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Saturday Susan time and going to the Escape tonight

It is Saturday and I am so looking forward to some Susan time as I was out of town last weekend and missed my time. Now I did have some stuff to do this morning and if you read my blog from Friday, you know when I got my pedicure, I also got a manicure with red polish so I got thinking. I needed to stop by Home Depot and pick up some more white rock for my palm trees and as I was down that way I wanted to stop at Target and Best buy also by the airport. Well with red nails I figured why not do a subtle eye makeup with browns and mascara. I was all ready a little before 8 so still early so I decided to go to the Starbucks in Orchards and write my blog from Wednesday night’s dinner which was awesome. Now as I looked at myself with the eye makeup I decided a little lopstick and went with the new raisin color I bought, you can see the color in this blog. I also wore shorts and my sandals to show off my pretty toenails, pretty bold for my male self.

I got to Starbucks and went in and to my surprise not one comment on how I looked. I got my drink and sat here till almost 10 doing my blog, it was so awesome to see my pretty red nails as I typed. I left here and my next stop was Target by the airport as I needed a few things and also wanted to try a new foundation, I saw a commercial for Cover Girl outlast full coverage foundation and wanted to give it a try tonight. Now they were busy and this store is brightly lit and real busy so I did wear my mask partly because of how busy they were but also to cover up my lipstick. I got what I needed and yes even found a 3 pack of gold hoop earrings on sale so I did pick that up also. From here it was over to best buy and yes, they were busy so I wore a mask again but my eye makeup and nails were in plain view. I left here and it was about 11:30 so I made a quick stop at Panda Express for lunch, I have gone here before as Susan, they were not busy and as I would be eating, I left the mask in my car. I sat outside and ate and no one really paid any attention to me. I left here and made my final stop at Home Depot to get my rock and then back home. I got home and spread the 5 bags of rock and then went inside to start getting ready for my day as Susan.

I took my time getting ready tonight and went with my casual summer dress, it really is the only dress I have casual enough for daytime but still nice enough for an evening out. I tried the new foundation and I actually liked the way it went on and the coverage I got so now it will be seeing how well it holds up through the evening. I was already just before 4. Now my plan was to get to the Escape around 6 so I had a couple hours so you guessed it I went to the Starbucks at Cascade Station by the airport right by where I was this morning.

I got there about 4:30 and went in, now the last several times I have been here they have been really busy but not today, there were 3 ladies sitting at a table outside and no one inside I almost thought they were closed. I went to the counter to order and the lady there greeted me and said she remembered me from a couple weeks ago and then added she had worked at the Starbucks in Salmon Creek and thought she saw me there and was going to say hi but wasn’t sure. I smiled at her and told her that was me as that is the one right by my house that I go to but was meeting some friends over here in a couple hours so came to this one. She told me her name was Shannon and it was nice to meet me and that she will say hi the next time. I ordered my drink and set up my computer on a table inside as we might have some rain this evening. Now as I said they were not busy at least when I first came in, within about 20 minutes they filled up, most of the tables were taken and there was a line both to order and pick up drinks so I must have timed it just perfect. I finished up my blog from Friday night’s trip to the nail salon and started working on todays blog. I will post it tomorrow as I try not to post blogs to close together for those who get them in their e-mails. I sat here till about 6 before leaving to go to the Escape as it is only about 5 minutes from here.

I got to the Escape at 6:15 and they were not busy at all, only 3 cars in the parking lot so I had my choice. I parked and went in and there were only 4 people sitting at the bar. I went up to order my dinner and my drink. I ordered a hot chicken sandwich as I have had them before and they were really good, and she said she could probably do that which seemed strange but I just figured it wasn’t something they were doing any more. I went to my table and got out my computer to work on my blog from today as I waited. Now as you noticed earlier, I tried a new foundation tonight and it will be fully tested tonight. I also noticed that words matter, the word you use are important. Well I got my food and took my first bite and wow it was hot. I guess what I should have said was the grilled chicken sandwich as this tasted more like hot, hot wings. Well as I ate it seemed to get hotter and I was eating more fries with ketchup between each bite and yes before I started the second half I had to go and get another sprite. Well about this time Jan and Lynn arrived. I only managed to eat ½ of the second half and I could feel the perspiration on my forehead and face so I stopped. Now I am not a hot spicy food person as I like to task the flavor of the food I eat and not just the heat but it was not that bad and had I not had makeup on and had 3 to 5 more drinks I would have finished it. But the point here is my makeup and yes, my lipstick still looked good as it did when I got home at almost midnight, but next time I will choose my words more carefully.

It was nice to see Jan and Lynn again and talk with them. I like this time before karaoke starts as you can talk easily as it is still somewhat quiet. A little latter Michelle from Castle Rock showed up, I have met her a few times but she doesn’t get out much here as she lives little more than an hour north. She is really nice though and we seem to have a lot in common so it was nice to talk with her. a little later Michelle from Gresham, yes, we do have a few girls with the name Michelle so to help me keep them straight in my blog I list where they are from. Karaoke started and it got loud so it was kind of hard to talk but still nit real busy. About 8:30 Lauri so we were up to 6 of us and we had pulled 2 of the small tables together which was not an issue as I said they were not busy. It was after 9 and a few more people showed up, there was another table that did the same as us pulled 2 tables together as they had 6 also, there was a couple along the window and maybe 7 people at the bar of course if you were singing the rotation went fast as there were only about 6 different people singing.

