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Friday night fun

Well it has been another long and busy week for my male side, so much going right now that I really look forward to my Susan time. tonight is going to be so much fun as I really need to relax and just be Susan for a while. I actually got home early today so I so I planned on going out earlier tonight as if that ever really happens. seems when I have more time Susan takes longer getting ready and that is okay as I really enjoy the whole transformation time.

I did my makeup a little brighter with pins and purple eye shadows tonight as I had decided to wear my Salmon colored dress. Now I didn’t get a picture tonight but here is one from when I wore it last at Harvey’s. well I did make it out early tonight as I was ready by 6 and at Sweethome by 6:20.

I got inside and Cassandra, Chris. Cristine and Samantha were all there and Cassandra and Chris had their computers out so with 5 of us around one able with 2 computers on it there wasn’t room for mine so I just put it under the table and instead enjoyed good conversation plus watching some of Chris’s videos on his computer and of course Cassandra’s video chatting. I even got to chat a little for Cassandra. It was actually fun and I got a few nice comments on how I looked from the other people in the chat room.

Well we actually had a good turnout tonight as Jan, Lynn, Petra, Roxy and Laura also showed up. it was going to be a fun night. Now a funny thing. Chris from our group had a birthday on January 19 and it turns out that Michele from the Karaoke group , also has a birthday on the same day, Happy Birthday to you both. so of course they were talking about that last week and again this week. Now think of the odds as we have about 7 of us that come here every Friday and maybe another 8 to 10 that come somewhat regular. the Karaoke group has maybe 20 that come regular so in that small number to have one person from each group with a birthday the same day but it doesn’t stop there. Jonnie from the Karaoke group also shares my birthday Tomorrow, Saturday, so of course she came over and gave me a hug and wished me happy Birthday as I also wished her one and we talked for maybe 15 minutes about our plans for our birthdays. I guess January is a good month for Birthdays.

Jolene also made it tonight, she got there a little later than last week as she went to the Q-Center for a Transgender meeting. this is all new to her as she still hasn’t fully dressed even at home. she did come out to her children last weekend and it seems to have gone okay as they still want to be a part of her life even though they don’t fully understand which is understandable as Jolene is still trying to figure it out.

I got several compliments on how I looked and my dress. Michele told me that the color really suited me which made my night. later on two ladies at the bar told me how great my dress was and how nice I looked. I chatted wit them for a few minutes. One had a little dog in her purse so of course I had to pet the dog.

Cassandra and I talked about Dive Las Vegas we are so looking forward to it. this weekend I need to register and book a hotel room. I was looking online and room rates this year are sky high. if I can’t work a deal I will be paying about $1200 plus tax for the same room I paid $345 last year including tax. Now we are staying 2 extra nights. we are actually planning on arriving this year on Saturday and leaving a week later on Sunday so there are 2 extra nights both a Saturday but still a lot for a room that I may spend 7 hours a day in sleeping. Right now we are planning on driving to Reno on Friday and staying one night there and doing the same coming home instead of doing LA this year. I of course will get my nails done and do the whole trip again as Susan. For sure Cassandra, Peggy and I will drive down, Julie and Petra will meet us there but that is all we have going for sure. I think having it in March this year may have been a bad idea as with such high room rates I think that will keep a lot of girls away.

Karaoke stared and of course Laura, Chris and Lynn all sang and Cassandra brought some cupcakes Peggy made for Chris and my Birthdays and they were so good, Thank you Peggy for such a wonderful treat.  it was a really fun night.

It was after 12:30 when I called it a night, yes this has been the latest I have stayed out on a Friday in a while, I think it was all the sugar in the cupcakes. in the end it was Cassandra, Jan, Lynn and myself that stayed this late. I went over and wished Jonnie a Happy Birthday again as it was now after midnight and actually our birthdays. what a fun evening and a great start to the weekend.

