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Tuesday last day of vacation and the red nails go away.

Tuesday is here the day I have been dreading. I got up early as I had some things I had to do so I was out as my male self with long bright red nails. I took care of what I had to do and then I was going home to become Susan for a few hours more. On the way, I decided to stop at a Starbucks as my male self. I lucked out as the Starbucks I stopped at had all girls working 5 of them. I ordered my drink and then carefully put my credit card in the machine trying to keep my nails as hid as I could. Both girls at the counter must have seen them as they both told me how beautiful they were which they really are. I thanked them, they didn’t seem that surprised by a man with pretty nails. I spent about an hour here before going home to become Susan.

I got home at noon and made the phone call to the nail salon something I was not looking forward to which is strange as I am always looking forward to going to the nail salon. Anna answered and I asked I could get in and she said 3 was good so I had a couple more hours of pretty nails. I then asked her if she could really make my nails look natural and keep the acrylic so as no one could tell and she assured me she could. I still have doubts but I told her that was what I wanted to do. So, I will still have acrylic on my nails I guess just a thinner layer. I was all ready by 1:20 so I figured instead of going early to the nail salon I would go to the Starbucks by my house which is right across the street from Dream Nails and hang out here till a little before 3. I took a quick selfie before leaving the house.

I got to the Starbucks about 1:30 and they were a little busy at least for the middle of the day I thought. The girl who took my ordered remembered me and asked didn’t you use to come in in the evenings, it has been a while. It is nice to be remembered and I said yes and told her I have a nail appointment across the street and had some time to kill.

I got my drink and sat down to start my blog which I will have to finish after my nail appointment and of course I had to get a picture of my nails and how they look now. The Gel Polish on the acrylic held up really well, no chips, scratches or wearing off on the edges. They look just as good as they did 12 days ago, when I got them. I will also post an after picture, I am really wondering about my decision to keep the acrylic. I really hope Anna is right and it will not be noticeable as I go back to work tomorrow. I am hoping that the fact I have kept my nails looking nice and a little long that no one will really pay attention to them. I sent about 1 ½ hours here at Starbuck’s catching up on e-mails and doing a little work. It is a great way to pass time.

I also got a message from a Facebook friend from the east coast, she will be in town the end of the week for work and on Friday she is going to Over the Rainbow for a makeover and wants to go out so she is going to meet me at Sweet Home at 6:30. This will only be her second time going out so it will be fun. I am looking forward to meeting her. I left Starbucks and went to the nail salon just before 3.

They were not busy, I was the only one there so there was no waiting Anna was ready to do my nails. Now as I am leaving the acrylic on Anna just started to grind off the top layer, the red layer. The first bit was the hardest as my red was no longer glossy smooth. The red dust piled up as one nail after another lost its red color. This is always so sad and I guess it would not be if I was putting another color on. Soon all the color was off and she started to grind the acrylic down to a thinner layer. I was kind of amazed and surprised as it really did look like my natural nail, I had my doubts but Anna was right. I guess if you looked really close you would be able to tell the texture of the nail was different.

Now came the big question, Anna asked me if I wanted them shortened and I so wanted to tell her no but I just couldn’t go to work with that long of nails so I said yes cut them down. Now normally she uses nail cutters but she put a little sanding wheel in her grinder and zip the first nail was short. I looked at it and told her that was good and she went right to work on the rest of the nails and soon they were all short or so I thought. A couple tips I discovered. First after having long nails it is hard to judge length and when you have 4 long nails on one hand and one shorter that you are comparing it to it really does look short. I actually left my nails somewhat long and in two week when I go back they will really be long.

Now it was time for the Gel polish and I went back to my clear with a slight pink tint to it. Two coats of that Gel polish and a clear top coat and my nails look awesome and you really can’t tell I have acrylic on them, they look awesome. The whole thing took about 45 minutes but as I said a little on the long side. Here is a picture of them now.

Now I had some things I had to do which luckily, I could do as Susan including getting gas for my car, you know just routine chores. It was now about 5 and I was thinking what to do. I wanted something to eat but really wasn’t hungry so I decided to go back to the Starbucks by my house and get a snack and a drink and work on my computer for a while and of course update my blog. I will hang out here for a couple hours as I do have some work I need to do on the computer and then I will go home and officially end my vacation it has been a fun 12 days and I am sad to see it come to an end but it will be nice to take a break from doing makeup everyday as it will be Friday the next chance I get to go out and meet my friend from the East coast.

Thanks for reading and sharing my vacation with me.

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Manicure and then out to Sweet home

It is Friday and I am looking forward to a fun night. It has been a long day but I still need to get a manicure and as long as I am out I will be off to Sweet Home. I called Dream Nails at about 4:15 to see if I could get in at 5:30 and that was fine so I had an hour to get ready. Now I really love taking my time getting ready usually an hour and a half but when needed I can get ready in 45 minutes if needed.

