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An interesting Wednesday zoom meeting with my friends

It is another Wednesday and that means time with my friends tonight but it will be a little different tonight then normal. One of our girls Danika wanted to know about having some of the wives / significant others join the meeting so they could talk now as I said we have a lot of wives / significant others who are very supportive and some that tolerate it and again this is not meant to be negative about those who have trouble with this part or their spouse’s life. I will use myself, part of my dressing and how I look is what I find attractive in women and what I try to express. I have also said many times I am not attracted to men as a matter of fact I find nothing attractive about the male body so if I was dating a woman and came home to find her dressed as a man, I would be shocked and yes caught off guard, now with my own experience I would understand her need to express that side of her and yes as Susan it would be fun to go out with a woman dressed as a man but it would be the experience and nit an attraction and yes when I was my male self and being honest it would be a little difficult for me. Remember it is just not what people think of us but it also affects those around us. If I had a girlfriend who dressed as a man and people found out would they think that I am Gay or attracted to masculine woman and again there is nothing wrong with that just not who I am. There is a difference between doing something I love or need and having people judge me for it verses being judged for something someone else does. Just putting this out for people to think about before we judge how other feel. I always say people should not judge me till they walk in my shoes but that also goes for me. Well back to my blog for tonight.

Jennifer had done a little research and Zoom allows you to do what they call breakout meetings where you can split your meeting and Jennifer and I tested it on Tuesday night, yes, we were both in male mode although I did have on my red lipstick from the day so that was the plan tonight, have the wives / significant others in a separate room so they could talk freely. I got home and started getting ready and yes, I put extra time and effort into my makeup and look tonight for this. I was all ready by 6:30 so I had time for a few pictures and to talk to my mom for a little while. I started the meeting just before 7 and set up the separate room and then started letting girls into the meeting. Tonight, we had 18 of us of which 6 were wives / significant others. We all talked for about 15 minutes and met everyone and then I sent invitations to the wives so they could go into a private room. Tonight, we had Jennifer, Nicole, Maille, Patty, Rebecca, Danielle, Danika, Jan, Karen, Karla, Lee and me in the main group and for the wives in the breakout room was Lynn, Mary, Mary Ann, Celinda, & Amy. Now I am sure we were all wondering what was going on in the other room but the point was to give them the chance to support each other and ask questions of other wives to help them understand this part of us. I know how helpful it was for me to have others like me and talk to them.

Well, the 12 of us talked in our group and the first order was to get to know Karla as this was her first meeting with us, she is not part of our group but knows Danielle, she is actually going to Thai Land later this month for her surgery. Her family is really supportive of her which is nice but she does not belong to a group and have friends in the transgender community so this I hope was helpful to her. She seems really nice and I really hope she will join us again. She lives in Southern California and her mom is going with her to Thai Land which is awesome. Well, we all talked for a while and then it was time for Jennifer’s question of the week.

This week’s question was if you could change one thing physically about you with the snap of your fingers what would it be and then if you could change 2 things. Now for me this was an easy question. The one thing o really wish I could change is my height, I am 6 foot and love heels which really makes me stand out. I would love to be 5’5″ to 5’6″ which is the perfect height with heels and I would just be a little short for my male self but still okay. Now this was a wish for all the taller girls in our group. Some wanted smaller feet, narrow shoulders and more feminine face but I think if I was shorter it would also impact all those other things also. Now the second thing I would change was harder as there really are 2.

Here they are and the order is not important, first my facial hair I would love to snap my fingers and have it gone, yes I know there are things I can do right now to make that happen but they are not cheap, take a long time and are painful and for me it is not worth just one of those things let alone all three. The other are breast and no I am not talking about breast surgery or hormones but a snap of the fingers. I would love to have small breast about an A cup, I think. That is not enough to be noticeable under loose fitting male clothes but enough with a good pushup bra to look good, the bra’s I got at Victoria’s Secret add 1 ½ cup sizes and if I added my silicone breast enhancers that would give me a nice C cup, which would be perfect for my time as Susan. It would give me the best of both worlds although of course during the summer and if I went swimming as my male self it would be a problem. But again, this is just something if I could snap my fingers. It was interesting to hear what we all wanted and thought and yes some were the same and some not as we all are individuals and have different wants and needs and that is good.

Now we talked some more and had a nice time and yes, I was keeping an eye on the breakup room and it was almost 9 before any of them signed off so I think it went well as the 6 of them talked for 1 ½ hours. Most of them just signed off but 2 did pop back into the main room with us. Lynn actually stayed a while with us and yes, we all wanted to know what they talked about but we did resist the urge to ask but we felt they needed that privacy about all we asked is how it went and according to Lynn it went well and they are talking about doing this maybe once a month which is awesome. A couple of our girls from Seattle area were thinking about trying this in the group up there, Maille is actually the president of the Seattle group. Thanks, so much Danika for coming up with this Idea and for Jennifer for figuring out how to do it.

Well, it was after 9 when girls started signing off for the night and soon it was down to just a few of us and we kept talking. It was 9:45 when we finally called it a night as I do have to get up and go to work in the morning but it is always sad to see it come to an end and wash Susan away for the night but she will be back again.

Now normally I would be looking forward to Saturday and spending the afternoon as Susan but this week I have to take my car in at 2:30 for some work so unless I am Susan in the morning it will be next Wednesday before Susan gets out again.

Stay safe and happy with who you are. Thanks for reading my blog and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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