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Saturday night birthday party for a friend

Well it turns out January is a great month for a Birthday. AS you know from my blog I celebrated my Birthday on Friday but I also have several friends with January Birthdays. Dan, Cristine, Chris My beautiful girlfriend Kim and Kimberly. Anyway Kimberly’s birthday is next weekend so she will be out of town so she had a small Birthday celebration last night at the Tiki Lounge at the Alibi on Interstate in Portland and she invited me. Now I have known Kimberly for many years we met back when they still had and Yahoo360 so it would be the late 90’s probably but we only met in person in the last year. I was really looking forward to this, I wore my floral print dress as it was a Hawaiian theme.

Now I have been by this place many times but I have never been inside so I will admit I was a little nervous, going into a lounge by yourself that you have never been to before would be a little intimidating for any single woman. I got there about 6:30 and their main parking lot was full and so was the close street parking so I had to park in their second parking lot about a half block up. I parked and walked up the street to the front door and went in not sure where they would be and realizing the only person I would know for sure was Kimberly. I looked around and saw Kimberly in the front corner area with a few other people so I went over and joined them. Now this place was really busy so there were lots of people around but no one really paid any attention to us. There were about 10 or 12 girls there and Kim introduced me to them all including her wife.

I got a chance to talk with Kim for a bit and get to know her better which is always easier in smaller groups. Well of course it wouldn’t be a Birthday without cake so I had a small piece yes I have eaten enough cake in the last two days to last me a long time. I talked with a couple of the other ladies there and yes at one point we talked about nails. Kim’s wife came and joined in the conversation which was nice. I got to hear about how they met and their weddings, yes they had two one traditional and one where Kim wore a wedding dress. Turns out a few of the ladies here were Kim’s wife friends and they had also been bride’s maids at their wedding. How fun that must have been plus they get two anniversaries to celebrate. It was a really enjoyable evening and our waiter was awesome.

It was a really fun evening and I got to meet some new people. I stayed till almost 10 pm before I left. What a fun night and I hope Kim has a wonderful Birthday next weekend, yes I am 1 week older then her. So here is wishing all my friends with birthday’s this month, Happy Birthday and many more.

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Friday night birthday celebration

Tonight was going to be a fun night out and I have been looking forward to it all week long. What better way to end a week and start the weekend then a fun night out with friends, oh I know celebrating a birthday, yes today is my birthday and I have the chance to spend it not only with my family earlier in the day but also with Susan’s friends and family at Sweet Home. How cool is that, one celebration at work in my male mode, one with family in my male mode and then one as Susan with my friends of course this included way to much cake in one day. Now I know some may ask how old but a lady is entitled to a few secrets plus it is hard to figure out after all my male age is easy but Susan is younger as she did not come into existents till later in life and how does one define that, when I first started crossdressing, when I named her Susan, when I first started going out as Susan so as you can see Susan is still younger.

I was ready to leave by 7 and so looking forward to a fun night out. Now I am friends with several of the Karaoke group from Sweet Home and it turns out one of their members also is having a birthday tonight, she I guess would be my birthday sister. Well as such they were doing a Pirate theme tonight. They really are a fun group and do theme nights every once in a while and they love the pirate theme so they had let our group know in case we wanted to participate. Of course with my limited wardrobe well I have never bought a pirate outfit but maybe I will for the next time.

I got to Sweet Home and Cassandra, Chris, Jim and Bobby were all there and Cassandra brought a cake but luckily o candles of course I don’t think the fire code would allow that many open flames in the bar. Well there were actually a good crowd here for as early as it was, even the Karaoke group came in earlier than normal. A little later Petra, Roxy, Cristine, Jan and Lynn all showed up so we had a good group. Now none of us had Pirate outfits but the Karaoke group had some awesome outfits, not Halloween costume type but really good well-made outfits. It was just such a fun night.

