra are so awesome for opening their home for this. They spend so much time, effort and money on this party and do it all just because they want to. I hope they know how much we all appreciate what they do as for some parties like this is their only chance to get out. I am really lucky to have them as friends and count them as some of my best friend in both my male and female lives, yes they have both met my more plain boring male self also. Any way I am really looking forward to seeing all the great costumes Saturday night including Kim’s as she has not told me what she is dressing as but then again I have not told her what my costume is either but I know she will look awesome as she always does.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend and if you are going to a Halloween party have a spooky good time. Please check back as I will of course be posting about the party and I should have some pictures also.

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Awesome Halloween Party 2012

Wow what an awesome night! It was are 4th annual Halloween Party that Cassandra and Peggy host every year and they really go all out. I think most of the group looks forward to this all year long as there are some girls that this is their only chance to go out. In have had my costume for a few weeks but up to now had not put the whole thing together so I gave myself extra time. I started getting ready at 3 with the hope of being all ready by 5:30. Actually the look went together really well and I was happy with how it turned out. I have never really done a Smokey eye look so this was my fist attempt and think it turned out well and I was ready to leave by 5.

I got to the party thinking I would be early and there were already. Now I know you all are wondering about my costume so here is a picture. This is probably the skimpiest costume I have ever worn but it was a lot of fun. What really made this costume work was I went bare foot so I was one of the shorter girls at the party. Now I thought I would be cold in this costume but I really was quite comfortable.

It was an awesome party and the decorations were incredible, Peggy really outdid herself. She started decorating the first of the month to get ready. She put so much time and energy into making this party perfect. I brought a vegetable tray and this year I got it beforehand instead of on the way as my costume was a little too well just didn’t want to stop and go shopping in a cold store dressed like this.

Well there was so much food and all of it was awesome. By about 6:30 people started to show up and the costumes were really good. Now Cassandra and Peggy had a dance floor set up and of course they also had Karaoke. Now I am not a dancer so that was out of the question but I was going to do Karaoke as I have done it the last two years even though I can’t sing.

It was so much fun to see all my friends and spend a fun night with them. There was even a new girl Ashley who made it to the party, it was her first time out. She had on this really cute devil outfit. She really looked good and very passable. I think this is what makes these parties as wonderful as for those who have never been out before it really is a safe and accepting place to go. Hopefully it will give her the self confidence to go out again.

I also got to meet a girl named Bobbie for the first time. I am not sure if she has gone out before but it was nice to talk with her and get to know her. I made some new friends which is always fun. As I said earlier I did sing a song badly for Karaoke and then a little later we did something called suicide Karaoke. This is where you draw a number and get a song to sing by random. Luckily I was 7 to sing and the songs before me were different. Some a lot harder to sing then others but all songs I was familiar with. My turn finally came and wouldn’t you know it I got a song I have never heard before, country western which is why. Boy did I suck at this song but it was fun. I also got to follow Cassandra which made it easier as she set the bar pretty low.

We took so many pictures; I think I uploaded 98 to our group page. It was such a fun night. We even voted on best costumes in 4 different categories. Actually they had so many prizes, costumes, dancing, and singing as I said Cassandra and Peggy go way over board for this party. It was so much fun and yes I did try to do a little belly dancing if you can call it that. Actually by the end of the night I was kind of getting the hang of it as long as I didn’t go longer than 10 seconds. It was a fun night and a fun costume.

I am not sure how many people were there but I would guess more then 50. A couple of us tried counting but it really is hard as people circulate around the house. Now I am going to include a couple more pictures. This is Kim and me, she crossdressed the other way for the party and had a great costume. This is not a great shot of me but it shows my eyes which I really worked hard on to get this look so I had to include it. Her costume was really good and really original. She had a trench coat and was actually a flasher. Now the horror of the night, I lost a finger nail, AI am not sure where or when but one popped off my pinky finger. This is the first time I have lost a finger nail without actually hitting it on something and knowing it. It was so funny as I was worried about it even though I knew no one would probably even notice.

The last picture is Teresa and me. Again not a great picture but I just love the way my eyes look in this picture. It was such a fun night and went by so fast. Soon it was after 1 am and time for this girl to head home, as always it takes a while to say good bye to everyone. Well when I got home around 2 am I took the time to upload all my pictures to the group while I got ready for bed and changed back to my male self. As I was getting my camera out of my purse I found my nail. It must have popped off when I was getting my camera out. It was just an awesome night and I have some wonderful pictures for memories.

I want to Thank Cassandra and Peggy for all they did for this party including opening their home to us. You two are truly awesome people.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy fun Halloween.

