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Awesome Friday with friends

Well it was an awesome Friday, after getting home late from work I started by calling the nail salon I go to Nails by Lily and set up my appointment to get acrylic nails for my trip to Diva Las Vegas the night before I leave. Now I can’t wait, my appointment is early enough that I can still go to Starbucks afterwards so it will be fun night. Diva Las Vegas starts 2 weeks from tomorrow so there is still time to go if anyone wants to.

Well our group was back at the P-club on Friday night and we had another huge turnout, maybe 25 or so and I was so happy to be there after missing last week. Going out with my friends is such a big part of who I am and I don’t often think about it till you miss a week and then you realize how important they are. While I am at Diva Las Vegas I know I will have so much fun but will also miss 2 Friday nights in a row so I will go 3 weeks without seeing them and that will be hard although I will be able to keep up with the group through e-mail.

I talked with several of the girls last night and they are all interested in going to Diva Las Vegas next year, this year just didn’t work for them but right now I think there are 5 who have said they want to go next year so I am already thinking of that as I will go again next year. It would be so fun if 5 to 8 of us all went down for it, just think of the fun we would have.

The P-club was pretty quiet last night, besides our group maybe 15 other people which is the slowest I have ever seen it. I really think it has nothing to do with our group being there as we have been going there for maybe 8 months now and I doubt if it would drop that much in one week, I think the fight that broke out last week may have been part of it. I was not there and no one from our group was involved. What I heard happened was to GG’s were talking when one told the other she looked like a slut and well it all went downhill from there. They started fighting and then the guy’s with them got involved and I guess in the end they had 5 police cars there. No one is sure if anyone got arrested. I think maybe people just stayed away for the night, will be interesting to see what it is like next week. I will be there for sure as I will miss the next 2 Friday’s after that.

Wilma and I played as partners again in shuffle board, the game was close but we lost. I think missing a week I was a little off my game but still a lot of fun. We had hoped to play Cassandra as she is the one everyone wants to win against as she is so competitive in everything she does.

Alice came up from Salem which was an awesome surprise, sometimes she can go months without being able to come up and join us so I always look forward to her visits. I got to talk with her some but not as much as I would have liked, one of the problems with such a big group as you really want to try to meet and talk with everyone. I guess we just need longer Friday nights.

Peggy was also there which is always fun, she started a new job a while back and as such has not been able to get out with us as much. She brought my Avon order. She is my Avon lady also so if you need Avon check out her web page. You can now order and the will ship to you so you don’t even need to live in the area, how cool is that. I was almost out of my favorite lipstick and thought they had discontinued it but they are back in the book which made me happy as one I think is a great daytime lipstick for me. It is called Beyond Color plumping lip color; I like the Twig for day and the Divine wine for evenings. I am not sure if they plump your lips but they do really condition them. They use to have a clear conditioner that I wear every day, looks just like I have Chap Stick on and I have not had chapped lips in 2 years sense I found these. Opps a little sales pitch.

Anyway it was a supper fun night just being out with all my friends. So many pictures were taken that I never even got my camera out but I am sure once they get posted I will include some of the pictures either in this blog or another as it has been a while sense I included a picture. Funny thing about pictures, as a guy I tend to avoid them, don’t care for my picture being taken. Susan on the other had lights up and smiles for the camera. It is still strange to me all these little differences between my male and female side.

Have a great week and hope to be at Starbuck’s Tuesday so that should be my next post. Have a great week.

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Diner out with friends

Well I went out on Wednesday night again for a couple of hours but instead of going to Starbuck’s this week I met several of the t-girls from my group for a Christmas dinner. We are trying to get out more into mainstream places. We all want to get out more and we hope to go out once a month to dinner, shopping, movies or something else.

We met at Who Song and Larry’s in Vancouver at 7 pm for dinner and we had a big table right in the middle of their main dining room. There were other people there and they really paid no attention to us. It was nice to get to talk as we ate. I think there were 12 of us there and we were treated really well. There was one guy as he left he stopped really quickly and took a picture of us. We all laughed about it, if he had only asked we would have all posed for him. We all love having our pictures taken. The food was really good and the prices were really not bad. If you like Mexican food I would recommend you give them a try.

I also got my Avon order, My friend Peggy sells Avon and I ordered some lipstick and some really cute earrings. I really like Avon’s products and it is so nice to have a friend who sells it. Check out her page if you would like to try Avon.

Well I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a safe Holiday season.

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