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Sunday and a little Susan time

It is Sunday and I do get a little time as Susan. I didn’t

start getting ready till a little after noon, I took my time getting ready as I do need to go shopping for my weekly groceries but also want to go to Starbucks and write my blog from Saturday. I did get a few pictures and yes even tries a full view picture. It was a little before 2 when I was ready.

I was on my way to Fred Meyers to do my weekly shopping and I got there right about 2 and went in. Now yes it is just grocery shopping but it is Susan who is doing it. for years Susan hod at home and anything she needed was bought by my male self, now Susan not only goes out shopping for herself but she also does most of my shopping now including for my male self so I have come full circle. I did my shopping and was here about 30 minutes and then it was back home.

I put my groceries away and grabbed my computer to go to the Starbucks near my house. I got there a little after 3 and went in. They were busy inside but there was 1 table along the window which was nice as I could plug my computer in. I got my drink and sat down and worked on my blog. It was a relaxing afternoon and people came and went and it actually stayed busy inside the whole time I was here. I stayed here till a little after 6 before heading home. It was a good day.

At home I made dinner and then watched TV the rest of the evening. Now I am looking forward to Monday nights zoom meeting and Wednesday night’s dinner.

Be happy and love who you are, thanks for reading my blog and sharing this part of my life with me.

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  1. Looking beautiful as always Susan. Charlene 💋❤️💕💕

    Comment by Charlene Peterson | January 12, 2022 | Reply

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