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Monday and some more Susan time

Well, I have the week off but still have some things I need to do so I wasn’t able to start my day as Susan till a little after noon. Now I had no real plans but figured since restaurants were open, I would go to Starbucks for a little bit just to get out plus I also need to stop by Costco and pick up a few things for my mom. I started getting ready today and I wanted to try something new as far as contouring. I watched a couple videos as I ate lunch and it showed a different way so instead of doing my foundation all over my face and then doing the concealer under my eyes and the darker contour on my checks I did them in one step. I put the concealer under my eyes and drew lines of foundation on my checks and dark foundation around the edge of my face and just under my check bones and along my jaw line. This is what my makeup looked like before I took my foundation brush and blended it all together. The look when I was done was pretty good although I think the overall looks was a little darker than normal. Now today I used my rose eye shadow pallet I bought on Monday and it is more subtle and maybe better for a daytime look. I finished off my look with my eyebrows and a brick-colored lipstick, in all I was happy with the look.

I was ready by 2pm and ready to go. I got a few pictures and then grabbed my purse and was off to Starbucks. I got to Starbucks and went in and it turns out they are not doing inside seating yet only outside and as it was only 50 out today and raining that was not an option so I got a drink and left. This kind of put a wrinkle in my plans for the day. Now the lipstick o put on today is getting low and I need another one so I decided to go to Walmart at Delta park and get a new on. I got there about 2:30 and went in. I checked out the cosmetic section as I love looking at all the pretty makeup. I finally got to my lipstick it is Maybelline Superstay in the color Ruler.

Now as I left, I noticed all the homeless tents along the road and got thinking about it and decided to take a drive downtown to the old town area we use to go all the time and see what it looks like. It was so sad, rows of tents on the sidewalks where you can’t really walk on them and a bunch of boarded up businesses and a lot of closed businesses. Now I know we have to do something to help the homeless but letting them camp in tents on the side walks is not the answer either. Portland used to be so beautiful but no more, the city really does have to do something before the city falls apart. I probably spent a half hour driving around downtown before heading for Costco.

Now of course it was after 3 so I was going to get caught in rush hour traffic so it would be a slow drive but that was okay, after all I really had no plans. I got to Costco by the airport right about 4 and parked and went in. They were kind of busy but when aren’t they. I didn’t spend too much time here just got what my mom needed and was on my way. Now I thought about getting a bot dog and drink on my way out but decided I was going to stop and get dinner tonight at IHOP.

I drove to the IHOP by Vancouver mall to get dinner, I have gone to this one several times as Susan but it is also the same one, I was taking my Mom to before the virus shutdowns. I did get a picture in the car including one with my eye shut so you can see the eye makeup. now going to a restaurant by yourself seems strange but I think IHOP is one you can go to and not raise to many questions. I went in and got a table. Now there was 5 tables with couples at them, one table of 4 and 2 tables with just 1 person at them. Once at my table I took my ask off and it was so nice to just be out again. I ordered dinner and had a nice relaxing dinner out. It was about 5:30 when I was done and paid my bill and on my way home.

Now as I got home, I noticed my neighbor also getting home she was right a head of me. She is the one I know knows about Susan so I just waved at her and she waved back. I also noticed my neighbors all had their garbage cans out as tomorrow is pickup day. Now I have taken my garbage out as Susan before I go to bed so that is not an issue but yesterday morning before I brought my mom over, I was out pruning some of my bushes in my yard and I had meant to pick them up and put them in my yard recycling this morning and forgot so yes before it got dark Susan put on a coat and gloves and went out in my yard and cleaned things up. I spent about 20 minutes out there and didn’t even think about if my neighbors saw me.

I was back onside a little after and will watch TV till bedtime and work on my blog from today. Now I did text Cassandra and we are talking about maybe trying a dinner for the group looking at Benihana for our dinner. I did call them and they require a reservation which is no problem but they will only do groups of 6 or less. Now I am not sure how many would want to go right now and I guess if we had more then 6 another member could also set up a reservation, well something to think about.

Stay safe and happy and thanks for reading my blog and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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  1. You’re eye shadow looks awesome! So glad you got those two palettes from Morphe. Are you having good luck with the eyelid primer?

    Comment by Jennifer Thomas | February 23, 2021 | Reply

    • Yes the primer works really well, the shadow stays on all day with no fading, creasing and at the end if the day looks just like it did when i put it on

      Comment by susanmiller64 | February 23, 2021 | Reply

  2. You really look great with all your Susan attire on. Never tried makeup, hinted at the wife several times but no luck. Not too fond of me CD’ing. Thank you for your blog and info you share with us.


    Comment by cubbyd12 | February 23, 2021 | Reply

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