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Wednesday night dinner at California Pizza Clackamas Town Center and another 1st for us

Well it is Wednesday and tonight our group is doing dinner at California Pizza at Clackamas Town Center, now I have eaten here many times when I have been out shopping with friends but never for a dinner or in a group so I am looking forward to it. I had narrowed it down to here or the Cheesecake Factory but Cheesecake Factory is only doing groups up to 6 and I had hoped for a bigger turnout tonight. In the end we will only have 5, Julie, Nicole, Barb, Cassandra and me, Yes Cassandra was going to make it tonight. I got home at 4:45 and quickly texted Julie to see if she wanted ride with me and she texted back yes so it would be a little rushed as I wanted to get there a little early as they don’t take reservations. That means being to Julies by 6 and leaving my home by 5:30 so I basically had 45 minutes to get ready.

I quickly got ready although still took time to do a good job and I was happy with everything except my lips, I love the red colors and the last couple weeks I have been using 2 different colors to try and get an ombre look, darker on the outside and lighter on the center to make my lips look fuller and it has worked pretty well so far but the colors I chose tonight seemed to clash a little more and didn’t fade out, I think they were just to dark. Any way I was all ready by 5:35 and walking out my front door. Now as I left, I put California Pizza in my GPS and it said 45 minutes so I figured we should leave Julie’s by 6:05 as she is just a few minutes closer then where I am. I then reset it for Julie’s house, yes, I know how to get there but my GPS gives me traffic and time and it said I would get to her house just a few minutes before 6 so everything was going well.

I got to Julie’s right on time and she had texted me the door was open and to come in so I did. Julie was all ready so we talked for a couple minutes and then we were on our way. It really is so nice to have her ride with me as we get to talk and just makes it that much ore fun, 2 girlfriends going out for dinner with their friends. Well it was a nice drove and no traffic so what ever the holdup was when I put it in my GPS at home was cleared up and we just sailed along. We got to Clackamas Town Center right at 6:30 and drove around to where California Pizza was and saw Nicole getting out of her car so we parked right next to her. we all walked over together and as we were really early, we stood outside and talked as it was a beautiful day and they did not look busy at all. Cassandra showed up a few minutes later and it was great to see her again as I have not seen her since we were in Las Vegas in early May. It was about 6:45 now so the 4 of us went in and we were shown to a table. A little before 7 Barb showed up so we were all there.

Our waitress tonight was Baily, she was probably early 20’s and she was awesome, she really seemed to love having us here and it was always, miss, ladies, honey and she was so delightful. She brought us our drinks and took out orders. Actually all the staff was awesome here and as we were near the pay station all the staff would say high to us as they passed, we really felt welcome. Now they have really good pizza here but as I am trying to eat a little healthier, I ordered their Cesar salad with chicken which is really good also.

We sat and talked and yes, we were all interested in Cassandra’s vacation, her and Peggy just got back from a 3-week trip across the country and we wanted to hear all about it. this is one of the main differences between my male and female self, Susan loves good conversation. We had a wonderful meal and great conversation. It was about 8:30 and our waitress Baily came over and asked if we wanted any dessert and we all said no so she told us we were all good then and thanked us. We asked about our bill and she informed us one of the customers picked up the check for our table. Cassandra asked her what she meant and she just said one of the customers had paid our bill so we asked who and she didn’t know but one of the other waitresses came over and said it was one of her tables and pointed out the window to a young lady sitting with her boyfriend at an outside table. Well we asked is they wanted to be anonymous and she said she thought so, so we debated for a while and then Cassandra being the brave sole she is walked out and thanked them and the next thing you know Cassandra is getting pictures with her. Cassandra came back in and told us she was so awesome; she had taken her boyfriend to Darcelle’s last weekend and they had had such a wonderful time she wanted to do this. Well as they were leaving, they walked by so we called them over so we could all thank them and Cassandra was right they were both awesome. Now I have had offers to buy me a drink but I can honestly say this is the first time I have ever had a stranger pick up my bill let alone the bill for all 5 of us. It was such a wonderful feeling thank you so much, I wish I had got their names.

We sat and talked more till a little after 9, Julie got our waitress to get a group picture of us, thanks Julie as I always forget this. We thanked Baily as she really was awesome and she thanked us for coming in and told us to be sure and come back and ask for her as she loved taking care of us. It was really a wonderful night. Well we all said out goodbyes and we left of course Julie rode with me so for us our night still had a little time, we got to talk as I drove Julie home and yes it was about what a wonderful evening we had. It was about 9:45 when I dropped Julie off at her house and headed home. Now I am looking forward to the weekend and spending time as Susan and hopefully getting all caught up on my blogs.

Stay safe and be happy and thanks for reading my blog and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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