I think everyone in the bar at one point or another wished me a Happy Birthday. By the time Karaoke started the place was packed, yes the Karaoke group had a great turnout of their group but there was also a lot of people neither associated with our group or theirs that were there. Cassandra I were joking about what someone who had never been here before would think if they walked in tonight, 20 to 30 people dressed as Pirates and then our group of 10 or so transgendered, but everyone there was having a good time. Heather was there and she had on this really cute pirate outfit that looked like it came right out of a movie. It was great to see her and talk with her. Blue was also there but she found out about the Pirate theme to late but it was great to see her also.

About 10 the host of Karaoke paused and told everyone we had birthdays in the house so Goni and I went upfront and the bar sang happy birthday to us, I don’t know what is more embarrassing being upfront singing Karaoke or standing there having everyone sing to you. Now I have met Goni and her husband Jeff before while I have been here but tonight I got a chance to talk with them more and get to know a little more about them and I think that was an awesome birthday gift.

Well it was time to cut the cake not that I needed any more cake today. I had Cassandra cut the cake partly because I didn’t want to get any frosting on my hands or under my beautiful nails. Several people from the bar both men and woman came over and talked to us, it was just such a fun night with great interaction between everyone. I even played a game of pool and almost won, Cassandra had to make 3 balls in a row and the 8 ball to win. The Karaoke was great, I really enjoy watching the people get up and sing. Some are really good and some not so good but they all have the courage to get up and sing and have fun and that makes them good.

I had a chance to talk with several people tonight about transgender which I really enjoy and I am by no means an expert but I think talking with them helps them understand us a little more. One of the biggest things I tell them is that we really are no different other then we like to dress a little outside the norm. One thing I have learned from all my years of crossdressing and from talking with others we do have some common things we go through. We all start off with that feeling we are alone, the only one who feel this way. Now the internet has made this better because you can find anything on the internet but when I was young I was convinced I was the only boy in the world who felt this way. Yes I was around before e-mail and the internet. The biggest help is to realize we are not alone and that a higher percentage of people crossdress or are transgendered then we think. Studies I have seen say about 20% of men crossdress in some form and about 5% need to dress completely and a side not that number is way higher for woman but then again it is more acceptable for woman to crossdress.

Once we come to terms with the fact we are not alone the next big hurtle is guilt, guilt over what we are doing, guilt over how it will affect others, family friend and c-workers, guilt over what people will think of us or say how they will look at us or react to us. Guilt is a hard thing to overcome but we have to remember we are not hurting anyone it is just our form of expression and it does not matter if you are a part time girl or live full time and transition it doesn’t hurt anyone and there is no reason to feel guilty about it even though others may try to make you feel that way. I often tell people I don’t expect them to want to crossdress or for that matter even like the idea but I do expect them to recognize my right to live my life how I need to. There are things others do I don’t like and are not right for me and I would not do them but that in no way means it is not right for someone else or they cannot do it, freedom of choice.

Once you get passed these the next big hurdle is going out and feeling okay about it and to do that you have to not care what others think. I know I don’t pass as a woman but I don’t care what others think and the good thing about that is you come across as self-confident and that helps a lot. If you are acting scared others will pick up on that and pay more attention to you, the key is to not give them a reason to really look close at you. People are busy with their own lives and as such tend not to focus on others unless something draws their attention. Simple put someone in a dress, long hair and makeup says feminine and on a casual glance that is what we see unless we do something that causes them to look closer. Now even if they do realize we are transgender most people won’t challenge you on it for two reasons, first they don’t want to cause a seen and then there is always the chance they could be wrong. That being said if you are acting like you are doing something wrong people will pick up in that and they will believe you are doing something wrong and then they are more likely to say something. Most places don’t have laws against transgendered people and many places now have laws that protect them. These were the hardest things for me to work through but once I did life became way better. Just my thoughts.

