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Some Saturday time as Susan

Well, it is Saturday and I once again get to spend some Susan time this afternoon and I am really looking forward to it. I had some things to do early so it was a little after noon that I started getting ready. Now today I took my time as I was once again going for a different look. Yesterday when I was shopping with Jennifer, I picked up a couple new eye shadow pallets and I was looking forward to trying the lavender one. I have been doing browns and greys which I think look good and I am good at blending but I have wanted to try some purples and brighten up my eyes. I once again did my eye makeup first and also did my brows the same as yesterday although a little darker. It was so much fun t try the different look and yes while I was doing my makeup, I was thinking about what to wear today as I do have a couple purple tops and dresses, wanted to match my outfit with my eye shadow. Let me know what you think of this eye shadow on me as it is always nice to get others thoughts. I decided on my black leggings and purple top as I do need to go grocery shopping today. I spent a little over an hour getting ready and enjoyed every minute.

All dressed and yes it was time for some pictures and yes, I tried to get some pictures of my eyes as I do like the color although it was a little harder to blend, will have to work on this as it did take some work to get the brown colors right but that is the fun of makeup. now the purple really did brighten my eyes but it may be a bit much or daytime or going grocery shopping which is the next thing on my list.

I got my purse and was off to Fred Meyers to do my weekly shopping well actually a little more as last weekend with the snow I didn’t go shopping. I got to Fred Meyers and parked and of course got a couple more pictures in my car before going in. I got my cart and started my shopping, now I did have a little more shopping then normal but I also did wonder around a little just to spend more time here as it was my outing for the day. I got all my groceries and dinner for Sunday with my mom plus some snacks, it was fun to be out as Susan again. I do like doing every day thigs as Susan. I spent 30 maybe 40 minutes here shopping before going through the check stand and paying for my groceries. I did stop and get gas also before heading for home.

Well, I got back home and put my groceries away and then did some cleaning to get my house ready for my mom to come over on Sunday for the day. Now it was time to relax and watch a movie. It was a quiet afternoon at home as Susan.

Now at 5 pm it was dinner time and yes, I had stuff I bought today at Fred Meyers for dinner but what fun is that. I decided to make my weekly trip to McDonalds to get something to eat, again something I couldn’t do last week. I grabbed my purse and was off again. I got to McDonalds and there was a line of cars waiting so it would be a little while but that was okay. Soon it was my turn to order and then I got my food and was on my way back home to eat.

I got home and had a nice relaxing dinner and watched TV. Now as I watched TV, I also worked in my blog from yesterdays’ shopping trip with Jennifer which was so much fun. I stayed up way to late as it was after midnight when I called it a night and went to bed, I had finished my blog but left it to post in the morning as I had posted my blog from Wednesday night’s zoom meeting with my friends this morning and I try not to post more than 1 per day.

Now it was time to wash away Susan for the night and go to bed and yes, my eye makeup still looked good. The eye shadow pallet o bought at Morphe turned out to be really good, no signs or creasing and looked just as good as when I put it on. Now of course I also bought an eye shadow base so that may have helped also. It was a good day.

Now I am looking forward to this coming week as I am on vacation, I do have a few things I have to take care of as my male self, including a couple things for my mom but I do hope to get to be Susan at least a little each day. The sad part is the week is broken up such I can’t get my nails done. I will get a lot of Susan time this week though. I also set up our groups zoom meeting and I tried scheduling the same meeting for the next 7 weeks something I noticed you can do but this means it should be the same link, ID and password if it works correctly.

Stay safe and stay happy and thanks for reading my blog about my life and be sure and continue to read my most current blogs to see what is new with my life.

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  1. Susan, I love the purple, lavender eye shadow you used in today’s blog. Very pretty and feminine. Keep safe and healthy, Victoria.

    Comment by Victoria St.John | February 22, 2021 | Reply

  2. Susan all I can say is OUTSTNDING.

    Comment by Briannah | February 22, 2021 | Reply

  3. […] looking back at the pictures and put them side by side. If you want you can see the other look in my blog from Saturday and compare it to today picture here. Now I used the Morphe eyelid primer in translucent and it […]

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