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Saturday Susan time and yes, a different look for my eyes.

It is Saturday if Easter weekend so I want to take a moment and wish everyone a Happy Easter tomorrow. Now I slept in this morning as it has been a long week and then wrote my blog from Wednesday nights zoom meeting. It was about noon when I started getting ready. I wanted to take my time today and yes, I was going for a different look on my eye makeup. now yes, I love doing eye makeup and trying different looks and have done some smokey eye looks with browns and I have been loving the purples lately but today I wanted to try some more black colors which s harder to blend. I was happy with the look o got not as black as I hoped but it looked pretty and as it was not as dramatic would work for daytime look. I also did false lashes today. I was all ready by 1:30 to start my day and yes, I got a few pictures including of my eyes, let me know what you think of the eye makeup look I did today.

Now I was ready for my day and yes, the first thing was a trip to Fred Meyers for my weekly shopping. It was about 2 when I got to Fred Meyers and had to park way out, yes, they were busy today probably because tomorrow is Easter and everyone is doing their holiday shopping which included me as I also need an Easter dinner as I will have my mom over for the day. I did all my shopping and got dinner for tomorrow and yes, we will be having Ham, mashed potatoes and corn. I paid for my groceries and headed for home. I got home and parked in my driveway and took my groceries in and put them away. I really do love doing these everyday type things as it helps me give Susan meaning if that makes sense. For years Susan was something I did in secret and felt bad about doing and now Susan is a very important part of my life and who I am. I also think it is important for other people to see us in everyday life and not just at an LGBTQ club.

Now it was nice and sunny out and a little over 60 so I went out on my deck for a little while and called to talk to my mom. It was really nice being outside in the sun, it is a beautiful spring day. After I got off the phone it was about 3:15 so I decided to go to Starbucks again for a couple hours so I grabbed my computer and purse and walked out y front door and went to my car. My neighbors across the street were working in their yard but not sure they even noticed me.

I git to the Starbucks by my house and went in and ordered my drink, now it was really hot inside as a matter of fact a few of the employees were complaining about the heat, seems they still have their heat set for winter so I git my drink and went outside to one of the tables by the door. Now there was a young man and woman sitting inside and I was the only one outside so I sis get a quick picture at the table. Now the bad thing is at this time of year the sun doesn’t hot this side of the building so it was a little on the cool side and after about 40 minutes the breeze picked up and I moved inside. It actually felt nice and warm back inside but yes after a little while it did get warm just sitting there. Now this Starbucks has a dive through which is always busy but there was also a steady stream of people coming in. Most just came in and picked up, I am guessing they used the mobile app to order but a few did come in and order in person and then wait. For me it is not so much about the drink but being out. I needed to catch up on some things on my computer and yes, I could have done them at home just as easy but way more fun at Starbucks

I stayed at Starbucks till about 5:30 as I was getting really warm now and I was getting hungry as I haven’t eaten since breakfast. I git in my car and drove over to the fuel station and git gas as I was almost on empty. I was now on my way and I once again decided to stop at Panda Express and pick up dinner before heading for home. I got home and had a nice dinner. It turned out to be a really nice day as Susan.

Now I am going to Las Vegas in May with Cassandra and Peggy for 4 nights, Cassandra and Peggy will be there 9 nights. Well, a few girls are coming in after I leave but Veronica e-mailed today, she will be there the same as Cassandra and Peggy although she does have to fly back to Portland on Friday and then will go back to Las Vegas in Sunday. Anyway, I sent her the flight I am on Friday in case she hasn’t booked her flight yet. Now my flight is late in the day so it may not work for her but who knows.

The rest of the evening I did a little housework and laundry and watched TV till it was time for bed. I stayed up till 11pm before washing away Susan for the day and going to bed, it is always sad to see it come to an end but I know Susan will be out again soon. Now I am looking forward to this coming Wednesday night and our Zoom meeting. Stay safe and be happy with who you are as if you don’t like yourself it will be hard for others too.

Thanks for reading my blog and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is knew in my life.

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