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Sunday and a little Susan time at Starbuck’s

Well it is a beautiful Sunday and I get some Susan time. yes, I basically get 4 partial days a week right now, Monday evening for our Zoom meeting, Wednesday evening for dinner, Saturday afternoon and evening and Sunday afternoon and evening. Yes, I do have a lot more time on my hands now and I am trying to fill it and take my mind off my mom’s passing away. Some is yard work something I have wanted to do for a few years and hadn’t gotten to and yes Susan time as it relaxes me and takes my mind off of things in my life.

It was about 1pm when I started getting ready and yes today, I did a little different look, the purple eye shadow and a bright red lipstick. My plans were simple a drive along the river, Starbuck’s and maybe stopping and getting dinner so I figured I would rock the bright red lopstick today. I was already a little after 2 and walked out to my car and was on my way. I drove up to Beacon Rock state park just to check things out, this was one of my favorite places to go hiking years ago, my friends and I would go here a few times a year although I haven’t been up here in probably 10 years. It is nice as it is only about 50 minutes from my house. Now I didn’t get out of my car as in Washington you need a permit to park at a state park or pay for it and as I was just here to check it out, I figured it wasn’t worth it after all this was just to take a drive. I left here and was planning on going to Starbuck’s from here and decided to go to the one at Cascade station as it is on my way home but mostly it is because they have a lot of outside tables, 3 out front and 10 on the side patio which I like as it is almost always out of the sine and sun so very pleasant to sit outside.

I got there just before 4 and parked out front, 2 of the 3 tables by the door were taken and at least half the tables on the patio, today must have been lady’s day. There was 1 man by himself, 3 couples and the rest were ladies, by themselves or in groups and the ages were from probably high school to seniors. I got my computer and went in, this one does not have a drive through so they are always busy inside so I had to stand in line behind 3 other small groups and thinking I hope they don’t take the table I want outside, there is 2 right outside the door on the patio so in the shade of the building instead of under an umbrella. I got my drink and the table was still open so I set my computer up and got a couple pictures at the table when I felt no one was looking.

Now this is on a busy street and there is a lot of shopping here so lots of people walk by and yes, a lot of people go in and get a drink, this is a real busy Starbucks so good for people watching. I started off by finishing my blog from yesterday and got it posted. I also took some time and caught up on some e-mails, it was just a relaxing afternoon. I stayed here a couple hours till a little after 6 before I got hungry and decided to walk over to Panda Express which is just across the driveway and they have an outside eating area also although most are in the sunshine. They were also busy so I walked in and waited in line. I got my food and went outside and there were still a few tables and one was partially behind a tree so I sat at that table and was mostly in the shade. I sat and had a nice dinner, now again years ago when I first started going out, I would never have thought of sitting outside in full view of everyone but now I don’t even think about it.

It was about 6:30 when I finished and walked back down the street to my car. It was a wonderful day. I got home about 7 and watched a Christmas movie I taped off Hallmark today, A Nashville Christmas Carol, yes, I am watching Christmas movies again. Now I am looking forward to Monday nights Zoom meeting and this Wednesday’s dinner. Stay safe and be happy with yourself and find what makes you happy.

Thanks for reading my blog and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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