Well it was now past 1:30 and time to leave so we went up and paid our bills. Paul the owner took care of mine for my Birthday which was so sweet of him. I left a small tip but as I always pay with a credit card I didn’t have much cash so next week I will have to leave a little more. This really is an awesome place to go. Now having so much fun and yes being blonde I never thought to take my camera out and get pictures which is sad as I could have had so many great pictures with Pirates. Well next time I will have to remember to get pictures.

Thanks for reading and have a great day

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Awesome Friday night with Friends.

Well after missing last Friday night out with my friends I was really looking forward to tonight. Friends are so important in one’s life and after a long hard week at work what could be better than spending a fun night out we the people important in your life. Well I started getting ready and it was sunny out but by the time I was finishing it was dark and I could hear thunder and see the lightning which I really do love, just something about a good storm this girl likes. Well I pulled out of my garage and it was raining so hard I knew I didn’t have to worry about any of my neighbors being out and even if they were they would never see me through the rain. Going down the free way cars were only going about 30 and trust me that was plenty fast for the weather. About half way to the P-Club I ran out of the rain, funny as behind me it was dark and in front was sunny but I could still see the flashes of lightning behind me and hear the thunder and it was going the same way I was.

I got to the P-Club and found a parking spot right in front, love my small car. It was not raining yet so I got out and went inside and walked over to where Cassandra, Chris and Robyn were seated. As I said hi to them we saw a big flash of lightning outside and herd the thunder which was so loud it rattled the window so everyone in the club looked outside and that is when the bottom fell out. It started to rain so hard you couldn’t really see across the street and we are literally talking a minute after I got out of my car, this girl got lucky because as hard as it was raining the 15 feet I walked between my car and the door I would have been soaked. It was cool though as we were inside and could watch it all through the windows. The heavy rain lasted maybe 20 minutes before it let up.

Victoria, Diane and Christy showed up after the rain eased. It was great to see Diane, she was in town for work and didn’t let any of us know so she just showed up and surprised us all. She is a lot of fun to hang out with. Well Chris had his tablet and pulled up our group page (Rose_city_t-girls) as Cassandra had made a new folder called memorable moments and went back through all the pictures in our group and picked out some of the more interesting pictures, about 100 of them. We have pictures that go back 5 years in our group, 1,000’s of them. I was fun to look back and see the different looks, wigs and how we have all progressed. It was a nice walk down memory lane for us.

Well by this time we were all getting hungry so we ordered dinner, I got a salad. So we all ate and enjoyed some girl talk while we ate and of course a couple of the girls started playing pool. By this time other girls started showing up and I could already tell we would have a good turnout tonight. At one point I tried to count and got 26 but some may have left or not shown up yet so I am sure there were at least a few more, we pretty much took over the one section.

Olivia showed up I met her through Brooke, her and I are friends on facebook so I knew she would be there. She is a GG and it turns out her boyfriend works just across the street from the P-Club. She had on this really cute retro 70’s look outfit that she made, how cool would that be to be able to make your own outfits. Well it was time for shuffle board so Diane and Olivia played Cassie and me in a game it was a really close game and in the end they won by 1 point

Jan and Lynn also made it and brought a few girls they met at Esprit this year. They stayed in town to go out with our group tonight. So I guess maybe 5 or the girls that were there were not from our group but they still count. At this time we had girls playing shuffleboard and both pool tables.

Jennifer made it also so I had a chance to talk with her. She actually filled in for Diane when we were playing shuffle board when Diane went to get a drink. Jennifer actually scored 8 points on the one turn she did so in reality since they only won by one point it was Jennifer that won the game. She was on the same end as me so it gave us a chance to talk while we played.

Maya and Darla also made it, they are a really cute couple together and of course Darla had to show us her ring. Turns out Maya purposed and they are engaged. The big question is who gets to wear the wedding dress. Cassandra made a toast for the group.

