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Wednesday night dinner with friends at Outback

Well it is Wednesday and I get to go out with my friends for dinner tonight. I got home at 4:45 and started getting ready. now all day I have been thinking about tonight and yes, I wanted to wear heels well my ankle boots with 3″ heels and panty hose, something I have not done in a while and I kind of knew how I wanted my makeup to look which really helps. I was starting my makeup about 5 when Julie texted me, she was going tonight and wanted to know if I would pick her up and of course the answer was yes, it is way more fun going with someone and this gave Julie and me a chance to talk in the car which I love so I texted her back I would be there around 6 of course this would mean leaving y house by 5:30 so I had 30 minutes to do my makeup and get dressed. It was about 5:25 and I was all ready except for my dress and hair so not it was time to pick out my dress and with the way I did my makeup and of course my ankle boots my favorite dress for this look is my black and gold dress. I took one final look in the mirror and was happy so out the door I went to get in my car and head for Julie’s house. Now a side note as I write this blog I noticed and posted my pictures it turns out I wore the same dress I did last week to Southland Whiskey Kitchen, wow I hope Barb and Melissa don’t notice.

I got to Julie’s house just at 6and went in, she had texted me the door was open. Julie had just finished getting ready and was coming down the stairs. It was so wonderful to see her again. We talked for a couple minutes and then we were off as it is 23 miles and we have to go through Portland and out the tunnel on hwy 26 and there is always traffic so we were hoping we wouldn’t be late. Now it is so nice to have Julie in the car with me to talk to as it makes the drive so much more fun. Now if you had told me 15 years ago, I would be going over to someone house to pick them up as Susan and go out to dinner I would have thought you were crazy, when I first started going out, I didn’t want anyone to see what cat I got in or out of for fear they would track it and figure out who I was. We had a wonderful drive and we hit no traffic, I think the most o slowed down to was 50 and as it turns out we got to the Outback Steak house by a little after 6:30 so we sat in the car for a little bit and just talked. It was about 6:50 when we got out of the car and walked in. We were checking the reservation for Jennifer when she walked in and right behind her was Barb so we had 4 of the 5 of us here already. We were shown to our table and it was the same table Julie and I had back on May 14th the day I flew home from Las Vegas and Julie picked me up at the airport and we went to dinner here.

Melissa showed up right at 7 of course she had the shortest drive. We sat and talked for a while before we ordered. Now I did order a steak dinner with mashed potatoes but I did have a salad with it as I am trying to eat healthier. Our waiter was wonderful by the way, always referred to us as ladies. We had a wonderful dinner and yes, the food was awesome, a little more pricy as my dinner was about $25 plus tip but I would highly recommend the Outback if you wanted a nice steak dinner. Now we did talk a little about next week and I will host the zoom meeting on Monday but will not be able to make the Wednesday night dinner as my family comes into town on Tuesday for my mom’s funeral so I will be dealing with that next week. Yes, not something I am looking forward to as it really does make it final that she is gone. It has been hard as there are certain things that come up that really make me think about this like this coming Sunday. We always spent Sundays together at my house and this will be July 4th so it is also a holiday. By the way happy 4th of July to everyone, may you have a wonderful day as we celebrate the birth of our nation and I think the best nation in the world, here is a link to Lee Greenwoods song God Bless the USA and yes this is how I feel about it. here is another great link to a video about our national anthem the Star-Spangled banner, it is a little longer video but well worth the 11 minutes to watch it, sorry got a little off track.

After dinner we sat and talked and had a wonderful time and we talked till a little after 9 which is when they close but they let us sit there. Well as we left several of the ladies at the front all wished us a good night calling us ladies and inviting us back which is always a good feeling. Outside we all said our goodnights and then Julie and I got in my car and off we went. The drive back to Julie’s house was nice and yes, we talked more. I really enjoy the Wednesday night dinner and being able to share the drive with Julie makes it special. We talked on the way hoe and we both like the zoom meeting as over the last year it really helped keep our group together and even helped a few new girls make their first outing s to speak but the being able to meet in person and spend time together is so much better as it gives you that personal connection and we have all missed that.

We got to Julie’s house just about 10 and I dropped her off and then headed for home, what a wonderful evening it was. Now I do have to be to work early tomorrow as in 5:30 am so it will be a short night but so worth it. now I am looking forward to the weekend as I actually get a 3-day weekend so there will be a lot of Susan time. I do have some things I need to do on Saturday morning, and Sunday I have been invited to a BBQ but it is early in the day as fireworks have been banned so I should be home by 2 and so I will also have Sunday afternoon and evening as Susan and probably most of the day Monday.

I want to wish you all a happy and safe 4th of July, America’s birthday.

Stay safe and be happy and thanks for reading my blog and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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