I was all ready by a little after 5 so I had a little time before I needed to leave for the nail salon. I got there about 5:20 and Anna was ready for me. Now they were a lot busier then the last time I was here. there were 4 woman and a man getting pedicures and one getting her nails done. I really do love going to the nail salon as it is such a relaxing fun time.

Anna worked on my nails and did a wonderful job, this time she didn’t even ask me if I wanted my nails trimmed back she just filed them down a little and evened them out. They look beautiful and just a little on the long side for my male side. I will have to file them down some in a few days. It was about 6 pm when I was done and left the salon with my beautiful nails. They would look so much better with a red though.

I got to Sweet Home a little after 6, Robyn and Chris were already there. I little later Roxy showed up so there were 4 of us tonight. We had a nice time although I was really getting tired now as I have been up since 3 am today. It was a little before 10 when I called it a night. It was a fun evening out.

I will be out again Saturday night as our group is having a celebration of life for Cristine who passed away a little over a week ago.

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Thursday night and out for a manicure and pedicure.

Now I really needed to go and get a manicure today. It has only been 13 days since my last manicure but I actually broke a nail really bad yesterday and another one today. I got home and got right in the shower to start getting ready. I got out of the shower at 4:30 and called the Nail salon to see if I could get in tonight. It is nice as when I call she knows it is me so I must be in her phone system now. She was able to get me in at 5:30 so I was on my way getting ready. Now going casual doesn’t take as long and I was ready by 5:10 so I decided to checkout the go fund me account we set up for cristineCristine our friend in ICU. We had raised $645 in the last 20 hours, thanks to all who have helped.

I left for the nail salon at 5:20 and was there only a couple minutes later. It is nice it is so close. Now they were not at all busy. there was one lady just finishing getting her nails done. I picked out my color for my toes and was seated right away for my pedicure. I really didn’t need a pedicure but I so enjoy it and I am trying to work out a schedule so I get a pedicure and my acrylic nails the night before I leave for Diva Las Vegas. If I go every 2 weeks it will work out perfect and I will be getting my acrylic nails on March 23, just 8 weeks away.

It is so relaxing to get a pedicure and manicure and is one of the fun things I get to do as Susan. I would encourage everyone to try it at least once. now as I said they were not busy and the once lady that was there left shortly after I got there so I was the only one there till she was almost done with my pedicure. As she was painting my toes another lady came in for a pedicure. As a matter of fact one of the nail techs were doing another nails techs nails. It was funny as 3 of the ladies working here had beautiful red nails and the 4th was getting red on her nails. they told me it was for Chinese New Year. It would have been fun to get red also on my fingers but just wouldn’t be able to pull it off at work.

Now it was time for my manicure and it is just as much fun. There is something about being pampered and having someone do your nails. It is such a fun and enjoyable way to spend some time and I have always been treated wonderful here by all the people working here. Dream nails is a wonderful salon and I would recommend them highly. It was about 6:40 when I was all done and had pretty toes and fingers.

Now I went across the street to Starbucks as they are open till 8 and got a hot drink and did my blog for Last nights Dinner which was fun and we got it worked out to set up a Go Fund me account for Cristine. Now Starbucks was busy probably 18 people there but they were only 4 groups so there were tables open. I ordered a hot chocolate and enjoyed some quiet time. I actually enjoy spending time as Susan at Starbucks as I can be out and do things I would normally do at home. What did we do before laptops. I stayed there right up till 8 when they were getting ready to close. Now I have come to this Starbucks maybe 10 to 15 times over the last year or so usually after getting my nails done so I wouldn’t consider myself a regular but as I was leaving Sarah one of the ladies who works here said your name is Susan right, and I said yes. it was nice to be remembered, then she wished me a good evening. It is little things like this that make you feel good. This is wonderful customer service and really several of the Starbucks I have gone to over the years learned who I was and remembered me by name. It was a good night out even though it was short.

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Cold snowy night but made it out for a manicure.

Okay it has been two weeks since I have been Susan much less getting out anyplace. Last Friday night I stayed home as it was really cold out and I was looking forward to going to Harvey’s Comedy club the next night but the cold weather turned into freezing rain on Saturday and we had to cancel our plans. and I was stuck at home. Portland does not do well in wintery weather. The city was pretty much shut down last weekend so I was looking forward to this weekend and of course we got hit with our biggest snow storm in decades or even maybe ever. From 6PM Tuesday till noon Wednesday I got over 15 inches of snow where I live. As a matter of fact I couldn’t get out to go to work as the ground clearance on my car was to low and I just started pushing snow till I stopped. I have never not been able to go to work. Now we are in bitter cold, day time around 30 and nights between 10 and 15 which is really cold here as a matter of fact I think we set a record for this day as far as cold. The freeways are pretty clear but the surface streets still have 2 inches of packed snow and ice. So needless to say I am not going to Portland but I do need to get a manicure as it has been 2 and a half weeks and my nails are getting a little long.