Sophia and Lorna also showed up, seems they make it every few weeks. They are a great couple also and I enjoy talking to them. Problem is with such a big group which was great I didn’t notice them show up so it took me a while to get over and talk to them. We chatted for a few minutes but then I had to get back to my shuffle board game. Next time will have to be sure I can sit with them and talk more.

Well as I said we had such a big group I ended up standing most of the night and as I wore my 4″ heels by about midnight my feet were so soar I did what most woman do, I took them off which really did feel good. I got a chance to sit and really talk with Diane and heard all about her trip to Southern Comfort last year and even saw some great pictures. I may have to go to that one of these years if I can work into my vacations. Any way it was nice to talk to her and I learned a lot more about her. It is funny as we live these duel lives and we really do have wonderful close friends but we still keep things private. Some of these girls I consider my best friends but there are still things they don’t know, some have never seen my male side even in a picture but then I don’t have many pictures of my male self.

Well it was getting late and time to leave. It turns out that Olivia’s boyfriend’s birthday is this weekend and she was going over when he got off to surprise him. She had present for him and a card which she had some of us sign. It is funny signing a Birthday card for someone you have never met. Any way as we left she wanted a couple of us to go across the street to where he works and wish him a happy birthday so Victoria and I went. They were closed by this time but he came out and we all wished him a happy Birthday and Olivia gave him his presents which he opened. They really are a cute couple together. I wondered what he thought about his girlfriend showing up with two T-girls of which he has never met to wish him a happy Birthday. Well we said our goodbyes and it was time to leave. It was now after 2 am but what a fun night.

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Wednesday night dinner with friends.

Well it has been another busy week for my male self leaving little time for Susan but as I cannot get out Friday night I really wanted to get out during the week. Now I was planning on going to Starbuck as it has been a long time since I have been there but something more important came up. Wednesday was Cassandra and Roxy’s birthday and as they always go out for dinner and then to a club on Wednesdays I decided to surprise them. It really was a last minute option so I had to rush to get ready. Now being nice again I was worried about my neighbors being out so I kept looking out the windows and sure enough the 5 neighbor kids were all playing ball in the street right in front of my house.

Well I was already by 6:30 and chose my purple dress and heels as I wanted to look really cute. Looking out the front window 3 of the kids were still playing in the street. You have heard of being all dressed up and no place to go, here I was all dressed up with some place I wanted to go and no way to get out of the house without driving right through them. Really it was only a moment when the 3 of them ran into their garage and I ran for my car in my garage and was out the door. As I turned out of my drive onto the street I could see them coming back out from their house but I just kept going as they would not get a good look at me and they were more interested in playing. I can see as the summer goes on it will be harder for this girl to get out unseen.

Now the plan was to meet at the House of Louie which is a Chinese restaurant in Old Town Portland for dinner at 7 and then go over to Boiler Room for Karaoke and pool around 9 which is when I planned to leave as Work starts early for me. The other cool thing is I have never been to the House of Louie so this is a new place for Susan. I found a parking spot about a block. It was a nice warm evening for the walk and to the House of Louie and I was stopped twice by woman who told me how beautiful I looked, what girl doesn’t love to hear that. Well I got inside and Cristine was the only one there so I joined her and we waited.

It wasn’t long before the two birthday girls, Cassandra and Roxy showed up along with Chris and yes they were surprised to see me out on a Wednesday night. We talked for a bit before we ordered. The food was so good and there was so much that we couldn’t eat it all. It was a really fun night.

About 8:30 Victoria Sinclair, Marla and her girlfriend showed up and joined us. It was so great to see them out again. Victoria has been coming out a lot the last couple weeks after not being able to get out for a while. Well they ordered some food so this gave us a chance to sit and talk more. It really is amazing how fast the time went. The last two to show up were Joan and Bob. Well most of the food was gone and time to leave but not before some pictures of the birthday girls and yea I had to get in one of them.

Well we all left together and walked to the corner before I said my goodbye’s and went to my car. It was almost 9:30 so just a little later than I planned on being out but so worth it. I may have to try to go out with them on Wednesday every once in a while.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.