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Friday night Pre Halloween party fun

Well it was Friday night and normally we don’t go out the night before our big Halloween party which by the way we had a little issue with so I will mention that. We have a couple former disgruntled members “Kristy” and “Jennifer the girl” who have nothing better to do with their lives then follow our group and try to live vicariously through the fun and friendships we have made. This makes them so sad there only joy is attacking us in comments online, well Jennifer the girl has hit bottom and called the OLCC about our annual Halloween bash to try and ruin it for the group and those that will only go out to a private place, how sad and pathetic her actions are. Well not to worry Cassandra and Peggy talked with the OLCC and after a couple minor changes we are in complete compliance with the OLCC and the party will go on. Now I know what you are all thinking how we can be sure it was Jennifer the girl that turned us in, well in case she didn’t know the complaint is a matter of public record and we asked. Here is the e-mail we got from the lady at the OLCC. I did black out George’s last name as I am affording him Privacy but everyone in the group knows his name.

“Our whole goal is compliance with liquor laws. Our website is a great way to get information or you can contact me or the district inspector for your area if you have other questions.
I did find out who reported the complaint, “George Otanic“. Do you know him? As long as you are obeying the law you should have no problem.”

~Jackie P., Inspector

Well enough of that the Karaoke group and bar staff were doing a crossdress theme tonight and even asked if that would be okay and not offend us. We were all okay with it and a few of us thought we should go just so they knew we were okay with it and not staying away because of it. Besides it gave me and a couple others a chance to wear a second costume this year even if it was an old one. Yes you guessed it I wore my Wonder Woman costume; just think she is so sexy and hot. We got there early and it was really slow till about 8 when people started showing up and wow was it a fun night. We had a really good turnout for our own group maybe 15 or more and 5 of us wore costumes. Jan & Lynn showed up, Cassandra had text the as the bar tender Levi and one of the Karaoke guys needed a wig for their costume, easy thing to overlook, so they brought a couple for them to wear. It was such a blast and yes I have pictures which will be included at end.

It was such an awesome night and I got so many compliments on my costume, I even won 1st place in there costume contest. The people here at this bar are just so awesome and they love having us there. It is great and we all look forward to going there. Well must run as I have things to do before getting ready for tonight. I want at least 2 hours to get ready as my costume must look perfect so just in case I need to redo or change some things. You know what I mean girls. It will be such a fun night and a big thanks for Cassandra and Peggy and what they do to make such a wonderful night out for so many t-girls and for some girls this may be their only chance to get out.

Have a safe and fun Halloween weekend.

This is Abigail and she was awesome at Karaoke

Susan, Levi & Jan

Our group with one of the Karaoke members in front

Well Abigail gave me a kiss so I had to return it.

Susan & Lorraine. She is awesome and so much fun.

Susan & Cassandra.

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Halloween costume

Well it is almost Halloween, 24 days away and of course this is a crossdressers favorite holiday. Actually I have a Halloween party to go to on Saturday October 27th so only 20 days away and as usual I am already excited. Cassandra and Peggy have been opening their home for the last few years to host a party for our group the Rose City T-Girls and it is always well attended. Between 60 and 90 show up and so myself and the group would like to thank them for this, you two are awesome. Any ways I have been thinking a lot about a costume the last week or two.

It is funny as for so many years Susan was my Halloween costume, not that she was any less important to me then now but it was a day I could dress up and go out and really no one cared as to them it was just a costume. Now that I have grown so much in who I am and how I view Susan and also because I can get out so much Susan has become more of a regular part of my life and now that means that at Halloween being Susan just won’t do. This means finding a female costume which can be hard as most really cute costumes are shall we say on the smaller side for me. It is funny as I put way more thought and effort into a costume for Susan then I ever did for my male self and also willing to spend more money on something that I will probably only wear once. Yes Susan does not like to wear the same costume twice, well maybe a few years down the road I can reuse my Wonder Woman costume

Well as I said I don’t have much time so this weekend I spent going around and looking for just that perfect costume for the party. I must have gone to 10 different places including places that rent costumes. It was actually fun as I did try on some well I tried to try some on as some there was just no way I was going to get into them as medium large I think is more like medium small. It was still a lot of fun.

Well I did find what I think is the perfect costume for Susan this year and it was actually on sale well kind of any way. When the lady wrong it up it rang up less than the tag. It was funny as she asked me I was buying it for someone else and I told her no it was for me. She then told me all sales are final and I just smiled and said I knew that and that was why I tried it on first. I think this caught her a little off guard as I said it like it was the most normal thing to do. She smiled and said I bet you will look great. I thanked her and left. I really think this makes such a big difference in how people see you and react to you.

Any way I have an awesome costume well almost, I needed one more thing which I ordered online so I am all set. I can’t say what the costume is as some of the members of the group read this and as always I want it to be a surprise. I will of course get pictures at the party and post them in future blogs so you will all get to see it. I hope everyone is ready for Halloween and has a fun safe night.

