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Zoom meeting with friends on Wednesday night May 19th

Well another Wednesday night and that means a zoom meeting with my friends, now over the next 2 weeks we will be switching to Monday nights so we can start our Wednesday night dinners out in person. I got home and started getting ready so I could take my time as I so enjoy my time getting ready. I really love makeup and trying different looks and yes, they may be subtle like shades of eye shadow or shape of brows or lips but it is just so much fun. I know a lot of girls both Cisgender and Transgender who have their look and do their makeup the same way every time and that is fine for them as there is no one way to do everything. For me my journey started with makeup and I love it and trying different looks. Monday was brown and black smokey eye and tonight was deep purples. It is just so much fun. I was all ready by 6:20 so I had time to call and talk with my mom for a while, she is really having a hard time with the isolation. I can go over and visit her in her room and I try to do that 2 or 3 times a week and Sundays we spend the day together but as they still have restrictions, she spends most of her day alone in her room watching TV.

I got off the phone just in time to start my zoom meeting at 7 and a couple girls were waiting. Now tonight we technically had 17 but only 14 windows open. We had Nicole, Jennifer, Melissa, Jan & Lynn, Danika, Danielle, Antonia, Driel, Trish, Maille, Mary Tori, Kitty and me, now you may say that is only 15 but one of them was Jennifer’s daughter in-law and yes part of the time her Son was on and even her granddaughter which was so cool. Her daughter in-law has joined in the last few weeks which is great, Jennifer is so lucky to have such a wonderful and supportive family.

We all talked for a while and just caught up and yes, I was asked about my Las Vegas trip especially about my flight home which was fun. In my blog about it I may have come across as being disappointed in the experience and that was not the case it was fun but I had built it up as this big, wonderful adventure and it was pretty normal. I think a was hoping for the thrill and excitement that I felt when I first started going out and as I have become so comfortable with this part of who I am I just don’t get that anymore and that is okay as I have integrated Susan into my life as a normal regular part of who I am and that is the best feeling I can have.

Now we did talk a little about moving our meetings to Monday, nest week I will once again host a Monday and Wednesday meeting and then the first week of June we will g to Monday only with the hope of doing our first Wednesday night dinner on June 2nd. I am kind of thinking Spaghetti Factory for our first dinner, then maybe Southland whiskey kitchen and then maybe Who song and Larry, maybe Mothers Bistro, Mama Mia, and Swagat although maybe Southland Whiskey kitchen should be our first as that was our last official Wednesday night group dinner before the virus shut things down, one of the advantages of my blog is I can quickly look back. We really should find a few more places maybe have a some of the other girls come up with ideas and maybe set up and host a dinner to keep it fresh.

Now it was time for Jennifer’s question or the week and we all look forward to these as they can get some good conversation going. Tonight’s question was how much thought and effort do we put into our outfit and look when we dress and how does it compare to our male side. Now there was a lot of similarities on this between the girls, the big take away is we all put more thought and effort into our female presentation. Now for me I very rarely go with my first choice of outfits for Susan. the reason for me is my makeup. how I do my makeup really does affect my choice of outfits as different makeup looks can look better with different outfits. A deeper red lipstick looks better with darker clothes and my choice of hair can also affect this. A bright red lipstick (my favorite shade) looks better with brighter colors especially red dresses, here is a blog to see what I mean. Now I know some of the girls can try on multiple outfits and I have on occasion tried on several outfits before picking the right one but usually it is just realizing the original outfit doesn’t fit my makeup look. There really is a lot of thought to this process, once you have the makeup, hair and outfit, there is still the shoes and jewelry to consider. Way more effort, just look at my vacation last week to Las Vegas, I was there for 4 nights and I took 6 dresses, 3 different wigs, 6 pairs of shoes, 5 pairs of leggings, 3 pairs of capris, 2 skinny jeans, 2 skirts and 9 tops, no Susan does not travel light.

In comparison my male wardrobe is pretty basic, I have 1 suit. 3 dress shirts with 3 ties, the rest of my male clothes are a few pairs of shorts and jeans and pullover shirts or a tee shirt kind. My jeans are all the same so it really looks loke I wear the same thing every day other then the color of my shirts and even that is pretty basic, dark blue, black, dark green or white. There really is nothing to coordinate on my male side. No jewelry and my shoe choice is a black dress shoe or one of my 3 black tennis shoes. My last trip to Las Vegas as my male self was 5 nights and I took 5 underwear, 5 socks, 5 shirts, 5 jeans and 1 pair of tennis shoes. My daily choice of shirts was what ever was on top. It is way more fun as Susan to pick and outfit and look for the day. Just look at the difference between what woman wear and men wear and you can see it. As I said it was interesting to hear some of the other girls are the same way, way more feminine clothes and a greater variety.

Now we also talked about when we go out and one of the comments, we get a lot from other cisgender woman is that we put more effort and thought into how we look then they do. Now I am not saying that in a negative way as cisgender woman can naturally look beautify where for us, we really have to work at it. we talked some more and it was about 8:45 when girls started to sign off and by 9, we were down to just 3 of us, Nicole, Danika and me. The 3 of us talked a little longer before we said good night and signed off. Now I am looing forward to Saturday and a little Susan time in the afternoon.

Stay safe and be happy with who you are. Thanks for reading my blog and be sure to read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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