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Long awaited P-Club update.

Well this is not my normal type of post about me going out as Susan but it is still about me and my life as Susan so I guess it counts. It has been a long wait but the State appellate court ruled this morning on our case against the P-Club for discrimination, You can read about it on Oregon Live. The court ruled in our favor and rejected all of the points Chris Penner used in his appeal.

For those new to my blog our group went to this bar every Friday for a couple years till the owner left 2 voice messages telling us not to come back because his bar was not a tranny bar. You can read about when this happened on my blog from that day here and there is a link on this page to Cassandra’s YouTube page where she actually plays the 2 voice messages he left explaining that his bar was not a tranny bar and that was why he didn’t want us back.

Now from this video we were contacted by an attorney named Beth Allen who wanted to talk to us and and 6 of us went to meet here, Cassandra and her wife Peggy, Cristine, Victoria, Chris and of course me. Beth was awesome and wanted to take our case so the 6 of us signed on with her. Well it was only a week or so later and BOLI (Oregon bureau of labor and industry) who actually deals with civil rights cases also contacted Cassandra and when they herd we had talked to an attorney said they couldn’t talk to us then. well a day later Beth called us and said that BOLI wanted to meet with us so the 6 of us agreed thinking we would be going in and trying to convince them what happened. well when we met with the 3 investigators from BOLI it was clear we didn’t have to convince them. they wanted to pursue this and use us as witnesses which is what happened. We didn’t actually file a law suit or complaint. BOLI investigated and found our rights had been violated and then Brad Avakian who is the commissioner of BOLI filed the complaint in his name on our behalf. Now Beth our attorney who was awesome got appointed to a judge position and had to give up our case so she found us a new attorney named Sue-Del McCulloch and she took over our case for us and she was Awesome.

Now this was a really interesting thing to be involved in and I am glad I stepped forward and got to take part in it. Funny thing is 7 years ago I was working up the courage just to go out and now I have testified in a court hearing and been interviewed on TV as Susan.

Thanks for reading

Sue-Del McCulloch

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First weekend of summer and I am out with my friends

Well it has been another long week so I was looking forward to a Friday night out with my friends. Now next week will be very busy for my male side so I really wanted to enjoy tonight. It is the first weekend of summer and we are finally going to have some nice weather, actually just a little too hot. Today was in the upper 80’s and for the next few days will be in the mid 90’s which is hot here as we normally only get a few days a year that break 90. No I love nice weather but as I tend/need to wear heavier makeup as I have more to hide then natural woman perspiration is my enemy as it makes my makeup feel and look bad, being a lady is hard work but so much fun. I started getting ready about 5 in hopes of being out the door by 6:30 well it was almost 7 when I left. Luckily I can make it to Sweet Home in about 15 minutes.

I got there and the parking lot was full so I had to park out on the street and walk a little in the heat. Now I just have to mention this as when I got out of the car I caught my panty hose on something and put a small run in them how frustrating. I love the feel and look of panty hose as I really think they make my legs look so much better but really a run so easy. Now the reason I bring this up as sometimes you can wear them forever and others it is a onetime shot. These were bran new one I had just put on a half hour ago and the reason for that is the pair I wore Wednesday night I hooked my heel on when I got out of the car and put a run in them which by the way was also a brand new pair, someone needs to design a run proof nylon, well just a little off topic. Inside Cassandra, Chris and Laura were already there so I joined them. Chris had his laptop and was showing us a couple funny videos he found online. I ordered their special a seafood combo and we sat around and talked for a while.

Well it wasn’t long and more of our girls started to show up and soon we were crowded around the table. Cristine, Bobbie, Roxy, Michelle, Cassie and Kim showed up. Kim had on this really cute colorful skirt and looked awesome; this was going to be a wonderful night. Well we started to play pool and Laura and I were first to play. I did pretty well and almost won but missed my 8 ball shot and Laura didn’t so she won. I went back to the table and sat next to Kim so we could talk. Kim, Chris, Roxy and I spent the next hour just talking and having fun.

Well it was time for Karaoke and the other group still hadn’t got there yet as they were helping one of them move so Kim and Chris were first to sing and they did awesome as always and Laura was next and also did great. It was funny as at this point there were so few people singing that after these two songs the Karaoke guy Mark sang next then Chris, Kim and Laura again. Kim sang the song “One way or another” by Blonde and did awesome. Chris sang “Live and Let Die” by Paul McCartney and did great. I love both these songs. It was after 10 when some of the Karaoke group showed up and about 10 of them put their names in to sing.