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Awesome Friday night, 2 Birthday’s and close to 50 of our group showed up.

Well the day started off good as the weather was fantastic. Clear blue skies and about 75 degrees out and after all the cool rainy weather we were all ready for it. So as I was deciding what to wear and looking out at the sun it was an easy choice, my white skirt and purple top. Well I got to the P-club at 7:30 and Melissa was the only one there and she had 2 fabulous looking cakes and a bunch of balloons for the birthday girl.

I joined her and we talked and wondered how many would show up, now normally we have a few there between 7:30 and 8:30 and then the others start showing up but on this particular Friday night they started to show up by 7:45 and I bet by 8 we had 25 from our group there. Tonight I will refer to our group instead of T-Girls because this was also our GG night where we try to get as many wives, girlfriend, friends of the T-girls to come out and join us. Around 9:30 I tried to count how many we had there and as we were spread over the whole place it was hard but I counted 43 and I am sure I missed some plus a few more showed up later so I know we had at least 50 there at one point or another during the evening. It was great to see so many out as we wanted a big turn out as it was Peggy’s birthday hence the cake and balloons. Well as it turns out it was also Siobhan birthday so we got to celebrate two birthdays and yes their birthdays were Friday June 17.

We had several new people there. One was a new member of our group and one was just a T-girl who had heard we met at the P-Club on Friday nights and came out to join us, I hope she will join the group. Heather also brought her Sister Kristen. Heather is Melissa friend and has been coming out with us more and more, by the way Melissa, Heather and Kristen are all GG’s. You all rock for supporting us. We also had a few that have not been out for a while, Danielle who is in town for a few months, Mandie and Jamie who have not been out for a while and Nadine and Wendy, now Nadine and Wendy did come out a couple weeks ago but Wendy was in boy mode but tonight Wendy was there. It was so great to see and talk to them again.

Diane was in town, she is one of our members who lives in North Carolina now but still comes to Portland once a month for business and always comes out with the group so it was great to see her again. She and I played partners in shuffle board and we did awesome. We won four games in a row, in one of the games Diane scored 12 on one turn and the next game I scored 13 on one turn which is awesome as normally if you score 5 or 6 it is a great turn. Well after fourth game we took break so we were undefeated for the night.

Later on we got Peggy and Siobhan together and got some pictures of them as they were the birthday girls and the whole group sang happy birthday to them, nothing says party like 40+ T-girls all singing happy birthday you could hear us through the whole place. Then it was time to cut the cake. The cake was awesome, big thanks to Melissa for baking them. Now the good thing was with so many of us there the pieces were small so all us girls could have a small piece.

After wards we got all the GG’s together, now normally GG refers to genetic girl but in this case we also included genetic guys as we had 3 of our male admirers there. Now I am going to make my best guess at the name of all of them but again with so many I am sorry if I miss someone or worse get a name wrong but after all I am blonde. We had Peggy, Melissa, Heather, Kristen, Kate, Nadine, Darla, Penelope, Rita, Lynn, Bob, Dan & Jim. I know I missed someone as I think I counted 15 GG’s there. It is so great that they come out and not only support our group but actually enjoy coming out with us, how cool is that. They are all so awesome and we love them all.

There were 3 college girls who came to the P-Club last night. They had never been there before but stopped in. They spent most of the time they were there with our group, they thought we were great. They all really loved Diane as they were always with her. We even taught them how to play shuffle board and of course got some pictures. They were so awesome and we had a great time.

Later on as the night wound down and people started to leave I was finally able to sit as we had so many of our group there not everyone could sit if you wanted to stay with the group. This was nice as I got a chance to talk to Robin and Kate as they were at the same table, Kate is Robin’s wife and comes out with her every once in a while. Penelope also was by the table so we all just talked for a while and had a good time. Jamie came over and joined us also. Jamie and I talked about Diva Las Vegas and how much fun I had. I tried to talk her into going but she still has two more years of school so she can’t make it next year but maybe in a few years she can go. Of course once I sat down then I really started to get tired but was having too much fun to let a little sleepiness get in the way.