The advantage of going to a nail salon so close to where I live. that even in bad weather I can get there as it is only a few blocks. I got home from work and called to see if they were even open and they were. I got an appointment for 5:30 and started getting ready. It was a little after 5 and I was ready to go. I left home and drove carefully as it was still really icy out, even with the ice and snow it took 5 minutes or less to get there and I was able to park right in front. There was only one lady in there getting her nails done and Annie was ready for me so I didn’t have to wait. It was nice to be out and what better then at the nail salon getting my nails done. It is just so relaxing and normal thing to do.

Annie started on my nails and we had a nice conversation while she did my nails. it was a really enjoyable time, I even talked with the other lady there some mostly about the weather, She still has her chains on her car, I removed mine last night but only because most of my drive to work is freeway and that is mostly clear with just spotty ice. if I was just driving around town I would still have them on for safety. We were the only two customers here tonight I guess the weather kept a lot of people home.

Annie asked if I wanted my nails trimmed back, I probably should have but told her to just file them down a little and square them off. They aren’t overly long well maybe just a little but in two week they will be really long. I will probably have to file them down a little before I come back for my next appointment. I got the same clear gel polish with the hint of pinky rose in it. Really looks pretty. It is funny as I kept thinking about Diva Las Vegas which is coming up fast in 2 1/2 months and I will be here to get acrylic nails and longer for the trip. It was about 6:15 when I was done.

I thought about going to Sweet Home but with the ice and snow on the roads I didn’t want to drive that far so I went across the street to Starbucks which is on my way home. They were not busy just one table with 4 people at it. It is a little chilly so I ordered a hot chocolate, yes I love Starbucks Hot Chocolate. the perfect drink on a cold wintery night.

I of course had my computer and caught up on some e-mails, work and even a Facebook chat. It was a relaxing night and I stayed here till they closed at 8. There were a few times they got really busy 6 to 8 people. It was fun to people watch and of course to see if anyone I knew came in as I am only about a 1/4 mile from where I live. A couple years ago I never would have dreamed of even stopping here this close to home much less sit here for a couple hours. I guess I have grown as Susan and that is a good thing.

I do miss not being out with my friends though. I am hoping that we can get together Saturday night weather permitting. The one thing I have learned is I do not have Susan clothes designed for really cold weather. Probably because we get this type of weather so rare I just haven’t invested in winter girl clothing.

Thanks for reading and have a safe and warn night. Smile

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Manicure and pedicure and a little Starbucks time.

It has been 2 weeks since my last manicure and I really wanted to go get a manicure and pedicure tonight. A chance to be out as Susan for a little while. This is always such a fun and relaxing experience that woman get to enjoy. I got home at 3 and was going to call and make an appointment but figured I would take my shower and do some of the prep work first. I got out of the shower and shaved and was ready to start my makeup by 3:20. I called Dream nails to see if I could get in, Annie answered the phone and new who I was so I guess she has my number stored in her phone system. She asked what time I wanted to come in and I was planning on 4:30 which gave me an hour to finish getting ready but for some reason I said 5 so she said she would see me at 5. Now it was time to enjoy the time getting ready and doing my makeup.

It was 4:15 when I finished my makeup so I was way ahead of schedule. I was getting ready to start getting dressed when the phone rang so I answered it and ended up talking to my parents for about 15 minutes. I no more than hung up and my brother called, wow I am popular today. Any way I talked to him for about 15 minutes all the time wondering what they would think if they knew how I looked as I was talking to them. full makeup and wearing a bra and panties. I got off the phone with him and looked at the clock and it was 4:45. I had 15 minutes to get dressed and hair on, pack up my computer and get to the nail salon. Luckily it is close as it was 4:56 when I pulled out of my garage.

I walked into the nail salon right at 5 and Annie was waiting for me so it was right to the table. She filed off the top of the gel polish and then put the remover on them and the little clamps t hold them on and then took me over to start my pedicure. I sat and soaked my feet as she finished up another lady. It was about 15 minutes before she came over to do my pedicure. Now I have never sat with those clamps on my fingers that long but it is amazing how often you want to brush hair off your face or do something else with your hands when you can’t.

