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Monday Zoom meeting with friends

It is Monday and I get to spend a little time online with my friends tonight. I got home and took my time getting ready, I did a purple eye shadow look tonight and tried winged eyeliner, still working on this look as I can’t seem to get the eyeline to look just right. I was all ready just before 7 so I got a couple pictures and then logged on to start the meeting.

It was a few minutes after 7 and girls started logging on. Tonight we had a smaller group just 6 of us and I am thinking it was the heat today as we hit 115 to 118 degrees depending on where you were in the area, my house was 117 which is really hot and broke the old record of 107, actually Saturday beat that record and then Sunday beat Saturday and today beat Sunday so we had 3 record days in a row. Tonight we had Nicole, Jennifer, Melissa, Danielle, Trish and me.

We talked for a while and yes, the big topic was how hot it is today and to put it in context tomorrow it will be 25 degrees cooler but still be 93 degrees out. one ting in common are those who were online tonight had air conditioning even with my air conditioning I still had a fan going while I did my makeup. we talked more and then it was time for Jennifer’s question of the week. Have we ever purged, how many times and how did we feel after or about it? This was a great question. Now it seems we have all purged at one time or another. It was interesting to hear the others experiences and how they felt. The most common feeling was guilt, guilt about dressing, guilt about how they felt, afterwards guilt about purging ad getting rid of stuff, guilt about having to buy more stuff, yes guilt was a big part of it and yes, some girl did this multiple times.

Now I did talk about my purge well partial purge. It was about 15 years ago. I always told myself that I could stop this anytime, I really believed it. I believed if I found the right woman this would all go away. Well I was dating a lady and I told her I liked painting my toenails, yes, I thought this was a safe way to bring up how I felt and see how she would take it. Well it didn’t go well and she told me she could not be with a man who painted his toenails and gave me some nail polish remover and told me to take it off so I figured there was no reason to tell her more. I removed the polish and the next day I threw all my makeup away. Now remember for me early on it was all about the makeup, I only had a small wardrobe that was all boxed up in my attic so that stayed there. Now within days I regretted getting rid of my makeup and yes there was guilt, guilt about my desire to wear makeup and dress, guilt I told her, guilt I hid it from her. Now we broke up several months later for other reasons but I am sure had it not have been for those other reasons it would have ended anyway over this part of my life. It really was a good question.

We talked more and about 8:40 girls started to sigh off and doon it was just Danielle, Jennifer and me and Jennifer’s wife did get online with Jennifer for a little while which was nice. We chatted till about 9:30 before we signed off for the night. Now I am looking forward to Wednesday nights diner at Outback steak house, Jennifer made reservations and right now we have 5 of us going so it should be fun. I am also looking forward to the weekend as Sunday is July 4th America’s Birthday and I actually get a 3-day weekend.

Stay safe and be happy and Thanks for reading my blog and be sure to read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.


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