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Friday Susan time with Jennifer

It is Friday and my vacation actually started today although I had things to do so I really had no plans on being Susan, at least not till Jennifer texted me. Seems she wanted to go to Washington Square and wanted to know if I wanted to meet her for some shopping and something to eat. Well, you don’t have to guess what my answer was. Now this was later in the day so we planned on meeting at 4pm so with traffic I needed to allow at least an hour to get there. I took care of a few things I had planned on doing today the rest will wait toll next week as I wanted to be home by noon so I could take my tome getting ready. Yes, I was really looking forward to this.

I started getting ready about 12:30 and yes, I took my time, again today I did my eye makeup first and then the rest of my makeup. now it does take me longer to do it this way but I imagine I will get quicker at it and it does eliminate the shadow fallout under my eyes from the shadow. I did false eye lashed and tried a new shape for my eyebrows, I saw this picture and wanted to see if I could match it, I think I came close. Let me know what you think of my brows and eyes today.

I was all ready by 2 and was happy with my look for the day. I got a few pictures and then decided to leave and just get there early so I put my laptop in the trunk and was on my way. I figured I could find a Starbuck near by and hope they were open for inside seating like the restaurants. Well, it was a good plan but traffic was horrible and it was 3:45 when I got there. It was good I left early though. I did get a few pictures in my car including this one where I closed my eyes to get a good picture showing my eye makeup. I parked by Nordstrom’s and went in and headed for the food court as that was where we were going to meet. The mall is 1 story except for the food court which is on the second floor so I went up and I thought I saw Jennifer a little way ahead of me although from the back and with masks it is hard to tell so I followed her till I caught up with her and I was right.

It was so nice to be out with her for a few hours of shopping. We talked for a few minutes and then decided to get something to eat before we started shopping and since we were in the food court that was where we ate. I went and got something at Panda Express and I am not sure where Jennifer got her food from but we found a table and sat down to eat and talk. It was so nice to just sit and talk in person while we ate. We sat here for about 45 minutes before we were ready to start our shopping.

We went downstairs and took pictures of each other and yes, we did take our masks off just long enough for a picture. We should have tried to get one together but we both forgot. Jennifer sent me her picture and said I could post it and wanted mine so she could post it in her blog. Turns out she had a blog where she records her outing also but keeps it private just for her. I have encouraged girls to do this so they can look back on their time out, both her and Nicole are doing this. Public or private keep track of your life, call it a dairy, blog, record what ever you want to call it.

Jennifer asked me what I was looking for and really all I needed was some foundation from Nordstrom’s. there are two foundations I like, Maybelline Superstay foundation which is a great foundation for a few hours, it works really well but on my upper lip it breaks down after about 5 hours probably because of my male skin. On the other hand, the MAC Studio fix is probably the best foundation I have used and it looks good all day so this would be my first choice but it also costs 3 times as much as the Maybelline so I use the MAC when I am out all day. Any way we were off to Nordstrom’s for me to get my foundation. we got there and went to the MAC counter and of course we were greeted and right away by a young lady who asked if we needed anything which I did so I told her I needed the Studio Fix in NW25 yes, I know my shade. Now I love makeup and I could spend a fortune on it but I also realize only being Susan a couple times a week I don’t use a lot of makeup.

We left Nordstrom’s and walked down to JC Pennies to look at their dresses and closeout items. Yes, walking around the mall wearing a mask was not as much fun but having Jennifer with me was awesome. Going out as Susan is awesome but having someone with you to talk with makes it so much more fun. We checked out the closeout racks and found some cute things but nothing in our sizes and then we went over to the dress section and looked around. They had some really cute dresses but these were not marked down so neither one of us bought anything. Anyways we were talking and I mentioned I wanted to find an eye shadow pallet of purples to try, I have gotten pretty good with the smokey eye look and the browns, I actually have 4 eye shadow pallets of browns so I really don’t need more eye shadow other then the shades. Well Jennifer said we had to go check out her favorite store called Morphe and they sell you guessed it makeup.

We got down to Morphe and went in and several of the girls greeted Jennifer it by name but that she was back again so I am guessing Jennifer comes here a lot. Well, we were looking at the eye shadow pallets and they had so really pretty colors. One of the girls came over to see if we needed help and we started talking. She showed me a couple pallets with purples and even showed me how pigmented they were on her hand and they really were not that expensive $12 each or 2 for $20 so yes, I bought a Lavender pallet and a rose pallet and I am looking forward to trying them.

We left here and our next stop was Macy’s to check out their clothes. Now they had a huge selection of dresses specifically Prom dresses and they were so beautiful and it got me thinking what it would have been like to got to prom as a girl in one of these beautiful dresses, by the way they stared at $175 and went to $299, yes as a young girl going to prom would be expensive as I am sure its not just the dress but getting the hair, nails and maybe makeup done, but it was fun to think about and no it is not about being a girl but the beautiful dress and look. We had a wonderful time today.

It was about 7 pm now so we walked back down to Nordstrom’s as that is where I parked and said our goodbyes, it was sad to see it come to an end but hopefully we can do it again. I got on my car and made the 40-minute drive home to end my day, thanks for meeting me Jennifer. It was almost 8 pm when I got home and I spent the rest of the evening watching TV till it was time to wash Susan away and go to bed. Now I am looking forward to Saturday and sending afternoon as Susan.

Stay safe and healthy and thanks for reading my blog and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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  1. It was wonderful to be with you, Susan. Thanks for dropping everything and coming out with me. You did an awesome job on your eye makeup and brow shape. The makeup ladies at Morphe were very impressed with your makeup skills!

    Comment by Jennifer Thomas | February 21, 2021 | Reply

  2. […] Now today I took my time as I was once again going for a different look. Yesterday when I was shopping with Jennifer, I picked up a couple new eye shadow pallets and I was looking forward to trying the lavender one. […]

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