Annie asked me what color I wanted for my toes and as I got here right at 5 I didn’t have time to pick out a color so I told her something red and she said she had a red she really liked and went and got it. It is a deep darkish red with a little bit of shimmer or sparkle to it and looked pretty so I said it was fine. this is the first time I have let someone else pick out the color and it really is a pretty color. Now I really do love getting a manicure and pedicure as it is so relaxing, a wonderful way to treat yourself. The soaking, leg massage, lotion and oil, hot stone rub my legs never look or feel better then after a pedicure and they stay that way for a couple days, silky soft skin. She got done and put the color on my toes and it was beautiful, so wish I could get it on my fingers also.

now it was time for the manicure so we went over to the table and she scraped the gel polish off, trimmed the cuticle and evened out the nails. I filed them down at home before I came to get the length I wanted. that way all Annie had to do was shape them which she did. Next was the polish and I got the same gel polish I did last time as I really like it. it is a clear polish with just a hint of rosy pink. well it depends on the light as to how rosy pink it is. in certain light it just looks clear but in others you can defiantly see the rosy pinkish color. Now I have been coming here to Dream Nails for over two years, my first visit was 9/18/2014, yes I looked it up in my blog, although the first year was not that often but the last year starting last January I have come here to get my nails done every 2 to 3 weeks and I love it. I would encourage everyone, male or female to do this at least once and see how you like it. I am sure you will do it again.

It was 6:30 when I was all finished and I once again had pretty toes and fingers. Now I didn’t want to go home yet one of the reasons I brought my computer so I drove across the street to Starbuck. Now as I said before I am getting more comfortable as Susan. A few years ago I would never have gone to a Starbucks so close to my house as a matter of fact the Starbucks I did go to was about 12 miles away. This one is less than a half mile and is the closest to my house. They weren’t busy maybe 5 other people inside so I had my choice of tables. I ordered a Hot Chocolate and a cheese Danish and got out my computer. I spent a little time catching up on some e-mails and work before turning to more important things. Updating my blog.

This week I will make it out 3 times, tonight of course, tomorrow night for dinner with my friends. We are doing our Christmas dinner and Cassandra set up the reservations. I know we have 10 but we have room for 16 so I am hoping more come out. Cassandra set it up and made all the reservations, Thanks Cassandra. I also plan on being out Friday night also. I have to work early on Sunday so I will not be able to go out and Celebrate New Years with my friend which is sad. They are going to Harvey’s Comedy Club for New Years. I may see if they are meeting at Fox & Hounds first and if so maybe I might go have dinner there with them before the show and then go home when they head for Harvey’s.

Tomorrow night at Dinner Cassandra and I are going to talk about Diva Las Vegas and set our plans. Veronica is thinking of going but wants to know whet we are doing and also Julie will be there and I think / hope she is going so we should be able to have it all worked out soon. It will be good to see Julie again as it has been a while as the Holidays always make it harder to get time to go out.

Now I have been sitting here at Starbucks and not paying attention to the time and it is now a little after 8 and they are closed. The young man had to come remind me, wow I guess time flies when Susan is having fun. I left Starbucks and headed for home. wow my feet are cold wearing flip flops. I don’t know how girls wear them in the winter when it is cold out. It only took a couple minutes to get home so I am finishing my blog at home. I am not going to put the matte polish on my nails because I want to show them off to Julie tomorrow night. It should be interesting as the last time I did go to work for several days with shinny nails but tomorrow will be busy and I will have a lot more interaction with co-workers.

Well thanks for reading and I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and have a safe and Happy New Years this weekend.

One last thing as today Carrie Fisher pasted away, she was best know as Princes Leia in Star Wars one of my favorite movies. She will be missed and my thoughts and prays go out to her family. So sad.

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Out on a Tuesday night for a manicure and a little Starbucks time.

Okay I didn’t make it to get my nails done on Saturday so I am going tonight. I got home a little after 3 and started getting ready. I always like to get part way ready so I can more easily judge what time I can make it out. It was about 4 when I was just finishing up on my makeup so I called the nail salon for an appointment. Normally Annie answers the phone so I asked if I could get in for an appointment and gave my name and I herd the voice say she is not here. I forgot one of the nail technicians is named Susan. Any way I got an appointment for 4:30 so I did rush a little getting dressed. I got to the nail salon about 4:20 yes it is really a short drive from where I live. There were 2 other woman waiting so I sat down and started looking at all the pretty colors on the sample wheels. So wish I could just pick a red and go to work with that color. The lady next to me asked if she could look at it as she forgot the number of the color she wanted. Once she found it she asked what I thought of the color and how it would look on her finger. it was a dark sparkly red and I thought it would look get and wished I could pick it. We talked for a few minutes till it was her turn. seems when the girl told me 4:30 was fine she didn’t know Annie already had a 4:30 appointment. Any way I had to wait a little while which was okay. lots of women go to the nail salon and wait till they can get their nails done.

