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Sunday and some quiet Susan time at Starbucks

Well it is Sunday and going to be 90 out again today and hot for the next 10 days so I was determined to finish my yard work, it was just spreading rocks around my palm trees (see my blog from last week if you want a look at them) but the one bad thing about my car which I love and gets great gas mileage is it doesn’t haul much wait especially when you are putting bags of crushed marble in it so I had to make 3 trips to home depot. I finished about 1pm and went and rested before taking a nice cool shower and getting ready for the rest of my day as Susan.

I didn’t have a lot planned, grocery shopping and then to Starbucks to get all caught up on my blogs as I don’t like being behind on them and that will probably happen again next week as I am going to visit my brother and his family next weekend so I know Wednesday nights dinner blog will be late. I was all ready a little before 3 and on my way.

My first stop was the grocery store to do my weekly shopping as I didn’t get to it yesterday. Now I am just shopping for myself so it doesn’t take long as it is mostly perishable stuff like vegetables, yes, I am making a bigger effort to eat heathy. I try to have a salad each day with one of my meals with cauliflower, broccoli and tomatoes. I figure they make up for the ranch dressing I put on it. it is fun though to just be out doing something as simple and everyday type thing as grocery shopping. I got what I needed and was back home a little before 4 and just parked in my driveway and took my 2 bags inside and put them away.

I grabbed my computer and was on my way to Starbucks, I decided to go to the one by my house as it is 90+ outside so I will be sitting inside today. I got there about 4 and went in, 3 of the tables outside had people sitting at them even though it was hot but it was also a little windy and I didn’t want to mess up my hair. I guess others had that idea as there were 7 tables taken inside. I ordered my drink and set my computer up as I waited for my order. I wrote my blog from Saturday and posted it online and then caught up with some e-mails and a little work. It is just so relaxing to be here at Starbucks and yes, I could have just as easily done this from home but what fun would that be. Here I am out around other people and can people watch and they also get to see me and see I am no different then they are, just here working on my computer. There were a few others on their computers, one young girl doing what looked like schoolwork and one man watching something on his cell phone and he was here when I got here and still there when I left 2 ½ hours later. One family came in and looked like they had dinner here as they bought a couple salads and sandwiches for the kids.

Now I had been here about 30 minutes and 2 men came in I knew as I kind of worked with them a few years back. Well they goy their drinks and sat at a table only maybe less then 10 feet from me, close enough I could kind of hear their conversation if I wanted. Well I just kept my head down and worked on my computer and paid no attention to them and they seemed to pay no attention to me. This one is close to where I live and I would say 1 in 3 times I go here I see someone I know at least on a casual basis. Years ago I was so afraid of this I would drive to a Starbucks 12 miles away just to be safe. Well as always, the time flew by and it was after 6:30 and I realized I hadn’t eaten yet so it was time to pack up for the night.

I left Starbucks and decided to stop at Panda Express and get some dinner and take it home. The rest of the night I watched TV and did some laundry before washing Susan asway and going to bed looking forward to our zoom meeting tomorrow evening.

Stay safe and be happy and thanks for reading my blog and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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