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Wednesday night dinner at Who Song & Larry’s

Well it is Wednesday night and that means getting together with my friends for dinner. Tonight we are going to Who Song & Larry’s on Vancouver on the Columbia River. Now o put it out to the group and got 7 that said they would go so I called Monday night to make reservations. Well turns out for more then 6 the earliest they could get us in was 7:45 so our dinner would be a little latter this week. Well on Tuesday 1 of our girls canceled but another wanted to come with a friend which would move us to 8 and I figured the difference at a table between 7 or 8 wouldn’t matter so I told them yes and I would call on Wednesday when they opened and make sure. Well Wednesday I called and I was right there was no problem with 8 so I emailed back we were all set. Well a little latter got an e-mail they were dropping out and later on another dropped off so we were down to just 5 of us. I figured I would just go a little early and update how many we had when I got there instead of calling again.

I got home from work and took my time getting ready as I had time tonight and I wanted to look good. I did a dark smokey eye but used a little silver on my lid to brighten it up, thought it looked good. I was all ready by 6:30 so I got a few pictures. Now it only takes 15 minutes to get there so I waited till 6:50 before leaving as I said I wanted to get there just a little early. I got there at 7:05 and parked and went in. it is funny as years ago I would never want to be the first one anyplace and I would have waited in my car till I saw another girl go in but I didn’t even think about it just got out of my car and walked in. I told the girls at the front counter we would only have 5 tonight and they were fine with it. so I went to wait in the bar for others to show up and our table to be ready.

I sat down and ordered a sprite and an order of their Cheese and Bean dip, which is awesome by the way, I could make a meal out of this. My bean dip no more them came when the young lady came and told me my table was ready, it was only 6:15, I guess a smaller group was easier to seat. I grabbed my drink and dip and she took my basket of chips and we went to my table to wait for the others to show up. Julie was the first to show up at 6:30 and Barb shortly after and then Jan & Lynn so we were all there. We talked for a little bit and then we ordered. I got my usual chicken & sour cream enchilada. We talked some more as we waited for our food. Now I always forget to get pictures when I am out with my friends which is strange as when I first started going out it was all about the pictures but luckily tonight Julie remembered and she got a couple pictures of us and texted them to her daughter. Julie came out to her daughter a few months back and she was telling her she was going out with the girls tonight and her daughter wanted a picture so I got to be in it with Julie, don’t we look cute together. I wonder what her daughter thought?

Our food came and we had a nice dinner with good conversation. Now what is funny is we not only had our waiter but another waiter checked on us a couple times and brought us more chips and salsa and I think it was the manager came by to see how we were doing, he also talked to me briefly when I was in the bar for a few minutes waiting on my bean dip. We always get great service here but really pretty much any place we go we have good service. Now the food here is really good but bigger portions and yes, I had trouble eating all mine, probably because I filled up and chips and bean dip. Don’t worry I did eat it all but I should have left a little. it was so nice to be out with my friends for dinner, the 15 months of the lockdown were really hard, you don’t realize how important something is till it is gone and being able to go out and get together with my friends is such a blessing.

The evening was wonderful and after we finished eating, we sat and talked for a while. It was about 9:30 when we paid our bills and left and yes, every employee, we passed either told us good night or to be sure and come back. We got outside and it was just a little on the cool side and I only bring this up as if we had had our original group of 8 our table would have been outside which at 7:45 when the sun was still up would have been nice but by now, we would have been a little cold and probably left earlier. I said my goodbyes to Barb and Julie and followed Jane & Lynn to their car as they had brought me a little present, well I knew what it was as they had told me they were bringing it. Thanks Jan & Lynn for it, can’t wait to use them.

I walked back to my car and then I was on my way home. It was after 10 when I got home which isn’t that late but have had a lot going on at work and I have been starting work at 6 this week which means I have to leave home by 5:20 so it will be a short night tonight but so worth it. I quickly washed my face to remove my makeup and then was off to bed. Now I am looking forward to the weekend when I will get to spend part of Saturday and Sunday as Susan, I do have stuff to do in the mornings so it won’t be till the afternoons but still will be fun.

Stay happy and healthy and thanks for reading my blog and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new on my life.

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