Annie finished up the other lady and called me over to the table. the lady showed me her nails and asked what I thought and I told her they were beautiful and she agreed, she liked the sparkly red for the Holidays. Annie started on my nails and asked what color I wanted and I told her my normal clear pink. She was still out of it but had another brand of gel polish in a similar color . She showed it to me and it was a clear polish with just a tad more red. Now it looked a little more red when looking at it but I decided to see what it would look like. Annie started on my nails removing the old polish soaking them and filing them. It is funny as when I ask her to trim them she cuts them back kind of short. So today before I came I filed them to the length I wanted so all she had to do was shape them. They are just a tad short but in two weeks when I come back they will be a little on the long side so I guess it is the perfect option. Now it was time for the gel polish. Annie started with a clear base coat and then went for the polish. now looking at the brush it really did look reddish but when she put it on my nail it really wasn’t that red. just gave my nail a really healthy look. Now the second coat went on and my nail bed really does have a nice healthy reddish pink glow to it. She finished with a top coat and my nails look amazing, really healthy and pretty natural. now I am sure in the bright light it may be a little more reddish but defiantly not as noticeable as the sparkly pink I had on my nails the last two weeks. This will be my gel polish unless I am able to do a real color. Here are some pictures in different light, with and without the flash.

20161213_200748 20161213_200806 20161213_200818 20161213_20083020161213_200950 20161213_200910


It was about 5:40 when I was done and on my way. Now I am all dressed up and didn’t want to just go home so I drove across the street to Starbuck’s and even though it is only a couple blocks from my house I went in and figured I would hang out here for a couple hours to update my blog and catch up on some e-mails and work. I just don’t find it fun any more to be at home as Susan. If I am Susan I want to be out someplace even if it is just sitting at Starbuck’s. My first thing was to e-mail Marci, she is a friend I have met a couple time when she has come to Portland. She e-mailed me about Diva Las Vegas as she is thinking of going and wanted some information. I really hoe she can go as I think she would have a wonderful time. The dates are March 26 through March 31 2017 so there is still time if you are thinking of going. They will start registering in early January. I have my vacation all set so I will be going. I am really looking forward to it as I missed last year. 10 days of living as Susan and yes I will have long pretty acrylic nails for the trip. I know Cassandra is going and I hope Julie goes, maybe she will let her nails grow out for the trip or maybe even get acrylic nails. We also have several other girls who have expressed interest in going. I think it would be awesome if we could get 10 or 15 from Portland to go.

It is a fun event and there is no cost to attend other then your normal vacation cost, Hotel (you can stay where ever you want although they do have 3 recommended hotels) and then what you want to do. Go out to dinner with the group you pay for your dinner, go to a show or golfing pay for your ticket or round of golf. They have a wonderful group of volunteers who set all these events up without getting paid or anything for their effort other than our undying gratitude and thanks. Now this is not a convention by any means it is just a bunch of girls out on the town although they usually do have a couple makeup sessions at Nordstrom’s or Macy’s if you want some help. You can look at past years to get an idea and be sure and check out the pictures and see if you recognizes some of our group. Okay I guess that is enough about Diva Las Vegas.

I have been here at Starbuck’s for about 2 hours now and have caught up on some work also. it is funny as doing work as Susan can be fun. Wonder what my co-works would think if thy new how I do this work.

Thanks for reading and have a great day, Happy Holiday Season, Merry Christmas or how ever you celebrate this time of year.

You can read about some of my trips to Diva Las Vegas in my blogs




All my blogs from Diva Las Vegas as the first couple years I wasn’t smart enough to year date them


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Saturday is here, Manicure and out with friends

It’s been a busy but good week. Not much time for Susan with Thanksgiving and family. It was fun but I was really looking forward to Saturday and some Susan time. Speaking of which, for all you that celebrate Thanksgiving I hope you had a wonderful day. I want you all to know I am thankful for all of you, my wonderful friends I have met as Susan. Okay back to my day.

Now I am still working out at the gym so when I got home I called the nail salon to see if I could get in for a manicure as I really needed one as I broke a nail yesterday. I got an appointment for 5 so I started getting ready. There is just something about getting ready to go out that I really enjoy. I was already by 4:30 in my black skirt, sweater top and heeled boots, it really is a cute look. I had time as it only takes a couple minutes to get to the nail salon.

I got to the nail salon and they weren’t busy, guess everyone was out shopping. there was one lady getting a pedicure and one getting her nails done so I didn’t have to wait. Annie started on my nails, it is such a relaxing feeling. She removed the old polish and then started on my nails. I had her trim my nails back as they were a little on the long side. Now it was time for the polish. She asked if I wanted my normal clear pink which really is just a clear and I said yes. She went to get the gel polish as I went and washed my hands.