Thanks for reading

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Halloween Party 2011

Well I have been looking forward to this for weeks. Even with working out my costume the night before it still took me over an hour to do my makeup and get my costume on just the way I wanted. My costume is a dance hall girl, and yes there will be pictures included. I left my house at 4 pm which was interesting as they had an open house at the house across the street they are trying to sell so there was maybe 15 people walking around looking at it both inside and out but hey they didn’t know me at least not yet. I got to Cassandra and Peggy’s house at 5 pm as I had some food and wanted to help set up.

I walked in and Peggy was just coming down the stairs and we just looked at each other. We had both picked out dance hall girl costumes. The dresses were a little different but the hair feather, petticoats, fishnet stockings, garter belt & 4 inch heels were all the same. The funny part is when I picked out my costume they had two dresses that fit me, the one I picked and the other was pretty much the same as Peggy’s. We looked like sisters except I was the rather tall sister. There were only a few people there at this time and the decorations in the house were awesome, Peggy must have worked for days doing them. Soon people started to show up. This year there was a cover charge which really made since; Cassandra and Peggy spend a lot of their own money and time putting this party on. It was only $15 but for that you got all you could eat and drink and if needed you could crash on their floor and get breakfast in the morning so a very good value and I am sure it came nowhere close to what they spend. Just the prizes probably came to a couple hundred bucks.

Well before it got dark we all went outside and started to take some pictures. This is Victoria and me; I like this picture because it is the only one that shows my legs. I wore fishnets for the first time and a garter belt. I just thought it was a great picture and Victoria looked so cute in her costume. Victoria really looks good in Green. There were so many pictures being taken, even Diane had her camera and she took a tone of pictures so I hope she will post them at some point to the group and I will maybe add them to the post later. All my pictures can be seen on my web page and my face book page but I have picked out 3 to include in my blog.

There was also Karaoke again this year. Morgan one of our members did the Karaoke and did an awesome job and yes I did sing one song, Mama Mia. What can I say I like ABBA. Not sure I would ever sing in a public setting but here in this small setting it was fun. There were several girls that did a great job singing.

Jennifer and her wife made it to the party which was great as I have only e-mailed her. I think she said this was only her third time out. It was great to meet her and get to talk with her. Jennifer’s wife is so nice and supportive of her which is great. I hope they can both come out with the group. She had a cute costume and it was nice to get a picture with someone taller than me.

Rachel and her boyfriend came again this year, their costumes were great, and they were both ballerina’s Rachel the black swan and her boyfriend the white swan. They were awesome. Last year their costumes were Star Trek. Rachel made both their costumes and did a great job.

Rachael Miller and her wife came to the party for a little bit. I have known Rachael for many years so it was great to see her and to finally meet her wife. I got to talk to both of them for a while which was nice. Rachael’s wife had a great costume.

Kim, one of Peggy’s friends was also there and had this amazing sexy costume, she was a dead hoe. I had to get a picture with her. She was voted the sexiest costume at the party. She has gone out with the group several times and is always so nice. We had a chance to talk for a while which was nice, would like to have talked to her more. Hopefully she will come out more with the group.

The party was awesome and I think they tried to get a count but haven’t heard the final numbers but would guess 60 to 70 as some came and went so not everyone was there all at the same time. And there were so many great costumes.

There was so much food and drink even though all I drink is pop but at one point they ran out of ice so Peggy asked me to drive her to the store to get more. I was only too happy to as it gave me a chance to go out to the store in my costume plus Peggy had the same costume so us two dance hall girls got in my car and went to the grocery store. It was fun even though they were not that busy and there was no one else in costumes. On the way out as we were getting to my car we got a couple cat calls from a guy and girl getting out of their car.

The party was so much fun and I want to thank Peggy and Cassandra for such a wonderful party and opening up their house again this year for the best Halloween party in town. You two are awesome and I am so lucky to call you friends.

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Halloween Costume

Well I picked up my Halloween costume today after work and spent all evening trying different looks, makeup and wigs to find the best look. I think I did about 12 different looks before I found the one I like the best. I am all ready for the party tomorrow night. It was a good idea to try this tonight as I spent probably 4 hours working out the right look. Now tomorrow I will be able to get ready in a reasonable amount of time.

I am so looking forward to the Party with all my friends. It will be such fun. I plan on stopping at the grocery store on the way to the party to pick up a veggie and fruit tray for the party. I like to bring something and also gives me the chance to go out in public in my costume. I plan on taking lots of pictures so I can post them.

You can read about the last two Halloweens and the parties I went to in my blog, 2010 & 2009.

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend and if you go to Halloween parties have fun and take lots of pictures.

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