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Saturday at Harvey’s Comedy Club

Saturday May 7th and we are going to Harvey’s comedy club tonight. I always look forward to this night as it really is so much fun. I spent extra time getting ready so I could enjoy it. I got downtown Portland by 6 and walked to Fox & hounds, I knew I was early but it was just nice to be out. I was the first one to arrive.

It was about 6:45 when Laura H and Lisa showed up and Cassandra just a little after them. It was good to see my friends and be out. Barb and Rebecca also showed up at Fox & Hound so we had 6 of us here early. The rest will meet us at Harvey’s, we have 12 signed up for tonight’s show. It was a about 8:20 when we left and walked over to Harvey’s. It was a nice night perfect for a walk through the city.

We got to Harvey’s and Cristine was there, she was actually the only person there. Stacey, Sophie showed up, it was good to see them. It never really got busy in the lounge. soon it was time to go into the show room for the show. It was a really small crowd tonight. I bet there were maybe 80 to 100 people here tonight for the show and our group had 11 of those. I think this is the smallest crowd I have seen. Kim came over and took our orders, it was awesome to see her again as she really is great. I think we all look forward to seeing her as much as the show.

The MC comedian tonight was not that good but the headliner was Amanda and we have seen her before. She was really good and I enjoyed her. The featured comedian was Bob Zany and he was awesome. He is really funny and he works the audience. He gets the Audience involved in the show so if you go to one of his shows and sit close to the stage be ready to be part of the show. If you get the chance though you really should go see his show, you will have a great time.

After the show we did get a chance to talk to both comedian’s and they were great, hey thanked us for coming. it really was a great night. After the show those of us who parked by Fox and hounds walked back. It was a little chilly out but still a nice evening for a walk. It really was a fun night out.

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Saturday night at Harvey’s to see Bob Zany

Saturday night and we are going to Harvey’s Comedy Club. The owner Berry recommended we come tonight because the Comedian Bob Zany is really good, He likes to pick on the audience So we are going 2 weeks in a row as we want to See Julie Scoggins next weekend. Now we only had a small group tonight, 9 of us.

I started getting ready late as I had things I had to do and also I wasn’t planning on going to Fox & Hound first. Seems I twisted my knee and didn’t think I could walk the 7 blocks so I was going straight to Harvey’s which I knew several of the other girls would be doing also. I was ready by a little after 7 and on my way. I got downtown Portland about 7:30 and started looking for a parking spot. turns out the only thing I could find was still about 4 blocks away. now I worm my boots with the 3” heels as the funny thing is even with my hurt knee it is easier to walk in heels then in flats.

I got to Harvey’s and Jan, Lynn, Cristine and Barb were already there. It was great to see Barb again as she goes out of town during the summer so it has been several months since I have talked with her. Barb and I talked a little about Stefia. She is a member of our group but didn’t get out with the group much as most of Stefia and Susan ate Sweethomeher time out was during the day. I did get out with her from time to time for lunch or dinner and she was an awesome friend. She passed away last Tuesday do to Pancreatic Cancer. This is a picture from when we got together a few months ago. She was an awesome friend and I will really miss her, she was loved by so many. She really did touch a lot of lives. Over the years we have lost several of our Sisters, Lisa, Carol, Morgan and now Stefia and each one of them has touched our lives in some way and we are better for knowing them.

Star our favorite bar tender was working tonight and it was nice to see her again, She went and had dinner with us at Benihana on Wednesday night. Julie and Trixie also were able to join us tonight as they are such wonderful people. It has been awhile since Trixie has been able to get out. it was great to sit and talk with them. Sophia and Lorna also showed up so we had all 9 of us here tonight.

Well it was time to go in for the show and as always our table was reserved and of course our favorite waitress Kim was working tonight. She is so awesome and greats all of us with a hug. We all ordered dinner as we waited for the show to start.

The show was good and all the comedians were awesome but Bob Zany was awesome. he really did pick on the audience, He would ask them questions and then make jokes about it. it really was awesome. if you get a chance to go see him you should but remember if you sit close enough to the stage which is probably within 25 feet of it you will probably get to be part of the show and if you get out of your seat for anything like going to the bathroom you will also be part of the show. It really was a fun night and went by so fast.

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