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Relaxing Sunday as Susan

Well it is Sunday and I get some relaxing time as Susan today. It was a little after noon that I started getting ready. now I had nor real plans for today other then I need to do some laundry. Now the other night I was talking with one of girls and that is one thing about being Susan I don’t like and that is getting dirty or sweaty so yard work is not something Susan wants to do she leaves that to my male side, even most housework is my make side but Susan will do laundry and dishes. So as I was getting ready, I was also running my wash. I did my purple eye shadow and a brick red lipstick for the day. I was all ready by 1:30 so I was earlier then yesterday. I got a few pictures and made put my sheets back on my bed and started my last load in the wash and now I was ready to head out for the day.

My first stop was Costco as I needed some gas and also wanted to pick a few things up inside. I did go to the one in Vancouver as I didn’t have to wear a mask there. I filled up my car and went in and got what I needed, nothing that couldn’t sit in my trunk till later today and yes, I got one of their hot dogs for lunch as I had not eaten all day. Now I did drive down by the waterfront again but today it was packed plus it is hotter today and a little more humid as the smoke has mostly cleared now.

I just decided to go to Starbucks and work on my blog and e-mails and maybe some work and yes do a little online shopping. I got to Starbucks and they were actually busy inside, all the tables along the window were taken as were several of the tables on the middle as a matter of fact I only had 2 choices of where to sit. I put my computer on one and went and got in line to order my drink. I got my drink and sat down at my computer. I did set up our zoom meeting for our group tomorrow and send that out.

Now I am not a big online shopper as a matter of fact I have ordered 1 time from Amazon, 1 ½ years ago when I ordered the clear plastic earrings after I got my ears pierced and once from Costco when my old laptop had a hard drive failure and I think that was about a year ago. Well that laptop ½ the letters on the keys have worn off now, which I have never had happen on any of my computers keyboards. Any way I have been looking online and you can buy stickers to put on the keys but I can’t find them in stores so that leaves me to order them online. Well I found them in Amazon for under $6 so I ordered them and if I spend $25, I get free shipping so I also ordered some of the false eyelashes I like, they should be here next weekend. I know this is the way things are going but I really like going into a store and looking at stuff and when I buy it walking out with it, I am just not an online shopping type of girl.

Now I sat there and enjoyed my afternoon, just some quiet Susan time at Starbucks. I had been there about an hour and one of the female employees walked by me and paused and told me she loved my eye makeup and called me by name which made me feel good and I thanked her as I really did think I did a good job on my eyes today although probably a little much for a trip to Starbucks, but I thought it went well with my top I wore today. Yes, I have been trying to match my makeup a little more with what I am wearing. Yesterday a pinkish lipstick with my salmon top and today a rose lipstick with my maroon top. This is something my male self doesn’t get to do. Men’s styles are really pretty boring.

Now about 5 my battery was getting low and one of the tables along the window where there are plugs opened up so I moved over to that table. Right between a man and a woman. Now we were all sitting beside each other along the window which made it easier to people watch as people came in which is one of the reasons I like to come here. Well about 10 minutes later a man came in and sat opposite her so I was kind of looking at him and I knew him, not well but we did work briefly together a couple years ago so I figured he would not recognize me but I still kept my head down and just worked on my computer. He only stayed about 15 minutes before they both left.

It was about 6:30 when I put away my computer and left and as I was leaving to of the employees wished me a good night by name which I really like. Now on my way home I stopped at Panda express and picked up some dinner to take home and they were really busy so I had to stand in line. Now this is the one place I do go on a regular basis now both as Susan and my male self. I got home and ate dinner and watched TV for the rest of the night. now I am looking forward to Monday nights Zoom meeting.

Stay safe and thanks for reading my blog and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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