Well Kim and I put money up to play pool and waited our turn. I went first and got to play Cassandra. I really wanted to win not just because it is so much fun to win against Cassandra but also I would get to play Kim the next game. Again I played well but again missed my 8 ball shot and Cassandra didn’t and won. While we were playing one of the ladies at the bar told me how cute my heels I was wearing were and they really are as I get all kinds of compliments on them something I have never gotten on any of my male shoes. Well Kim played Cassandra and did awesome as she does not play a lot of pool. She only had one ball left when Cassandra was going for the 8 ball and Cassandra scratched and sunk the cue ball and loss so Kim won, way to go Kim.

Well by now it was getting late and Kim had to leave as she had to get up early to do some work so I walked her out to her car. It was a beautiful night for a walk as it was still about 75 out. Here is a little funny side note, as a guy I have walked with girls and always had to slow down and wait for them and always wondered why they walk so slowly. Tonight and last Wednesday when I was walking with Kim I found myself falling behind and having trouble keeping up with her and then it hit me. I had on my 3 ½ inch heels and hers shoes were flat. You can’t take as big of steps or walk as fast in heels. I love heels but they really are not made for walking especially on uneven ground. It is still strange to walk her out as her boyfriend while dressed as Susan. She even told me how pretty I looked tonight as she loves the dress I wore which I already knew, I wore this dress tonight just for her as I knew she would be there and I wanted to look pretty for her. Well we said our goodbyes and she headed off home and I went back inside.

It was pretty busy inside and Karaoke was in full swing. Petra had even showed up and she went up and sang a song also and did great. We sat and talked some more and listened to Karaoke for another hour or so and just had a wonderful time. It was almost and it was just Cassandra, Cristine, Bobbie and I left from our group when we decided to call it a night. It was still 73 outside and so nice. It was just a wonderful evening all the way around.

Now we get into the heat for the next several days and Susan has a going away part for Jenn tomorrow as she is moving to California soon and I assume we will be outside some of the time, I will have to get some pictures. It will be sad to see her move away as she really is an awesome friend and I will miss her.

Well thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend.

We still haven’t heard anything on our case against the P-Club & Chris Penner but we do know that all the legal briefs have been filed and now it is just waiting for the judge to render his decision. The one thing we do know Chris Penner has put the old P-Club up for sale which really doesn’t change anything.

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Interesting Wednesday afternoon for Susan at an Attorney’s office

Well Wednesday July 25th 2012 was a really interesting Wednesday for Susan and for reasons you will read I had to put off making this blog. First I will start with a little background. As you all know from reading my blog our group was asked not to come back to the P-Club by the owner Chris Penner, he actually called Cassandra and left two different voice mails for her about it. Well so all the group could hear what he said she posted it on her YouTube page. Well she also sent the link to this page to the State Attorney Generals office along with a couple local attorneys never really thinking anything about it.

Well one of the attorney’s Beth Allen contacted Cassandra and wanted her to call her and talk to her about it which Cassandra did; she got a free half our phone interview. From this interview Beth Allen believed the Chris Penner violated the law as well as our right under discrimination laws and offered to represent us on contingency. She wanted to meet with Cassandra and a few others that were there on a regular basis. Cassandra said she would talk to a few that were there every week and get back to her. Any way Cassandra met with me, Victoria, Chris and Cristine on Wednesday July 11 at the Rainbow Room to get our opinions and to talk about if we should go forward or not and what kind of issues we might have. We all talked for over an hour and most of the discussion was on reasons we shouldn’t and what might happen or go wrong, mainly being outed for us and possibly members of the group as our group is the main concern. After all the discussion the group came to the conclusion what Chris Penner did was wrong and to keep this from happening at other places we may wish to go we needed to at least meet with Beth Allen and talk with her face to face and get our questions answered so Cassandra set up a meeting with the 5 of us and her on August 1 at her office. Mind you we still had not said yes or no we just had questions that needed being answered and all of us were in total agreement.

Now Beth Allen contacted the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries also known as BOLI to get some information on this and how to proceed. BOLI is the state agency who investigates among other things civil rights violations. Now normally how it works is you file a complaint with BOLI and they investigate, if they find that you have a valid complaint they will file the complaint for the persons making the claim in that persons name. Any way from the information they got from Beth’s questions and the YouTube video they contacted Beth Allen and asked to meet with her and the 5 of us on Wednesday July 25th at 3 pm so Beth contacted Cassandra and asked to move our meeting up one week. So this is how we got to my interesting Wednesday afternoon, going downtown Portland in at 2 pm as Susan to meet with an Attorney and a representative for BOLI.

