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Sunday the last day of July and some Susan time

It is Sunday, the last day of July and I get a little Susan time today. I actually started getting ready earlier today, about 12:15 as I need to go to bed early tonight as tomorrow I have to be to work early and it will be a long day so I plan to go to bed early tonight. My plan is a couple hours at Starbuck and then the grocery store on my way home for a little shopping and then home for the evening. Again today I wanted more of a daytime look so I used my rose-colored eye pallet. Now what is funny is when I bought this I was out shopping with Jennifer and we went to Morphe cosmetics at the mall. I was looking for a purple eye shadow pallet and they had a nice one for $12 but they were on sale for 2 for $20 so I bought this one because of the sale. Now I do like the purple pallet but I think I like this one better so the point is don’t be afraid to try something new, you might like it better. Now I did a darker eyebrow. If you look at mt pictures I have a light brown and a dark brown color and I go back and forth over which looks better. Today I went with the dark brown and yesterday the light brown in case you want to see the difference, you can see it on yesterdays blog here. Of course I went with a brick red lipstick although I stayed within my lip line today. I was happy with the look.

I was all ready by 1:30 so I got a few pictures and then it was time to go. I am going to my normal Sunday Starbucks and plan to be there a couple hours. I want to get Saturdays blog done so I can post it tonight and also finish todays blog before I go to bed tonight so it will be ready to post tomorrow before our zoom call. I grabbed my computer and walked out the door. The neighbor girl was walking to her car at the same time so she probably saw me but this is the neighbor that knows so I really didn’t care. I just got in my car and drove off.

I got to the Starbucks just before 2 and went in. Now I did think about sitting outside as the table were in the shade and it felt cooler but I figured that was really just because I walked out of the hot sun into the shade so I went and got a table inside. There were several people inside including 1 group of 5 at the big table playing cards. I ordered my drink and sat down at the table. I wrote my blog from Saturday and then I spent a little time just checking things out online. Now people came and went and it still surprises me how many walk in to get drinks even though they have a drive through the other thing was today it was mostly younger people under 20 and mostly females. There was a group of 6 girls that came in and sat at the big table just across from me and they were probably 12 to 16 years old but they paid no attention to me.

I started on my blog for today and got most of it done. It was about 5 now and it was time to go as I don’t want to eat to late if I plan on going to bed early. I stopped at Fred Meyers and picked up a few things including some romaine lettuce for a salad tonight to have with my chicken and corn. I was home by 5:30 and having dinner as I watched a little TV till 9pm as that was my goal for bedtime. Now I am looking forward to Monday nights zoom call.

Thanks for reading my blog and sharing this part of my life with me.

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