I got back to the table and Annie told me she was out of the clear pink but said she had a new one that was close. she put a little on my finger and it looked pretty close, maybe should have taken a better look before I said yes. Well she started on my nails and I really do love the experience of getting my nails done. she got the first coat on and it did have a light pink color to it. when she got the second coat on it was a light pink but it also had sparkles in it. It really was a pretty color and look. I was having second thoughts about the nail color but there wasn’t a lot I could do now. I would decide later as I could always remove it at home if I had to although it would take time.

I left the salon about 5:40 and was on my way to the Escape. I knew Nicole would be there tonight as she had contacted me on Facebook that she would be in town, other than her I wasn’t sure as I knew a couple girls were out of town for the holiday and being a holiday weekend might keep people away. Of course I had my computer with me. I got there at 6 and went in. I ordered dinner and played on my computer for a little bit till Nicole showed up.

It was great to see Nicole again, turns out she came down just for the evening and will go home tonight. I was so proud of her as she made the trip as Nicole. She even left here house as Nicole even though she didn’t put her wig on till she got out of her neighborhood. I remember when I did that being worried my neighbors would see me and figure it out. It really is a journey we are all on and we grow and expand our lives and that is a wonderful thing. It was great to see her again and talk with her. We had a nice time as we waited to see if anyone else would show up.

There really are some wonderful people who come here that I have met. One of the ladies who works here was here tonight with her niece. She came over and talked with me and told me how great it was to see me here and she wanted to bring her niece over to meet me. She brought her over and introduced her to me and Nicole, It really was nice.

Jan, Lynn and Cristine also showed up. It was great to see them out again. We all sat and talked for a while it was turning out to be a wonderful evening. Teresa Laura M. and Diana also showed up so we had a good group tonight. I got to talk with Teresa which was nice. She doesn’t come out with the group that often so it is always nice when she does. We all had a wonderful time talking till Karaoke Started.

Nicole could stay to late as she had a 2 hour drive home so she left a little after 9. It was sad to see her leave but so nice she could make it down for a while. She might be back in a couple weeks so that would be nice. We listened to Karaoke and of course a few of our group sang. It was really fun. I stayed till a little after 10 before I called it a night. I didn’t stay out as late as I was worried about my nails and wanted to leave time to soak off the gel polish if I needed to.

I got home and put my matte polish on and the shine went away and they looked like I could get by with them without to mush issues as they had just a dull light cream color. Now what I have found is that things look different Ii n florescent light. As Sunday when I left for work and was driving away and in the natural day light my nails really did have a pale frosted pink color. Probably good they are short right now. So here are some pictures of my nails before I put the matte polish on. I am going to keep them though as next weekend I can remove the matte polish and have pretty pink nails.

 20161126_181819 20161126_181826

20161126_181833 20161126_181840

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Thursday out for some Susan time.

Well I was going out on Thursday, I had made an appointment to get a Manicure and Pedicure at 5 and I was really looking forward to it. Now normally I got to Starbucks to give my toes extra time to dry. Cassandra tested me her and a couple other girls were going to the Escape at 3 and would be there till 8 so that was my plan for after my nail appointment.

I started getting ready about 3:30, and I was ready by 4:40 and 0n my way. I decided to wear my Jeggins today which I haven’t worn to the nail salon in a long while but it went so good with one of my cute tops I bought. I got to the nail salon at 4:45 so I had a little wait which gave me time to look at all the colors. I picked out a color that is a reddish copper. Not sure how it will look on my toes but in the bottle it looked pretty. Now they weren’t really busy but Anna was finishing up with another lady so she had one of the other girls file the top of my nails and wrap them to soak off the old gel polish. I sat for a few minutes till Anna finished the other lady and then it was my turn. She removed the gel polish from my fingers. Now before she did my manicure I moved over for my pedicure. Turns out Anna had another lady to also finish.

Kathy did my pedicure, she has done my nails before and did a good job. Now the funny part. As I said I haven’t worn my Jeggis for a while to the Salon. I went to pull them up and they were two tight to get over my calves. Seems going to the gym I have gained some lower leg muscles, I could only get them about half way up so I didn’t get the full lower leg massage. Will have to remember not to wear these when I go for a pedicure. Kathy really did do a wonderful job on my feet and when she put the polish on I really liked it, it was cute. Kathy finished up and then went to do another ladies nails so I had a few minutes to relax in the 20161110_175733 (1)chair as Anna finished up the other lady. Of course I had to snap a picture of my toes.

Now it was time for my manicure so over to Anna’s table I went. Anna did a great job as always and I had her leave my nails just a little long, not to long now but in 2 weeks when I go back they will be on the long side. Now I had picked the clear pink I always get but I was really wishing I could have the same color  I had on my toes on my fingers. It was about 6:15 as I walked out with my pretty nails and headed for the Escape.

