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A little quiet time as Susan on Sunday.

Well it is Sunday and yes, I get a little Susan time today. Now I had no plans for the day other then I wanted to spend part of it as Susan. now according to the weather yesterday it was supposed to start raining this morning and rain through Tuesday. I made myself an early lunch a little after 11 and then started transforming into Susan. I was all ready a little before 1 so I sat down to watch some TV. Last night I recorded the Bionic Woman as it was a 2-part show and I didn’t want to stay up till midnight plus this way I could fast forward through the commercial, amazing as I watched the 2 hours of it in less than 1 ½ hours. It was only about 2:30 now and it actually looked pretty nice out, mid 70’s and partially sunny so I decided enough sitting around my house. I decided to go to the Starbucks right my house for a while and figure out what I would do.

It only took a couple minutes to get to Starbucks and I went in and ordered my drink and of course the one lady greeted me by name. I talked with her for a bit while she made me my drink, turns out she just moved here a couple months ago from the East coast. I got my drink and went and sat out front as I said it is in the mid 70’s and I wanted to enjoy this weather before it is gone for the winter. There were a couple other groups at the tables outside who I think had the same idea. I stayed here till about 4 while I played on my computer and thought about what I wanted to do. Now I had fixed me a big lunch so I wasn’t really hungry but new I had to have something but what. I decided to go to McDonalds but before you say anything my plan was to go through the drive through and then go down to the waterfront and eat at one of the picnic tables along the river and then take a little walk along the river, a good plan.

I went to the McDonalds at Jantzen Beach as from there it is a short drive back across the river to the waterfront. As I was getting my food the wind picked up a little and this was the change. By the time I got back across the river to the waterfront, maybe 5 minutes the wind was really blowing and although it was still 74 out the wind made it feel a lot colder. Now I did have a coat so that was not the problem really it was the wind, it really messes up my hair so in the end I sat in my car and ate my dinner in the parking lot looking out over the river. Not what I had planned but a nice view. You can also guess I did not go for a walk either. There were actually a lot of people out walking but all the women with long hair (and a couple of men) you could really see it blowing in the wind. This is the one time I really wish it was my own hair as wigs do not do well in the wind, but I really like the advantage of changing up my look with different wigs as you can see from my blogs.

It was a little before 5 when I decided to leave the waterfront as it was still really windy and yes, I just decided to go to the other Starbucks by my house and sit inside for a while and work on my blog and send out the information for our Monday night zoom meeting. I went in and yes was greeted by name by the one young man who always seems to be here, you know it really does make you feel good when they remember you. I got my drink and sat down to get some things down on my computer including starting this blog. Now as I sat there a man walked by and said hi and asked me how my day was going and I immediately thought about yesterday at Starbucks. I said hi back and told him it was good and he just moved on and went and sat 4 tables down and that was it. turns out he knows one of the workers here who came out a couple times and talked with him so he was just being nice. Now as I sat here, I did get a call from my brother so I talked to him for a little bit and also got a call from one of my friends and we talked for a little bit, he wants to get together this week which will be fun as we haven’t got together in months, although he doesn’t know about Susan. I stayed here till about 7 before leaving and heading home for the evening as there was a Hallmark movie, I wanted to watch at 8pm. As I said it was a quiet and relaxing day but fun.

Now I am looking forward to Monday’s zoom meeting and Wednesday nights dinner and then next weekend, there is a chance my brother will come to town but if not, it will be a weekend of Susan and on Saturday I am thinking of making a drive to the coast again for the day for 2 reasons, one I just want to go but 2 I want to try an all-day makeup look to see how well it holds up to get ready for our trip to Las Vegas. On October 25th Cassandra and I will drive all the way to Las Vegas, 15 hours in the car and I want to get a look that will still look good enough when we get there to at least go and check into the hotel. Now I know a few of you wonder why I would do such a long trip in a car as Susan, for me it is the experience. When I go to Las Vegas it is my chance to be Susan 24/7 and do the whole trip as Susan. the only thing I will have on this trip that is my male self is my drivers license and a credit card, nothing else from my male side. It really is an experience to do this as I really have no choice but to be Susan on this trip. By the way there is still time to sign up for Diva Las Vegas if you are interested.

Be safe and be happy, thanks for reading my blog and be sure and follow me on my blog.

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