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Monday and some Susan time

Well, it is Monday and I get to spend some time as Susan. for almost 10 years till the Pandemic hit we had been doing a weekly Wednesday night dinner out at different restaurants. Well, that came to a stop a little over a year ago and as such we started doing weekly Zoom meetings which I really think helped but I just replaced the dinners with a Wednesday night zoom meeting. Now with people being vaccinated and things hopefully opening we want to get back to Wednesday night dinners so I am trying to switch our zoom meetings to Monday nights so for the next month or so I am going to do zoom meeting on both Mondays and Wednesdays in hopes of making the transition smoother. Now I was not sure how many would sign on but either way I will have some Susan time at home.

I took my time getting ready as that is one thing I really look forward to. I took my tine and tonight I went with a white fluffy sweater, it is a cute top and yes this is one of the items I got out of the bags of clothes our group passed around from Nicole to me, to Jennifer and on to others in our group. I was all ready by 6pm so I had time to get some pictures and call and talk to my mom for a while.

It was just before 7 when I signed on and started the meeting. Now it was just waiting to see who joined. It was about 10 minutes after 7 when Danielle signed on so there would be at least 2 of us tonight. We talked a while and I did see one other person sign on but no video or sound and after about 1 minute they were gone so not sure what happened. Well Danielle and I had a nice conversation and git a good chance to talk and het to know each other better. Now I really do like when we have big groups but also nice in smaller ones as it is easier to talk.

We talked for a little over an hour and had a nice time. It was about 8:20pm when we ended the meeting. Now I checked my e-mails and I probably should have checked it earlier as a few girls had posted they couldn’t get in. well I checked my e-mail and I had the link right, the passcode correct but when I pasted the meeting ID I left off the first number. I really felt bad as we could have had 3 more. It was a fun night. I spent the rest of the night watching TV as Susan although I did double check the information for our Wednesday night meeting and that was correct.

Now I am looking forward to Wednesday nights Zoom meeting. Stay safe and be happy with yourself. Thanks for reading my blog and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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