I got to the Escape about 6:40 and the parking lot was full and they were really busy. They had a lot of men there playing darts. Cassandra and Cristine were still there so I joined them and ordered dinner. We talked for a while till Cristine left and then it was just Cassandra and me. We sat and talked for a while and watch some people play pool and darts. it was a fun night and I think it was almost 9 when we left.

It was a good night out. Now I am planning on going to work with my nails without putting the matt polish on as I think I can get by 1 day with shinny nails and then I can have them that way for the weekend.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day

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Saturday and last day of vacation and my pretty nails!

Well Saturday is here and it is the last day of my vacation and that also means the last day of my pretty nails. Now I was out late last night so I didn’t get up as early as I hoped so by the time I got home from the gym it was after 10. I started getting ready really not sure what I was going to do. It was almost noon before I was ready to go. I called the nail salon and got an appointment for 2 so I didn’t have a lot of time and I have been putting off some work I need to do I figured today could be a Starbucks day.

I drove to the Starbucks by my house as I didn’t want to waste a lot of time but they were packed. I didn’t even go in as I could see it was full inside and all the tables out side were full and people standing. I decided to drive to one a little farther away that has a drive through and they were not as busy inside so I sat here till 1:40 doing my blog and catching up on some work.

I got to the nails salon a few minutes early and Annie was finishing up on another lady so I had to wait. Of course I looked at my pretty fingers and new soon they would be plain, it was sad. Soon she was ready for me and she filed the first nail as I watched the flawless shiny red disappear to a dull faded red. The first nail was the hardest but then I accepted I would no longer have pretty nails. Soon they were all scuffed up and wrapped to soak the gel polish off. Now I started to enjoy the manicure which was wonderful. She trimmed them back a little more than I wanted but they still look nice with the clear pink. It was about 2:40 when I left.

It was to early to go home and get ready for tonight but not enough time to go anyplace. I drove across the street to the Starbucks by my house and it looked like all the tables along the windows were open but 1 so I parked and went in. To my surprise they were really busy inside, 6 people waiting for drinks and 7 in line. I cheated and pot my computer on one of the tables before getting in line which was a good thing. It took a wile to get my drink. I sat down and caught up on some work and e-mails. I only stayed here till 3:40 before going home to change.

I had decided to where one of my new dresses, a black one. I also wanted to touch up my eye makeup and make it a little more dramatic for tonight and of course a red lipstick. The eyes went well but changing the lipstick was a mess and in the end I had to take off the makeup around my mouth and clean it up and reapply. It was about 4:15 when I was ready. Now what to do, I could go to the Escape early but I wouldn’t have enough battery to last or I could stop by the Starbucks on Mill Plain for an hour and plug in my computer there but I was shall we say overdressed for Starbuck. A short sexy black dress and 4” heels.

Starbucks was on my way and not far out of the way so I decided to see how busy they were. There was only 1 car in the lot and a line going through the drive through and looking inside I only saw 2 people so I parked and went in. I got a drink, sat down and plugged my computer in and started surfing the internet. Well I kid you not it wasn’t 5 minutes and people started to come in. Soon the place was packed and I did feel a little out of place the way I was dressed. I stuck it out till 5:40 before heading to the Escape.

I got to the escape a little before 6 and went in. They had the Cubs game on and they beat the Dodger so they will be going to the World Series. Yes I watched the end of the game. I was only there by myself about 20 minutes and then Cristine Susan in her new dress (1)and Cassandra showed up. Now I wore my new dress so Cassandra was nice enough to take a couple pictures of me.

Katie, Missy and a few other girls showed up. It was nice to talk with Katie a little. We talked about next week as the Escape is doing Halloween and we are all looking forward to it. I bought a costume this past week and can’t wait to wear it. The Escape is going to show Rocky Horror Picture show at 7 so we will all get there early.

There was a good crowd here tonight, not really big but fun. Couple of the girls told me how great I looked and I always love that. It was a fun night out as I bring my Vacation to an end. It is funny other than going to the gym I have been Susan for over aSusan in her new dress (2) week and loved it.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day

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Vacation begins and I am looking forward to a fun week.

It is Friday and I got off work at 5 to start my vacation. I have time I have to use and I really don’t have any plans other than some Susan time and yes pretty nails for a week. I got home about 5:15 and went right into the shower to start getting ready. After my shower I decided to call Dream Nails and see if I could get in tonight for a manicure. Annie said she could fit me in at 6:45 which was perfect as it gave me a little over an hour to get ready. I liked this as I didn’t have to rush as much. I was all ready by about 6:20 so I had a little time. I looked at my phone and Annie had called seems her earlier appointment canceled. It really is a stormy day and will be through the weekend. Any way I decided to go early.

I got there just before 6:30 and there were 3 younger girls getting their nails done and Annie was waiting so I didn’t have to wait. Anny started on my nails and I told her I wanted a color called Ferrari Red which I have gotten before and 14731229_10210537563459560_2933429262646320014_nhappens to be the color on my toes. it is a really bright red and so pretty, but then I love red. I think Annie liked the fact I was getting red as much as I did.