Now this was going to be a fast day as I got off work at 12 and it takes me ½ hour to get home and I need ½ hour to get back downtown Portland to Beth Allen’s office and that is if there is no traffic issues which left little time to get ready so I laid all my stuff out the night before. Turns out traffic was light and I was home by 12:30 and all ready to leave by 1:15 which I think is a personal record for Susan getting ready, shower, shave, makeup, cloths, jewelry and nails and I still looked pretty. Well I drove downtown and only hit a little traffic but easily made it. There is a parking garage about a block away. Now walking downtown on a nice warm day is really nice and there were so many people out. I met Chris out front of the office building about 1:45 and could see Cassandra and Cristine walk up the street so we waited for them and all went inside together. Pretty good timing so far. When the elevator opened we found Victoria who had parked in the garage under the building riding up so all 5 of us went up together. Peggy Cassandra’s wife was already in the office waiting for us.

We met with Beth Allen and her law clerk for about an hour and got to ask all kinds of questions and she told us a little about BOLI and how they wanted to proceed. Our biggest question about privacy for our group members and possibilities of being outed in public were answered and Beth assured us that was not an issue. Only those willing to be involved in the case and giving their names would be involved and the rest of the group would not be involved at all. With our questions answered we were all feeling better about this. Now it was almost 3 and we were already to meet with the representative of BOLI and answer their questions.

Now it was not one representative from BOLI but 4, an Administrator and 3 investigators so now the 6 of us were in an office with Beth Allen, her law clerk and 4 state officials from BOLI. Now to the funny part, they really didn’t have a lot of questions for us but rather told us what they wanted to do. Seems they have already started checking into Chris Penner and the P-Club. Turns out the Commissioner of BOLI feels pretty strong about this case, so much so that he wants to file the complaint in his name, he would be the plaintiff and we would be secondary, basically witnesses. Turns out the voice mail he left where he singled out us as tyranny’s they feel is incredibly strong evidence. They are actually ready to start the process all they need is a few of us which is different then what we thought. They are coming to us.

Anyway we talked with them for over an hour and a half again asking a lot of the same questions we asked Beth as I said our group is the main concern and we want to protect it above all else. Again they told us the same thing; it would only be those who were willing to be witnesses and be involved in the case, everyone else in the group would not be involved in any way.

Now mind you the goal we all have is to tell Chris Penner and any other business out there that they cannot discriminate against transgender people, be it transsexuals, t-girls, or crossdressers. Now we realize BOLI can and will probably place a fine on him as in anything you get people’s attention when you hit them in the pocket book. We are not out to bankrupt him or put him out of business as we really do like the employee’s there as they treated us so great for the two years we went there. But like I said this type of action against transgender people cannot be tolerated so we all decided as a group we should go forward. With that all that was left were to sign onto the complaint.

Now Victoria and Cristine are full time and have legally changed their name so they were the first to Sign. Chris who is a supporter of the transgender community and most of those who know him know this also signed. Cassandra also signed, she is not out publicly as far as both sides of her. I also signed but asked that my male name be left out unless absolutely necessary as I still have kept both sides separate. Now I know that even doing it this way there is a good chance I could be outed but I feel this is worth it as discrimination is wrong in any sense and I guess I am ready to stand up.

None of us knows what will happen but we are sure that there will be media coverage as these types of cases get played up in the news plus in a way that is the point. If this does not get out to the public so they know that they cannot discriminate then this is all for nothing as I said that is our goal. For Transgender people to be able to go where they want, work where they want and not be afraid of being discriminated against.

We also agreed to have Beth Allen represent us in this as our attorney which she is doing totally on contingency. It will cost us nothing. She feels that BOLI along with fines will probably ask for attorney fees to be paid, but even so she is taking this on realizing she may get nothing off of the case. That is how strong she feels about this. Turns out she does a lot of GBLT cases in Oregon and is a big supporter of this cause. From talking to her and meeting her I would highly recommend Beth Allen if you need an attorney.

It was about 4:45 when we were all done. The people from BOLI thanked us and said they would be in touch with Beth to help write the complaint and keep us up to date on the case. Seems this is the first of this type of case in Oregon. Hard to believe that just 4 or 5 years ago I was too scared to really go out of my house and now I am involved in something this big. I am still a little scared about the future and being outed but not nearly as much as I would have thought.

Well from here we all went over to Fox & Hound which I already blogged about.

This was a little longer than my normal blog but felt it needed to be to make sure I got it just right. Thanks for reading and of course I will update as I can.

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