It was about 10 when one of the ladies from the other table by us came over and talked to me briefly. Now it was loud and she spoke softly a very quickly so I didn’t get a lot of what she said and just agreed a lot but what I got was she liked my makeup; she has a lor of makeup herself especially red lipstick. I will admit when it is loud, I do have an issue with background noise and also hearing high frequencies, in other words females with high voices. I guess it is my age or more likely being around loud noises when I was younger. We only talked well I listened mostly for about 5 minutes before she went back to her friends.

It was a few minutes later a man walked by with 2 ladies and looked at me and smiled I just smiled back, then he said hi so I said hi back and he finished with you don’t recognize me do you so I took a good look. It was Lee who I have not seen in 2 years or more and yes never in ale mode, I think it was the full beard and mustache that through me. Well with covid he hasn’t dressed much but he wants to get back into it. well we talked for a while and caught up. Now I had only planned on staying till 9 or 10 at the latest but we all know how that goes. It was a little after 11:30 when I paid my bill and said my goodbyes and still not many people here, maybe 25 at most. It was a fun night though and now I am looking forward to Sunday and some more Susan time and yes, the big thing for Sunday will be going to put flowers on my parent’s grave as Nonday would have been my mom’s 93 birthday and it will be hard as Sunday, we would have celebrated her birthday and I would have gone over and seen her on Monday night. It is times like these that are the hardest.

Stay safe and be happy and let the people in your life know how you feel. Thanks for reading my blog and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life. Sorry this blog went a little long.

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Friday night manicure and pedicure


Well another weekend and some Susan time but let’s start on Friday evening, yes on my way home I stopped at Julie’s nails to get a pedicure. Now they were busy, 6 women getting their nails done and 5 getting pedicures so I asked how long of a wait and it turns out they were able to get me right in so I picked out a deep red polish and went and sat down. Now the lady who did my pedicure was awesome, her name was Helen and she did a wonderful job, I got the deluxe pedicure. Now as she did my pedicure she asked if I would also like a manicure and of course I said yes and she asked if I just wanted clear or the same red and even though it is only for a couple days, I said the red. She then asked if I wanted gel polish and I really did but for 2 days that was a bit much so I just said the regular polish was fine. Well she worked on my feet and it was so wonderful, I so love getting pedicures. Yes, way more expensive than doing it yourself but so worth it. my legs will feel soft and silky for days.

After trimming and cleaning my nails she used a lavender scrub on my legs which felt so good. I seem to always get the lavender so if any of you have another favorite you think I might like, let me know. After that was some oil and the lavender lotion and then she massaged each of my legs. She then buffed my feet which is a little ticklish, it is funny my feet never use to be ticklish. With this all done I got my feet wrapped in paraffin wax. After this she rubbed my feet and legs with hot stones. Once this was done, she put a lavender paste on my legs and wrapped them in a hot towel. With this all done it was tie for the final step, she cleaned off everything and then it was time for the polish. Now there was a lady just down from me we had 1 open chair between us and she really had paid no attention to me and I wondered if she would pay a little more attention when she saw the deep red polish, I was getting but she either didn’t notice of didn’t care. In all it was just a little over an hour and my feet looked better and prettier than they have in months.


Now it was time for my manicure so I was led over to the tables, now instead of little manicure tables they have a big half circle table with the nail techs on one side and the customers on the other and it looks like they have 10 or 12 stations. Now we did have a seat in between us but I did have a lady close to my age to my right and a young girl (23 years old) to my right and I only know that as I heard her tell the lady doing her nails, she had just gotten engaged. They both had nice pretty acrylic nails and were getting their fills. Again they really paid no attention to me as I doubt they saw my red toenails so for all they knew I was just getting a manicure.

Well Helen worked on my nails and yes some were long for a man so she asked me how short so I just told her to even them out with the shortest one and make them square as I love square nails. Now as I said the women around me pretty much paid no attention to me but the 23-year-old to my right did make the comment that she wished she could get her fiancé to come get a manicure and pedicure with her, I just smiled back and said if he did, he would love it. once my nails were trimmed and shaped and the cuticle trimmed it was time for the lotion and the arm message, now I did the basic manicure so not as in depth but still really nice. Now it was time for the polish so Helen asked if I wanted to pay first as it will take the polish a while to fry and I said yes. Now with everything going on they have raised their prices, the deluxe pedicure which was $45 was now $50 and the basic manicure that was $17 was now $22 but so worth it. my bill came to $72 yes

having nice nails is not cheap but it is so worth it. I put the $72 on my credit card but I wanted to tip her in cash so I gave her a $20 bill as she did a wonderful job and made me feel so welcome. Well this is how I found out her name as when she came back with my receipt, she also gave me a business card from Julie’s nails and she wrote her name “Helen” on the top and when she handed it to me, she said that is my name so when you come back you can ask for me which made me feel good.

She started off with a clear base coat and then came the first coat of the deep red polish and I kind of noticed the young lady to my right was now paying a little more attention, out of the corner of my eye I could see her glancing over off and on and I wondered what she was thinking and if she was still wanting her fiancé to come get manicures and pedicures with her. Helen did the second coat of red and finished if off with a clear topcoat and my nails looked really pretty. The only thing that would have been better is if they had been longer. I sat with a fan blowing on them for about 15 minutes till they said they were dry enough but be careful which I always am. It was 6:30 when I left. I had been here for 2 wonderful hours, ask I left Helen said see you next time. It was such a wonderful experience and I wonder what she would think if I showed up as Susan?

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