She soaked off the od gel polish and then filed my nails down just a little to even them out. Then came the polish and it is so pretty. I really do wish I could have nails like this all the time. Then came the lotion and forearm massage. Annie was wonderful and asked me if I would like my eyebrows done which is something I have thought about but cant bring myself to do. Over the years I have kind of thinned tem a little and gave them a little shape. She said she would just clean them up so now I am thinking about it. Maybe when I go to Diva Las Vegas next spring, by the way the dates are final it will be March 26 through March 21 2017. It was about 7:15 when I walked out of the salon with my pretty nails which I can keep till next Saturday.

It was later then normal but I headed for Sweet Home getting there about 7:40. Cassandra texted me who was there so I texted her back and she said she was going to come down. It has been a long time since she has been here. Chris, Roxy, Robyn and her friend, Laura H. and Lisa  were all here so we had a pretty good turnout for a Friday. With so many of us we were spread across 2 tables. It was good to be out and I had a nice dinner. Cassandra showed up finally and everyone was surprised and happy to see her.

now tonight I got to really talk with people as with getting my nails done I knew I would be late and didn’t bring my computer. It was nice, of course we talked about Harvey’s Comedy Club as we are going to the show tomorrow night to see Julie Scoggins. we met her several years ago and she is so awesome we always look forward to when she comes to Portland. She loves it when our group comes to her show. I think we will have one of our bigger groups probably 20 to 25. Okay so her is my pitch, If you are in Portland you really have to go to Harvey’s and if you get a chance to see Julie Scoggins you must. What better way to spend an evening than with laughter.

Now I really hadn’t planned on staying out late as I want to spend Saturday as Susan but with so many friends out I stated out later than I planned. it was almost 11:30 when I left and headed home. It was a good night.

Now the challenge as I got up Saturday morning at 7:30. As those who have followed my blog I joined a gym almost 4 months ago and have been really good about going almost every day. Now I skipped Friday night as getting my nails done was more important but I can’t go the whole week without going. So I made sure all my makeup was off and with my pretty nails I headed to the gym. I was hoping being early 8 am there would not be many people there. Well I got there and there were only 2 people there on the elliptical. This is the first time I have come and not been able to get one of the elliptical. So I started off with 25 minutes on the treed mill at speed 3.7. by the time  finished that both elliptical were open but there was also about 12 people here now. Seems Saturday morning is a popular time. I did 40 minutes on the elliptical going forward on level 12 and 15 minutes going backwards on level 4. Most of the people were using the weights or the workout room so I don’t think anyone saw my pretty nails. it was about 9:30 when I got home and started getting ready for my day out as Susan.

It was almost :30 before I was ready and on my way. My first stop was to get lunch, I went to Panda Express at Cascade Station by the Airport. I have eaten 14721761_10210536794360333_8477477951554689342_nhere many times as it is a good place for shopping and also a Starbucks I like to go to. I had to snap a quick selfie, before I ate. After lunch I drove over to Target and they were busy, I had to park a ways out and walk in. I looked around for a while but didn’t see anything I wanted. As I left is was raining not real hard but was really windy. I no more than got in my car and it started to rain really hard and my hair was a mess from the wind. Turns out today is going to be really stormy. I Left wondering what to do for the rest of the day.

I decided to go to a Starbucks. As I was going driving the rain stopped so I got off at the Mill Plain Exit and went to the Starbucks on the corner of Mill Plain and Chkalov dr. I have been here several times both as Susan and my male self. I think this is the only place I have gone as both selves. I parked and went in with my computer. I kid you not I no more than got in the door and it started dumping rain again. I got a drink and found the one open table. Seems a lot of people like to go to Starbucks on Saturdays.

I sat here and caught up on some e-mails and my blog of course. o was by the window so I could watch the wind and rain. It is a good place to people watch and also storm watch. There was a group of 4 woman several table over, any way as they were getting ready to leave they tried to get a group selfie. and then were going to try and prop their phone up for a group picture so I offered to take a picture of them. They all thanked me, it was nice to have interaction with others.

Now I have some work I need to do and I might as well sit here as Susan doing it. Starbucks really is a good place to work on a computer and I get to be Susan at the same time. Not sure how late I will stay but I need time to go home and change for Harvey’s tonight. I also got a hold of Mikaela and we are going to meet up next Friday for some shopping which will be fun. She will have her baby with her so that will be fun as I will get to meet her. It will be a fun week as I also hope to get together with Peggy during the week. I really do love my Susan time.

Thanks for reading

One last thing I saw this video and just had to post it. If you are over 40 you will love this. It is called the Millennial Song.

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