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Getting together with my friends online

Well, I have made it to the middle of the week again and that means spending time with my friends online for a while. These weekly meetings have been so wonderful during the shutdowns and helped us keep in touch. I think we all look forward to these few hours on Wednesday nights.

I got home from work and started getting ready I so look forward to this. Now growing up I tried to hide this part of me and deny how I felt. Now the reason I bring this up is I did miss a lot growing up, I was so envious of all the girls in school, the dresses they wore, the makeup, hair and jewelry in my mind they had it all. Now again for me it wasn’t about being a girl but being able to dress and look like them. But I bring this up is a wonder if how I feel getting ready and doing my makeup to spend tome with my friends is how girls felt getting ready for a dance or a date. I spent a little over an hour getting ready and loved every minute or it. I was all ready for my night by 6 so I had time to call and talk to my mom and get some pictures.

I started the meeting just a little before 7 and there were girls waiting. We once again had 12 of us tonight, Jennifer, Melissa, Nicole Danika, Karen, Mallie, Trish, Jeannie, Danielle, Patty Kia and me. It was great all these girls could make it tonight and yes tonight was Kia’s first time joining us which was so nice. I really like it when we get new girls on our meetings and over the last year, we have had a lot of new girls make their first time with our group this way. We had a nice discussion and yes most of it was about the winter storm we just got through. Yes, I still have snow in my yard but the roads are clear now and we can get out. We had a really nice time and everyone was able to be involved.

It was a little after 8 and it was once again time for Jennifer’s question. The question tonight was how big is or wardrobe and how has it changed over the years and for those married or with a significant other how it compares to their partners. Now I am single so it was interesting to hear what the girls with partners said. Now for the ones who have transitioned it is different as they have gotten rid of all their male clothes as they no longer need them and for some, they have different styles and about the same. For those not transitioning there seems to be a desire not to have more girl clothes then their partners I think it is the finding balance in their lives and relationships.

Now for me my wardrobe has changed over the years, when I first started dressing, I can honestly say it was probably stuff I wouldn’t wear out in public and by that, I mean on genetic woman who are young and look like models it looks great but not something that looked good on me but then it was just at home and no one saw so I did indulge myself. Now I will confess somewhere in a box in my spare closet I have the first dress I ever bought, it doesn’t fit any more and is not age appropriate and it does have a rip on the seem but it was the first dress I was able to buy and I just can’t bring myself to get rid of it as it really was my start to dressing. Now when I first started buying clothes it really was seeing what looked good on the models in magazines and ordering them which again as I don’t have a models shape so it really didn’t work out well.

Now once I figured out what my size was or at least close to what my size was it got better. The next big change was when I first started going out even though it was just a couple times a year, I started buying a lot of black or dark clothes as black hides a lot although I really looked the bright pretty colors woman would wear. It did take me a while to get over this and start adding color to my wardrobe and I love it. Yes, now I do have a lot of color in my wardrobe and some of it really bright, pinks, salmon, reds, blues and purple. Now for me yes, my woman’s clothes do out number my male clothes and the same goes for shoes. This was another great question.

We all talked more and yes, a little of what we talked about the vaccine and who has gotten it and when everyone might get it, when we wont have to wear the masks and when things will be back to normal. Now some of us have already gotten our vaccine some their first dose and some still waiting but hopefully it won’t be long for everyone. They also did open dining again last week on a limited basis so things are getting better. It will be so wonderful when we can get together in person and go out.

It was about 9 when girls started to sign off but there were still a few of us that stayed on till almost 9:45 before we called it an evening, it is always sad to see it come to an end. Now I am looking forward to Saturday and next week as I have the week off. I do have some things I need to do during the week but there will be a lot of Susan time though. I hope to do a little shopping and possibly Starbucks. It will be fun but so much better if things were normal. I held my vacation as long as I could and now, I have to use it or lose it. Stay safe and positive.

Thanks for reading my blog and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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  1. Hey there y’all it’s Heather Wynne down here in the mid-south and we have had the worst weather in years snow and ice with a bitter cold wind blowing down form the north starting to warm back up today hopefully this will be the last of the fridges cold. Well l to stay dressed when ever I am at home and l do get out to the stores dressed unfortunately l don’t view myself as nice looking as some of you girls but y’all do give the encouragement to at least get out and try to dress and look like a 65yr old woman so not many people notice old people anyway so y’all be safe with love and understanding

    Comment by Heather Wynne | February 21, 2021 | Reply

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