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Monday night zoom meeting

Well it is another Monday and the start of the week and that means spending time with my friends on a zoom meeting tonight. I got home from work and started getting ready, now tonight I did a more casual look and was pretty happy with how it turned out. I was all ready by 6 so had time for a few pictures and to relax and watch some TV. It is still strange not to call and talk to my mom. I logged on and started the meeting a little before 7 and waited for ladies to log on.

It was a little before 7 and girls started to log on. It is always nice to see my friends, tonight we had 11 of us in in 10 windows. Tonight we had Nicole, Jan, Lynn, Jennifer, Jeanie, Melissa, Danika, Emily, Danielle, Tori and me. Now the good thing about the Zoom meetings are everyone gets to be involved but also it allows you to join in even if not here locally. Tonight 2 of our ladies were from up by Seattle, one from Thailand and yes Jennifer was on vacation in Utah visiting family. Jennifer came out to her family over the last year and some have seen pictures and joined us on our zoom meetings but tonight she was at her daughter’s house as Jennifer and logged in for a while to join us, how awesome is that.

We talked for a little while just catching up and yes, I brought up this weeks Wednesday nights dinner at Who Song & Larry’s, Jan, Lynn and Danika are planning on going. It was about 8 when we got to Jennifer’s question of the night. how does this side of us influence how we see the world and women? It was interesting to hear some if the girl’s thoughts. Now for me there are several things, first I understand how long it takes for women to get ready, hair, makeup and clothes, jewelry. There is a lot to getting ready, the women I have dated I have never rushed them or said anything about how long they take. For the men out there if you have never done makeup before you just don’t understand, be patient as they get ready. the other thing is I have a better understanding of how the world sees them. For a man it really is all about how well you do things but for women they are viewed on that plus other things. Most of the time how well they do things is not what they are judged on first, sometimes it is not even in the top 5. Now I love doing my makeup and trying to look pretty but if that was all I was judged on or if that was the Most important thing people saw in me every day, I would not like it. what I am trying to say is don’t just judge someone on how they look or who they are, get to know them. We need to get away from judging people this way on everything. If we al took the time to get to know each other, if we could accept others have different beliefs, views, even political views. The key is to accept the differences and find things you can agree on and that would make the world a better place.

Now I like to dress and yes, I am transgender, now I don’t think everyone has to like what I do, or how I live my life but they do need to respect my right to be who I am. We talked a little more and yes some was about makeup. we had a wonderful evening. It was about 9 when girls started signing off and soon it was Jan, Lynn and me, we talked for a little while longer before we signed off for the night. now I am looking forward to Wednesday nights dinner.

Stay safe, be happy and treat others how you want to be treated.

Thanks for reading my bog and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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