The whole night was so much fun and we were all sad to see it come to an end. Even Peggy stayed till after 1 am which is late for her but it was her birthday so why not stay and have fun. Well it was finally time to call it a night and we all wished Peggy a happy Birthday one last time and then we all headed home. What a super fun night

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Friday night B-Day party at the P-Club

Well it was another fun Friday night out with friends at the P-Club. Two of our members have Birthdays this week so we celebrated them Friday with a party, yes on Friday the 13th. Roxy and Cassandra, Cassandra is the one who started our little group which now has 203 members in 3 ½ years. Anyway we had a great turnout Friday night again maybe 25 from our group were there and we all had a great time. Peggy, Cassandra’s wife brought cake for the big event and we all sang Happy Birthday to them and just had a really good time. Cassandra on left and Roxy on right in picture.

The P-Club was really busy Friday night again so we had a good chance to mingle with the rest of the customers which is always fun. I was thinking about it and we have been going to the P-Club about a year now and I can’t remember any negative reactions to us being there, everyone I have talked with seems okay with us being there or even enjoys us there. Now I am sure there have been and they didn’t say anything to us, they either just left or said something to the staff but from how crowded they were last night.

Most of us had dinner and then we cut the cake Peggy brought and I am sure almost everyone had a piece or two, I was good and only had one as I am still trying to watch what I eat. One of the other girls had way more will power than I did and was able to pass up the cake. She is doing so well eating right and exercising, you go girl. It really is hard to do and we are all so proud of her.

After dinner Melissa and I played partners against Maya and Vivien in shuffle board. Melissa and I won but it was a close game, at one point I had all 4 of my pucks counting, one on the 3 point, one on the 2 point and the other 2 were just 1 point each but we were looking at getting 7 point and Maya only had one shot left so I was sure we would get something. Well she knocked off my 2 and 3 point and left hers on the table to get 2 points so we got nothing that round. It really was a good shot that I didn’t think was possible. It was a really good game. Well cameras were out so I got a picture with Melissa.

I got a chance to talk with Yin (cute name and one I should be able to remember), she just joined our group and has only been out a couple time with us now. We actually split dinner as I really am trying to cut down on what I eat plus we knew there was cake to eat also. It was nice to chat with her and get to know her better, she is really nice and I look forward to seeing her out with the group a lot more.

We also had another new girl Stacy there, I think this was her first time out and she was a little nervous but she looked great very nicely dressed and very passable. I talked with her several times over the evening and she is so nice. She is very soft spoken and even talking to her I think you would have a hard time telling. It was great meeting her and I hope to get to talk to her some more next time she is out with the group.

Later on two customers came over to our group, Adam and Jennifer and asked if they could join us. They even brought a picture of beer for the group which was nice but not needed. They spent about 20 minutes talking to us; they had just met that night at the P-club. Adam asked me to take a picture of them with his phone and then asked to have a picture with me and you know I can’t turn down a photo opportunity.

The highlight of the night came close to closing when another guy name Gabe came over and told me the he and his girlfriend thought I looked just lovely and they just wanted to tell me, how nice is that and such a bust for ones ego. As I have said it seems that most of the people at the P-Club like our group and enjoy us being there. It would be so nice if everyone was this open to girls like us. I really think the more we interact with the general public the more they will see us as no different than them.

It was a really good night and we all had so much fun. I cannot think of a better way to spend a Friday night and close out a week than with your best friends. This week will be busy for me but I hope to get to Starbucks maybe Thursday night but not sure about next Friday. I need Saturday the 28 off so may have to work Friday night to make this happen.

Have a great week.

Big Happy Birthday to Cassandra & Roxy.

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